Which Video Game Are These Creatures And Aliens From?


A surprisingly large number of video games feature aliens. When thinking about who the antagonists are going to be in a video game, it's always a safe bet to go with an alien species. You get to create a whole new life form from scratch, and you can make them look and behave any way you want. This is pretty ideal for games developers. There's also the fact that it's somehow more excusable to be killing aliens than it is to be killing other human beings. Sometimes these aliens are taken from other existing franchises, but sometimes they're completely new, and are invented for the sole purpose of making the video game more fun and interesting.

Anyone who's played their fair share of video games will be able to name a few alien species off the top of their head. It seems like every other game involves aliens in some way. But how good are you at identifying the more obscure ones? Even if you think you've played every single video game under the sun, I'm willing to bet that there's at least some questions here that will catch you off guard. Well? What are you waiting for? Take the quiz to find out if you really know your video game aliens.

Question 1

Unggoy (Grunt)

Many of you probably recognize these little aliens. They're part of one the most iconic video games in the past generation, and they're quite unique. They aren't named grunts for nothing. These little guys are usually on the frontline of the battle, albeit reluctantly. They're pretty much cannon fodder, and the first to die. However, they can pack a punch when in numbers, and they have been known to exhibit suicidal, "kamikaze" tendencies at times. What video game are they from?

Question 2


Yet another video game alien that is inexorably linked with the franchise it belongs to is the headcrab. This alien has actually become a symbol of the video game in which it belongs, and pretty much every video game fan out there instantly knows which game it's from upon setting eyes on it. As the name might suggest, this unsavory creature latches onto people's heads, and form a parasitic relationship with its host, which is akin to possession. But what video game is this from?

Question 3


Otherwise known simply as "the swarm," the Zerg are one of the most fearsome and dangerous species of alien in any video game. They are known for their almost zealous pursuit of genetic perfection, and they do this in a pretty dark way. They actually hunt down and "assimilate" new species into their own midst, taking their genetic data as a result. This species was altered long ago into what it is now. But do you remember which video game this species is from?

Question 4


This strange species of alien is seen in one of the most iconic and well-received video games of all time. These creatures, although frightening to look at, are actually benevolent creatures that come to the aid of mankind. And they're no slouch in combat either. They have strange alien powers that they can use for a variety of purposes. These aliens are a fan-favorite among players of this game. But what video game does this alien race actually belong to?

Question 5


This iconic alien species is more of an animal than many of the other aliens on this quiz. It's become strongly linked with the video game that it shows up in. It's a little known fact that at the start of every installment in this game's franchise, there is always a scene featuring a skag. Skags are like wild dogs in a way, but have a rocky skin with spikes coming out of the back. Their mouth also opens up in three different sections. But which video game is this from?

Question 6


Another spooky alien species is the necromorph. This freakish creature is also a mixture of both human and alien flesh, and it actually infects a human host before transforming into a creature that had players emptying all of their ammunition into them without asking any questions. This was probably one of the scariest creatures to ever show up in a video game. The only way to kill the creature was by removing its limbs. But what video game is it from?

Question 7


Another memorable alien species from the video game universe is the Twi'lek. This strange looking alien is characterized by its strange head and it's strangely sensual appearance when in its human form. However, they're much more than a pretty alien, and they go to war with the rest of the universe when the time demands it. They are also one of the most common and widespread races in the universe they belong in. But what video game universe are we talking about there?

Question 8


And who could forget the metroid? This creature may look cute to some, but it's actually pretty deadly. This species goes through a metamorphosis, and although they start out looking sort of like jellyfish, they transform into much more threatening creatures as they progress into adulthood. They were actually genetically engineered and created by another race of aliens, for the sole purpose of war. Their name actually means "ultimate warrior" in the tongue of the aliens that created them. But what video game is this creature from?

Question 9


Another evil alien species is the Primagen. This is the main antagonist and the final boss in the video game he's featured in. The Primagen is an alien creature with powerful psychic abilities. It is said that this Primagen used a time machine to travel back in time to the very creation of the universe. He wanted to see what the origin of life really was. But his time machine caused damage to the universe. But what video game does this creature belong in?

Question 10


Another instantly recognizable alien is the Krogan. At least, I hope they're recognizable, otherwise you might have trouble with this question. Of all the alien species on this list, this creature is probably the most warlike. They spend the vast majority of their time fighting among themselves, and as a result only the strongest warriors survive. They were almost wiped out by a genophage created by another alien species, but they survived. Which video game does this species belong to?

Question 11


Few aliens are more terrifying than the xenomorph. This creature has evolved to be the perfect killer, and will stop at nothing before it kills its prey. A normal human being stands little to no chance of surviving more than a few seconds when faced with this creature, and it's been known to wipe out entire planets or space ships. It bleeds acid, and goes through many steps in its life. It begins as an egg, then a "face-sucker" and finally emerges from its human host as a xenomorph. But what video game is this from?

