Match The Scene To The Harry Potter Movie


When it comes to Harry Potter movies, there sure are a lot of them. From the time Harry was a wee boy to when he was almost all grown up he’s gone on magical adventures battling Lord Voldemort with his two best buddies, Ron and Hermione and being admitted to Hogwarts. He and all of the loveable (and maybe not so loveable) characters in these movies have really left their mark on us, and, truth be told, we miss that annual premiere of more of Harry’s adventures.

The only thing about having so many films come out is, they all kind of bleed together. Do you remember which movie featured Dumbledore’s Army or which had the gigantic Basilisk that froze people in their tracks? Yes, we remember the scenes that they came from, but it can be more difficult to place which movie all of these scenes were part of. From The Sorcerer’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows can you place which scene belongs to which movie with a single screen shot? Take our quiz to see if you are a true Harry Potter fan or if you’ve just seen the movies once or twice. The answers might be harder than you think.

Question 1

Old man in stone

This looks like a mysterious location that only Hogwarts could provide, but where would this be on their expansive campus? Plus what would be the point of something of this? If you remember from the Harry Potter movie this is from, this actually pays homage to Salazar Sytherin who was one of the great wizards that founded Hogwarts. However, he didn’t agree with the other wizards when they felt everyone, including wizards without pure wizard blood could be educated at their school.

Question 2

The faces of concern

Remember when Buckbeak wasn’t having his best day and was supposed to get executed? Yeah, this was that scene. Harry, Hermione, and Ron had to ban together to try to save him because all and all it was Malfoy’s fault that Buckbeak was in the position that he was. Doesn’t it always seem that Malfoy just leaves so much destruction in his wake? What a brat! It was a good thing the magical three ended up saving the day as per usual.

Question 3

Brrr. It's cold out here

If there’s one thing to say about Harry Potter it’s that there is always a series of tests involved with saving the day. In this movie, there was a series of tests involved with winning some glory points. This test in particular involved students diving in the lake to save the ones they love in order to move on to the next test. They also had to accumulate points in order to win. However, this series of events ended up becoming pretty dangerous at the end of the day.

Question 4

Chess anyone?

There was an end goal in this movie and there was a series of tests to get to it, like this massively large chess game for instance. Ron took on the leadership behind this intense game and Wizard Chess plays for keeps. It isn’t just taking pieces off the board, it’s destroying pieces beyond repair. Not to mention that Harry, Hermione, and Ron stepped in as three of them. Not a position anyone would really want to be in. Eventually they got through the game to the next test, but not without Ron taking a major beating in the meantime.

Question 5

United we stand

Known as Dumbledore’s Army, this rag-tag group of student’s wants to learn how to defend themselves and Hogwarts when things get bad—which they know they’re about to. Things are starting to get dark in the Harry potter series, and the kids know they can’t take any chances right now. They need to take the extra time and effort to study up on their defense against the dark arts because a war is coming and soon. Needless to say, they get pretty good pretty fast.

Question 6

He who must not be named

He who must not be named makes an appearance in all of his evil glory at the end of this film and boy is he ever terrifying. Fighting Harry and his friends in the Ministry of Magic he and his cronies are not happy with the plan Harry. Funnily enough, Harry never really seems to be afraid of this wizard like everyone else seems to be. Perhaps it’s because he survived him once before. But there’s no way he could get lucky enough to do so again…or could he?

Question 7

The belles of the ball

Woah boy did Ron and Harry get themselves into a sticky situation with this whole ball thing. Yeah, there was a ball thrown at the school during this movie, and of course, everyone needed a date in order to attend. Instead of asking the people they wanted to go with, they settled for two girls that were available and they jealously stared at the dates they wanted to have the entire time instead. Needless to say, their dates weren’t too happy.

Question 8

Just the two of us

It’s a stand off between Harry and he who must not be named, but this was an important one. All the students at Hogwarts rallied behind Harry to end this power struggle and make things good again. It seems as though everyone was tired of being afraid and finally stepped up to the plate against the Death Eaters, who are essentially Voldemort’s army. Although this dramatic battle starts off as an underdog fight, it ends with good triumphing over evil.

Question 9

Will the real Harry please stand up?

You can never be too careful when it comes to transporting Harry during this time, which was a volatile one. All of Harry’s friends band together to help him get back to Hogwarts safely but with the sacrifice of some including his loyal owl Hedwig. All of his friends use a spell that made all of them look just like Harry and they make their way on their brooms across the dangerous night sky. It was a sad scene for many Harry Potter fans.

Question 10

A magical snap

If you remember correctly, this cute little character is Dobby and he always has Harry Potter’s best in mind, especially during this movie when he causes utter destruction so he doesn’t return to Hogwarts because he is in grave danger. You can’t forget that pudding cake that he dumps on Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon’s house guest. Poor Harry gets the blame for the whole ordeal, but all and all he still gets up to Hogwarts anyway despite Doby’s extreme efforts.

Question 11

Stand back kids

Think of Professor Lupin during this scene. Yeah, he is one of the ultimate good guys, but during this scene he couldn’t help himself as he turned into a werewolf. He wasn’t on anyone’s team during this part of the movie, in fact, he was going to destroy anyone that crossed his path. Professor Snape, in an act to protect his students, tried to take the brunt of any attacks but it didn’t turn Lupin back into a human at that moment of course. What a scary situation to be in.

