Matching These Logos To Their Games Is Nearly Impossible... Even For Gamers

Video games have a wonderful way of letting players explore increasingly interesting worlds, performing feats they could never do in real life. And if a game is successful enough at doing these things while blending unique elements like gameplay, art design, and characterization, then it can earn a place in history.

And some of the biggest, most beloved video game franchises of all time have come with their own special logos; unique designs or emblems that can become linked to their games. Because brand recognition is everything. Putting one of these on a big screen at an E3 press conference with just the right music to signal that a new installment is on the way can cause quite the uproar among fans, as has been proven by a few of these.

But there are also other logos from games that didn't grow into franchises or were only ever meant to be one entry. A logo can make a product stick in the minds of consumers, or in this case, gamers. A logo can do more than one might think. If a game works well, its logo can stick in the player's mind as a visual cue for everything they experienced.

It's clear that the design teams for each of these games knew this when designing their logos. But for some gamers, it can still be difficult to remember all of them.

Question 1

What game series is this logo from?

The Triforce is no doubt one of the most recognizable symbols in the world gaming. Pieces of it have been showing up in a certain game series as far back as the original, which debuted in 1986. While it hasn't been shown in every single game, it has appeared in the majority of them and is synonymous with the series. Each of the three pieces means something different. One is for courage, one is for wisdom, and one is for power. Each of the three main characters of the series holds one, even the villain. Which game series is the Triforce a logo for?

Question 2

What online shooting game is this logo from?

Blizzard had made a name for themselves as developers years before they unleashed this gaming giant onto the world. It first premiered in 2016, though each passing year has seen it grow more popular. There is a ton of background information and lore about the game, but it is not crucial to understand in order to enjoy the game. Gameplay consists of team-based battles (6 vs 6) with varying objectives and is only playable online. There are three classes: Tank (defense), Damage, and Support (healers). A well-balanced team is necessary to succeed. Who knows what game is this the logo of?

Question 3

What classic series is this logo from?

This isn't just a mushroom; it's a symbol of one of the longest-running and cherished franchises in gaming history. The first game debuted in 1985 and this mushroom could be nabbed within the first few seconds of the game. It turns the rather stout main character normal size and allowed players one extra hit before perishing. It's been seen in countless games since then, even in spin-offs that deviated from the standard gameplay. It's called a Super Mushroom and there are other variations and colors that do different things to the player. Which of these famous franchises is the mushroom symbolic of?

Question 4

What arcade game is this logo from?

Before Nintendo had saved the home video game market from the brink of collapse, arcades were seen as the kings. These cabinets provided better graphics and it was much more cost-efficient to go to one and just play a couple rounds rather than spending money on a console. This logo, which also represents the character players controlled, comes from one of the most famous games of all time. Though they may be hard to find now, this game is guaranteed to be kept in every arcade. It was a maze-like game that revolved around eating pellets and escaping from ghosts. Which game is it?

Question 5

What sci-fi series is this logo from?

When this sci-fi first-person shooter first debuted in 2001, there weren't many console shooters around. Today, it's a much different story. But this game really did feel like one of a kind. There was a single player story mode that followed Master Chief as he took out any alien threats to the galaxy, but the four-player multiplayer was where the series shone best, especially in later entries. The game has now seen several sequels and spin-offs and is one of Microsoft's flagship franchises. A sixth entry in the main franchise is currently being worked on. Which of these sci-fi games is this logo from?

Question 6

What classic platforming series is this logo from?

There are many famous gaming logos that are representative of the series but that also represent the main character. This is one of those types of logos. This quick-paced platforming series debuted in the early 90s and was seen as an alternative to Mario. The character was marketed as being much faster and cooler than Nintendo's plumber, thus bring on a competition that many kids took sides in. That company no longer makes consoles themselves, but this character can still be seen multiple times a year. In 2019, he'll receive another racing game and his own feature-length film. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 7

What fighting series uses a dragon as a logo?

