1/10 People Won’t Be Able To Match These Kids To Their Sitcoms

There have been all kinds of kids featured in sitcoms. There have been kids who are smart and kids who are dumb. There have been kids who behave well and kids who don't. There have been kids who knuckle down at school and study hard and kids who skip school and don't do their homework. There have been all kinds of different kids in the sitcom subgenres of school sitcom and family sitcom and any other comedic situation that could involve children.

Across his three animated family comedy series, Seth MacFarlane has covered all kinds of sitcom kid character traits. He has created a teenager who gets bad grades and he has created a teenager who does really well at school and is a skinny, dweeby nerd. And he has also created a teenager who is a little bit of all of these traits. It's not quite clear if Cleveland Brown, Jr. is smart or not, a paradox that his father once pointed out, but he is a lot of fun.

Only a truly dedicated fan of sitcoms can match all of these kid characters from great sitcoms to their shows. So, take the quiz and give it a go!

Question 1

What show is Bart the pop culture icon from?

This character from an animated comedy became one of the greatest pop cultural icons of the 1990s with his catchphrases like "Eat my shorts" and "Ay, caramba!" and the fact that he had a back and forth with the First Lady. He continues to be a popular character to this day, but he is not as unbelievably popular as he once was. He's played by Nancy Cartwright, a female voice actor. Which TV show is this character often tells people to eat his shorts from?

Question 2

What show are Ross Geller and his son Ben from?

This was a show about a bunch of pals in the twenties who are young, single, and free, except a lot of the characters' lives are much more complicated than that. Ross, for example, is a character who has been married and divorced a few times and has fathered two children, starting with this boy who was played by both Sprouse twins. They, of course, went on to be even bigger stars as they grew up. What show are Ross Geller and his son Ben from?

Question 3

What show is nerdy Alex Dunphy from?

The least progressive family in this supposedly progressive family sitcom is definitely the Dunphys, at least in the beginning. There was the dad who had a job and brought home the money and the mom who cooked dinner and took the kids to school and was a housewife. But over the years, the Dunphys have become a more 'modern' family. Alex is the middle child, played by Ariel Winter, whose voice will be heard later this year in the new animated Grinch movie. What show is nerdy Alex Dunphy from?

Question 4

What show is Miley Stewart from?

This show featured the best of both worlds, at least usually. Miley Stewart is an unassuming teenaged girl with a great home life, great friends, and a big fact that she keeps locked up tight. She's actually an international pop star sensation! Of course, her friends eventually find out and even wind up taking on personas of their own so they can join her backstage and on tours. This leads to a whole lot of misunderstandings and fun. Which show is it?

Question 5

What show is Chris from?

This show has a lot of interesting characters and interesting takes on tropes and conventions that we have seen in more traditional sitcoms. This character is a prime example of how the show puts a spin familiar tropes. This character is voiced by Seth Green, who is best known for his roles in movies like Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and Without a Paddle and also for creating and starring in the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken. What show is Chris from?

Question 6

Which show is big sister DJ from?

The premise of this show is actually not the happiest. A father finds himself raising his girls alone after their mother has an unfortunate accident. He enlists the help of his best friend and his wife's brother and together they create their own family even if it isn't exactly conventional. This show had a revival on Netflix, though the charm of the original show is very difficult to capture, especially with a drastic change in cast members. Try to name the show!

Question 7

Which show was this magical girl from?

This show absolutely captivated teenagers everywhere! It was about a seemingly normal girl who got magical powers after her 16th birthday. She had to go live with her aunts who were also witches and would help her learn the ins and outs of the magical world. She definitely didn't have any Voldemorts in her life, but she was pretty much just like Harry, navigating a new magical world with powers she never knew she ever had. A more grown up reboot is coming to Netflix.

Question 8

Which show is about this kid Adam?

Adam is technically the lead character in this show, since it is told through his eyes and he shares his name and many other details with the creator of the show who based the plot on his own life and his own family. The older version of this character is supposedly narrating the show in voiceover by alternative standup comedian Patton Oswalt, who is known for writing the book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland and most recently starred in the TV comedy AP Bio. Which show is about this kid Adam?

