Match These Country Songs To Their Singers To Get A Cowgirl Wifey

These days country music is still really going strong! From the traditional twangy country that makes us think of all of the old-school greats like Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, and Hank Williams, to the poppier varieties that really sound like a mixture of our fave pop music and a country spin, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to this genre of music.

For decades country boys and country girls have been giving us some of the best, most toe-tapping music around. Even people who say that they "don't like country" can't help but tap their toes to some of the modern-day classics that are coming out these days! We know that most people just love their country music, but who knew that matching up the right song to the singer could give us an insight into your cowgirl wifey? That's right! Your ability to match up these 2018 country chart-toppers gives us a valuable insight into the future, and which cowgirl wifey will share it!

Who wants to find out what their romantic future holds? Give us a few minutes of your time and match up these 50 chart-topping singers with their mega-hits and we'll reveal a cowgirl wifey!

Question 1

Name this Micheal Ray hit!

This song by Michael Ray might not have the happiest topic, but he certainly makes it upbeat and reflective. This tune talks about the end of a relationship- and focusing on all of the good things that came out of it. It’s a little nostalgic, a little wistful, and a whole lot summertime!

Question 2

What's this Jon Pardi fave?

This tune is all about why we work. Jon Pardi really hits home with his description of a tough week at work- and what is waiting for him when he gets back home! With a message that we can all relate to, this classic song is a true summertime hit.

Question 3

What's this sweet ballad?

Old Dominion is one of those country groups that we can’t help but love. They always tend to find the bright side of just about everything, as they did with this song about how to live life to the fullest. Done by any other band, it might be cheesy, but Old Dominion totally rocks it!

Question 4

Name this Jake Owen fave!

Jake Owen is a guy who never is afraid of giving credit to his roots. In this song, featuring a little hats off to country classic band Alabama, Owen manages to invoke that old country style of heading to our favorite place for a little bit of live music. Name the tune.

Question 5

Who knows this country favorite?

If there’s anyone who can get the sweetest love song right, it’s Keith Urban. This tune talks about how meeting that one person can make the entire world seem to shift. It’s about falling in love, and the great sensation we have when we know we’re in the beginning of something amazing.

Question 6

Name this beautiful song about hope!

Carrie Underwood is known for writing and creating some of the best music around, including this song which is all about hope and coming together. It is a welcome reminder of charity, empathy and love in a divided world. Who can name this powerful ballad by country super star Carrie Underwood?

Question 7

What is this summertime favorite?

Is there any reigning ruler of summertime that’s bigger and better than Kenny Chesney? This guy has been putting out the songs of summer for years- and he always gets it 100 percent right, like with this song about picking yourself up after something bad happens. Who can name this song?

Question 8

Name this incredible love song.

This simple song by Cody Johnson gets right to the heart (pun intended) of something that we can all understand- falling in love. His sweet tune talks about the innocence of falling in love and what it does to us accompanied by some seriously haunting guitar work. What is it called?

Question 9

Name this Blake Shelton fave!

Fun fact- Blake Shelton wrote this song about Gwen Stefani! While the two might have seemed like a bit of an unlikely pair, they actually made something of a cute match for a little while there. This song is all about being enamored with everything that your significant other does.

Question 10

What is this toe-tapping Maren Morris hit?

Maren Morris hit the jackpot with this single that talks about how she would be wealthy if she got paid every time a guy disappointed her. It’s a cute and clever concept that only Morris could pull off in her cheeky little song about unrequited and disappointing love. Name it.

Question 11

What is this top country song?

We all know that there are different kinds of relationships. There are those that are just a quick flash in the pan and really don’t go anywhere, those that last for a little while and those that are meant to last forever. Tyler Rich’s song talks about the difference between them.

Question 12

Name this Eli Young Band fave.

Eli Young Band make an interesting point about what love is, but talking about what it is not in this epic song that describes what a not good relationship looks like. The point is clear- the boys from Eli Young Band are ready to show their love interest what love is really like!

Question 13

Name this feel-good Brett Eldredge song.

Brett Eldredge succeeded in coming up with one of the best feel-good songs of the year with his sweet tune about falling in love and how it feels to be enamored with someone- and know that they are also enamored with you! Who knows the name of this song? Choose below.

Question 14

Name this Kelsea Ballerini empowerment song!

In this song, Kelsea Ballerini talks about getting out an emotionally manipulative relationship only to rediscover herself again. The lyrics are music to the ears of anyone who has ever been romantically controlled, and we can’t help but smile along as Ballerini talks about what she’s regained in the breakup.

Question 15

What is this Granger Smith hit?

Granger Smith generally delivers when it comes to sentimental classics, but this one really takes the cake. It’s a reflection of his life and a realization that his lady is always there for all of the best times. He runs through some of the most important parts of his life and thanks her for being there.