This fighting series has the impressive honor of helping to create the ESRB rating system for games when the first entry debuted in 1992. Originally an arcade game, the graphic content within the game had parents extremely worried. And it was even worse when the game was ported to home consoles. If only parents could see how the franchise has grown. The latest installment will be released in April of 2019, and each new game has only increased the amount of gore. The games have also received two film adaptations and a web series. Which of these fighting games has a dragon as a logo?

Question 8

What action series is this logo from?

This fox logo comes from another series that has been around for an incredibly long time, though it doesn't belong to some big company like Nintendo or Microsoft. The first was released in 1987 for the MSX2, a home computer, before being ported to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Though it is an action game, there are definitely some situations that will turn out more smoothly if the player takes a stealthier approach to their missions. The series was created by Hideo Kojima, who worked on every entry until he cut ties with Konami, the company that distributes the series. Which of these franchises is it from?

Question 9

What RPG series is represented by this logo?

There are many famous role-playing video game franchises, but this one is on an entirely different level. Not only is it a beloved, long-running game series, but it also has its own manga, anime series, trading card game, toys, and much more. The original games debuted on Nintendo's first Game Boy in 1996 and subsequently took the world by storm. Players could catch, train, and fight with monsters, many of which had different elemental types, designs, and move-sets. The series is still going strong and the logo for it is the ball that is used to capture the wild creatures. What is this the logo of?

Question 10

What puzzle game is this logo from?

One might not expect a puzzle game to necessarily need a logo, but this title is unlike any other puzzle game out there. It is played from a first-person perspective, for one. And players take control of a silent protagonist as she wanders through a facility using a special item that lets her teleport herself and other objects to different locations in each room to solve puzzles. All the while, she is being guided by a robot who is secretly leading her to her demise. The game has received one sequel and J.J. Abrams has been trying to get a movie made for a couple years. Which of these games is it?

Question 11

What third-person shooter is this logo from?

There was a time in the mid-2000s where games began to transition from the colorful cartoon look that Nintendo had made popular to something much darker and grittier. The first game in this third-person shooter series premiered in that time period. 2006 to be exact. It focused on a group of marines that banded together to fight off hordes of aliens and was much more graphic than many other shooting games at the time. The first game has received several sequels, the next of which will come out later in 2019. Which of these more mature games is this a logo of?

Question 12

What modern Nintendo game is this logo from?

Nintendo has created a lot of wonderful franchises over the years, though many of their biggest launched on their original console and grew from there. The one that this leaf is a logo for, however, launched on the Game Cube in 2001. And ever since that game's release, it has grown to be one of their most popular. It is a life simulation game where players take control of the one human in a town full of animals. Players run errands, design their homes, and generally make their town a better place to live. It has received several sequels with another on the way. Which of these games is it?

Question 13

What action-adventure series is this logo from?

There are some games that can launch and become so popular that they see new entries released every year. The action-adventure series that this logo comes from is such a series, though Ubisoft did take a year off after ratings started to dip. Many of the games in the series take place in different time periods. While some have taken place in Jerusalem during the crusades, others have taken place in the US during the revolution and the latest takes place in Ancient Greece. Each follows a member of a secret organization that played a part in historic events. Which of these games is this a logo of?

Question 14

What fighting series uses this as a logo?

While there are several great fighting game crossovers each year such as Marvel vs Capcom or SoulCalibur, the one this logo comes from is hands-down the biggest. The first game debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1999 and only featured twelve characters. But the latest for the Nintendo Switch features upwards of 70. Most of them are from Nintendo's core franchises, though there are some that are from third-party developers. It's the only game players can have Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mega Man duke it out. What makes it even more chaotic is the multitude of different items and stages to choose from. What is the name of this fighting game?

Question 15

What MMORPG is this logo from?

Before Blizzard created the ridiculously popular Overwatch, they created this fantasy MMORPG, which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It first launched in 2004, but Blizzard has given players a plethora of updates and expansions to keep the fun going. It's only on PC, but players can create their own characters with different skills and magical powers and take them on quests with their friends. A classic version of the game is currently in the works, which will provide new players a way to experience it without the expansions, making for an easier way to jump in. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 16

This logo is used for a corrupt corporation in which series?

