Matching These Logos To Their Superheroes Is Practically Impossible

Throughout pop culture, there is a great deal of superheroes. And with the live-action renaissance seen in the last 20 years, they have only grown more popular. Marvel and DC have been showing off their super-powered characters on the page and the big-screen now for decades, though there are a few other heroes who have come from different creators.

Most heroes come with a logo or symbol, emblematic of the character and what they represent. Many of these are well-known now as they've been seen in multiple movies. But there are others that are only known by the biggest of fans as they have yet to be shown in the movies, similar to the characters they are used for. It would take the most knowledgeable of fans to match these logos to their superheroes.

Question 1

Which superhero is this logo for?

This logo belongs to one of the most well-known superheroes around. The character is also one of the oldest as he made his first appearance all the way back in 1938. He comes from a distant planet and has super strength and speed, is bulletproof, and can shoot lasers from his eyes. Which hero is this?

Question 2

Which team uses this logo?

Some superheroes belong to teams with logos more famous than their own. This team has become more famous in recent years as Marvel has been making movies focusing on them all. Some of the team's members are Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and Scarlet Witch. What is the name of this team?

Question 3

What DC hero does this logo belong to?

This DC character is much darker than the more optimistic Superman. Though this hero doesn't have any powers, he's an incredibly gifted detective with a fortune that he spends on all kinds of useful gadgets. After he lost his parents to a mugger as a child, he vowed to war on crime as an adult. Which hero is this?

Question 4

What Marvel hero does this logo belong to?

After being bitten by a genetically enhanced spider while on a school field trip, Peter Parker became imbued with incredible powers. He had super strength but could also climb on walls and sense incoming danger. As a gifted scientist, he developed devices that could attach to his wrists and shoot out synthetic webbing. Who is this hero?

Question 5

What hero is this?

Not too many heroes are represented by their signature weapons. And while this hero certainly doesn't need his shield to fight for justice, it's definitely emblematic of him. He was once a scrawny kid before he was chosen to undergo an experiment that turned him into a super soldier. What is this hero's name?

Question 6

Whose logo is this?

In 2017, DC released their first female-led superhero movie to critical and fan acclaim. Though this heroine had already been introduced through another movie, her solo film showed how she became a hero. She is an Amazon, a race of warrior women created by Zeus. What is the name of this hero?

Question 7

What team uses this logo?

One of Marvel's most famous teams has been seen through many popular Fox movies with the first having been released in 2001. The members of this team are mutants, humans who were born with genetic alterations that give them incredible abilities. Some of the team's most famous members are Wolverine, Storm, and Cyclops. What is the name of this team?

Question 8

What hero does this symbol represent?

Tony Stark was the last person anyone would expect to become a hero. He was once a selfish, womanizing billionaire and owner of a weapons manufacturing company. But when he was captured and forced to build a missile after watching innocent people lose their lives, he built a suit of armor and became a hero. What is this hero's name?

Question 9

What team of heroes wears this symbol?

Not every popular hero is from Marvel or DC. Pixar created their own team of heroes when they released this movie in 2004. The team is actually a family. The father has super strength, the mother can stretch her body, the daughter can turn invisible and create force fields, and the son has super speed. What is this team's name?

Question 10

Which hero does this logo represent?

This logo represents one of the most powerful members of the Avengers. But he is also based on a real figure from Norse Mythology. He is the God of Thunder who uses his special hammer to fly, channel electricity through his body, and smite his foes. What is the name of this hero?

Question 11

Which DC hero is this logo for?

Barry Allen was a normal forensic chemist before he gained his powers. While working in his lab one night, a bolt of lightning struck him through an open window, knocking him backwards into a plethora of chemicals. This freak accident gave him super speed, which he can also use to generate electricity. Who is this hero?

Question 12

Who wears this logo?

While many heroes were created out of tragedy, most of them are still positive figures. This character, however, is not one of those heroes. After losing his family, this former marine vowed to hunt down the most dangerous criminals imaginable. Only instead of arresting them, he made sure they wouldn't be able to hurt anyone ever again. Who is this anti-hero?

Question 13

Which Marvel hero is this?

One of the more recent heroes to be shown in the MCU has also quickly become one of its most popular. He is the king of Wakanda, a fictional city in Africa that holds one of the most precious and durable resources in all of existence: vibranium. Who is this hero?

Question 14

Which hero's logo is this?

This logo represents the King of Atlantis and, therefore, one of the most powerful heroes in DC's roster. He is the son of an Atlantean and someone from the surface, meaning he was born to unite these two worlds. He has standard powers like super strength but can also communicate telepathically with all ocean life. What is this hero's name?

Question 15

Whose logo is this?

Many heroes are family friendly but a select few, including this one, are definitely not. He's a mercenary and mutant with an advanced healing factor. His ability is so powerful that it essentially means he can't be stopped as he can heal from any wound or regrow any limb. In his movies, he breaks the fourth wall constantly. What is this hero's name?

Question 16

Which hero uses this logo?

While this logo does represent this DC hero, it also represents many other characters. It is the symbol worn by a team of galactic officers. Each member is designated an area of space to protect. The most famous shown in DC's comics is Hal Jordan of Earth. What is the name of this hero?

Question 17

What hero has this emblem on their costume?

