Match The Disney Song To The Screenshot

Is there anyone who doesn't like to  have a good Disney song sing-a-long from time to time? Whether you're cleaning or on a road trip with friends, turning on some classic tunes from Disney songs is always a good choice. Then, you can sing along to all the parts of the sound until your throat hurts and you can't sing anymore. Whoops! It's totally worth it, though. Disney songs are upbeat and fun and they tell a story that really fits into the movie they're from but they're fun to sing outside of the movie, too.

But, being an expert at singing every single part from your favorite Disney movie songs doesn't mean that you necessarily remember where they came in the movie. Only the biggest Disney fans can match up a screenshot to the song that was being performed in the movie. Do you remember what it looked like when Moana sang How Far I'll Go? Or the name of the song that Pocahontas sang as she rode in her canoe down the river?

If you can't match these screenshots to the Disney song that was being sung, you might need to pause everything and have a Disney movie marathon!

Question 1

Is this screenshot from Reflection or Honor to Us All from Mulan?

Honor to Us All is a song from Mulan that features the title character being bathed, dressed, and made up to look presentable for the Matchmaker to come. Getting ready for a big day is hard enough in 2018 but Mulan's cold bath and intense hair care regime looked even worse! Luckily, Mulan ended up looking fabulous. Was this screenshot taken during the song Honor to Us All or was it taken during a different song from Mulan or one of it sequels?

Question 2

Which song from The Little Mermaid is this?

The list of reasons why it would be so awesome to be a mermaid seems endless. Seriously, their hair is always perfect, even when they're underwater or just came up to the surface, they get to swim around in the beautiful ocean all the time, and fish put on a show for them while they have a romantic boat ride with a totally cute human. Okay, maybe the last one was just for Ariel. But still, mermaids are totally cool! What song from The Little Mermaid is this?

Question 3

What's the name of this tune from Tangled?

Mandy Moore has had quite a career. From singing catchy hits like Candy back in the late 90s and early 2000s to acting on the totally heart-wrenching series This is Us, she seems to have it all. Mandy even got to lend her voice to the Disney movie Tangled to sing a few of their songs! Talk about career goals, right?! Although Tangled had a lot of great songs, the screenshot this one is from is totally iconic. Do you remember the name of it?

Question 4

Is this from Friends on the Other Side?

What's the deal with Disney villains and bright green lights? Seriously, characters in Disney movies need to learn that they need to stay away from the color green! It never means anything good, but at least the villains always give us some catchy songs. They may be up to no good, but they sure know how to sing. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog was no exception and his songs were pretty good too. Is this a screenshot from Friends on the Other Side?

Question 5

What was Simba singing in this scene?

Can we all just take a second to think about how weird the song Simba was singing in this screenshot was? We get that it's probably really cool to be a lion and live out in the jungle with all your animal friends. But singing about how your dad is going to die so you get to be the leader of all the other lions? That's pretty morbid, Simba. Seriously, tone it down for a second. What song was Simba singing here?

Question 6

What song from Frozen is this?

With their movie Frozen, Disney single-handedly managed to ruin the phrase let it go. Since that movie came out, no one has been able to tell anyone to let anything go without at least one person turning into Elsa to sing at least one line from the song. Luckily, this movie is pretty adorable so having Elsa's iconic tune stuck in our heads is totally worth it. Do you remember which of the songs from Frozen this screenshot was taken during?

Question 7

Is this song named after the guy in this screencap?

Even though Gaston may have been pretty awful in Beauty and the Beast, it's hard to deny that he had some seriously catchy songs. Especially this one where he and his best friend LeFou sang about how great, strong, and charming he is. Well, he's definitely strong, but we're not so sure about the other two adjectives the two of them describe him with. Still, the song is a great one and we can't help but sing along with Gaston and his sidekick. Is this song called Gaston?

Question 8

What's the name of the song the dwarves were singing in this scene?

For people who work as much as the dwarfs in Snow White, they're pretty cheerful. It probably has something to do with the fact that they sing this cute song while they work and during the whole walk to and from the mine they work in. Working in a mine where they find diamonds all day probably doesn't hurt the fact that they love what they do though, right? Do you know the name of the song the dwarfs were singing here?

Question 9

Which movie is the song After Today from?

After Today is easily the best song from this movie. I know, I know, Stand Out and Eye to Eye are pretty good songs too, but few things can beat After Today. That's the song that he sings toward the beginning when he's heading to his last day of school and while he's thinking about how he's finally going to ask Roxanne out, everyone else is singing about their plans for the summer. It's so upbeat and catchy, it's impossible not to love it. But which movie is it from?

Question 10

Which Hercules song is this from?

Danny DeVito isn't exactly the first person that most people think of when they think about a celebrity performing a Disney song, but he did sing this song from Hercules. The song is pretty hilarious and features a montage of his character training young Hercules to become a hero. Danny DeVito's character, Philoctetes, is a mythical creature called a Satyr, someone who is half-man and half-goat, and is tasked with helping Hercules to reach his potential. What's the name of this song?

Question 11

What's the name of this song that Genie sings to Aladdin?

As far as songs from classic Disney movies go, Aladdin has some pretty great ones. Unfortunately, it's not easy to listen to them without remembering Robin Williams' death. One minute, you're having a Disney sing-a-long and the next, you're sad because of the death of such a great actor. Sadness aside, the song that Genie was singing to Aladdin in this song is catchy and totally makes us all wish that we had a Genie as a best friend. What song is this?

Question 12

Is this screencap from Let It Go?

