Only A Real Travel Buff Can Match Each Of These Souvenirs To Their State

When people travel, they usually come back with a lot of pictures, a lot of stories, and a lot of souvenirs. There are some things that can only really be found in certain states or countries and some things that can be found all over but are most famous for being from a certain state or country. When people go to these states, they often pick up or enjoy something that the state is famous for while they're still there either for themselves or for their friends and family back home. For instance, someone on a trip to the Pacific Northwest will probably eat some cherries and someone who visits the south will probably be eating a ton of barbecue while they're there.

While each state has something that they're known for, it can be hard to keep track of what each state's famous souvenir is! Without actually either being from that state or being there on a vacation, it isn't easy to keep track of what fruit, food, or item is produced or was first made in each state.

Even though it's not easy, we have faith that a true travel buff can totally nail this super fun travel quiz.

Question 1

From which state would someone bring home a Playbill?

For people who enjoy going to see plays and musicals, collecting copies of Playbill can be a super fun hobby! It is possible to have copies of Playbill delivered to a person's home, but most people prefer to pick up the show-specific ones that are printed just for the show they're going to see that are distributed at the door. Playbill is a magazine that has articles inside about actors, actresses, and different musicals and plays. From which state would someone bring home a Playbill?

Question 2

What state would a coffee lover be able to visit the first Starbucks in?

The very first Starbucks was opened in 1971 in one of these states and was moved in 1976 to a very historic part of the city that it was founded in. Today, coffee lovers who are visiting the city can take a trip to the location of the very first Starbucks and see where it all began! As of 2018, Starbucks has over 28,000 locations which means that it's not hard for a coffee lover to find somewhere to stop in and pick up their favorite drink.

Question 3

In what state would someone buy a t-shirt to celebrate a high speed car race?

People from all over the country visit this state every Memorial Day weekend in order to watch a very special sporting event. Each year in late May, the Indy 500 is held in this state. The Indy 500 is the biggest and most well-known race in the entire IndyCar Series, a series of races that take place in open-wheel cars. In the Indy 500, drivers race around the track for 200 laps, a distance that totals up to 500 miles of racing!

Question 4

In which state would someone's sweet tooth guide them to Voodoo Doughnut?

Voodoo Doughnut is a bakery in this western state that is known for their truly wild and wacky doughnut designs, hot pink boxes, and interesting decor. People who have a sweet tooth who are visiting this state will probably find themselves visiting Voodoo Doughnut and picking up one of 60 different doughnuts, including Captain My Captain doughnut which is covered in Cap'n Crunch cereal, a doughnut frosted to look like a voodoo doll, a Memphis Mafia which is fried with banana chunks before being covered in chocolate and peanut butter.

Question 5

Which southern state gave us Tabasco sauce?

Tabasco sauce is, as the name would suggest, a hot sauce that is made from a blend of tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt. The sauce was named after the Mexican state of Tabasco, but the sauce itself originated in one of these states in the US. Edmund McIlhenny was a banker from Maryland who moved to this southern state in the mid-1840s before first producing the now-infamous Tabasco sauce in 1864. There are several varieties and levels of heat in this sauce now, but it all started with one sauce in this state.

Question 6

Which state is famous for their peaches?

Peaches were first grown in Northwestern China and while China still produces over half of the world's peaches, these days, they're definitely best known for being from one of these states in the United States. Peaches can have either white or yellow flesh and are closely related to nectarines, a similar fruit that tastes sweet but differs from peaches in that they don't have fuzz on their skin. People who love to snack on these fruits wait every year until summer for them to be in season!

Question 7

What state would someone leave with a pair of mouse ears from Disneyland?

Since Disneyland first opened, over 84 million Mickey Mouse ears have been sold! That's not a shock to us since there are so many variations on the ears that include different colors even some that are themed after different Disney movies or characters - especially the rose gold mouse ears that became popular in 2018 and are close to impossible for even the biggest Disney fan to grab while they're in stock! Mouse ears first started being sold in one of these states, the one where Disneyland first opened. Which is it?

Question 8

In which state would someone eat a deep dish pizza?

Even when pizza isn't great, it's still pretty tasty. Fans of the delicious food definitely have their fair share of strong opinions on what makes the best pizza, too! Whether or not pineapples belong on pizza is a huge debate among pizza lovers but an even bigger one is whether it should have a thin crust or be deep dish. When it comes to pizza, the deeper and more filled up the crust is the better for people who live in one of these states. Which is it?

Question 9

What state gave us Krispy Kreme?