While the game series this logo comes from doesn't have an emblematic symbol itself, this logo is used for a corrupt corporation within the game and it has become forever linked to the series. This is the logo of the Umbrella Corporation, a company that manufactured a virus that could reanimate corpses. This long-running survival series focuses on different characters trying to stop the Umbrella Corporation in different parts of the world. The first solely took place in a zombie-infested mansion but other games have taken place in Spain and Africa. The second game in the series will receive a remake in early 2019. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 17

What RPG series is this logo from?

Final Fantasy is indeed one of the most popular RPG franchises around, so mixing that with the worlds of Disney was always going to be a massive success. The first game in the series was released in 2002 and received a sequel in 2005. While there have been a multitude of spin-offs, it has taken 14 years for a third to be released in the main series. It follows a young boy who teams up with Donald and Goofy, going through different famous Disney worlds. Fans have been waiting a long time for a new game. Which of these series is this logo from?

Question 18

Which battle royale game is this logo from?

Battle Royale games have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. The online gameplay consists of taking a large group of players, usually around 100, and dropping them into a map. They can find weapons and resources to defend themselves but the last one standing will be the victor. In this particular one, the map will shrink over time, forcing players closer together. It's free to play with cosmetic purchases in the game and is one of the most popular games around right now. It has made the style more popular so that even the latest Call of Duty had this mode. Which of these games is this a logo for?

Question 19

What action RPG is this logo from?

The action RPG this logo is taken from is most likely the most popular in the series. While the first was released in 1994, it isn't a series that sees a lot of entries. The game this is a logo for was released in 2011 and focused on a world full of dragons and other mythical creatures. It has been remastered and ported to all manner of consoles, even for the portable Switch and the PlayStation VR. A new game in the series is currently in the works, but it'll have a lot to live up to. Which of these fantasy games is this a logo for?

Question 20

What beloved sci-fi action series is this logo from?

Though the first game in this series premiered in 1986, it hasn't always been the biggest seller despite the fantastic reviews most of the entries received. It focuses on a bounty hunter as she explores dangerous alien worlds and must fight against hordes of monsters. The last game was released in 2010 but a new one was announced a couple of years ago. Not much is known about it as of yet as only a title card has been shown. The logo for the series is actually an item the character can acquire in the game. What series is this a logo for?

Question 21

What action game uses this logo?

The game this logo comes from is steeped in mythology, but not of just one region. While the original trilogy of games focused on Greek Mythology, the newest (which came out in 2018 to critical acclaim) focused on Norse Mythology. The director of that game has said that he would like to also create a game around Egyptian Mythology, so the series is probably far from being over. The original games followed an incredibly angry demigod as he got revenge on the Greek pantheon for the loss of his family. But the recent game saw him trying to start a new life. Which of these games is it?

Question 22

What FPS is this the logo of?

Valve has given the world some of the most highly acclaimed games of all time such as the puzzler Portal. But they've also shown their aptitude for creating engaging first-person shooters, such as Counter-Strike and the one this logo comes from. The first game was released in 1998 and followed a silent scientist at a research facility who had to fight his way out after a catastrophic experiment. The sequel was even more well-received than the first and fans have been clamoring for a third entry ever since. But that game may never come. Which of these FPS games is this logo from?

Question 23

What shooting game is this logo from?

There were many fantastic first-person shooter games that debuted on the PC but would be ported to home consoles. The game this logo comes from is one of them. The entire game put players inside giant, maze-like levels and tasked them with finding the exit while collecting weapons and fighting monsters along the way. The music was composed by Nine Inch Nails and the main character was actually voiced by Trent Reznor, the singer of the band. The game received several sequels, the last of which was released in 2018. Which of the following FPS games is this logo from?

Question 24

What series is Vault Boy from?