Question 12


Okay, it was never actually confirmed that this character was an alien. And just so you know, his name, Zero, is not the name of his species - it's his actual name. But the fact that he has only 4 fingers and a strange body means that he's probably an alien. There's also the fact that the game's lore "doubts he's even human" and he never shows his face. He's one of the most deadly assassins in the universe. But what game is he from?

Question 13

Cephalopod (Ceph)

The Cephalopods, or Cephs for short, are more incredibly dangerous alien beings. Not much is known about these creatures, other than the fact that they're lightyears ahead of humanity in terms of technology. They were reawakened after laying dormant on earth for millions of years. People have suggested that the Cephs are actually trying to protect the earth against that which it sees as a destructive force, ie humanity. But what video game are these strange, dangerous aliens a part of?

Question 14


The Shroobs were a huge hit when they were featured in a certain video game franchise. These aliens have managed to take over a very special kingdom in the video game universe that they appear in, and they're definitely evil. The player must work very hard to remove these evil beings from existence. Like many aliens, they use their superior technology to their advantage and are very intelligent. But do you remember which video game franchise these aliens are from?

Question 15


The Zoni are another peculiar race of aliens that appear in one particular video game. These creatures are extremely unique. First of all, they are hive-minded individuals with the ability to alter the very fabric of space and time. Second of all, despite their bipedal shape, they're actually made of pure energy. Therefore, they have constructed metal "shells" or suits that allow them to survive in this dimension. They are seen as benevolent beings. But which video game series are these creatures from?

Question 16


Another highly intelligent species of alien is the Salarian race. This species has just begun to come into contact with humanity. The species is noted for their amazing achievements in science and technology, as well as being incredibly fast talkers. This is largely because the Salarians have less time than humans do - their lifespan is considerably shorter. Despite this, Salarians can accomplish a lot in their short lives, and are incredibly driven. But what video game are they from?

Question 17


Everyone knows the Klingon... Right? Let's at least hope you do... because this was supposed to be one of the easy questions... Anyway. The Klingons are another highly aggressive, extremely warlike species of alien. However, they are also incredibly technologically advanced. They developed the ability to travel at speeds faster than light much earlier than humans, and have impressive technology. Their entire culture is centered around war, but they have produced some amazing minds over the years. What game do they belong to?

Question 18

Protoss (Firstborn)

The Protoss are some of the most advanced species of aliens ever imagined. These creatures have mastered the art of psionics, as well as technology we can only dream of today. They are 7 to 9 feet tall, and they would consider humans of over 6 feet to be short. In addition, they can live well over 1000 years. This alien species has a strong culture and will do anything to protect it. They can even be fanatical at times. But what game are they from?

Question 19


The antlion is a very peculiar alien species. Unlike many of the alien species in this quiz, this creature is not bipedal. And in all likelihood, that would be what a real alien would look like. We as humans tend to anthropomorphize things that we imagine, including alien creatures. But what makes us think that creatures we would discover would walk on two legs like us? Obviously things would probably not evolve to walk on two legs like us. But what game is the antlion from?

Question 20

San'Shyuum (Prophets)

The San'Shyuum, otherwise known by human as "Prophets," are another very well-known species of alien that appears in one of the most popular video games of all time. This species may be withered, frail, and weak, but they wield immense power. This is because the Prophets lead a force comprised of many different alien species, and it's a powerful force indeed. They are mostly seen in anti-gravity assisted chairs. This is because the gravity on their home world was very low, so they're not used to normal gravity. But what video game are they from?

Question 21


The Agorians are another interesting race from an equally interesting universe. Like many of the aliens on this quiz, this one is pretty warlike. They entertain themselves by holding massive tournaments in arenas. These tournaments pit contestants against massive creatures and all kinds of obstacles. Obviously this species is somewhat cartoonish, which might give you a clue as to which video game this alien species belongs in. So, do you know which video game the Agorian alien species is part of?

Question 22


One of the most mysterious races of aliens are the forerunner. This group of aliens are one of the most ancient in the universe that they're a part of. They are responsible for creating some of the most impressive and massive technological constructions that the galaxy had ever seen. For many years, they were only whispered about. But recently, people have started to discover that they actually still exist. But which video game franchise is this alien race even from?

Question 23


The Asari are some of the most beloved alien races in any franchise. And it's not hard to see why. The people who created this species obviously wanted them to be extremely physically attractive. And funnily enough, this species is pretty much only female. They can "alter their sexual organs" based on whoever they're reproducing with at that time. They can reproduce with each other, or reproduce with other alien species. But what video game is this amazing species from?

