Most People Can't Match 100% Of These Characters To Their Movies.. Give It A Try!

What makes us fall in love with certain movies? What is it about some movies that can capture our imagination while others leave us yawning and bored? Is it the storylines, or the plots perhaps? Some are certainly more entertaining than others and often we'll identify with movies that we can relate to. Is it the way that the movie is put together? Do we enjoy movies more when there are amazing locations and special effects to marvel at? Perhaps. But a movie can have the best costumes, the most expensive special effects, even a great story, and still be mediocre. But why?

What makes movies memorable isn't the amount of money spent on making the film, it's the characters that tell the story. The characters who live the story. If those characters aren't well thought out, and if movie-goers aren't able to identify with them, then the movie is destined to tank. The characters in movies (and the actors who play them) help bring the story to life and make it real for the viewers.

For today's quiz, we invite our readers to try and match all these memorable movie characters to the correct movie. Only true movie buffs will be able to score 100%!

Question 1

Which sci-fi movie was this character in?

When UFO spacecraft touch down in 12 locations across the world the governments of the world struggle to decide on a way to approach the situation. They call on this lady, a linguistics professor to head up a team of investigators to board one of the ships and attempt to communicate with the aliens. Which is easier said than done! It's up to her to decipher their language and learn what brought them to Earth. Which movie is this character from?

Question 2

Which comedy flick was this character in?

In this 2000 comedy flick, Adam Sandler plays the son of the Devil. Well, one of the sons of the Devil; the weak one who gets picked on by his brothers. His brothers decide to go to Earth and in doing so they lock the gates of Hell. It's then up to this character to go to Earth and bring them back. But he has never been to Earth before and it's very different from anything he knows. Try to name the movie.

Question 3

Who can match this character to her movie?

In this 90's crime drama Natalie Portman plays the role of a young girl who is taken in by a shy ne'er-do-well after her entire family is taken out by corrupt cops following a deal gone bad. At first, he is reluctant to teach her how to handle herself but he quickly grows fond of her and agrees to help her avenge her family. This movie also starred Jean Reno and Gary Oldman. Can you match this character to the right movie?

Question 4

Which Steven Spielberg movie was this character in?

This character lives in the world of tomorrow. 2045 to be exact. This is a world teetering on the edge of disaster and to escape the horrors of reality many people choose to live in the OASIS; an extensive virtual reality universe. In the OASIS, you can be anyone and do anything, for the right price of course. When the creator of this VR world passes away he leaves his enormous fortune to the first person who can find an easter egg that is hidden somewhere in this virtual universe. This character takes on the challenge.

Question 5

Which classic comedy movie was this character in?

In this 1992 cult comedy classic, this character plays the best friend of the main character. The pair host a wacky public access TV show from their basement but have big dreams of trying to get into the world of commercial TV. When a sleazy producer arrives on the scene and offers them a deal it seems too good to be true and of course, it is. Who can name the movie that featured this character played by hilarious Dana Carvey?

Question 6

Who can match this character to her movie?

In this masterful thriller flick, Natalie Portman plays the role of a ballerina who lands the main role in her dance company's production of Black Swan. She's assigned an understudy to stand in for her in case she can't perform and that understudy is this character; played by Mila Kunis. Portman's character has mixed emotions about this girl; in one way she's attracted to her and in another way, she's threatened by her. Who can match this character to her movie?

Question 7

Which Quentin Tarantino movie was this character in?

In this 2015 Quentin Tarantino flick, set in post-Civil War Wyoming, two bounty hunters meet along the road and decide to seek shelter together at a stagecoach stopover to wait out a nasty blizzard. When they arrive they find four other strangers staying there but the owner is mysteriously missing. One of the strangers is this man, played by Tim Roth, who claims to be a hangman. But, of course, it's a Tarantino film so there's much more going on than meets the eye.

Question 8

Who can match this character to the right thriller flick?

In this thriller, Ben Affleck plays the role of a man who becomes the prime suspect in his wife's strange disappearance. What he doesn't know is that his wife masterfully planned her vanishing act, ensuring that it would seem as though there was foul play. She does this to get back at him for cheating on her and, in her mind, ruining her life. Surely a divorce would have been easier? Who can name the 2014 movie which featured this character?

Question 9

Which horror movie was this character in?

