Match The Bad Guy To The TV Show And We'll Reveal Your Least Favorite Good Guy

Since all the way back in 1927 when the first television was invented, we have been hooked. Now a days if something is done in the classic black and white it's more likely trying to be artsy than anything else. While we may have added color to our main stream television shows, our obsession has stayed just as strong. Now with Netflix, Hulu, and all of the other magical streaming sites, we can watch whatever we want whenever we want.

We're sure some people here consider themselves a TV expert. Still, everyone has their favorites, but this quiz is for the people who have seen it all. We are going to touch on series that fall into every genre, and everyone will have to be able to place the bad guy to the correct show. Once everyone has done their very best at matching the villains to their series, we are going to give everyone their perfect TV character twin! While it is unlikely they will be a twin in the physical sense, we are hoping everyone can at least relate to their match on some sort of level! So, anyone here thinking they know TV villains better than everyone else? Step right up, and prove it!

Question 1

Sue Sylvester

Sue Sylvester is a high school cheer-leading coach, who really has no business working with children. She is excellent at what she does, her team is always ranked number 1, but her students do not exactly have an easy time when dealing with her. Can anyone guess which show she is from?

Question 2

The Governor

The Governor comes from a television series which is very heavy on the villains. Because the show has so many bad guys, it can be hard to stand out. That is exactly what makes The Governor so excellent as a villain. Even though he was not the only one after the heroes, he was the one they feared the most.

Question 3

Wil Wheaton

By this point in Wil Wheaton series, he is no longer a villain. Around season 5 of the show, he was able to make amends with those he was enemies with in the earlier season, and actually became friends with most of them. For this last question, does anyone know the correct answer?

Question 4


Vee is one of television greatest bluffers of all time. She has the unique gift of being able to look at someone, and instantly figure out who they are, and more importantly what their price is. She then manipulates these people to gain money, and power for herself. She has many times used those closest to her as pawns, and felt no remorse.

Question 5

Joffrey Baratheon

Joffery Baratheon came into power at a very young age. His mother stood by him, and she thought he would be the greatest ruler their world had ever seen. The general population however, knew he was a boy to keep an eye on. After just a short time in power, Joffrey even began to worry his loyal mother.

Question 6

Senor Chang

Senor Chang used to work as a Spanish teacher. While he does speak the language, he was never really qualified for the job. As soon as he started building an army for himself, using young students who looked up to him, he locked in his role as a villain. Does anyone remember which show he is from?

Question 7

The Gentlemen

These guys truly are as creepy as they look. They do not walk, but instead slowly float around just a few inches above the ground. Their powers allow them to steal the voices of whole towns at a time. While everyone in town is silent, they sneak into homes to steal hearts. Yikes!

Question 8

Frank Underwood

No television character has ever been as power hungry as Frank Underwood. He is an expert at getting what he wants, and he will do absolutely everything in his power to make sure things go his way. He is a very cold man, and shows no remorse for any of the things he does.

Question 9


This man has gone through some difficult stuff in his life, but none of it excuses the choices he has made since becoming an adult. His parents experimented on him for many years, trying to cure his neurodegenerative disease. Eventually these experiments lead him to mind control powers, which he has since started using for his own good.

Question 10

Wilson Fisk

Fisk has the classic story of a villain. He had a troubling childhood to say the least, which has lead to many full grown adult problems. Apart from his PTSD from being a kid, he also seems to struggle with OCD. He does not like crowds, nor does he enjoy changes in his life. Of course, none of these things are excuses for his bad behavior.

Question 11


Sylar was once just an average watchmaker, who was unhappy about the fact that he was not born with any special powers or talents. After he found out that some humans had been born with special abilities, he made it his mission to hunt them down, and take their powers for himself.

Question 12

Thomas Barrow

This man plays a butler on his television show. Most of the famous butlers on TV have been likable characters, usually doing what ever their bosses need to help them succeed. Thomas is no such butler. Instead he is sneaky, and tries to gain power for himself in very sly ways. Does anyone remember which show he is from?

Question 13

Constance Langdon

Constance Langdon wanted everyone to believe she was the sweetest Southern Belle in town. However, she could not be farther from that description. After things did not work out with her husband, she became a single mother. She did love her children very much, but she often used very mean parenting techniques.

Question 14

Jim Moriarty

This man may be a dangerous villain, but he is also a genius. Like many other villains, Jim Moriarty had a handful of very special powers. He was able to manipulate, and intimidate all those around him, and because he was so smart, he was able to getaway with most of his villainous work.

Question 15

Black Jack Randall

Calling Jack Randall a bad guy would have to be the understatement of the year. Every single time he is on the screen throughout his series, he is doing something wrong. While the heroes of the show have done a great job in dealing with him, it still does not take away the things we have seen him do...

Question 16

Clarence 'Clay' Morrow

Clarence 'Clay' Morrow was once the man in charge when it came to his brotherhood. The entire gang put their faith into him, and over the years he really let them down. His character developed a lot through the series, he originally started off as somewhat of a hero, but by the end he was one of the series greatest villains.