Question 9

Which show is this iconic couple from?

Every romantic in the 90s had to be impressed with this couple. Like other characters in this quiz, Topanga (pictured left), was never intended to be much more than a one-off weirdo for a single-story arc. However, the audience loved her and her chemistry with Cory so much that they decided to make her not only a main character, but the main love interest. The show was briefly rebooted, but didn't have quite the same success as the original, unfortunately.

Question 10

Which show never intended for Urkel to come back?

Not many people know this, but Urkel was never meant to be a mainstay of the show that he's on. In fact, the show that he was on was actually a spin-off in and of itself, so many people were probably very surprised at how well it wound up doing in the long run. It was a staple of TGIF nights on ABC, cementing it as a cultural phenomenon for kids growing up in the 90s. We hope everybody gets this one right!

Question 11

What show is iconic baby Stewie from?

While this show has often been called a mere rip off of The Simpsons, there is a lot more going on and a lot of ways in which this show subverts this comparison. One is that the baby character in The Simpsons doesn't say a word, whereas the baby character in This show is the most outspoken and eloquent member of the Griffin family. He is even bent on world domination and matricide. What show is iconic baby Stewie from?

Question 12

What show is smarty pants Lisa from?

Matt Groening's satirical animated comedy series is one of the most beloved TV shows on the air. Everyone can relate to at least one of the characters in the family in some capacity. This character of Lisa is easily the smartest member of the Simpson family. She is a dedicated activist and does all the taxes for the family and she takes her own pocket money out of each year's disposable income. What show is the character of Lisa from?

Question 13

What show is Ray and Debra Barone's daughter Ally from?

In the 1990s, the most hard working and popular standup comedians would get their own sitcoms to base on their standup comedy. That was the route that most of them took. Ray Romano is a prime example as he stepped off the standup comedy circuit to create a sitcom that was based on his life, swapping comedy for sports journalism as a job. He has a daughter named Ally and two twin boys on the show. What show is it?

Question 14

Which cult hit show is this beloved character Tina Belcher from?

Although this show began its life as sort of a cult success with a small yet dedicated fan base, it has since grown to become one of the most popular shows on television, and this character is easily everybody's favorite. All of her struggles as a teen are painfully relatable and the show is honest about her in a way that few network shows are. Which breakout hit Fox animated comedy series is this now iconic character Tina Belcher from?

Question 15

What show is Diane from?

Often when the creators of a sitcom decide to make a couple of the characters twins, they will go for twins of the same gender so that the audience knows that they are definitely twins. However, the twin characters in this show are actually a boy and a girl. This character is the twin sister of Jack Johnson and she is the smarter and more attentive and more mature of the two. What show is this lovable character Diane from?

Question 16

Which show is this other iconic couple from?

Here we have another mainstay on again off again couple from the 90s. These two were basically high school Ross and Rachel, with one of them messing up somehow and having to make things right. However, we definitely rooted for them most of the time. Kelly was ambitious, intelligent, and adventurous while Zack was a bit of a Bart Simponesque menace to most of his friends. His heart was usually in the right place though. They were a perfect yin and yang.

Question 17

What show are these two very patient children from?

As an audience, we're all expected to reasonably suspend disbelief in order to really get into a story and immerse ourselves in the details. However, it's pretty hard to overlook that fact that these poor kids have been sitting on a couch for something like ten years listening to their dad rattle of his dating history only to ask them if it's okay if he dates their (not actually related) Aunt Robin. Kind of weird. Does anybody know which show this is?

Question 18

What show is this character Haley from?

In the first couple of seasons of this show, it was shown that the oldest and youngest Dunphy children were the basic ones and the middle child was the smart one. While the middle child, the one, remains the smartest of the three, the oldest has shown a lot of ambition and intelligence in the last couple of seasons as she has sought out job opportunities for herself and gotten into the fashion industry without any qualifications. What is the show?

Question 19

Which caveman cartoon is Pebbles from?