In this creepy 2015 flick, this character (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) is suspected of witchcraft when her young sibling vanishes while she was meant to be watching him. The story is set in 1630 New England when fears of witchcraft were at their highest. The deeply religious family is pushed to the limit as the suspicion about their own daughter builds. This movie was slow to build but kept audiences glued to the screen. Who can name the movie that this character appeared in?

Question 10

Which spy movie was this character in?

The world's most famous spy always needs a strong villain to go up against and in this 2012 James Bond movie, that villain was this guy. He's a man who has a score to settle with M and there's only one man who can stop him. That's right - James Bond. In this film, Bond needs to operate off the radar to try and track down this villain before he can succeed with his unsavory plans for M and the entire M16.

Question 11

Who can match this character to the right comedy movie?

In this Farrelly brothers comedy, a man decides to track down "the one that got away". She's the dreamy girl who was meant to go to the prom with him but he ended up going to the hospital instead after an embarrassing accident in her bathroom. Years later he decides to try and find her again and to his surprise she is single. But he's not her only would-be suitor. Who can name the movie that featured this character played by Cameron Diaz?

Question 12

Which cult sci-fi movie featured this character?

In this 1999 science fiction classic the lead character (played by Keanu Reeves) is contacted by this woman, who tells him that she can take him to someone who can show him the real world. She seems to understand all the questions he has and it soon becomes clear why. It's not long before a man is offering him one of two pills; one to know the truth or one to return to his boring life. Who can name the movie that featured this character, played by Carrie-Anne Moss?

Question 13

Which superhero movie was this character in?

He may not look like much slumped down on the floor but this was one of the toughest villains ever faced by Batman. Most bad guys commit crimes in order to gain something, usually money or power, but this guy didn't want any of that. Some men just want to watch the world burn and he's one of them. When he reigns down terror over Gotham City there's only one man who can stop him. Who can name this character, played by the late Heath Ledger?

Question 14

Who can match this character to the right movie?

In this crazy adventure a writer and his sleazy lawyer hit Las Vegas with a suitcase full of narcotics and a headful of bad intentions. The writer is meant to be covering a story but the two are too busy having a wild time and wrecking hotel rooms to do any real work. This movie came straight from the pages of a novel by the same name written by legendary author Hunter S. Thompson. Who can name the movie that featured this character, played by Johnny Depp and his crazy sidekick, played by Benicio Del Toro?

Question 15

Match this character to the correct comedy movie:

Fans of Broken Lizard are sure to remember this character! In this 2001 cult comedy flick, a group of enthusiastic (but under-worked) Vermont State Troopers face the possibility of losing their jobs. They need to pull out all the stops to ensure that they are seen as useful and when a sinister shipment makes its way onto their turf they see it as a way to outshine the local cops. This character, played by Jay Chandrasekhar, often takes the lead. Who can match him to the correct movie?

Question 16

Which movie was this character in?

This green-haired bad boy was all about chaos in this 2016 DC superhero movie, although he did have a soft spot for a certain bad girl. In this flick, a group of antiheroes is released from prison and forced to work together to battle a new type of evil. In the background, this guy sees an opportunity to do some damage and hatches his own nefarious plans. Who can name this villainous character played by Jared Leto? Which movie was he in?

Question 17

Who can match this character to the right movie?

In this Coen brothers film, a man finds a suitcase full of money while out on a hunting trip. There's no-one else around and he decides to take the cash and run but what he doesn't know is that there is a transponder in the case, tracking his every move. And the people who want the money back have sent a cold hitman who will stop at nothing to get the job done. In which movie will we find this character, played by Josh Brolin?

Question 18

Which superhero movie was this character in?

In this 2015 superhero movie, a scientist enlists the help of a young master thief fresh from the joint. Using a specially designed suit the young man is able to shrink down to the size of an ant and using newly attained superpowers he is able to control an army of ants. His goal is to stop the scientists former protégé from perfecting the same shrinking technology and using it for evil purposes. Which movie is this character, played by Paul Rudd, from?

Question 19

Match this character to the correct movie:

In this disturbing 2014 thriller flick, Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of a petty thief who finds a new way to make a living: by trawling the streets at night for incidents and selling the footage to a local TV station. He develops a crush on the director of the TV station but he is way too creepy for her. This pushes him to greater and greater lengths to try and impress her with more shocking footage. In which movie did Gyllenhaal play this creepy character?