Krispy Kreme is doughnut and coffee chain that originated in one of these states. In 2015, Krispy Kreme opened it's 1,000th store in Kansas City, Kansas! Considering how delicious their doughnuts are, we're not shocked that they're so popular. Krispy Kreme got their start in 1937 after their founder, Vernon Rudolph, bought a recipe from a chef in New Orleans. From there, they were mostly sold in convenience stores but Rudolph would also sell hot, fresh doughnuts who came by his bakery early in the morning.

Question 10

Which state is famous for their maple syrup?

Maple syrup is a sugary syrup made from the sap of different trees in the maple species of trees. Maple syrup occurs in these trees in cold climates because trees store starch in their roots before winter comes and then, after the winter ends, the starch that converted into sugar during the winter rises up from the tree's roots into its trunk. The sap that is produced is taken from the trees and processed into the maple syrup we all know and love to put on our breakfast foods.

Question 11

In which state would a person eat some cheese curds?

Cheese curds are pieces of solid, curdled milk that are a popular ingredient in some recipes as well as a food that can be eaten as a snack. Cheese curds can either be eaten fresh, deep fried, or added to different recipes like the popular Canadian food poutine. Cheese curds are also sometimes referred to as "squeaky cheese" due to the fact that, when eaten fresh, the texture can cause a squeaky sound to be heard when a person bites into them.

Question 12

In which state would someone be able to buy turquoise jewelry?

Turquoise is a mineral composed of copper and aluminum and comes in a range of shades of blue to green with marbled lines of copper throughout it. Turquoise is a gemstone that has been used in different jewelry and other items by many cultures throughout history and, in more recent times, is still used but has become less valuable due to the introduction of synthetic turquoise. Turquoise jewelry is popular in a large section of the United States, but particularly popular as a souvenir in which of these states?

Question 13

What state is known for their potatoes?

The potato is a starchy vegetable that is the fourth largest food crop in the world, following only behind corn, wheat, and rice. Considering the fact that potatoes are such a staple in the diets of many people around the world, we can't say we're surprised by the fact that they're produced so heavily! Plus, there are thousands of different kinds of potatoes around the world, so there's a ton of variation on ways they can be used too. Which of these states is known for their potato production?

Question 14

What state makes furniture out of recycled skis?

For people who love to ski and snowboard, going to this state is a total must. And people who love either of those hobbies will totally know that there comes a time that old gear like jackets, skis, snowboards, and poles have to be let go of because they're either out of style or simply too old to keep using. But throwing them away sounds awful, right? That's why this state is known for making furniture out of old skis and other gear!

Question 15

In which state would someone eat macadamia nuts?

Macadamia nuts may be native to Australia, but in the early 1900s, they were brought to this state which has been known for growing them ever since their introduction there. Compared to other nuts that are high in protein and a good source of it for people who are trying to maintain a high protein diet, macadamia nuts are actually relatively low in protein and have a high amount of fat in them. Which of these states would someone visit to buy macadamia nuts?

Question 16

What state is known for Old Bay Seasoning?

Old Bay Seasoning is a seasoning powder that's super popular on seafood all over the United States, but it originated in one of these northeastern states. Old Bay was first made in order to put on seafood like crab which was plentiful in this northeastern state at the time and was used on the crab as a salty flavoring to add some extra flavor to the crab as well as to get people eating it to order more drinks in the restaurant they were in.

Question 17

What state is known for their salmon?

While many companies talk about being eco-friendly and the fact that their products are made or harvested in a sustainable way, this state is the only one to actually have the idea of sustainability in their constitution. This state is known for their wild-caught salmon and the state's constitution mentions that all fish must be caught in a way that still allows the fish there to sustain life for future fish. 90% of the wild salmon in the country is caught in this state!

Question 18

What state would someone leave with a cozy new pair of moccasins?

Since 1946, moccasins from Minnetonka have been a staple for tourists who pass through this state. Each pair is handcrafted using materials like deerskin and moosehide with fringe, beading, and other details sewn on. The fact that each pair is crafted by hand means that no two pairs of Minnetonka moccasins are going to be the exact same which is something that people who travel through this state totally love. Today, their moccasins can be found in 50 countries around the world but this state is still known for being their home.

Question 19

Which state is known for their juicy and delicious oranges?

Unlike a lot of other fruit, sweet oranges were not always a wild fruit. Instead, they're actually a hybrid between two other fruits! The pomelo and the mandarin orange were combined together to make the large citrus fruits we know now. Sweet oranges date back to ancient China but today, they're one of the most widely grown fruit trees in the world and over 70 million metric tons of oranges are grown each year! This southern state is particularly known for producing oranges.