The Simpsons is thought to have been the first show to bring on the recent wave of adult oriented TV animated comedy, but an animated show aimed at adults about a family with a slobbish father was made long before The Simpsons, in the 1960s, by the acclaimed animation house Hanna Barbera. Homer Simpson has even been compared to Fred on many occasions. What is the name of the seminal Hanna Barbera cartoon series about cavemen set in prehistoric times?

Question 20

What sitcom is Will Smith's dancing cousin Carlton from?

In this show, Will Smith plays a character named Will Smith. This was because he was given advice by a friend that if he ever did a TV show, he should make sure that the character he was playing was called Will, because that's what people would yell at him on the street and that's the name he would be known as. The actor who played his cousin is not so lucky. What sitcom is Will Smith's dancing cousin Carlton from?

Question 21

Which show is the snappy Jackie Burkhart from?

Fun fact: Mila Kunis was not actually old enough when she was auditioning for the part of Jackie. So, when the producers asked her age, she gave them the date, minus the year. They ate it up and hired her, not realising she hadn't actually answered their question. However, with her turn as Jackie, nobody questioned her talent or her resolve. She was an absolute natural in the role and has gone on to much success in Hollywood. She and Kelso also finally got together.

Question 22

What show is Milhouse Van Houten from?

This character does not appear in every single episode, but he is one of the most commonly recurring secondary characters, since he is the best friend of Bart. It could be argued that this character is also one of the most popular of all the characters featured in the show. This character's name was taken from the middle name of Richard Nixon, the former leader of the free world. What show is Kirk and Luann Van Houten's son Milhouse in?

Question 23

What show is George Michael Bluth from?

When it was airing on the Fox network, this show always struggled to get viewers, but in the years since the network decided to end its run, it became a cult hit and Netflix decided to revive it. Michael Cera, who plays Michael Bluth's son George Michael in the show, became a big star in the show's hiatus between seasons 3 and 4, with film roles like Superbad and Youth in Revolt and This is the End. What show is George Michael Bluth from?

Question 24

What show is Louise Belcher from?

This show has become one of the most popular shows on television after its humble beginnings as a show with a cult following and a weird sense of humor. It was announced recently that there would be a movie version coming out, like with an actual theatrical release a la The Simpsons Movie back in 2007, but we will have to wait until 2020 to see it because that's when the release is slated for. What show is Louise Belcher from?

Question 25

Which show is Manny from?

Manny, Manny, Manny. This girl basically has one goal throughout most of her time on her show: be popular. She is a walking, talking, after school special but at the very least she knows it and can find some humor in all the ways she messed up. Along with her best friend Emma, she navigates the halls and life without a compass. She was on her show for quite some time, but moved on when the original kids aged out.

Question 26

What show is little baby Maggie featured in?

This show is about to become the longest running prime time television series in history with the Fox network's recent decision to renew the show through to season 30. And it probably won't stop there, continuing to go from strength to strength. This baby has been at the forefront of some of the most touching and emotionally charged episodes of The Simpsons, like that "Do it for her" moment that gets fans every single time. What show is little baby Maggie featured in?

Question 27

What show is about the '90s childhood of Eddie Huang?

This character is at the center of the show he's on because he is based on a real person who really grew up in Florida in the 1990s and really like hip hop and embraced black culture and then really wrote a memoir with the same title as the show about his childhood that got picked up to be a TV show. The memoir is very different from the TV show, though. What is the name of that TV show?

Question 28

What show features Manny Delgado?

This show has been one of the most popular and successful TV series on the air for almost a decade now. There are a lot of beloved characters on the show who have developed their own fan base and have become icons of the small screen and will remain so long after the series ends. This character, the son of Gloria and therefore stepson of Jay, is one of those characters with their own fans. What show is this kid from?

Question 29

What show is about this kid being "in the Middle"?

Bryan Cranston is now best known for playing a different dad on TV, since he won over acclaim and awards and millions of fans for his portrayal of Walter "Heisenberg" White in the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad, but he actually got his big break in this show, _____ in the Middle, a family sitcom in which he played a far less intense family man. Who is "in the Middle," according to the title of a hugely popular TV sitcom?

Question 30

Which Adult Swim show is about this kid and his grandpa?