Question 20

Who can match this villain to his movie?

There's always an adventure to be found on the high seas but this is one seafarer that we'd rather not tangle with. After being trapped in the Devil's Triangle with his ghost sailors for quite some time it's understandable that this character had only thing on his mind: revenge. And there was only one way to stop him and that was using the Trident of Poseidon, but it wasn't an easy thing to locate. Who can name the movie that featured this villain played by Javier Bardem?

Question 21

Which cult movie was this character in?

In 1994 Miramax released a movie which put helped put director Quentin Tarantino on the map, and this was just one of the unforgettable characters from that movie. He didn't appreciate people trying to steal from him and the worst thing anyone could do was to mess with his gorgeous wife (played by Uma Thurman). But he was always ready to help his thugs by sending his main problem solver, The Wolf, to help them clean up their messes. Which movie is this character from?

Question 22

Who can match this character to the right comedy flick?

When this character went to Las Vegas with his friends he ended up getting married to a hooker and pulling out one of his own teeth. But that was nothing compared to what happened when he decided to have a small bachelor party on the beach with the same group of friends. He wakes up after a wild night to find himself with a facial tattoo and that turns out to be one of the least of his worries! Which movie was he in?

Question 23

Which movie was this character in?

In the dystopian future where we find this character, law and order has a whole new meaning. The law enforcement officers of this world have the power not only to arrest criminals but also to pass judgment and sentence them on the spot. An experienced officer takes a rookie out for a field assessment of her skills and they come up against this woman - a former prostitute turned gang leader who has taken control of a massive apartment building. Who can name this character?

Question 24

Match this character to her movie:

There's nothing wrong with being a little different. Just imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same right? Well, this character embraced being different, even if that meant that people saw her as morbid or boring. In this 1991 movie (based on characters created for the 1964 TV series) a man claiming to be this girl's uncle arrives at her family home but he appears to be clueless about his previous life. Which movie was this character from?

Question 25

Which drama flick was this character in?

Most people found it easy to relate to this character, played by Kevin Spacey. In this 1999 movie, he played the role of an average suburban man, stuck in a thankless job and a loveless marriage. His daughter had no respect for him and he had little respect for himself. But after meeting one of his daughter's friends he decided to change his life. He quit his job and took a less stressful job at a fast food joint and began working out.

Question 26

Who can match this character to the correct fantasy film?

What happens when an off-the-wall director like Tim Burton takes on one of the most well-known children's stories of all time? Well, you get a spellbinding movie like this! In this 2010 fantasy flick a young girl, prone to flights of imagination, follows a white rabbit who leads her into a world where everything is strange and unusual. She grows, she shrinks, she meets weird characters and she's forced to battle monsters. Who can name the movie that this character starred in?

Question 27

Which sci-fi movie was this character in?

We all like to imagine a world where crime is no longer an issue. A place where people could be safe all the time and not have to worry about being hurt by someone else. In this movie, that kind of world is a reality thanks to special human beings who have the ability to see crimes before they happen. A special squad (led by this character) arrests the criminals before the crimes take place and everyone wins. Until this character becomes one of the criminals that is...

Question 28

Match this character to the right movie:

In this Oscar-winning 2015 film, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a man who is left in the wilderness after a savage bear attack. But, driven by the burning desire to get revenge he manages to survive and track down the men who left him to die and the man who hurt his son. What made this movie even more amazing was the fact that it was based on a true story. Who can name the movie that featured this tough-as-nails character?

Question 29

Which fantasy movie was this character in?

In this 2005 Tim Burton fantasy film a young boy and his grandpa win the trip of a lifetime - a tour of one of the most famous chocolate factories in the world. But they have to share the prize with a few other children and their parents too and these kids aren't nearly as well behaved as this character. One by one they start to show their true colors and fall out of the tour. Which movie is this character from?

Question 30

Which sci-fi movie was this character in?

What will happen to the world when we finally run out of resources? What will become of us when the Earth is overpopulated and there is no help for the poorest people? Well, in this movie the richest people on Earth leave the planet and take up residence in a luxurious space station, where they can continue living the good life while everyone else suffers. Matt Damon plays the role of a manual worker who is involved in an industrial accident and needs to get special medical treatment, usually reserved for the elite.

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