Question 16

What is this chart-topping tune by Brett Young?

Brett Young generally writes slower music, so this particular song is a bit of a diversion from the norm- but it still has much of the same themes that we have come to expect from his music! There is a strong love story, a heavily romantic theme and an unbeat sound that we love!

Question 17

Who knows this Brad Paisley mega-hit?

Brad Paisley’s clever tune will resonate with anyone who has not had the best romantic luck in the world. It compares being out there in the romantic game to sitting on a bucking bull that wants to throw you off. It’s really not such a bad analogy! Name the tune.

Question 18

Name this nostalgic love tune by Chase Rice.

Chase Rice wrote based this song on a true-life story about a romantic evening he had with a stranger. It’s nostalgic, sweet and will be familiar to anyone who has ever had a sweet chance encounter that turned out to be much, much more than they ever thought was possible!

Question 19

Name Rodney Atkins tribute to life in the country.

Rodney Atkins wrote a different kind of love song than we’ve seen on this list so far. This one is a tribute to life in the country, complete with back roads, best friends, endless starry skies and simplicity. Anyone who has ever lived out in the country will relate to this song right away!

Question 20

What is this sweet little Lee Brice tune?

This cute little flirty tune by Lee Brice was one of 2018’s best loved summertime favorites. It refers to a situation that we’ve all been in- where everyone in town is talking about something that isn’t true. In the case of Brice, he really wants it to be true! Name the song.

Question 21

What is this Chris Stapleton hit?

Chris Stapleton has this tremendous gift to kick it old school country in all of his music. That’s probably why he’s been climbing the charts for months now, with hits like this one that talk about how having family and friends who love you can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Question 22

Name this sweet Dustin Lynch song!

We all know that falling in love can totally change our lives, and Dustin Lynch says it best in one his more recent break-out hits that talk about becoming totally changed once you meet that person who completes you! Who knows the name of this epic Dustin Lynch sweet song?

Question 23

What is this Jason Aldean fave?

Jason Aldean gets a little bit sentimental with this song about falling in love with a girl who he is completely over the moon about it. He talks about how he’s never met anyone that was able to throw him for such a loop in the is great catchy love song.

Question 24

What is this fave by Jimmie Allen?

Jimmie Allen has is totally enamored in this song that reached some amazing heights on the top country charts in the past few months. He talks about how he’s not able to give the girl of his dreams everything she wants, but he’s willing to try his hardest to win her affection.

Question 25

Name this sweet Jordan Davis love song!

In this song Jordan Davis talks about meeting his dream girl and getting on the same page- then wanting her to settle in with him for a little while. The lyrics talk about giving her his best shirt and letting her get comfy at his apartment. Truly a sentimental one!

Question 26

What is this Russell Dickerson road trip hit?

If this song doesn’t make you nostalgic, nothing will. Russell Dickerson really gets sentimental as he talks about a long-ago road trip that was heavenly for him and the person that he was with. The lyrics will make anyone think about summers- and summertime love- past. Who knows this song?

Question 27

What is Luke Comb's great heartbreak song?

Luke Combs is known as one of the masters of modern country songwriting, and there aren’t many places that he exhibits his skill better than this song about heartbreak and healing through music. The lyrics are upbeat, even if the topic is a something that we can all sadly relate to!

Question 28

Name this old-school country song by Luke Bryan.

There are a few things that make a great country song- it’s either about new love, lost love, love of your country, family or your favorite dog- or even just love of the country in general. In this old school inspired classic, Luke Bryan talks about his love of the country.

Question 29

What is this Dierks Bentley mega-hit?

Nobody is perfect, but we are all doing our best- as Dierks Bentley explains in this mega-hit that talks about being a little bit of everything. Everyone who has ever screwed up from time to time can totally relate to this classic country song! Who knows what it is called?

Question 30

Who knows this Scotty McCreery sweet love song?

Scotty McCreery took the standard love song and made it even more beautiful with lyrics the reference how lovely Carolina looks as the backdrop for the perfect kiss! We have all felt that way, from time to time, with someone that we’ve truly been in love with. What is this song called?

Question 31

Name this Chris Young romantic hit.

When we meet someone that we really connect with, the sparks fly and we just can’t wait to see what happens next with them. Chris Young totally represented that feeling of new love with one of his major hits of 2018, about the feeling of not being able to wait for what comes next.

Question 32

Name this Maddie And Tae summertime smash hit.

We all know that there’s a difference between being friends with someone and being romantically interested in them, as Maddie and Tae point out in this cheeky little tune about knowing the difference between being friends and being a little bit more. Who knows the name of this soon-to-be classic?

