It'll Take A Real TV Buff To Match The Big Bad Villain To The Show

Villains are what make a show truly awesome. Without good villains, all of our favorite shows would have been complete wastes of time. There would have been no conflict! In short, they would have been completely boring. Villains give our heroes a real challenge to overcome, and that's what makes the struggle so interesting. Seeing our favorite characters on the brink of destruction at the hands of these big bad villains gets us on the edge of our seats, and that's always a good thing. Throughout the years, there have been many amazing villains, and today that tradition continues.

These days, villains are getting more brutal and insane than ever before. But they're also just as interesting as they were a few years back. Do today's villains measure up to the villains of the past? There's definitely been some amazing ones in the past, which are tough to live up to. But then again, today's villains are doing new and unique things which have never been done before. Do you remember the baddest and biggest villains from past and present TV shows? Can you match them to their correct show? Take the quiz and find out... It's the only way...

1King Joffrey

This villain might be young, but he's definitely one of the most evil out of all the villains we've ever seen on TV. As you can see by his name, this villain is of royal blood, and actually finds himself taking the throne of a vast empire. But when he becomes king, he does not become the kind of king most people actually like. He is cruel and vicious. But can you actually match this big bad villain to the correct show?

2The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon is another interesting villain, and this one is from a show that tons of people have become hopelessly addicted to. The show focuses on the paranormal, and the supernatural, but does it in a very scientific and cold way. The series also focuses on children who have been captured and experimented on. But there's no doubt that the demogorgon is one of the scariest things. But can you actually match this big bad villain to the correct show?

3Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar might just be the only big bad TV villain in this article who is actually heavily based on a real person. Pablo Escobar did in fact exist, and this guy was one of the biggest drug barons of South America. He was notorious for many things, including his brutal attitude towards his enemies, and his ability to evade the police. He's part of a great show. But can you actually match this big bad villain to the correct show?

4The Butcher

The Butcher is another creepy villain who tons of people will have no trouble remembering. She's part of a great show that has been going for quite a few seasons, getting a lot of fans in the process. Each season, the show moves to a different location, which different characters and a new plot. But there's always a creepy enemy to deal with, and they're always memorable. But can you actually match this big bad villain to the correct show?

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