Match the Super Mario Baddie to the Super Mario Game

Super Mario Baddies

If you've played any of the games in the Super Mario series, then you're well aware of just how many different types of adversaries and creatures Mario (and sometimes Luigi) has had to face off against over the years. Mario's adventures usually start off in pretty much the same fashion: Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, and he's forced to traverse many different levels and land it's various kinds in order to rescue her. Whether it's through grassy fields, snowy mountains, underwater, or even in caverns filled with hot boiling lava, this courageous plumber has seen just about everything.

Of course, when it comes to visiting these many different areas of the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, it only makes sense that there'd be a large variety of characters to see. Some of them are the classic minions: Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs; enemies that even the most casual of gamers are sure to recognize. And on the other hand, there's also tons of obscure enemies that have only appeared in maybe one or two Mario games in total. With all of these baddies to deal with, it can be hard to keep track of exactly where they came from! So that's where this quiz comes in: do you think you remember where each of these enemies came from? Then take this quiz and find out!

Question 1


Starting off we have probably the most basic Super Mario enemy out there, the Goomba. Being the lowest-ranking members of the Koopa Troop army, Goombas are often the first type of enemy that you encounter, regardless of which Mario game you happen to be playing. While they're usually seen working for the tyrant King Bowser, there are many peaceful Goombas as well, such as the inhabitants of Goomba Village in Paper Mario. What was the first game that these mushroom-shaped enemies appeared in?

Question 2


Mario Bros Shellcreeper

Nope, that isn't a typo, we're talking about Shellcreepers, not Koopas here! While these turtle-based enemies greatly resemble each other, there's some significant differences to consider when fighting them. While it may be your first instinct to jump on any shell-wearing enemies you come across while playing as Mario or Luigi, Shellcreepers actually do not share this weakness, and it will cost you a life if you try it in the game that they initially appear in. Which game is this?

Question 3

Bowser Jr.

We're still not sure exactly how (or why) he exists, but Bowser does in fact have a son who carries his namesake. Bowser Jr. not only shares his father's appearance, but also his appetite for evil, making him more than just a nuisance to Mario and his friends. He's always willing to do his best to fulfill his father's wicked plans, including kidnapping Princess Peach, and battling the Mario Brothers whenever possible. Which game did this troublesome child first appear in?

Question 4

Chain Chomp

Another classic enemy in the Mario series is the Chain Chomp. Portrayed as a sentient ball and chain with large sharp teeth, Shigeru Miyamoto claims he based the enemy on a childhood memory of a dog that attempted to bite him, only to be held back by its chain. Going along with this theme, Chain Chomps are often heard barking, and are usually chained down in order to guard their surroundings. Seen in just about every single Mario game since their inception, where did they make their debut?

Question 5


Every good hero needs a worthy arch-rival, and for Mario, that would be Wario. Usually seen decked out in purple and yellow, Wario is a unique villain in the Super Mario series, in that he was originally introduced as a bad guy, but eventually became something more of an anti-hero. Appearing in many of his own games, including the Wario Land and Wario Ware series, Wario is a greedy treasure-hunter, he still does some good now and then. What game did he first appear in?

Question 6

Shy Guy

Super Mario Shy Guy

While most of the enemies that Mario encounters hail from the Mushroom Kingdom, Shy Guys actually derived from an entirely different land originally. Robed in a wide arrange of colors, and constantly hiding their faces with masks, don't let these bashful creatures off too easily, they're actually big troublemakers! Ever since their introduction they've been featured in a ton of Mario games, including Paper Mario, and even as a playable character in Mario Kart. But which game did they first appear in?

Question 7


Super Mario Bandit

While Shy Guys are troublemakers in their own right, Bandits are on a whole other level. While they also have their own masks, they aren't timid at all like their shy relatives. A Bandit's favorite thing to do is steal; whether it's coins, or an item, or even a baby, they don't care, they just want to take it from you. Luckily, you're usually able to chase them down and get your stolen items back. Just where did these pesky guys originate from?