Question 17

Gus Fring

Gus Fring may not look the part of a villain, but that is all part of his wicked game. He keeps an extremely low profile, and only appears when it is absolutely necessary for him to do so. To the average eye, he is nothing more than a local restaurant owner, but to his enemies, he is a mastermind villain.

Question 18

Benjamin Linus

Benjamin Linus was a master at the craft of telling a lie. From his very first scene in the show, he was lying to everyone and anyone who would listen. To be fair, he was being held captive, but even later on, his lies continued. Up until the very end of his story line, Benjamin was lying to all those around him.

Question 19

Oswald Cobblepot

Oswald Cobblepot is a very smart villain indeed. Unlike other television bad guys, Oswald is patient. He always thinks everything through, and will not act until the timing is perfect. He has also been known to work along side his enemies if it means gaining more power for himself. Can anyone guess his show?

Question 20

Charles Miner

To call Charles Miner a villain may be a bit of a stretch, but he was certainly the most unlikable character during his season of the series. He entered the show with a very strong attitude, and did not play nicely with the existing characters. Can anyone remember which of these shows he was from?

Question 21

Mr. Gold

Mr.Gold is a very wealthy man. He basically owns the entire town in which he lives. While he is technically not in charge of the town (that power belongs to the mayor) , Mr.Gold has every inhabitant of the place in his back pocket. He prefers to let other do his bad work for him, while he sits back and watches it unfold.

Question 22

The Master

Here is another villain who had a troubling childhood. The Master's madness has often been associated with the way she grew up, and events that transpired during her childhood. Regardless of how she got there, now a days The Master is someone to be watched. She is vain, greedy, and all kinds of crazy.

Question 23

Jeremy Jamm

Just because he was from a comedy based show, does not mean this guy is not a villain. In fact he is the exact definition of a villain. Instead of working towards his own goals, he spends all of his time trying to stand in the way of our main characters achieving theirs.

Question 24

Perry Wright

To the outside world Perry Wright is the perfect man. He works a good job, he provides for his loving wife and young boys, and most importantly he is a nice guy. Yea right! This guy is excellent at getting the world to see him the way he wants to be seen, but anyone who knows him behind closed doors, knows he is not a good guy.

Question 25


Ace has been voted his series least likable character. He was never a main character, but during his time on the show he was no doubt a villain. He came in as the ex boyfriend of one of our main character's new girlfriend. He spent his entire time trying to spoil their relationship, and win her back. He almost did it too.

Question 26

Rachel Duncan

Rachel Duncan is a very mysterious woman. She is not exactly human, but she is very close. She is completely self aware, but does not feel emotions the way others do. This fact alone makes her very dangerous. After her character develops a bit, we learn all she wants is a child.

Question 27

Eli Pope

Eli Pope is an important man when it comes to top secret CIA divisions, but if the people he worked for knew who he really was, he would not be in a position of power. The only person who knows exactly how bad this guy is, would be his daughter. She was even the one who eventually took him down.

Question 28

Aunt Lydia

Aunt Lydia truly believes that everything she does is for the greater good. She thinks it is her duty to serve the lord, no matter what it is he asks for. So, she uses religion to ease her guilt after performing some truly villainous acts. Does anyone here know which of these shows she is from?

Question 29

Klaus Mikaelson

Unlike most other bad guys, Klaus actually had a decent relationship with most of his siblings. His troubles all came from his rough relationship with his step-father. Klaus always had the strength to fight off his step-father, but his mother prevented him from using it by making him wear a magical necklace.

Question 30

Gavin Belson

Gavin Belson is a villain who gets all of his power from his money. Money being no object for him, he uses what ever amount is needed to squash down his foes. All he needs to keep his momentum going, is his position as chief at the large tech company he works for. Ring any bells?

Question 31

Chuck McGill

Chuck McGill was not exactly a villain throughout his entire series, but he certainly gave a villainous feel. He was always rather mean to his younger brother, who he resented for many reasons, even though he still loved him somewhat deep down inside. It was also later revealed that he was afflicted by mental illness.

Question 32

Ari Gold

Ari Gold is not exactly a villain. He is a foul mouthed, money hungry agent, but he truly cares not only for his family, but for his friends as well. Throughout the series we see Ari struggle with his anger and stress, but ultimately by the end he would have to labeled a good guy.

Question 33

Paul Stadler

Paul is a wicked villain, mostly because he is one that could very easily exist in real life. He has no special powers, or abilities, but he knows how to manipulate women, and make them believe that they are worthless. However, once the women figure him out, he is completely powerless.

Question 34

Alice Morgan

Alice Morgan was born a genius. By the age of 18, she had already received her Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Being that kind of smart turned her into somewhat of a narcissist, and eventually she started to believe that she was better than pretty much everyone. Most importantly though, she thought she was better than her parents...

Question 35

Gyp Rosetti

Gyp Rosetti is a man who needs to be spoken to with extreme caution. He has a wicked temper, and he often misunderstands peoples comments, leading him to become very defensive and often times physical. He has no patience for anything that could be considered disrespectful. Can anyone pick out the correct show?

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