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Anyone who is into video games will know that new games are seriously coming out all the time. It seems like every time we start to get really into a certain game, another awesome game that we've just got to get our hands on and sink dozens of hours into is announced. Although some of these games are sequels or spin-offs of series that we're already familiar with, a lot of new video games are brand new titles that introduce us to a whole new character or group of characters. Video games can either transport us into a brand new world or take us back to a world we know and love with our favorite old characters for a brand new adventure.

Because there are so many video games out there, there are a lot of characters. Each game has a main character and side characters and villains and the list just goes on and on. For casual gamers who don't really run out to pick up the latest releases or get really into the games they play, keeping track of all these characters can start to get pretty difficult. But for a serious gamer, it's definitely an easy task.

Who thinks they know what game all these video game characters are from? Prove it by getting 100% on this quiz or go back to Fortnite!

Question 1

What game series is Lara Croft from?

Lara Croft is the main character of a video game series that has since been adapted into a movie series. The first game that Lara Craft appeared in was released in 1996 with the most recent release coming out in 2018. Several actresses have portrayed this character, including Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander, in the different live-action adaptations of this video game. In the games and movies, Lara Croft is a brave adventurer whose backstory has changed a lot throughout the years. In all of them, Lara has a serious interest in archaeology and loves to explore the world in order to find rare artifacts.

Question 2

What game is Ezio Auditore da Firenze from?

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is the main character of the game that he appears in and is the character that the player controls. The game is set during 1400s where this character was born to a very prolific family in Italy. For most of Ezio's early life, he was pretty relaxed and didn't seem to have much to worry about. This changed pretty drastically when his father thought he discovered a pretty intense plot to take out one of the leaders of the city in which they live. Ezio returned home one day to find his family had been arrested and sets out to become an assassin.

Question 3

What game series is Gordon Freeman from?

Even though many video game characters are super strong adventure lovers who find themselves traveling all over the fictional world in which the game is set in order to battle a super strong villain, Gordon Freeman is pretty different. Instead of being an incredibly strong and special character, Gordon Freeman's background involves being a physicist who finds himself tasked with trying to save the universe from a group of hostile aliens who have found themselves on Earth following a science experiment gone terribly wrong. After this experiment goes wrong and the aliens try to take over the Earth, Gordon Freeman finds himself leading the rest of the humans against them.

Question 4

What game is Sephiroth from?

Every good video game needs a villain, right? This character's name is Sephiroth and he's the main villain of the game that he appears in. Even though he's a pretty tough villain, this character is super popular because this game is such a popular installment in the series it's a part of. Sephiroth's first appearance in the series comes after he takes out the leader of Shinra, a huge corporation in the video game series. As the game goes on, players learn more about Sephiroth's background, including the fact that he used to be an incredibly strong, powerful member of SOLDIER, the military Shinra owns.

Question 5

What game is Trevor Philips from?

The game that Trevor Philips appears in was released in 2013. In this game, Trevor is one of three protagonists that can be played in story mode and is one of the NPCs that can give a player missions during the online, free-play mode. No matter what way the player chooses to play this massive open-world game, the player will definitely cross paths with Trevor at some point, either after being hired by him for a mission or while playing as him during the story mode of the game. This character is definitely a tough one who has not had an easy life!

Question 6

What game series is Master Chief from?

Master Chief is the main character and playable character from several of the games and in a series of FPS action video games. The first game in this series was released in 2001 with the most recent game being released in 2017. This character is the playable character in several of the games in the series and also appears in other media in the franchise other than just the games, including book and graphic novels set in the video game's universe. This character is a fairly quiet one who doesn't talk much and whose backstory isn't really explained in the games themselves.

Question 7

What series is Nathan Drake from?

Even though Nathan Drake is the main character of the game series that he appears in, the developers tried to make him seem like a pretty ordinary person. According to Wikipedia, they chose to dress him in a regular outfit that consists of a shirt and pair of jeans in order to really emphasize the fact that he's an average person, even though the's the main character in a hugely action-packed video game series. The first game he appeared in was released in 2007 and featured Nathan Drake traveling to a remote island in order to track down treasure. What game series is he from?

Question 8

What game series is Link from?

