Match The Guy To The Rom-Com And Get The Perfect Celebrity Husband!

Some people say they're vacuous, vapid and downright stupid, and, know what? They aren't altogether wrong about that. Those are all valid points and we acknowledge them. But the thing is, we just don't care, because in spite of their downsides, romantic comedies still have a lot to offer, if not for the world of cinematic masterpieces, then at least for the world of making us feel all warm and tingly inside.

Look, we get it. Romantic comedies aren't for everyone, and that's fine. It's not like we're trying to tell people what they should watch—although, we will admit, we have been guilty of that crime before. All's we're saying is that sometimes, say at the end of a long, hard day of stressful work/school/life in general, it really helps us when we can put on our favorite PJ's, crack open a bottle of somethin' bubbly, snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a rom-com marathon.

There are so many romantic comedies out there, it's nearly impossible to see them all in one lifetime, but, so help us, we have made it our mission! That's why we thought it would be fun to play a little game. Match the male lead to the right rom-com and get the perfect celebrity husband!

Question 1

Chris Evans

Today, we know him best for his role as Captain America, but even if you took that part out of the equation, Chris Evans still has an impressive acting stint. He's starred in action films like Snowpiercer and Push, but he's also been the lovable male lead in a rom-com. Do you know which one was he in?

Question 2

Daniel Radcliffe

His role as Harry Potter launched Daniel Radcliffe to stardom, although, full disclosure, he did have a couple other acting credits under his belt before he got the part. Post Potter, Daniel has made appearances in loads of TV shows and movies, including BoJack Horseman, The Simpsons, Jungle and *this* rom-com, as the lead male.

Question 3

Kumail Nanjiani

We first saw Kumail Nanjani in Portlandia, and that was it. We were instantly hooked. We don't know much about show business, but we've heard of the concept of "it", and whatever "it" is, this guy's got "it". We particularly liked his performance as the lead male in this rom-com that came out in 2017.

Question 4

Colin Firth

The Importance of Being Earnest Also known as Mr. Darcy from the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth has starred as the male lead in more rom-coms than you could shake a stick at. There's Bridget Jones' Diary, there's Magic in the Moonlight, there's The Girl with the Pearl Earring, and then there's this film, based on an Oscar Wilde play.

Question 5

Domhnall Gleeson

Domhnall Gleeson, son of Brendan Gleeson, has got an impressive film lineup, and he's really making waves these days as General Hux in some of the new Star Wars films. But, you know, he'll always be Bill Weasley to us, no matter how many action films or rom-coms he stars in. Speaking of rom-coms he was in, which one of the following fits that bill?

Question 6


Rapper first, actor second, Common has his finger in a couple pies. He's got a stunning hip-hop thing goin', with hits like "Come Close" and "A Dream", plus he was in Selma and on an episode of The Simpsons. Common also, as any respectable rom-com fan can tell you, starred in this flick alongside Queen Latifah.

Question 7

Matthew Goode

From The Crown to Downton Abbey to Ordeal By Innocence, Matthew Goode has starred in his fair share of period dramas, and we are all about that because we love stories that take place decades ago. But we would be doing Mr. Goode a disservice if we didn't mention his exceptional performances in movies like The Imitation Game, A Single Man and *this* rom-com, that's still one of our faves.

Question 8

James McAvoy

After seeing his performance as a man with 20-something different personalities in M. Night Shyamalan's movie, Split, we'll be honest with you, we are still a little bit afraid of James McAvoy—but we figure that's just a testament to his stellar acting skills. Besides, we totally loved him as the male lead in this rom-com from 2006.

Question 9

Simon Pegg

Notoriously hilarious, Simon Pegg has made guest appearances in shows like Black Books and has written AND starred in hysterically humorous films like Hot Fuzz. He's got a lot going on, but by far, one of our favorite Simon Pegg roles was his part in this rom-com that has never gotten its dues because it's seriously good.

Question 10

John Cusack

John Cusack is so good as the lead male in romantic comedies, and he's been in so many, we don't even know what to say except that, as fans of romantic films through and through, we're super impressed and super grateful. Chances are, you've seen at least one rom-com with John Cusack as the lead male. Care to take a guess as to which one of the following movies he starred in?

Question 11

Hugh Grant

Ah, here we go! Another master of rom-coms, right up there with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant has been in so many rom-coms, we'll be honest, we couldn't even name them all. Also like Colin Firth, Hugh Grant starred in Bridget Jones' Diary, and he also portrayed the lead male in one of the following films. Which one is it?

