Only Real NBA Fans Will Score Over 50% On This Michael Jordan Quiz

Michael Jordan is the most common name mentioned when referencing the greatest player in NBA history. The dominance of Jordan in the late 80s and 90s made him among the more beloved names in the entire world. Jordan inspired many people to fall in love with the game of basketball along with influenced future players to become professionals. No one dominated in the flashy way that Jordan delivered in his prime. The combination of skills and style made Jordan’s play a work of art to behold.

A few players are in conversation for the G.O.A.T. with names like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar having arguments, but Jordan always wins out due to the magical run of championships and individual excellence. We will test your knowledge as a fan when it comes to the career of Jordan. Find out how strong your basketball fandom is. Only real NBA fans can score over 50% on this Michael Jordan quiz!

Question 1

Which team drafted Michael Jordan?

Question 2

How many NBA Champions does Michael Jordan have?

Question 3

What number did Michael Jordan wear?

Question 4

Which college did Michael Jordan play for?

Question 5

Which of these teammates won a ring with Michael Jordan?

Question 6

Which team did Michael Jordan play his final game for?

Question 7

Which of these records does Michael Jordan have?

Question 8

How many regular season MVP Awards did Michael Jordan win?

Question 9

Which of the following nicknames was given to Michael Jordan?

Question 10

Which team does Michael Jordan currently own?

Question 11

Which team did Michael Jordan defeat to win his first NBA Championship?

Question 12

Which of these legends was drafted above Michael Jordan in his draft class?

Question 13

True or False: Michael Jordan won the NBA Finals MVP for every NBA Championship he won

Question 14

Who was the coach for all of Michael Jordan's NBA Championship wins?

Question 15

What was the name of the movie starring Michael Jordan?

Question 16

How many points is the career high of Michael Jordan in a single game?

Question 17

What illness did Michael Jordan overcome to win Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals?

Question 18

How many Olympic gold medals does Michael Jordan have for basketball?

Question 19

Which NBA Draft bust did Michael Jordan select with the #1 pick before playing alongside him?

Question 20

How many teams did Michael Jordan coach in his NBA career?

Question 21

Which team did Michael Jordan defeat twice in the NBA Finals?

Question 22

What year was Michael Jordan drafted into the league?

Question 23

Which shoe brand gave Michael Jordan his official signature shoe line?

Question 24

How many times did Michael Jordan face off against Magic Johnson in the NBA Playoffs?

Question 25

Which sport did Michael Jordan leave basketball to try?

Question 26

Which team was the only one to eliminate Michael Jordan in the playoffs after 1990?

Question 27

True or False: Michael Jordan won the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Question 28

Who did Michael Jordan pass to for the game-winning shot in Game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals?

Question 29

How many times did Michael Jordan retire from the NBA?

Question 30

Which of these teams did Michael Jordan NOT play against the NBA Finals?

Question 31

How many series did Michael Jordan lose in the NBA Finals?

Question 32

How many NBA teams did Michael Jordan play for?

Question 33

How many NBA Championships did Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman win together?

Question 34

Who did Michael Jordan allegedly punch in practice?

Question 35

What year did Michael Jordan win his final NBA Championship as a player?

Question 36

Which bust was selected over Michael Jordan in his draft?

Question 37

Which legendary name once played with Michael Jordan?

Question 38

Which of these accolades did Michael Jordan NOT win?

Question 39

Which team did Michael Jordan play his final playoff game against?

Question 40

How many points did Michael Jordan average for his entire career?

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