This character has been in several games in the series that he appears in and each time, he's slightly different. This character's name is Link and although he appears in a ton of different incarnations throughout the course of the series that he appears in, there's always a few things that remain the same. In each game, he sets out to save Hyrule, the kingdom in which he lives. Depending on the game, Link can either be a child, teenager, or adult and uses various different methods, including the legendary Master Sword, in order to defeat the main villain of the series, Ganon.

Question 9

What game is D.Va from?

According to the backstory of the game she appears in, D.Va is actually a professional gamer from South Korea whose name is Hana Song. According to the story of the game, Hana Song became the top StarCraft II player in the world before she was recruited to join the MEKA to save her country from the robotic uprising that was plaguing the land. In the game she's from, she's one of over two dozen "heroes" who players can choose to play in a team. As a team, they battle against each other in order to secure points on a map.

Question 10

What game series is Samus Aran from?

The first video game that this character appears in was released in 1986. This character was introduced as a former soldier of the Galactic Federation who became a galactic bounty hunter after retiring as a solider. Throughout the series, she's often seen wearing a bodysuit that is covered in the tools of her job that she uses in order to track down people for jobs that she's been given as a bounty hunter for the Galactic Federation. Samus Aran has appeared in every game of this series along with some other games that Nintendo has released. Who knows what series Samus Aran is from?

Question 11

What game series is Pit from?

The first game that Pit appeared in was released in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. He's the main character of the video game series that he appears in and he's been in six total games, including the games in the series that he originated in and the crossover battle games that Nintendo has released over the years. This character is an angel with wings who wears a simple outfit and a pair of sandals. Pit is like many other video game heroes in the fact that he's really brave and always ready to help people who need it. What game series does Pit appear in?

Question 12

What classic game series is Coco from?

Coco may not be the main character in the game series she appears in but she's definitely one of them. She is the peppy younger sister of the main character in the series and, in some levels of this classic game series, she's the character that the player controls as they run through the level and try to avoid obstacles and collect points so that they can beat Dr. Neo Cortex. Coco is a somewhat human-like Bandicoot that has blonde hair that's up in a ponytail and is often seen holding her laptop. What classic PlayStation game series is this character from?

Question 13

Which Legend of Zelda game is Sheik from?

Does Sheik look familiar? To a fan of The Legend of Zelda, she just might. We all know that Princess Zelda is the princess of the fictional kingdom of Hyrule and is the character that Link is tasked with battling his way through Hyrule in order to save in each incarnation of their lives, but Sheik is also a pretty important character in one of the games. Each game in The Legend of Zelda series is its own little universe, with some connections to other other games, and are each really unique. In one of them, Zelda disguises herself as a male Sheikah known as Sheik in order to hide from Ganon and help Link.

Question 14

What game series is Jill Valentine from?

The first game that Jill Valentine appears in was released in 1996 on the PlayStation. The first game she appeared in was the very first game in a spooky survival game series that has expanded to several more games and even a couple movie adaptations. Pretty cool, right? According to her backstory in the game, Jill Valentine was a member of the US Army in the 1990s and was recruited to be part of S.T.A.R.S., a department of the Raccoon City Police Department, by a character named Albert Wesker. She's the main focus in a lot of games in this series.

Question 15

What game franchise is Amy Rose from?

Amy Rose is a character that was first introduced into the game franchise she appears in in the 1990s. She has appeared in several games in this franchise as well as appearing in TV shows and comics that are based around this game franchise. Amy Rose is a bright pink hedgehog who has green eyes, wears a pair of red boots, a red dress, and typically has gold rings as bracelets around her wrists. Amy Rose became the first playable female character in the series after she was introduced in the racing game she made her debut in in 1994.

Question 16

What game is Aloy from?

The game that Aloy appears in is an action roleplaying game that was released in 2017. Aloy is the main character in this game and she's a hunter who lives in a world that has been overrun with huge, robotic monsters that roam the land. Aloy is a quick-thinking, brave, and tough hunter who has a number of different methods for taking out these large robotic creatures and other enemies throughout the game. The game is set far into the future. Aloy was born to the Nora tribe but was cast out and, as a teenager, chooses to try to prove her strength in order to gain their acceptance.

Question 17

What series is Lucina from?

