We Bet You Can't Remember Which TV Show These Best Friends Are From

The connection between best friends often creates a special aspect of a hit television show. Each program needs the relationships to connect with the audience for the show to truly hit that top level of success. Romantics relationships, families and workplace environments all have their own appeal, but there should be a strong friendship somewhere in there for fans of the show to invest fully into it.

Programs like Friends, Seinfeld and Parks & Recreation have found massive success thanks to the friendships involved in the shows. We will show you many combinations of best friends that had special bonds on their respective programs. It will be your task to correctly guess as many shows as possible when matching them to the characters that are best friends. Find out where you ranked compared to other diehard television fans. We are willing to bet that you can’t name all the shows these best friends appeared on!

Question 1

Joey and Chandler

Question 2

Jerry and George

Question 3

Sheldon and Leonard

Question 4

Ann and Leslie

Question 5

Fred and Barney

Question 6

Alan and Charlie

Question 7

Zack, Screech and Slater

Question 8

Charles and Jake

Question 9

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia

Question 10

Arnold and Gerald

Question 11

Shawn and Cory

Question 12

Barney and Ted

Question 13

Cece and Jess

Question 14

Dwight and Michael

Question 15

Ernie and Burt

Question 16

Troy and Abed

Question 17

Jenna and Liz

Question 18

Eric and Hyde

Question 19

Monica and Rachel

Question 20

Brian and Stewie

Question 21

Shawn and Gus

Question 22

Sookie and Lorelai

Question 23

Mac and Charlie

Question 24

Meredith and Cristina

Question 25

Tommy and Chuckie

Question 26

Richie and Fonzie

Question 27

Doug and Deacon

Question 28

Willow and Buffy

Question 29

Will and Carlton

Question 30

Mordecai and Rigby

Question 31

Max and Caroline

Question 32

Poussey and Taystee

Question 33

Iris and Barry

Question 34

JD and Turk

Question 35

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup

Question 36

Abbi and Ilana

Question 37

Sam and Dean

Question 38

DJ and Kimmy

Question 39

Morgan and Chuck

Question 40

Charlie and Snoopy

Question 41

Chidi and Eleanor

Question 42

Serena and Blair

Question 43

Carl and Urkel

Question 44

Paul and Kevin

Question 45

Jake and Finn

Question 46

V and Fiona

Question 47

Jean Ralphio and Tom

Question 48

Issa and Molly

Question 49

Harvey and Michael

Question 50

Arthur and Buster

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