Question 20

Which state is famous for their lobster?

The America lobster is a species of lobster that's found off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is also sometimes referred to by other names including true lobster, northern lobster, or even referred to by the name of the state that is famous for harvesting this lobster. These lobsters are often boiled or steamed and are a common food, particularly in the northeastern United States where they're easily harvested. Which of these states on the east coast is famous for their lobsters?

Question 21

What state would a tourist bring casino chips home from?

There are people who will collect anything. Seriously, anything. Whether it's rocks, stamps, toys, or even casino chips! This state has a city that's super famous for its casinos and many people who visit this state are probably on a vacation to that city and will likely spend at least a little bit of time in one of those casinos. Many people collect obsolete casino chips that they buy online or keep one from their trip without cashing it in to remember the trip by.

Question 22

What state is famous for all things huckleberry?

No, huckleberry isn't just the name of a character from a book. I t's also a delicious fruit that's found in this western state that is used in candy, jelly, tea, baked goods, and a lot of other foods. On top of using these flavorful berries in food, they've also been used in different traditional medicinal applications. Huckleberries grow best in damp soil with a high acidity and are in season during the summer. What western state is known for their huckleberries?

Question 23

In which state could a tourist find diamonds in a state park?

If a tourist is looking for something fun to do and wants to take home something shiny while they're in this state, they should head to the Crater of Diamonds State Park. There, they can dig for diamonds in white, yellow, and brown colors as well as other gems and stones like amethyst. The first diamond was found in the area that is now a state park in the early 1900s and, in 2015, an 8.52-carat diamond was found there as well by a visitor. Wow!

Question 24

In what state would someone get popcorn?

What better place to pick up some popcorn than in this state which is famous for their corn production? Many farms in this state that grow their own corn also sell popcorn which tourists totally love. What's a better addition to a movie night than a delicious bowl of hot, buttery popcorn? And what place is better to buy the popcorn from than a farm that grows the corn that becomes the popcorn in that bowl during a night of Netflix watching?

Question 25

What state would someone be most likely to leave with a stylish new pair of cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots are a style of boot that typically has a Cuban heel, a heel found often on men's shoes, a round or pointed toe box, and that come up to mid-calf height with no laces on the more traditional styles of boots. The materials that they're made from and any kind of decorations or patterns on them can vary greatly from pair to pair, but these details typically stay the same. Which of these states would someone be traveling through if they bought a pair of boots?

Question 26

In which state could someone pick up a bunch of buckeye candy?

These candies are named after the buckeye tree which is the state tree of the state that these candies are particularly popular in. They're named this because of how similar they look to the nuts that this tree produces, but they're not actually made with them. Buckeye candy is made by making a peanut butter fudge and then dipping about half of it in melted chocolate before allowing it to sit and cool down so the chocolate hardens. What state would someone buy buckeye candy in?

Question 27

In which state would a person pick up pottery like this?

This state is known for their pottery which is sculpted and glazed by people who live there. The tradition dates back to pottery made by Native people living in this area and a lot of the pottery that can be bought there now is still made by them, following their traditional designs. Pottery from this state comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs so it's perfect for just about anything that a person traveling through this state might be looking for.

Question 28

In which state could someone pick up a pair of Converse?

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was created in 1908 in this state and has been popular for their classic style of shoes since then. They first created their Non-Skids, an early form of their now iconic All Star shoes, as a shoe to be worn for basketball players due to their sole that claimed not to skid around on the floor or cause them to slip. They became particularly popular when basketball player Chuck Taylor joined a basketball team sponsored by Converse and sold the shoes on tour.

Question 29

What state is known for their salt water taffy?

Visitors who go to the coastal state that started this candy are not likely to leave the state without picking up at least a few pieces of salt water taffy. How exactly the candy was first made is up for debate as there are several different stories including a candy maker getting lazy and using sea water and a storm that caused water from the ocean to splash a batch of candy accidentally. No matter how it was made, we're sure glad it was!

Question 30

In which state would someone buy Roundhouse brand denim?

Jeans are a staple in the closets of tons of people around the world and people who visit this state are not likely to leave without a pair from the famous Roundhouse denim company. The company was started in 1903 with overalls that were popular among people who did tough labor jobs like working on railroads. They became popular due to the fact that they were affordable and tough so replacements didn't need to be purchased that often. What state is Round House denim from?

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