Question 8


Super Mario Thwomp

Thwomps are one of those characters whose name perfectly describes who they are, and what they do. Often found inside of Bowser's castles, Thwomps are large floating blocks of stone that wait for Mario to run beneath them before attempting to slam down on the plumber. They're pretty patient too, usually waiting in the same spot indefinitely, so we can only assume that Bowser pays them pretty well. Another one of Mario's most recurring enemies, where did these sentient bricks debut?

Question 9


Super Mario Whomp

You didn't think that we were through with sentient rocks just yet, did you? Good, because next up we have a close-relative to the Thwomp: the similarly named Whomp! Instead of floating in the air like their blocky brethren, Whomps instead make use of their arms and legs. Well, mostly their legs, since all they really do is walk around and attempt to fall on top of you. Whomps also have a big flaw that Thomps lack, which is the weak spot on their back. What game did they first appear in?

Question 10

Piranha Plant

Super Mario Piranha Plant

In a world of various creatures and baddies that have gone on to form their own societies, and show that they're not just the mindless enemies that we usually see on Mario's adventures, Piranha Plants have somehow managed to stay pretty much the same since their introduction. Dangerously hungry plants who will attempt to eat anything that crosses their path. While they've come in many different forms over the years, they're still the gluttonous plants they've always been. In what game were they first introduced?

Question 11

Petey Piranha

Super Mario Petey Piranha

And speaking of different types of Piranha Plants, we have one of the strangest variations of all, Petey Piranha! Petey is extremely unique for a member of the Piranha Plant species, first in that he seems to be the only one of his specific variety, and two that he has so many abilities exclusive to himself. With the power to fly, attack with vines, and even spit goop; Petey is like a Piranha Plant on steroids! A recurring boss ever since his first appearance, where did this overgrown plant debut?

Question 12


Super Mario Wiggler

Probably one of the cutest enemies in the Mario universe would have to be the Wiggler. Usually depicted as overgrown yellow caterpillars, Wigglers are known for their unassuming nature, walking around slowly with a big smile on their face, and flowers growing atop their heads. They do have another side however, quickly turning into a red rampaging monster if you get them upset. In some cases they even make sounds akin to an out of control locomotive. Where did they first appear?

Question 13


There's no way we'd have the biggest and baddest Super Mario villain of all miss out on this list. Originally known as King Koopa, Bowser has been Mario's longest running arch-enemy, having the honor of being the main antagonist of more Mario games than any other baddie by far. This isn't too surprising, as there isn't too many things cooler than seeing a courageous plumber facing off against a giant, fire-breathing turtle. We're sure you know him, but do you know which game he debuted in?

Question 14

Kammy Koopa

Super Mario Kammy Koopa

You know what they say: for every tyrannical overgrown turtle, there's an old wizard turtle right behind them in support. Okay, maybe not, but Kammy Koopa fits the bill. While Bowser is usually seen as the sole leader of the Koopa army, Kammy proves that he can't do it alone. Though she's made very sparse appearances over the years, it can be assumed that the elderly magikoopa is responsible for making everything run smoothly behind the scenes. Which game did she make her first appearance in?

Question 15

Angry Sun

Super Mario Angry Sun

So, you've seen enemies of all shapes and sizes, species, and even what are usually inanimate objects; what else could be left? What about the Sun itself? Well, it's not exactly the Sun, but the Angry Sun enemy that Mario has to deal with in desert-like areas sure makes a convincing substitute. Run as you can, the Angry Sun continues following Mario as if he's stuck on the screen, and occasionally swoops down for an attack. Which game did this character initially appear in?

Question 16

Fly Guy

Super Mario Fly Guy

One of the coolest aspects of the Super Mario games is seeing all the various forms of enemies that have occurred overtime. Such an example would be the Fly Guy. If you thought that the original Shy Guys weren't enough good enough at making trouble, then don't fret, someone thought it would be a good idea to give them the ability to fly! Interestingly enough however, many Fly Guys aren't aggressive, and instead hold power-ups for the player to try to take. Where did they first appear?

Question 17


Super Mario Boo

As if Mario didn't have enough to deal with in his adventures, he also has to deal with ghost enemies, known as Boos. Although not usually seen working for Bowser directly, Boos are pretty intimidating in their own right, chasing Mario around wherever he goes in an attempt to scare him away from their home. Humorously enough the Boos seem to share the trait of shyness from the Shy Guys, hiding their faces whenever the player looks in their direction. Where did these spooky specters first make their debut?

