Match The Hogwarts Professor To Their Subject


The staff at Hogwarts was large in numbers. We've heard many names, many subjects, many positions. There were the classics of course, like Herbology, Transfiguration, Potions, and Defence Against the Dark Arts. Then there were some obscure classes, such as Divination, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies.

So many classes, so many teachers, and we can only be certain of one thing: Hermione learned them all. There are some staff members too, who did their best to keep Hogwarts in order. Students were never permitted out of bed after hours, but who do you think enforced it? It wasn't Peeves, that's for sure.

What we wouldn't give to be able to attend Hogwarts ourselves and learn all of these magical subjects! We all eagerly awaited our Hogwarts letters in the mail the year we turned eleven. Unfortunately, we never received one and had to spend our time reading about Harry's adventures instead.

Some teachers have taught multiple classes, and in that case, they are matched with their most prominent subject. Some classes have been taught by several different teachers, and so they will be the answer to a few questions.


Let's see how many staff members you can match with their topic!

Question 1

Professor McGonagall

Famous for her strict demeanour, tight bun atop her head, and remarkable magical powers, Professor Minerva McGonagall was one of our favourites right from the start. Even when she was dolling out detention to Harry and his friends, she still inspired a sense of awe and reverence in us. She turned out to be one of Harry's greatest allies and one of Voldemort's worst adversaries. We all cheered her on when she duelled Severus Snape out of Hogwarts. What subject did she teach?

Question 2

Professor Flitwick

His short stature never stopped him- always teaching from atop a tall pile of books, Professor Flitwick taught his classes some very important lessons. His class taught the famous "Wingardium Leviosa," but remember: "It's Leviosa not Leviosar!" Hermione excelled in this class, as she did in most. Also proving himself to be loyal to Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter, Professor Flitwick managed to cause a casualty or two during the Battle of Hogwarts. His students must have been proud of their teacher!

Question 3

Professor Sprout

Always outside, always earthy, teaching her students how to properly handle Mandrakes, Pamona Sprout was a great addition to the large staff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She also served as the Head of Hufflepuff, the house of loyalty. True to her house's characteristics, Professor Sprout was loyal to Harry during the Battle of Hogwarts and used her skills to ward off Death Eaters. After her retirement, one of our favourite characters, Neville Longbottom, replaced her. Which class was it?

Question 4

Professor Trelawney

Ah, Sybill Trelawney. Her personality was a bit odd, her subject confused many, and students had to climb a ladder to get to her class. Even Hermione detested this class, storming out in the middle of a session. Professor Trelawney is famous for her predictions. One of them was the prophecy about Voldemort and Harry, causing the entire feud between the two. If I haven't given it away just yet, here is one more hint: she taught her class how to read crystal balls.

Question 5

Professor Snape

Dynamic, cunning, Slytherin, nasty, bully, bullied, greasy... these are just some of the words I would use to describe Severus Snape. He may not come across well, but we must remember that he was ultimately on Dumbledore's side. The double agent spy managed to fool Lord Voldemort, and that is no easy feat. For that, he gains our respect. He did not, however, impress us with his teaching methods nor with the way he bullied Harry. Although he deeply coveted the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, which class did he teach from Harry's first to fifth year?

Question 6

Madam Hooch

This grey haired and hawk eyed lady appeared in the first book as a teacher and then throughout the following novels as the Quidditch referee and coach. After the debacle between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy concerning Neville's Rememberall, Hooch dragged Harry to Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and to Professor McGonagall and insisted that he become the Gryffindor team Seeker. He made history, being the youngest Quidditch member to be appointed as a part of the team. After this story, you might have figured out what class she teaches!

Question 7

Professor Lupin

There is so much to say about Professor Lupin, but I'll start with this: he was a werewolf. When he taught his class about Boggarts, it shape-shifted into a moon when facing him. This man was one of the four Marauders, nicknamed Moony, and the last one of them living. He valiantly fought to the end on Dumbledore' side, married Nymphadora Tonks, and together they had a son named Teddy. One of our favourite characters of all time, he taught us patience and kindness. What did he teach in Harry's third year at Hogwarts?