Question 33

Back To Life- Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts’ 2018 hit is all about meeting that one person who really makes life worth living- and who you think about all of the time. Their song is a sweet little tribute to this woman who likes to leave lipstick prints in the bathroom and drink coffee and sugar.

Question 34

Who knows this Luke Combs fave?

Nobody is perfect, as Luke Combs knows in his song about falling for someone who is mostly amazing but just a little bit on the unpredictable side. It totally reminds us of many relationships that we have had in the past! Who knows the name of this Luke Combs hit?

Question 35

Name this Lady Antebellum super ballad.

Lady Antebellum wrote the ultimate song about love and loss with this classic about staying up all night thinking about the one who get away. In the song, she wonders if she ever crosses his mind- or if he just crosses hers. We’ve all been in that same situation, right?

Question 36

Name Dylan Schneider's epic love song.

This song is about running away from it all with your true love and really having a fun and amazing time to remember. Dylan Schneider’s ballad opens up with a question to his significant other- and an invitation to start living life to the fullest! Who knows the name of it?

Question 37

Who knows this Florida Georgia Line hit?

Florida Georgia Line is known for their summertime jams and epic love ballads, and this song fits right in with the rest of the dynamic collection. It’s a flirty little number that talks about Florida Georgia Line’s appreciation for the ladies in their lives! Who remember the name of this one?

Question 38

Who knows Lauren Alaina's summertime fave?

This song is the ultimate homage to those who have gone before. In it, Lauren Alaina talks about some of the mega-stars from her childhood, including country, pop and rap stars. She references specific hits from the decade and recognizes that she is standing on the shoulders of all who came before.

Question 39

Name Brandon Lay's flirty tune.

Brandon Lay talks about the important things in life in this song that reminds his lady that he doesn’t need bright lights or fancy things in order to have a good time with her. In fact, all of that is nonsense as far as he is concerned. Name the tune.

Question 40

Who knows LOCASH's summertime jam?

This summertime hit by LOCASH is bound to be one of the songs everyone will be singing in 2019 when the weather warms up. It’s all about stumbling across that perfect party when you’re really not looking for it. We’ve all been there- and had amazing experiences because of it.

Question 41

Who knows Billy Currington's smash hit?

Billy Currington’s 2018 hit is about meeting someone and really falling for them- and also about not being able to get your mind off of them! His song is so familiar to anyone who has ever had a perfect night with someone, only to replay it over and over again.

Question 42

Name Dan and Shay's epic love song.

Dan and Shay wrote a song about what it’s like when you’re totally in love and the other person just takes your breath away. It’s not like they even try to do it- their mere presence is enough to render anyone speechless and unable to really process anything. Name the song.

Question 43

Name Justin Moore's tearjerker and mega-hit.

This song by Justin Moore is one of the biggest tear-jerkers in the last few years, and it is on track to quickly become a classic country hit. It’s about the soldiers who did not make it home to see their families- a humbling tribute to those who gave all.

Question 44

Who knows this Eric Church top country hit?

Eric Church is one of country music’s most interesting characters- and he has a reputation for being a little bit of an outsider and someone who doesn’t color inside of the lines. This song references his journey to stardom and talks about the struggle for fame. Who knows what it is?

Question 45

Name this classic Thomas Rhett song.

This song by Thomas Rhett is one of those tunes that make us nostalgic for the days that were- and make us think fondly of our youth when there were no cares in the world. It talks about learning to drive, falling in love and the wide-eyed innocence of youth.

Question 46

Who knows the name of this amazing Midland ballad?

This ballad by Midland is one that we can all relate to- especially if we have ever loved and lost someone. It is about how quickly the tables can turn, and the reality can shift into someone that we don’t quite understand. Who can name this classic Midland ballad? Choose below.

Question 47

What's this catchy Kip Moore song?

Kip Moore wrote a flirty little song about what it is like to meet a stranger and tell them that you are falling for them. The lyrics are super catchy, to the point and really get the message across in a very fun way. Who knows the name of this song?

Question 48

Name Kane Brown's sweet love ballad.

Kane Brown is known for some of the best lyrics in Nashville and this song about falling in love and losing your head over a romantic prospect is one of his best. It’s also one of the most popular country songs of 2018. Who can name this Kane Brown classic?

Question 49

Who can name Riley Green's tribute to true love?

Riley Green’s song about meeting that one girl who can totally make you do things that you never thought you were capable of, is one of the classic songs of 2018. It’s probably because we can all relate to it. Who knows the name of Riley Green’s tribute to true love?

Question 50

Name this Tim McGraw mega-hit.

Finally let’s end on a hit by one of country music’s number one leading legends- Tim McGraw. This song is about finding salvation and saving in places that you never thought were possible. It’s a catchy song with a great message that just about everyone cal relate to. Name it.

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