Question 18

Whomp King (Returns)

Super Mario Whomp King

As it turns out, Princess Peach and Bowser (King of the Koopas), aren't the only royalty that resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whomp King is living proof of this. Originally found in Whomp Fortress, Whomp King is seen commanding an army of Whomps who seem to all accept him as their leader. This royal king of concrete made his first appearance in Super Mario 64, and wouldn't appear in a major Super Mario title again for years to come, in which game did he finally make his grand return?

Question 19

King Boo

Keeping with the theme of royalty, we know move on to the insidious King Boo. If you didn't think it was possible for a bunch of ghosts to have a ruler, then the crown on his head should prove just how possible it is. Although he isn't the largest of the boos, he is considerably more powerful than the rest, proving to be just as dangerous as his villainous cohort Bowser. Appearing much less frequently than the average Boo, where did this royal poltergeist first debut?

Question 20

Bullet Bill

Super Mario Bullet Bill

It may be hard to believe, but bullets do exist in the Mushroom Kingdom, they just happen to be giant-sized and sentient! Bullet Bills are another staple enemy of the Super Mario franchise, continuously proving to be one of Bowser's most loyal minions, even to the extent of blowing themselves up in their attempt to stop Mario from thwarting the Koopa King's plans. While usually enemies, Bullet Bills have actually been used as items in the Mario Kart games as well; which game did they first appear in?

Question 21


Paper Mario Cortez

What's cooler than an undead conquistador pirate, who guards a legendary treasure, hidden on an island? Well, we still haven't figured that out either. Cortez is probably one of the coolest bosses that Mario has ever faced off against. Not only is he a formidable opponent, but he can even heal himself when running low on health. In the end, he ends up befriending the heroic plumber, allowing him the use of his ship. Where did this friendly ghost-pirate originate from?

Question 22


Super Mario Reznor

While their name may not sound too familiar, most Super Mario fans will well remember their fight with this mini-boss. Instead of being some kind of made up creature like most of Mario's enemies, Reznor are depicted as fire-breathing triceratops. Reznor are usually seen in groups of two or four, spinning around on a Ferris Wheel-like set of platforms, while the ground below Mario begins to fall apart. They may not have made nearly as many appearances as most of Mario's baddies, but they're still a memorable enemy. What game did they first show up in?

Question 23

The Koopalings

Ah, the Koopalings. This group of mischievous Koopa-kids has sort of a complicated history. When they were first introduced they were said to be Bowser's seven children, each with their own unique design and personality. While this was accepted for a while, things would get murky once Bowser Jr. was introduced in Super Mario Sunshine. Shigeru Miyamoto has gone on to state that Bowser Jr. is the only actual child of the Koopa King, leaving the Koopalings' true origin a mystery. Where did these misfit children first debut?

Question 24


Super Mario Pokey

While many of Mario's enemies, deadly or not, look cute, Pokey is definitely not one that you'd want to give a hug to. Pokeys are living cacti, which are comprised of multiple rounded body segments, including their heads. These cactus enemies are dangerous to the touch, and are pretty durable as well, with the ability to grow back any of its missing body segments, so long as their head is still attached. In which game did these spiked enemies first appear?

Question 25


Super Mario Bob-omb

Since the Mushroom Kingdom already has bullet-based baddies, then why not bombs? Bob-ombs are exactly what they sound like, living bombs that wander around, or even chase down Mario in an attempt to damage him. Unlike Bullet Bills however, Bob-ombs have been shown to be more intelligent in a number of Mario titles, and in some cases, have even befriended the mustached plumber. Apparently, you just can't judge an explosive book by its cover. Where did these combustible enemies first debut?

Question 26

Rawk Hawk

Paper Mario Rawk Hawk

If you're looking for charisma, pompousness, and straight up cheesy dialogue, then you've come to the right place. Rawk Hawk is the reigning champion of the Glitz Pitz, a battle arena where warriors of all shapes and sizes attempt to battle for both cash and glory. While Rawk Hawk is a bit of a blowhard, there's no denying that he has style, and he's wonderful homage to the over-the-top pro wrestlers such as The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. What is the only game he's been featured in thus far?