Lucina is one of the three main characters from the game that she appears in. The game she appears in is the 13th installment in a long-running series that is published by Nintendo across various handheld systems and home game consoles that Nintendo creates. The very first game in this series was released in 1990 and now, the series has 15 games and 3 spin-off games within the franchise. Lucina is one of the three main playable characters who appears in the 13th installment, a game in which Lucina travels back in time in order to help Chrom, her father, save the world.

Question 18

What series does Princess Zelda appear in?

In the series in which this character appears, Zelda is the name of one of the main characters. Although she's not the character that the player controls, she is still the central focus of many of the games. Throughout each game, Zelda is seen at several different ages and states of her life because each game features a different incarnation of this character and are each set in a different version of the universe the series is set in. In some games, Zelda is a child while she's a teenager or adult in other games. In most of the games, the player is tasked with saving her.

Question 19

What game series is Sora from?

This character was first introduced in the very first game in the series that he appears in. This game was released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and was released as a collaboration between the video game production company that released it and Disney. Because of the fact that it was a collaboration, this series is well-known in the gaming world for the fact that so many Disney characters appear in the different games in this series. Sora is a character who chooses to leave his home on the Destiny Islands to explore the rest of the world but finds himself going on an epic adventure with Disney characters to save the world.

Question 20

What game is Faith Connors from?

Faith Connors is the main character from the game she appears in. This game was released in 2008 and also appears in a comic book adaptation of the game as well as the reboot version of this game that was released in 2016. Faith Connors is what's known in the game as a "Runner." Being a Runner, Faith Connors spends her time transporting items around the city she lives in for revolutionary groups that are trying to avoid getting the attention of the leaders in the game. Faith lost her mother to a protest when she was younger, causing her to be drawn to these revolutionary groups.

Question 21

Which of Telltale's games is Clementine from?

Clementine is one of the main characters in one of the episodic games that was released by the video game production company Telltale. Telltale Games is a game developer known for creating video games that come out in "episodes" and "seasons" in which characters don't just play a game but create a story within the game with the choices that they make throughout the game. Clementine begins the game as an 8 year old girl who lives in Atlanta with her parents. While her parents are out of town, Clementine is staying with a babysitter and is forced to leave her home after the zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Question 22

What game is Tifa Lockhart from?

This character was introduced in the game that she appears in as the best friend of the main character, Cloud Strife. Along with being such good friends with the main character of this video game, she's also the owner of a venue in the game known as the 7th Heaven bar and is a member of an organization called AVALANCHE which is seriously opposed to the mega-corporation in the series, Shinra, and who try to stop them. During the game, Tifa Lockhart goes to Cloud Strife in order to try to get him to join AVALANCHE and helps him to defeat the villain.

Question 23

What game franchise is Princess Peach from?

Princess Peach is one of the central characters in the game franchise she appears in. Instead of actually being the main character that a player controls during their time in the game, Princess Peach is actually the character in the game that the player is trying to save throughout the games. Princess Peach is the princess of the fictional Mushroom Kingdom and, in many of the games in which she appears, she finds herself under attack by the main villain in the series: Bowser. Princess Peach made her first appearance in a game in 1985 and has appeared in nearly every main game and spin-off game in the franchise.

Question 24

What game is Ellie from?

This character is one of the main characters in the game she appears in and one of two playable characters in that game. Ellie is a teenage girl who was born shortly after the zombie apocalypse broke out, meaning she grew up with the fungus-based zombie creatures that roam the world that this game is set in for her entire life. Prior to the events of the game, Ellie is bit by one of them but finds that she isn't turning the way everyone else does, leading people to believe that she's the key to finding a cure. What game is Ellie from?

Question 25

What game does Morrigan appear in?

In the game that Morrigan appears in, she's known as the Witch of the Wilds and is one of many sorceresses that live in the area that she's from. This character is a super important one in this game because of the fact that she can teacher the player, known in this game as the Warden, the Shapeshifter Specialization for players that are in the Mage class. Morrigan is said to have been raised away from the rest of civilization and is called upon to leave her home in order to be the companion to the Warden. What game is Morrigan from?

Question 26

What game series is Shulk from?

Shulk is the main character in the 2010 roleplaying-style action game in which he appears. Along with being in that game, he's also made appearances in the crossover fighting games that Nintendo has released, causing this character and his totally awesome blue sword to become more and more popular among hardcore gamers. The game Shulk appears in was first released in 2010 in Japan and saw releases in Europe and North America in 2011 and 2012, respectively. This game is one that features a race called "Homs", similar to humans, of which Shulk is one. Shulk is tasked with protecting his home after they come under attack.