Question 8

Professor Binns

Cuthbert Binns: a long-time teacher at Hogwarts. So long, in fact, that towards the end of his life at a very old age, he died one night in the staff room. The next morning, he got up as a ghost and continued teaching as if nothing had happened. His class was one of the most boring at Hogwarts; his students barely managed to stay awake, let alone attentive. The only time they showed interest in his topic was when he taught them about the Chamber of Secrets. Which class was this?

Question 9

Professor Quirrell

According to the general wizarding public, Professor Quirrell was a scared, stuttering, malleable, cowardly man. He allegedly feared vampires, having happened upon them during a trip to Albania. He always smelled of garlic and wore a turban concealing the back of his head. The truth was only revealed during his face-off with Harry, when he reveals that he is a rather strong wizard who found Voldemort in Albania, not vampires. And what was hiding under his turban? Non other than Lord Voldemort himself.

Question 10

Rubeus Hagrid

The ultimate friendly giant, Hagrid was a supporter of Harry's since the beginning. Hagrid rescued baby Harry after Voldemort attempted to murder him, he delivered Harry's Hogwarts letter to him, and he stood behind him unwaveringly until the Battle of Hogwarts. He had a dog named Fang, loved a Hippogriff named Buckbeak, and tried to hide a baby dragon as his own. Hagrid was nothing but a large bundle of kindness and loyalty. It hurt us deeply whenever he suffered, like when his friend Aragog, an Acromantula, died.

Question 11

Professor Slughorn

When we first were introduced to Horace Slughorn, he was an armchair. He lived in fear, since he had been the one to tell Tom Riddle about Horcruxes. Upon Voldemort's return, he was constantly on the move, on the run, believing that the Death Eaters were coming either to recruit him or to kill him. When Dumbledore showed up in his home with Harry, Slughorn took the form of an armchair. Dumbledore managed to convince him to return to Hogwarts, but what post did he take?

Question 12

Professor Umbridge

The worst witch or wizard in the entire series who was not a Death Eater. This woman wore all pink, loved cats, and spoke in a high voice. She was not, however, a sweet grandmotherly teacher. Instead, Dolores Umbridge was determined to change life at Hogwarts for the worst. She slowly worked her way up in the ranks from professor to High Inquisitor and then finally to Headmistress. After being chased out of the school, literally, by centaurs, the trio ran into her again at the Ministry of Magic in the seventh book. What subject did she teach at Hogwarts?

Question 13

Argus Filch

This man always had his cat by his side. Mrs. Norris was his sidekick, always making sure that his job was being done well. He never let students out of bed, he cleaned up Peeves' messes, and he thoroughly enjoyed doling out detention to students. His attitude was always surly, but we attribute it to our revelation that he is a squib, a magical-born person without any magical powers. The lowest of the wizarding totem pole, what was this man's place in Hogwarts?

Question 14

Professor Sinistra

A witch who taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Aurora Sinistra was a name mentioned only a handful of times. Her class took place every Wednesday at midnight and Hermione made sure to never miss it. We don't know much else about this professor except she that has been spotted speaking with Professor Grubbly-Plank on several occasions. She also went to the Yule Ball with Mad-Eye Moody, carefully avoiding his wooden leg while they danced. Which subject did she teach?

Question 15

Professor Lockhart

Famous Gilderoy Lockhart, the self-proclaimed hero on the cover of many books. This man never accomplished a thing in his life, besides lying to the entire wizarding community about his accomplishments. His specialty was the Memory Charm, and he used it to wipe the memories of real heroes in order to claim their tales as his own. After being brought down to the Chamber of Secrets and admitting his incompetence to Harry and Ron, he attempted to wipe their memories too but it backfired and hit him instead. What topic did he attempt to teach?

Question 16

Madam Pomfrey

Madam Pomfrey was a lovely, albeit bossy, woman. She truly cared for the students and did her best for them. Extremely competent at her job, she has held her post for a long time. She once complimented Albus Dumbledore on the earmuffs that he wore, causing him to blush. She was present until the end at the Battle of Hogwarts and tended to the wounded and dead during the aftermath. A woman of strength and devotion, what was her position at Hogwarts?