Sometimes a mascot can also be a logo, like Vault Boy is for a particular series. The series focuses on the world after a nuclear event. The original games were more about resource management and were played from a top-down perspective. But when Bethesda acquired the rights, they switched it to a first-person perspective. Each game features mutated monsters and dangerous humans as enemies but features just as many RPG elements as FPS ones. Both the 3rd and 4th entry in the franchise were critically acclaimed, though the newest entry didn't receive as high of reviews. Which of these franchises is Vault Boy the logo of?

Question 25

What sci-fi series is this logo from?

In the arcade days, there were plenty of games that let players take control of a space ship and shoot down aliens like Galaga and Gradius, but those games aren't seen as much these days. One franchise, however, saw its first entry released in 1993 and is still around today. The series focuses on anthropomorphic pilots that fly through space and protect everyone from galactic threats. While the last game in the series was released in 2016, a different game that featured the characters in supporting roles was released in 2018. Which of these sci-fi series is this logo from?

Question 26

What sci-fi FPS is this the logo of?

One of the ways that modern-day developers maximise on their games is by releasing downloadable content packs frequently after a game's launch. This can be a risk if there isn't enough content at launch, though if the gameplay is fun enough it may not matter. This logo comes from an FPS game developed by Bungie and they've released several DLC packs for the game and for its sequel. Players can create their own character from three different classes. This character is a Guardian, tasked with keeping the universe a safe place. Which of these sci-fi FPS games is this logo from?

Question 27

What beloved beat-em-up is this logo from?

Just like shoot-em-ups, beat-em-ups aren't as popular as they once were. Though some do still get released, they are more often indie games instead of big releases. One of the most respected, and definitely one of the most difficult, featured this logo. It followed Rash, Pimple, and Zitz as they tried to stop a villainous space queen. These three have appeared in other games and this series currently has a reboot in the works, which was announced at Microsoft's E3 press conference in 2018. This game's difficulty is infamous by now. Which of these classic beat-em-ups is this logo from?

Question 28

What life simulation game is this logo from?

Before Animal Crossing was released, an entirely different type of life simulation game was released for PCs in 2000. In this game, players can create any number of virtual people and influence them in any way they want. They can encourage them to interact with other virtual people, build them houses, change their appearances, and much more. The game could technically be played forever since there isn't a way to win, but the game has still seen several sequels released that added new content and features. The last was released in 2014, but a mobile version was released in 2018. Which game is this a logo for?

Question 29

What is this logo from?

Racing games get all the love, but the logo this game comes from is an entirely different type of automobile game. Players can either play locally with a friend or against the computer or play online. It's sort of like soccer with cars as players must try to knock a giant ball into the other team's goal with derby cars that are powered by rockets. It has grown in popularity over the past couple of years seeing releases on all major consoles. It is also one of the select few games that allow for cross-platform play. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 30

What survival series is this logo from?

The series this logo comes from has been scaring players ever since the first game was released on the PlayStation in 1999. It centers on a haunted town in which players get trapped, having to defend themselves against all manner of nightmare-inducing creatures. It is one of the biggest survival franchises around, though it hasn't seen a proper entry since 2012. A new game was planned and a playable teaser was even released, though it was unfortunately canceled. This series has also received two film adaptations, though the second one only has 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 31

Which survival-action game uses this logo?

Similar to the Umbrella Corporation, this logo is for a group within the game rather than the game itself. It is used for a militia group that tries to keep the world safe after a virus spreads. This particular virus turns most of humanity into rage-filled monsters and a select few into fungal-infested creatures known as clickers. The main character doesn't exactly see eye-to-eye with this group and things come to a head by the end of the game. The title received a slew of awards and there is a sequel currently being developed. Which of these games does this logo come from?

Question 32

What long-running FPS series uses this logo?