This hero gained his abilities when he was very young, but it came at a high price. After chemicals spilled into his eyes, Matt Murdock was left blind. But these chemicals also gave him an extreme sense of sonar. He can hear and smell much further than any person alive and is an excellent fighter. What is this hero's name?

Question 18

Whose logo is this?

Batman has many allies. But his most well-known is his sidekick. Many people have held this mantle, the first being the orphan Dick Grayson and the latest being his own son, Damian. Whomever wore the costume, Batman trained them to uphold his values and fight the criminals of Gotham City. Who wears this logo?

Question 19

What team uses this logo?

The Avengers may be the most popular live-action team seen today, but this team is Marvel's oldest in the comics. It's made up of a group of scientists and explorers who got their powers in space. One can stretch their body, one can turn invisible, one can engulf their body in flames, and one's skin turned to stone. Which is that team?

Question 20

What powerful hero uses this logo?

This logo belongs to the newest hero to join the expansive MCU. She was once a fighter pilot before being blasted by an extremely powerful device, which gave her incredible abilities. She has super strength, can fly and breath in space, and can shoot beams from her hands. What is the name of this hero?

Question 21

Whose logo is this?

This logo belongs to one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most successful and dangerous spies. While she made a name for herself by completing various missions, the MCU has seen her fighting off alien invasions alongside the Avengers. She's incredibly gifted with all weapons and made her first appearance in "Iron Man 2." Who is this hero?

Question 22

Which hero is represented by this logo?

The logo that represents this hero is also the massive window seen at his headquarters, the Sanctum Santorum. He made is MCU debut in 2016 where he learned there was more to life than his selfish pursuit of notoriety. He learned to practice magic and would go on to help the Avengers stop Thanos. Which hero is this?

Question 23

Which team uses this logo?

This team was seen on a beloved Cartoon Network series but also recently made their live-action debut on the DC streaming service. Though that version is much less family-friendly. Key members include Robin, the shapeshifting Beast Boy, the alien Starfire, and the half-demon Raven. What is the name of this DC team?

Question 24

Which hero is this logo for?

This logo belongs to a character who has a rather troubled past. They were once a soldier before they were captured, experimented on, brainwashed, frozen, and thawed out periodically to assassinate for a villainous organization. They were able to escape this fate with some help and now try to fight for good. Who is this hero?

Question 25

What team is this logo for?

Not every team is made up solely of super powered individuals, though this one does have a few. It's an organization that protects society from any otherworldly threat that would seek to harm them, but this also means they sometimes do some shady things. They were first seen in the MCU before being expanded upon in a TV series. What team is this?

Question 26

What DC hero is represented by this logo?

This logo belongs to a hero that has been part of several popular DC teams. He's best known for his collaboration with the Teen Titans, but has also been a member of the Justice League and was recently seen in "Doom Patrol" for the DC streaming service. He's an android, but what is his name?

Question 27

Which hero wears this logo on their chest?

Though his logo may be similar to The Flash's, this hero is pretty different. He is Billy Batson, a young orphan who was taken in by a caring foster family before being granted powers by a wizard. Whenever he says the magic word, he is struck by lightning and transformed into a mighty hero. What is his name?

Question 28

What team is represented by this logo?

When this team was together, they didn't have a logo. But the story in the comics and the live-action movie is represented by this smiley face. It takes place in an alternate reality where heroes are government employees and used to gain power until the team breaks up. A follow-up series will be debuting on HBO soon. What team is this?

Question 29

What hero does this logo belong to?

Many heroes, both in Marvel and DC, have proven that powers aren't necessary to fight villains. This hero has no powers but is an excellent archer and fighter. He was the star of his own series that began airing on the CW in 2012. What is the name of this hero?

Question 30

What Marvel hero does this logo represent?

When a young boy survived the plane crash that took the lives of his parents, he was at least lucky enough to be found by monks of a hidden city. Here, he learned many forms of martial arts but was also chosen to be granted special powers. He can summon chi into his hands to make them extremely powerful. What is this hero's name?

Question 31

Whose logo is this?

Batman has had many Robins over the years. The first, Dick Grayson, would become a different hero once he got older and the mantle of Robin would pass to another. Grayson was once an acrobat for the circus and uses his skills to fight criminals. What hero does he become?

Question 32

What DC hero wears this logo?

This logo belongs to Tim Drake, the third person to hold the Robin mantle. He's one of the smarter people to hold the mantle as he is incredibly gifted when it comes to technology. In the comics, he was Robin from 1989-2009 before he took a different name. Which of these is it?

Question 33

What hero does this logo belong to?

This logo belongs to another hero outside of Marvel and DC. This character was once a Colonel in the Marines before becoming an assassin for the CIA. But he was then betrayed by his allies and assassinated himself. He made a deal with the devil to return to the living world and use his new powers to fight crime. What is this character's name?

Question 34

Which anti-hero wears this logo on their chest?

Jason Todd was the second person to become Robin. But after brutally losing his life to the Joker, he would later return to life with a vendetta. He's still technically one of the good guys but, unlike Batman, he has no problem taking the lives of criminals he believes don't deserve to keep breathing. What is the name of this anti-hero?

Question 35

Whose logo is this?

This logo belongs to a young Inhuman, a race of people whose ancestors were experimented on by the Kree. She takes her logo and name from a hero she greatly admires, though her powers are very different. She's a polymorph, able to stretch her body into any shape. She can also shrink or grow to any size. Who is this hero?

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