Question 12


This is the movie’s sad climax. All of the Death Eater’s gather to kill off the ever so good and powerful Dumbledore because they are a bunch of mean jerks. They originally have everything set up for Draco Malfoy to do it, but when push comes to shove, he can’t get himself to do the deed so Professor Snape has to intervene with his Avada Kedavra spell. This, of course, kills Dumbledore on the spot and sets the Death Eaters into a celebratory mood.

Question 13

Wave your magic wand

Everyone needs a wand in the wizard world and Harry is no exception. He’s in the shop trying to find the perfect wand that matches him. Before he picked up he wonderful wand, he was exploring the magical city, which really opened his eyes to the world he is part of and it really amazed him. Who would be completely awe-struck though? Everything was so fascinating. As for his wand, it was like his wand chose him, and boy was he pleased with his decision.

Question 14

I am not happy

Jealousy reigns supreme in this scene as Harry, once again, takes the limelight from everyone in the school, and Ron is not happy. For once, Ron would like to have a little bit of the recognition Harry has, but alas, it just isn’t meant to be. In this movie, Harry and Ron have a bit of an estranged relationship because of all the attention that Harry is getting and although Harry tries to fix the situation, Ron just doesn’t want to hear about it until the end of the movie.

Question 15

He is really scary

Ginny Weasley feel into the perils of a seemingly innocent diary that belonged to Tom Riddle a.k.a Lord Voldemort. Bad things started happening in this movie like people going into a coma-like paralysis because they looked right into the eyes of a giant snake that was unleashed on the school. Who was behind it, oh, he who must not be named of course! Why? It’s all because of a little girl and a journal. Wow the things that can happen with the most innocent things.

Question 16

Let's be friends

There’s the adorable Buckbeak. Remember how the students had to slowly approach him and give him the utmost respect then wait for him to bow in order to pet him? Well, stupid Malfoy didn’t follow the rules, which led to Buckbeak attacking him (but not hurting him), and then he over exaggerated his injury, invoved his father, and wanted to get Buckbeak executed, which was totally unfair. It didn’t happen, but it just goes to show you how much the Malfory’s are complete jerks.

Question 17

What a sweet baby

Harry is known for being the one who stayed alive when Lord Voldemort attacked, but his parents weren’t so lucky. Harry was saved by his mother’s love, which you’d think that many other parents would have done the same for their children, but what do I know? Anyway, this story explains why Harry is so special and why he is so know in the magical world. Voldemort was not pleased by this entire situation and tried to hunt him down ever since.

Question 18

I don't think you should be here

Dolores Umbridge was known for being a tyrant when it came to her rules and regulations. Especially when it came to Professor Trelawney. She wanted to kick her out of the school because she thought she was a peony, which she most certainly was not. So many rules were posted on the walls that they were full to capacity and when Fred and George knocked them down, they made quite a large mess because there were such a large amount of them.

Question 19

A snowy gravestone

Harry takes a sad side trip to his birth town and sees his old home where the memories come flashing back. He also sees where his parents are buried. This is where it all began; where he survived the attack from Lord Voldemort and made the name for himself that he has today. The story has really come to a head at this point as Ron, Hermione, and Harry are searching the land for horcruxes, but are having a pretty difficult time in the process.

Question 20

A trip down memory lane

Professor Slughorn has a history with Tom Riddle that he’s very ashamed of. In fact, he tried obstructing a memory of his just because he was so out of sorts about it. Harry’s job was to get the real memory from Slughorn as the memory he was showing everyone was him telling Tom to go away after Tom was inquiring about horcruxes. What really happened was Slughorn told Tom briefly how to split his soul and how to utilize these horrible things.

Question 21

An undying love

The truth is finally revealed about Professor Snape and how he was actually the ultimate good guy versus the badest of the bad guys. Snape loved Harry’s mother more than anything on earth, and when she died, a piece of him died with her. He was the one that introduced her to the magical world. Although her husband, James, bullied him, he still accepted that she married him. He swore to protect Harry no matter what, and he did even though it didn’t seem like it.

Question 22


Although Hermione and Harry are just friends, the local paper didn’t spin it that way in this scene. All the poor girl was doing was giving him some advice and wishing him good luck in his challenge and the paper blew it out of proportion saying that she was dating multiple competitors. It wasn’t really a fair assessment, but I guess you’ve got to sell papers somehow. The thing is, Ron wasn’t too happy about it since he still had his hidden crush on Hermione too. Yikes.

Question 23

Me and this army

When push came to shove, all the students at Hogwarts stuck together and really stepped up to defend the magical world. Afterall, it really came down to them to save the day. But it wasn’t only Harry that made it all possible like you’d think it would be. Everyone played a big role in making safety possible. Even Neville Longbottom had his time to shine with the bravery he showed in front of the face of danger. It really was a climatic scene for the series.

Question 24

A thousand yard stare

This scene takes place when Harry and Dumbledore were hunting for horcruxes, and they stumbled on one in a deep dark cave in the midst of a storm. Deep within the cave was a platform with a horrible potion that Dumbledore had to drink and that led to his torture until he finished every last drop. When the potion was finished, they found the horcrux and brought it back to Hogwarts to be destroyed. What an adventure. Wouldn’t want to sign up for that one though.

Question 25

World's apart

Our heroes aren’t having such a great time while they are camping and looking for horcruxes right now. The horcruxes are actually known for souring people’s emotions and turning people against each other, which is exactly what is happening right here. Ron is suspicious that Harry and Hermione are having a relationship behind his back and are plotting against him, which isn’t what’s happening at all. It’s not a good situation to be in especially when so many people are relying on them.

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