Question 17

Charity Burbage

Charity Burbage taught a subject that the Death Eaters and Voldemort deemed irrelevant, unimportant, and simply wrong. During the Second Wizarding War, the war that occurred after Voldemort's rebirth, Voldemort had her suspended over a table during a Death Eater meeting. He had Peter Pettigrew subdue her, but she begged Severus for her life. Voldemort then killed her, and allowed his snake, Nagini, to eat her for dinner. A tragic loss to the equality of muggles and wizards, what subject did she instruct before her death?

Question 18

Professor Kettleburn

First name Silvanus, last name Kettleburn. Unforgettable name, forgettable character. This man was hardly mentioned at all during the entire Harry Potter franchise, making this a difficult question to answer. I can give you one hint: he retired after a long career of teaching in order to spend time with the few limbs he had left. His work was in a dangerous field and he spent lots of time under probation. What was the name of the risky subject that he taught?

Question 19

Albus Dumbledore

With his long beard and hair that he kept tucked into his belt, Dumbledore was a character that we loved, even when we learned that no one is perfect. He dabbled with Dark Magic as a youngster and raised Harry even though he believed that the boy would have to die. He always had words of wisdom and his death brought tears not only to Harry's eyes, but to ours as well. Although he used to teach Transfiguration during Tom Riddle and Hagrid's time as students at Hogwarts, his post has since changed.

Question 20

Mad-Eye Moody (Barry Crouch Jr.)

Mad-Eye Moody joined the Hogwarts staff in Harry's fourth year with his magical eye and wooden leg. During the plot twist of a lifetime, it was revealed to us that he was not Mad-Eye Moody, but instead Barty Crouch Jr. in disguise. By drinking Polyjuice Potion regularly from a flask and keeping Moody locked up in a magical trunk, Barty Crouch Jr. managed to keep up the charade all through the year until Harry was brought to Voldemort for his rebirth. What subject did he teach during this time before he was punished by a Dementor's kiss?

Question 21

Professor Grubbly-Plank

Her unique name keeps this professor fresh in our minds. Did you know her first name was Wilhelmina? Rowling sure loves naming her characters. She acted as a substitute teacher while the full-time one had to step away for awhile and Draco Malfoy could not have been happier. She also took over the responsibility of bringing the first year students across the lake to Hogwarts by boat when that same person was unavailable. Brusque but trustworthy, which topic did she teach?

Question 22

Professor Vector

Septima Vector was rumoured to be a strict witch. As readers, we have never been able to confirm this theory since Harry did not take her class. Only Hermione attended it, thanks to her Time Turner. It was Hermione's favourite class, likely because she felt challenged. Others, though, felt differently due to its daunting and difficult nature. Not much is known about her early life or career at Hogwarts, but she may be similar to McGonagall in personality. What was her topic?

Question 23

Alecto Carrow

Although Alecto and her brother did not search for Voldemort after his downfall, they were forgiven and accepted back into his ranks. She was placed in Hogwarts after the Ministry of Magic fell to teach the values that the Death Eaters upheld. Anyone who stood up to her was tortured as punishment, especially Neville Longbottom. When she summoned the Death Eaters before the Battle of Hogwarts, Luna Lovegood knocked her out. She was then tied up with her brother.

Question 24

Amycus Carrow

Death Eater and brother to Alecto Carrow, Amycus was also brought back to serve Voldemort after the rebirth. He too was sent to teach at Hogwarts and keep the school in line through abuse and torture. He was detested by the students and original staff but had Snape, for appearances, on his side. After he spat in McGonagall's face, Harry lost it and tortured him. He was then put under the Imperius Curse and tied up in Ravenclaw Tower with his sister by McGonagall.

Question 25


In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Firenze saved Harry from Lord Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest. The centaur with white-blonde hair and blue eyes had carried Harry back to safety. His herd disapproved of Firenze's actions since they had a great pride and did not permit themselves to be ridden by humans. He was later hired to teach at Hogwarts, and again his herd viewed this as dishonourable. After being injured in the Battle of Hogwarts, the centaurs eventually accepted him upon the decision that helping humans is not so bad after all.

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