Question 12

Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg has got a lot of acting credits to boast, but honestly, to us, he will never be anybody but Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We mean, that's his James Bond role. That's the one, he doesn't need to do anything else, this is just who he is. Oh, but he was very good in this rom-com, too, we can't forget to mention that.

Question 13

Michael Cera

Michael Cera is so freaking funny. His role as George-Michael Bluth in Arrested Development, while it wasn't his first role, was just too funny to handle, and it established him as the awkward lovable guy, which inevitably rocketed him to fame. He's starred in movies like Juno and Superbad, as well as which of the following rom-coms?

Question 14

Mark Ruffalo

When he's not busy starring in the latest Marvel Avengers movie as Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Mark Ruffalo has been known to star in a rom-com or two. Our personal favorite is, of course, 13 Going On 30, but we're also fond of this film, which just so happens to be one of the four titles below.

Question 15

David Tennant

Beloved Tenth Doctor on the classic British television show Doctor Who, David Tennant could star in a 12 hour-long miniseries that's just him sitting in a chair reading the names off of paint chips, and we would watch every minute of it, absolutely riveted the entire time. But, as awesome as that sounds, this underrated rom-com he starred in is much more fun.

Question 16

Sam Rockwell

He was in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Frost/Nixon, Iron Man 2 and so much more. Seriously, *so* much more. If we listed all of his acting credits right now, we would be here half the day. We're big fans of Sam Rockwell, so we'll watch no matter what movie he's in, but we're especially fond of his role in this rom-com.

Question 17

Jermaine Clement

Jermaine Clement is originally from New Zealand. We don't have anything to add to that, we just thought it was interesting. He's had parts in plenty of animated films, such as Moana and Rio, as well as TV shows like Robot Chicken and The Simpsons. But no actor's list of credentials would be complete without at least one rom-com. Which one of the following films did he star as the lead male in?

Question 18

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

We're still kinda ticked at Jeffrey Dean Morgan for being such a bad father to Sam and Dean Winchester on Supernatural—to say nothing of what he did on TWD—but we guess that just goes to show you how good of an actor he is. Who could ever forget how great he was as the lead male in this rom-com, eh?

Question 19

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd just gets cuter and cuter as the years roll by. We don't know how the man manages to do it, but he sure does. This guy has been in so many romantic comedies, there's so much to love, but the question is, which film of the following four did he portray the lead male in?

Question 20

John Krasinski

You could totally argue that his role as Jim Halpert in The Office counts as a lead male role in a rom-com, even though The Office wasn't technically a rom-com at all, it was a mockumentary. But if you're looking for a bonafide romantic comedy film starring Mr. Jack Ryan, then look no further than this film.

Question 21

Aaron Eckhart

Before you go thinking the answer to "Which rom-com did Aaron Eckhart star as the lead male in?" is "Love Happens", allow us to inform you that such is not the case. From The Missing to The Dark Night, There's a lot to love when you look at the various performances of Eckhart's acting stint, but who could forget his appearance in this romantic comedy?

Question 22

Dev Patel

We watched Lion the other day on Netflix. Um, wow, we are still crying inside thanks to the amazing performance of this guy. Dev Patel is a star on the rise, you might recognize him from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, as well as the sequel to that movie, but, which romantic comedy did he star as the male lead in?

Question 23

Bradley Cooper

Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover, The Hangover 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy 2—honestly, Bradley Cooper is in everything these days. We're surprised when we turn a movie on and he's not in it. We tease the guy, but we really loved him in this romantic comedy. Anybody know which one of the following films he was the male lead in?

Question 24

Jay Baruchel

Call us immature, but in addition to loving romantic comedies, we also love kid movies—particularly the Night at the Museum and How to Train Your Dragon franchises. So sue us about it, gosh! Anyway, it just so happens Jay Baruchel is in both of those film franchises, and that's why we're big fans. Well, that, AND the fact that he was in this great rom-com.

Question 25

Steve Carell

We never doubted Steve Carell's acting abilities, but back when The Office was still up and running, we loved him so much as Michael Scott, we couldn't even imagine him playing the role of anyone else. But then he was in Evan Almighty, and all bets were off. It became abundantly clear Steve could handle whatever role anyone threw at him, including his role as the male lead in this, one of our most favorite romantic comedies to date.

Question 26

Jason Bateman

Michael Cera's dad on Arrested Development, and in-over-his-head money launderer on Netflix's new (and astoundingly good, by the way) series, Ozark, Jason Bateman has been known to fill every role. Whether it be the Average Joe or the Entry-Level Criminal or the Male Lead In A Romantic Comedy. Which of the following films did he star in?