When Adult Swim asked Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon to create an animated comedy series for them that would rival Family Guy and South Park as a hit adult animated show, there was no way that they could have prepared for the sheer level of success that was coming their way with the show. With its science fiction sensibility and its twisted sense of humor, this show has become one of the most popular shows on television. Which Adult Swim show is about this kid and his grandpa?

Question 31

What hit sitcom is Jake Harper from?

This sitcom from hit producer Chuck Lorre was once the highest rated comedy series on the air, with its cast of Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones. Charlie Sheen was fired from the show in the middle of its 12 season run and was then replaced by Ashton Kutcher, who took the vacant role of one of the titular men, but the "half man" remained the same throughout the whole series. What hit sitcom is Jake Harper from?

Question 32

Which Family Guy spin-off is Rallo Tubbs from?

At a certain point in the run of Family Guy, the Fox network executives began to gently nudge the producers towards making a spin off series from the show that would center around one of that show's characters leaving the town of Quahog and moving to a new place to start their own separate life. At first, it was supposed to be Quagmire, but they changed it. This character is that show's answer to Stewie Griffin. Which Family Guy spin-off is Rallo Tubbs from?

Question 33

What show is Brick from?

This show bid its fans farewell this year with its final season. It had been on the air since way back in 2009, so it lasted nearly a decade. It is arguable that this kid is the most popular character from the show, although the ensemble of the whole cast is what a lot of people enjoyed about the show. The child actor who plays this character made a brief appearance in the Will Smith superhero movie Hancock. What show is Brick from?

Question 34

What show is Zoey Johnson from?

The character of Zoey Johnson got her own spin off series from the show recently as she was getting too old to play one of the kids in a family sitcom set in the family home. In the spin off show, Grown-ish, she goes off to college and makes a bunch of new friends and has a whole new set of adventures. It's not a TV version of Animal House, it's more nuanced than that. What show is Zoey Johnson from?

Question 35

What show is Bobby from?

This show is seen as a precursor to the show Bob's Burgers, because they both have a very naturalistic style and rely more on character and jokes for humor rather than big and extravagant and eccentric gags like a lot of the other prime time animated TV series do. This critically acclaimed show was created by Mike Judge, who also played the lead character of Hank Hill. Better Things star Pamela Adlon played his son. What show is Bobby from?

Question 36

Which sitcom is Ross and Rachel's baby Emma from?

One of the biggest plot developments in the series run of this show was when Rachel Green was revealed to be pregnant. An even bigger development came when it was revealed that Ross, her on and off partner through the whole series, was the father of the child. He already had a kid with his ex wife, but this would be his first with Rachel. Over the last couple of seasons of the show, we got to know the baby. Which sitcom is Ross and Rachel's baby Emma from?

Question 37

What show features Arnold and his catchphrase "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

This is a sitcom about a white family who takes in some black kids that was somewhat groundbreaking for its time. This character, played by the late Gary Coleman, was known for his catchphrase "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" and he is arguably the most popular character on the show. He is certainly the one who everyone remembers when they go back to think about the show. Most of them remember it fondly. What show features Arnold and his catchphrase "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

Question 38

What show stars Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy?

This show is one of the most successful and popular sitcoms of all time. Christina Applegate became one of the most recognizable faces on television during the show's run and has since gone on to become a huge movie star with roles in films like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (and, of course, its sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) and Bad Moms. She also had a small role in the show Friends. What show stars Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy?

Question 39

What show features Eric Cartman?

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's satirical animated sitcom returned for its 22nd season recently on Comedy Central. The idea for this character was that he would be an 8 year old version of Archie Bunker. He would say all the terrible and intolerant things that Archie Bunker would say on All in the Family, except it would be funnier and more acceptable because he was a little kid. What is the name of the show featuring this now iconic character?

Question 40

Which restaurant-set sitcom is Gene from?

Bob and Linda Belcher have three kids. The combinations of boys and girls in family TV sitcoms tends to vary. In Family Guy, there are two boys and one girl, but in The Simpsons, there are two girls and one boy, although one of those girls is a baby without the ability to speak. This show has two girls and one boy, all in speaking roles. The boy is easily the dumbest of the bunch. Which restaurant-set sitcom is Gene from?

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