Even if you're never seen Frozen, you probably still know the song Let It Go. Since the movie came out, it's been really hard to avoid the song, especially since it was even all over the radio. Disney has a lot of really great songs in their movies, but Let It Go reached a level of popularity that not many of the others did. But, knowing the song won't help you to know if this screenshot happened at that part of the movie. Do you know if Elsa was singing Let It Go in this screenshot?

Question 13

Which song from Pocahontas is this from?

The fact that hair doesn't work in real life the way that it works in Disney movies is seriously a shame. It's not fair that in Disney movies, the princesses get to run and swim and jump off cliffs without worrying about so much as a single tangle in their hair! Pocahontas, with her long black hair, is a perfect example of Disney's unfair hair physics. This song, like the others she sings, features her running through nature and looking flawless the entire time. Which song is it?

Question 14

Is this from A Whole New World?

If a guy comes over and says that he'll show you a whole new world if you just trust him and hop on his flying carpet, you should probably go. It sounds sketchy, but it more than likely means that you're in a Disney movie! Congrats, you're a princess and you're totally living all of our dreams. In the meantime, you can still listen to the princess' songs and imagine that you're living their life. Was this screenshot taken during Aladdin's A Whole New World?

Question 15

What's the name of this song from Sleeping Beauty?

When Malificent came out, Lana Del Rey did a cover of this song from the original Sleeping Beauty for the soundtrack. Although the original version is upbeat and peppy, Lana's version gives the song a much darker but still romantic and dreamy vibe to it. Both versions are gorgeous and totally fit the tone of their respective movies. There aren't many songs in Sleeping Beauty to remember, so you should totally remember the name of this one. Do you remember it?

Question 16

Which song from Beauty and the Beast is this?

It took Belle a while to warm up to the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. Can we blame her? Seriously he lives in a big scary castle, his furniture talks and moves, and he won't let her leave the castle or go into certain parts of it. We wouldn't be in love with him on day one either! This screenshot is taken after Belle starts to realize he's not so bad after all and it's a super cute song. What song is this from?

Question 17

Is this song called Poor Unfortunate Souls?

Some Disney villains are pretty sneaky. It makes sense that they don't just want to come right out and tell the main character all about their entire plan, right? The main character would have plenty of time to be able to escape and not fall for it if they did. But, Ursula from The Little Mermaid was not like most villains. In this song, she basically told Ariel all about her evil plan and tried to convince her to go along with it! Is this screenshot from a song called Poor Unfortunate Souls?

Question 18

Which song from Mulan is this scene from?

Can we all just take a second to appreciate how amazing Mulan was as a character? She totally risked her life to go save her country despite what she knew she was supposed to be doing according to her family. During the song this screenshot was from, she was having a big of a struggle with choosing between doing what she wants to do and what she should do. What's the name of the ballad that Mulan was singing during this screenshot?

Question 19

Is this scene from Pocahontas from Colors of the Wind or Just Around the Riverbend?

The art in Pocahontas is totally classic and beautiful. The way they managed to paint all the nature scenes when Pocahontas runs through the forest, goes swimming, and jumps off cliffs with John Smith is gorgeous. You could say the artists really know how to paint with all the colors of the wind, right? Puns aside, this song is either from Colors of the Wind or Just Around the Riverbend. They're both great songs, but which one was this screenshot taken during?

Question 20

Which Mulan song is this from?

Training soldiers to get ready to go into battle is not easy. And when your soldiers are the kind of unconventional guys that Mulan was in training with, it's really an issue. They did their best, but they weren't exactly battle-ready. Of all the songs from Mulan, this one is one of the most fun to sing along to when you're in the shower, driving, cleaning, or literally any time. Which of these two songs is this screenshot taken from?

Question 21

Which song from Hercules is this?

Oh, Megara. Having a crush on someone is rough. Megara in this song basically embodied all of us when we have a crush on someone but don't want to admit it. Maybe they're totally not your type or they're someone that you have no business having a crush on - like someone who you work with or your BFF's ex - but your heart just can't be stopped. We totally feel you, Megara. What's the name of the song she was singing in this screencap?

Question 22

Is this from How Far I'll Go?

How Far I'll Go is a song from Moana which, like some other Disney songs, had a version recorded for the movie by the person playing the main character and one recorded by a famous singer for the soundtrack. Auli'i Cravalho who played Moana sang it in the movie and Alessia Cara also recorded a version for the soundtrack. The song was nominated for Best Original Song at two different award shows. How cool is that? Was this screenshot taken during that song?

Question 23

Is this song called Belle or Bonjour?

This song is at the very beginning of Beauty and the Beast. Although most of the movie takes place in the Beast's castle and most of the songs are performed there too, this song is from before Belle ever goes there and is totally unforgettable. It features Belle as she wishes that she could find something more in her life than just her routine and other people from her village talk about her. Is the name of this song Belle or Bonjour?

Question 24

Which Toy Story song is this from?

Being replaced is never any fun. Just seeing our best friends tagging someone else in a meme on Instagram hurts, we don't even want to imagine what it would be like to see your best friend slowly replace everything in their life that was related to you with new things! Unfortunately, in Toy Story, Woody had to witness that happening. Yikes! During this scene, he was watching as Andy's room went from being old west themed to space themed in honor of Buzz Lightyear. What song is this screenshot from?

Question 25

Is the song this screenshot is from called Kill the Beast?

The Disney villains have some of the best songs, right? Who can deny that? Definitely not us. This song from Beauty and the Beast features the main villain Gaston who we all totally love to hate as he sings about gathering up the townspeople so they can head to the castle to kill the beast. Although that's not cool of Gaston, the song is pretty good and it's hard not to sing along. Is this song titled Kill the Beast?

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