Question 27

George Clooney

Got into an argument with our cousin the other day. She had the nerve to say that George Clooney's greatest role was as Danny Ocean from Ocean's Eleven. We disagreed because, hello!!! Doesn't anyone remember how great he was in O Brother, Where Art Thou? 'Cause we haven't! Of course, he was also fabulous in this rom-com, can anyone guess which one of the following it is?

Question 28

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler's acting profession started in the 80's, and it's still going strong today. How is that possible, given the number of, come on, let's face it, stupid films he's been in? Well, it's probably because he's funny, especially when he took on the role as the lead male in this romantic comedy—one in a string of many over the course of his stint.

Question 29

Gerard Butler

We don't know why King Leonidas from 300 is waltzing around these days saying his real name is Gerard Butler, but, whatevs. If that's what floats your goat, man, go 'head. We've got no problems with this kind of diva behavior from this guy because he was just so good in this romantic comedy—anybody care to guess which one of the following movies he was in?

Question 30

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant is just swell, and not because his name sounds like "elephant", which just so happens to be our sixth favorite animal, but also because he has been in amazing shows, like Justified, The Mindy Project and The Office just to name a few of them. The question is, which film did he star in out of the following four romantic comedies?

Question 31

Chad Michael Murray

Ugh! Chad Michael Murray. Teenage us had such a crush on him, and to be honest, 20-something us still loves him. How could we not? He was great in Gilmore Girls, and Freaky Friday, and literally everything else he's ever been in—including this 2004 romantic comedy for young adults, which is just as good today as it was back then.

Question 32

Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey has been in so many things, from serious movies to silly movies, from amazing television shows to amazing television shows. Our very favorite thing he's ever been in (because we know you're all just itching to know) is True Detective, but we'll never forget his performance in this romantic comedy.

Question 33

Josh Duhamel

Now, fair warning, Josh Duhamel was in the Transformers movie. HOWEVER, we are willing to forgive him this transgression because he's been in a plethora of good films and, hey, who hasn't made a mistake, right? Josh was so good in The Picture of Dorian Gray, Love, Simon, 11.22.63 and which of the following romantic comedies?

Question 34

Adrian Grenier

Vincent Chase from Entourage, Adrian Grenier is easy on the eyes, as so many of the lads in this here quiz, which means he's an easy choice for the lead male in any romantic movie, with or without comedy. He was great in The Devil Wears Prada and Marauders, but being the hardcore rom-com fans that we are, we just loved him in this film.

Question 35

Will Smith

To tell you the truth, Will Smith really isn't in that many romantic comedies. We guess his acting is more suited to that Men in Black-style roles—i.e., the cool, suave hero archetype, and, we mean, that's fine. He's good at those parts. But we always loved him in this movie. Which one of the following films did Will Smith play the lead male role in?

Question 36

Chris Rock

Chris Rock is funny, that's as true as the fact that the sky's blue (and, yes, we're aware that rhymed, but believe us, that's just a coincidence). But just because Chris Rock is known for being hilarious, it's not fair to assume that that's *all* he is, because in addition to being a comedian, he's a lovable male lead, especially in this rom-com.

Question 37

Jason Sudeikis

When we found out that they were making a movie based on that one game everyone loved for about a year a while back, Angry Birds, all we could do was facepalm. But then we found out Josh Duhamel was going to be in it, and since we loved him so much in *this* romantic comedy, we were soon persuaded to go to the theater to see him lend his voice stylings to Red.

Question 38

Tom Hanks

Okay, we don't think we need to remind anybody how great Tom Hanks is. He was Woody in Toy Story! He was Forrest Gump! He was Robert Langdon! Tom Hanks has been so many characters over the years, it comes as no surprise that he's been in his fair share of rom-coms. Which of the following movies is a Tom Hanks romantic comedy?

Question 39

Adam Pally

You may know Adam Pally as some other character from some other show, and that's cool, but we know him as Peter Prentice from The Mindy Project, and nobody can take that away. Honestly, we don't know why this guy isn't in nothing but romantic comedies, since he was so very good in this film.

Question 40

Patrick Dempsey

From his stint as Matthew on Will & Grace to his role as Andrew Hennings in Sweet Home Alabama, Patrick Dempsey has covered a whole slew of roles on television and the silver screen alike. Like most male actors, he's been in a handful of rom-coms, but what we want to know is, do *you* know which of the following movies he was in?

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