Question 24


The Romulans are some of the most legendary alien species, not just in video games, but across all media. Any science fiction fan worth their salt will be able to recognize where this alien species is from, even if they've never played the game. As such, this is one of the most obvious questions on this quiz. This species is warlike, but also incredibly sophisticated. They are more cold and calculating than wild and aggressive. But what game are they from?

Question 25


Another fan favorite alien species are the Rodians. This species is immediately recognizable because of their unique face. The species has largely turned to being bounty hunters in order to survive. In the franchise which they belong in, they are some of the most popular alien species that exist. They're have been many fans that have written fan fictions about this race and its most famous members. But do you recognize which video game this iconic alien species belongs in?

Question 26


This mysterious species has been described many many as the most powerful force the universe has ever known. They are revered by other alien races in the franchise they belong in. Many other alien species even say that the Xel'naga actually taught them technological secrets that helped them progress. Some even worship them as gods. According to these aliens' accounts, they were a benevolent race that wanted only to study sentient forms of life. But which video game do they belong in?

Question 27


Technically, this species is actually a descendant of humanity. But clearly, they have evolved to be something entirely new over the years. It is said that the awoken met some mysterious force at the edge of the the galaxy, and it changed them forever. For this reason, they are different enough to be considered "alien." This species has blue skin and striking features. It is said that those who designed this species was inspired by elves. But what game do they belong in?

Question 28


This is another species of alien that looks a lot like humans. But don't be fooled by their outward appearance. This species exhibits some major differences to humans. First of all, they are vastly more powerful than a human being, both physically and in terms of their energy levels. Second of all, they have tails and actually transform into giant apes upon the sight of a full moon. This species has many fans. But do you know what video game this species belongs in?

Question 29


This is another group of aliens that is probably very well known to many of you video game fans out there. The reason for this is simple - the game in which they belong is a very famous one. There was never much backstory about this species of alien, and they're still somewhat of a mystery. All that was known about them was that they wanted to invade and take over Earth, and that they were highly aggressive. Which game do they belong in?

Question 30


Anyone who is familiar with the franchise in which this alien species belongs will immediately be able to tell which game they belong in. This species is definitely one of the coolest alien races out there. They predate humanity by several millennia, and possess technology that far outstrips that of humanity's, even many thousands of years into the future. But despite all this, they are on the very brink of extinction. Do you know which video game this race belongs in?

Question 31


Every video game fanatic worth his or her salt should be able to recognize this iconic race. It should be immediately obvious to the viewer that this alien species is not friendly. In fact, they mean to take over the entire planet in which their story takes place. They came from deep in the earth, but their actual origins are unknown. It is clear, however, that they are a completely different species than humans. But what video game are they from?

Question 32

Jiralhanae (Brutes)

Another very well-known race of aliens are the Jiralhanae, known by humans simply as "brutes." As the name suggests, this race is rather brutal and aggressive, and can be a real handful in close combat. But they're also adept at using technology, and can work together to form the ground forces of an entire army. They are characterized by their hairy bodies and huge, muscular bodies when compared to a human. But what video game does this alien race belong to?

Question 33


Turians are some of the first alien species you come across as a player in one particular game. This species has good individuals and evil individuals, much like humans. In fact, despite the obvious physical differences, there is a lot of similarities between Turians and humans. Turians are known for their sophisticated society and technological advancement, but also for their willingness to cooperate with other species. But do you remember which video game this particular species has its roots in?

Question 34


Another iconic alien is the Lombax. It's iconic because the Lombax is the same species as the main character which the player controls in the game that this species belongs in. For a while, it was thought that this main character was the last remaining Lombax in existence. But after a few games in the franchise, it's discovered that there's just very few of them left. This race resembles some sort of rodent. What video game does this alien belong in?

Question 35


The Sullustan are another instantly recognizable species of alien. Well, at least for most people. This was a playable character in a game that combined many elements of a much-loved franchise in the science fiction universe. Their appearance is extremely distinct, with the most notable features being a series of massive jowels on the side of their face, and large, mouse-like ears. They are an advanced race with a lot of dealings in galactic trade. But what video game is this species from?

Question 36


The Tau are another race of extremely advanced beings. This race puts enormous emphasis on technological advancements, and are in possession of some of the most incredible weaponry in the universe. But for this species, it's not all about war. The Tau are a mostly peaceful civilization that welcomes all species into its empire. They strive to provide a good life for their people. But dealings with humans have been mostly violent in nature. What video game is this species from?

Question 37


The Andorians are another interesting species in a franchise full of all kinds of aliens. This race hails from the moon of Andoria, their capital. This was an ice world, and so the race needed to cut through ice in order to fully circumnavigate their moon. They are also noted for having a much higher metabolic rate than humans. This can put them at a disadvantage, because they become exhausted much more easily. But what video game is this species from?

