If You Score Over 50% On This Parenting Test, It's Time To Get Pregnant

As wonderful as having kids can be, those that have undertaken this responsibility know that it is a tough job meant for those that are ready for a new phase in life. Kids demand all the love and attention in the world, and even then, there is far more to the job than people realize. It is a position that never stops and one that comes with little thanks throughout the year. Nevertheless, this experience can be the most amazing in the world so long as we are up to the task and are able to connect with them on a deep level.

People that are considering having children are no doubt going to have plenty of questions to ask, and they will want to be as prepared as possible before bringing their bundle of joy into the world. They can read every book under the sun and ask every possible question, but they will never be fully prepared for what is to come. So, it goes without saying that some people may wind up questioning if parenthood is right for them. Thankfully, we have the perfect quiz!

Today, we are going to ask some parenting questions and those that score well enough need to go and have a kid as soon as possible!

Question 1

Is Partying While Pregnant Healthy?

Question 2

Can Kids Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Question 3

Can Frogs Function As Pets?

Question 4

Should Infants Be Taken To A Sporting Event?

Question 5

Can Martial Arts Help Develop Character?

Question 6

Is Music Good For The Baby?

Question 7

Is There Such Thing As Too Many Toys?

Question 8

Should Toddlers Play In The Snow Unattended?

Question 9

Can Swimming Lessons Be Helpful?

Question 10

Should Kids Experience Different Foods?

Question 11

Should Homework Be Checked Each Night?

Question 12

Is Honey Okay For Kids To Eat?

Question 13

Can Pets Help Kids Develop A Sense Of Responsibility?

Question 14

Can Small Children Be Taken On Airplanes?

Question 15

Can Kids Have An Adverse Reaction To Pregnancy News?

Question 16

Should Kids Be Encouraged To Read?

Question 17

Can Fruits Be Part Of A Balanced Diet?

Question 18

Should Kids Have A Positive Adult Influence?

Question 19

Can Family Groups Be Helpful?

Question 20

Should Chicken Nuggets Be Eaten Regularly?

Question 21

Is It Important For Kids To Get Vitamins?

Question 22

Can Older Children Function As Babysitters?

Question 23

Should Hygiene Be Maintained?

Question 24

Should Kids Be Encouraged To Listen To Their Favorite Music?

Question 25

Is It Important To Play With Children Regularly?

Question 26

Should Kids Be Encouraged To Stay Active?

Question 27

Can Camping Be A Great Activity For Kids?

Question 28

Should Kids Start Their Day With A Hearty Breakfast?

Question 29

Should Candy Be Eaten Regularly?

Question 30

Should The Doctor Be Visited Regularly?

Question 31

Should Kids Have Chores?

Question 32

Should Kids Get Plenty Of Sleep?

Question 33

Can Kids Come Along On Shopping Trips?

Question 34

Should The Movies Be Avoided?

Question 35

Can It Be Therapeutic For Kids To Keep A Journal?

Question 36

Can Dancing Be A Good Way For Kids To Spend Their Energy?

Question 37

Should Kids Be Encouraged To Sing?

Question 38

Should Teachers Be Consulted?

Question 39

Should Kids Be Encouraged To Ask Questions?

Question 40

Should Parents Start Preparing For The Future?

Question 41

Should Kids Soak Up The Sun?

Question 42

Should Kids Be Warned About Strangers?

Question 43

Should Casinos Be Avoided?

Question 44

Should Kids Be Brought To Work Regularly?

Question 45

Can Childhood Be Stressful?

Question 46

Should Kids Be Encouraged To Have Fun?

Question 47

Should Traveling Be Avoided?

Question 48

Should Fish Be Avoided?

Question 49

Can Adventures Make For Great Memories For Kids?

Question 50

Should Kids Have A Library Card?

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