As there are so many first-person shooter games around these days, some of them have to get pretty creative with their plots. While some take players to far-off worlds, others choose to take them back in time. This one, however, takes players to an alternate past where the Third Reich was never defeated. Players control B.J. Blazkowicz as he tries to take them down in the most graphic ways possible. The original game was released in 1992 though it has been rebooted since then. The last game in the series was released in 2017. Which of these game is this a logo for?

Question 33

Which series uses a flaming C as its logo?

There are many classic games that were beautiful in their simplicity. Stories in games used to not be as important as they are today. The original game in this series takes place in 2633 and follows a commando (or two if you're playing multiplayer) who tries to get rid of the bases of the Red Falcon Organization which is trying to take over the world. Gameplay consisted of running from one side to the other and shooting anything in your path. It was made much more difficult by the fact that one hit meant you lost a life. Which of these games uses a flaming C as its logo?

Question 34

In which sci-fi series can this logo be found?

Like the Fireflies in The Last of Us, this logo is used for a group of people within the game. It comes from a sci-fi RPG series that blends in elements of a third-person shooter. The main character is a soldier in this organization and must defend the galaxy from a race of mechanical beings known as Reapers. The first game was released in 2007 and the original trilogy is mostly regarded as a masterpiece, though the follow-up spin-off game may have left some fans disappointed. Along with the main character, players could also recruit others from different areas to help them in their journey. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 35

Which FPS game can this logo be found in?

There are many games that expertly blend spooky elements with first-person shooter gameplay, and the game this logo is from is one of the best. It takes place in an underwater city called Rapture and this is actually a logo for that city. Players took control of a man who, after a plane crash, found himself near the entrance of this city. Exploring the city, they found it was run by a man who created it in order to get away from any governmental rules. Along with different weapons, players could also acquire different elemental abilities. Which of these games is this logo from?

Question 36

What popular indie game uses this logo?

Over the past few years, indie developers have been proving that they don't need big budgets (or even big reputations) to create wonderful titles. For a fraction of the price, players can have experiences that are wildly different from the norm. One of the strangest in recent years is an RPG that focuses on a kid that falls beneath the surface of the Earth and must figure out how to get home, meeting several strange monsters along the way. It received critical acclaim when it was released in 2015 and was recently ported to the Switch. What game is this logo from?

Question 37

What beloved RPG is this a logo for?

While there are many RPG series that grew into massive franchises like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, there are many others that sadly did not. This logo is from one of the most revered turn-based RPGs to be released on the Super Nintendo and actually came from the same studio behind the Final Fantasy games. It focused on a group that traveled through different time periods like the Middle Ages and a post-apocalyptic future in search of the main character's friend, a princess. It has been ported and re-released several times. Who knows which of these titles this logo is from?

Question 38

What fantasy series features this logo?

For players who love games steeped in fantasy and battling giant creatures, the game this logo is from is definitely a good choice. It blends action gameplay with RPG elements. Players take control of a nameless character as they receive quests from other humans to track, trap, or decimate different beasts. The first game was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 and the newest was released in 2018, though it has seen entries released on a variety of consoles. It is developed by Capcom, the same creators of Street Fighter. Which of these games is this dragon logo from?

Question 39

In which game can this emblem be found?

It isn't too often that a game is released that is so beloved that it gets remastered not once, but twice. The original game was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and it was remastered for the PlayStation 3 in 2011 and again in 2018 for the PlayStation 4. Players played as Wander, a young man who was trying to resurrect a woman named Mono. The story of what happened to her is pieced together by the players as they travel through a desolate land taking down giant, looming creatures. Which of these critically acclaimed games can this emblem be found in?

Question 40

What indie RPG is this logo from?

RPGs don't always have to be an epic, sprawling adventure. Sometimes they can be much simpler as evidenced by this 2014 fantasy tale. It focuses on a young princess named Aurora who seemingly perishes in her sleep, only to wake up in a wondrous, fantasy land. From there, she teams up with all manner of characters with unique abilities to defeat different types of enemies and learn her own spells, trying to make it back to her world. It was developed by Ubisoft, the same company behind Assassin's Creed and Rayman. Which of these indie games is this logo from?

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