Question 38


One of the most frightening species in any video game franchise is the Strogg. Like some of the other alien species in this quiz, the race is a mixture between human and extra terrestrial DNA. The race is a cybernetic one that seeks to harvest organisms' corpses in order to sustain their own society. It is theorized that the Strogg are supersoldiers that were left roaming the galaxy after a war that happened thousands of years ago. But what video game are they from?

Question 39


Timesplitters are a an alien race of beings that travel across dimensions. This race was actually created by a mad scientist, and since then they have been at war with humanity. They have been known to enslave other races of aliens, and cause untold mayhem for planet Earth. This is mostly because of their ability to travel through not only space, but time as well. But do you remember what video game franchise this group of alien species belongs to?

Question 40


One of the most fearsome alien species ever to grace a video game is the phantom. Technically, the one seen in this picture is actually a mixture of both human and extra-terrestrial DNA. The phantom integrates with a human corpse, and then becomes bipedal with an eerie similarity to a human. The game that it belongs to is a survival-horror game that had a lot of people's pulses racing. But which game does this horrific extra terrestrial belong to exactly?

Question 41


The Akrid are a terrifying species that terrorize the universe in which they appear. They're massive, insectoid reptilians that are native to a certain planet that humans are trying to colonize. There are many varieties of this species, although the larger types are obviously the most dangerous. Since they are exomorphic in nature, they can withstand the extreme cold common on their home planet. Humans can only withstand attacks from these creatures with the help of advanced technology. But what video game are they from?

Question 42

Scrin (Visitors)

Otherwise known as the visitors, the Scrin are a powerful race of aliens that possess incredibly advanced technology. It is said that this group of aliens played a major role in the development of the Earth, far before humans even evolved. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this race of alien, and nobody is really that sure what they even look like. One thing's for sure, they are a military power to be reckoned with. But what video game do they belong in?

Question 43

Sangheili (Elites)

This alien species was an enemy in its video game from the very beginning. These proud beings are some of the finest warriors in the galaxy, and a real challenge for players to go up against. Not only are they much bigger and stronger than humans, but they also show a high intelligence capable of at least matching humanity's greatest tacticians. This group actually later allied itself with humanity. But do you remember which video game franchise this species is from?

Question 44


The Bullymong is another amazing creature that is decidedly alien in origin. The creature resembles a giant, four-armed ape, and is quite the challenge to bring down, even with advanced weaponry. And the Bullymong is capable of using projectiles itself, as it likes to dig up pieces of rock and dirt and hurl them at its foe. It can also soak up an impressive amount of firepower before it finally goes down. But do you remember which video game franchise it's from?

Question 45


Another very mysterious race of aliens is the Eridians. These beings are an ancient race of extra-terrestrials that predate humanity by several millennia. The technology that they leave behind is both wonderful and dangerous. Inevitably, these secrets left behind by the Eridians are a magnet for adventurers and scavengers alike. Many seek to control their power, but they remain a fearsome force to go up against, even after all these years. But what video game franchise does this group of aliens belong to?

Question 46


Orks are some of the most unique alien species in the video game universe they inhabit. They are probably the most warlike species in this quiz, and they are also the most widespread of any race in their franchise's galaxy. They reproduce by means of spore, and are incredibly resilient to virtually all types of damage. They are actually related to a form of fungus, believe it or not. But do you remember which video game franchise they belong to?

Question 47

Ishi Tib

This type of alien species might be somewhat unknown to even the biggest fans of the franchise it belongs to. They are certainly distinctive physically! They're characterized by their large head with eyes set widely apart and a long mouth. They might not be the most common species, but they definitely make an impression when you see them. This species is actually amphibian in origin, and as such they make excellent fighters in swamp conditions. But what video game are they from?

Question 48


The Ferengi are another race that is very common in their respective franchise. In a world full of cold, emotionless alien creatures, the Ferengi are truly a breath of fresh air. This race is largely seen as comic relief, but they are pretty successful technologically and financially. In fact, this race is probably best known for their love of money. They are characterized by their large ears, which are one of the most sensitive areas on their body. But what video game are they from?

Question 49


This race of aliens is one of the most frightening and dangerous of them all. At the height of their power, the Chimera almost completely destroyed and infected the human race, taking over the planet in the process. This is another species that was present even before humans existed. They merely returned after a long journey. When they first appeared, people thought they were a product of Russian experiments. But it was later determined that they were from outer space. Which game do they belong in?

Question 50


The Arachnid species of alien is one of the most famous of any alien species. This originates from a very famous franchise that includes video games. The arachnids came into contact with humans in the far regions of space. It quickly became an all-out war. Although they resemble insects, they're actually a pretty advanced race, capable of interstellar warfare and many other feats. They are also competing with humans in the race to colonize planets. But what video game is this species from?

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