Question 27


Super Mario Ukiki

In a world full of enemies based on plants, inanimate objects, and ghosts, the idea of there being what's basically just a normal enemy in video game format may sound a little boring. Rest assured, there's nothing boring about Ukikis. If you know anything about monkeys, you'll know that they can be quite the troublemakers, and this is a trait that Ukikis share very strongly. When they aren't spitting seeds, or dropping bombs, they're stealing Mario's hat. Where did these bothersome monkeys first debut?

Question 28

Monty Mole

Super Mario Monty Mole

Very few enemies have evolved as much as Monty Mole. While in the first game they were simply underground creatures that walked around as obstacles for Mario to overcome, by the time they entered the 3D era they were able to attack above ground with rocks, before hiding back below the earth. Finally, in later editions, they managed to gain use of large dome-shaped canons to blast Mario from afar. Yes, these moles have come a long way, but in what game did they first appear?

Question 29

Dry Bones

In a series chock full of different ghost, you'd think that the most disturbing enemies would maybe be some goofy-faced Boos or something like that, but you'd be wrong. Dry Bones is literally just the bones of a dead Koopa, brought back to life in attempt to stop Mario from breaching Bowser's many castles. These skeletal turtles are pretty tough to beat too, falling apart and then regenerating after most of Mario's attacks. In what game did Dry Bones make their first appearance?

Question 30

King Bob-omb

Super Mario 64 King Bob-omb

Walking cinder-blocks, ghosts, and now giant bombs; apparently they'll make just about anyone a king nowadays. Don't tell that to King Bob-omb however, as he takes his regal position very highly. He also doesn't tolerate what he considers to be "cheating" moves, so make sure you fight on his terms, or he'll make you restart the fight all over again. Besides his crown and mustache, there really isn't anything too special about him. Where did the Bob-omb King first appear?

Question 31


Super Mario Thwimp

The Thwomp/Whomp family keeps growing with this quiz, and this time with its smallest member yet, Thwimp. They may not look very intimidating, and may be one of the cutest enemies you're ever bound to run into while traversing a lava-filled castle, but don't let their appearance fool you. These little guys are just as deadly as their larger relatives, and usually work in groups, making it more difficult to avoid their quick movements. Where did these miniscule Thwimps first make their debut?

Question 32


Yes, believe it or not, there is actually another main antagonist of a Super Mario game that isn't Bowser, and his name is Wart. While he may be big and green, Wart stands on his own as a Mario villain, with his own group of baddies known as the 8 bits. His main goal has nothing to do with the Mushroom Kingdom, and instead consists of taking over the dream world known as the Subcon. In which game was this character introduced?

Question 33


Super Mario Blargg

This is one of those enemies that, humorously enough, looks like it's making the sound it's named after, while it's attacking. Blarggs can be some of the scariest enemies when you first face off against them, as the hide under pools of lava, with just their eyeballs sticking out, before suddenly diving out towards the player. Luckily, you only really have to deal with these monsters when inside underground caverns, since they seem to dwell in the lava within. Which game marked their debut?

Question 34


Super Mario Nep-Enut

Yikes, trying saying that five times fast! The Nep-Enut is a relative to the Blargg, with the red variations literally called "Gargantua Blarggs", and much like the name would imply, their one of the largest non-boss enemies in the entire Super Mario universe. Nep-Enuts are not only intimidating for their large size, but also because they aren't restricted to lava like the normal Blarggs, and are often seen swimming around in large stretches of water. In what game did these gigantic creatures first appear in?

Question 35


Super Mario Bully

Their name may not seem to fit the kind of baddies seen in the Mushroom Kingdom, but Bullies match their name perfectly. They resemble steel balls with devil horns, and true to their name, their favorite method of attack is simply running into Mario, bumping him back. While this doesn't seem all that intimidating at first, it definitely becomes so once you're surrounded by a few bullies, and you're on a platform surrounded by lava. Where did they first appear?

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