Question 27

What game series is Triss Merigold from?

Triss Merigold is one of the major characters in the game series that she appears in. As well as being one of the main characters in the game series, Triss Merigold also appears in the spin-off book series that are based on the video game series. Triss Merigold is among the very first people that the main character in this series, Geralt, meets at the beginning of the first game in this series. Triss is shown throughout the series to be a very powerful Mage and healer who can craft really strong potions that can help the player. What game series is she from?

Question 28

What game is Cloud Strife from?

The first game that Cloud Strife appeared in was released in 1997 on the PlayStation. Since then, this game has been released on several other platforms because of the fact that it's among the most popular installments in the series that it came from. Other platforms that this game has been released on include PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. In the first game he appears in, Cloud Strife is a mercenary who joins a group called AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE is a group that is battling to try to take down a large corporation called Shinra, an electric company that is draining energy from the planet.

Question 29

In which game does Faith Seed appear?

In the game that she appears in, Faith Seed is known as "the little sister" or "the siren." Although these nicknames don't sound particularly spooky, anyone who has played the game that she appears in will know that Faith is a pretty powerful villain. Faith, who was born as Rachel, is a young woman who lives in the fictional area of Hope County, Montana and is part of the extremist group that has taken over Hope County. Using a substance called Bliss made from a flower she grows, Faith is able to use mind control to get people to do anything she wants.

Question 30

What game is Isabelle from?

Moving to a new place can be pretty stressful. It's definitely not easy to pick out a new place to live, pack up all your things, and then make your way to a new place and start your life all over again there. In the game that Isabelle appears in, the player controls a character who not only just moved to a new place and has to deal with all that stress but also just found out that they're actually the mayor of the town! They're now in charge of the town, including helping stores to open and sprucing up the town with new decorations.

Question 31

What game series is Emilie de Rochefort from?

Emilie de Rochefort, also known as Lili, is one of the characters from a head-to-head battle game series that was first released in 1994 with its latest released being released in 2017. Lily is the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon and first discovered that she enjoys taking out opponents in one-on-one battles after she was taken by a group of criminals and took one of them out while trying to get free and make her way back to her family. Even though Lili may look cute, she's definitely tough and her strong attacks get her an invite to the King of Iron Fist tournament.

Question 32

What game is Heather Mason from?

Heather Mason is a character who appears as the main character in the spooky survival game that she appears in which is one of several in a series. She also appears in a movie adaptation of the game series. Nearly two decades before the start of the game she appears in, Heather's father, Harry Mason, defeated a group that was living in an unusual city and was given a baby to raise. The baby was Heather Mason and, 17 years after being given to Harry, Heather finds herself in a spooky abandoned mall surrounded by people asking her truly strange questions.

Question 33

What game series is Bella Goth from?

This character is one who has appeared in multiple different games in the life simulation series that she appears in. In each game, she's shown in a different stage of her life or, in one game in particular, is absent altogether for a truly mysterious reason. Although the life simulation game series she appears in gives the player the option to create their own character and completely customize their looks, clothes, and even traits, some players still choose to play as the pre-made characters that appear in the cities in which the game is set. Bella Goth is part of one of these pre-made families.

Question 34

What game is Mia Winters from?

Mia Winters is one of the central characters in the game that she appears in, even if she doesn't appear through a lot of the game. In the very start of this spooky survival game, this character is seen in a video message to the main character, her husband who, who sets out to find her after receiving the message because she's been missing. The main character then travels to Louisiana where Mia has been kept by a family after the cargo ship she was on crashed. Mia was on this ship because she was the caretaker for a little girl who was actually a bio-weapon known as Eveline.

Question 35

What game is Sarah Kerrigan from?

The first game that Sarah Kerrigan appears in was released in 1998 as a PC game. When Sarah Kerrigan first appears in this game, she's a Terran Ghost who was chosen to be trained because of the psychic abilities she showed when she was a child. According to the story behind this game, Sarah Kerrigan never had a normal life and began her physical and mental training at a young age. Throughout the series, her lack of a regular life growing up becomes a pretty big part of her as a character as she grows and changes. What game is Sarah Kerrigan from?

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