Match All These TV Characters To The Correct Teen Drama

When it comes to teen dramas that are on TV, the options go on and on. There are popular series based on books - like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. There are newer shows full of excitement, such as Riverdale and Stranger Things. And there are classics that many of us grew up with, like One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek and 90210. The question is, though...How well do we know these TV shows? Let’s find out, here and now!

In this quiz, characters need to be matched to their television series. There will be names that many fans recognize, but do we know where they belong? On what show is Veronica Lodge? What about Chuck Bass? What series features Elena Gilbert? That must all be decided down below.

Oh, and since a good challenge is fun and healthy, there will also be some names that are not as popular. Who knows the TV show that should go with people like Dorrit Bradshaw, Miranda Collins and Emma Nelson? We hope that many people know the answer, since all these characters must be paired up with the correct teen drama.

So, ready for it all? Yes? Good to hear! Let’s get started, folks...

Question 1

On which show is Veronica Lodge?

This is Veronica Lodge, and she probably looks familiar to many who are here today. Plus, even if someone does not watch the television show that she is on, they may still recognize her name, since she comes from a story that has been around (just in a different form - not a teen drama). Another hint here is that the actress that plays Veronica Lodge is actually dating one of her costars, from one of the series listed below! So if anyone knows pop culture and not teen dramas, perhaps this question will be answered correctly. Either way, tell us which show goes with Veronica.

Question 2

On which show is Blair Waldorf?

Blair Waldorf is a Queen B. She ruled her school and rules her domain - all while wearing a trendy headband and tights. She loves Paris, drama, limos and shopping, and she always gets what she wants. Of course, telling us the TV show that proved all of this and more should be easy for many fans, since Blair Waldorf is from a popular teen drama. Those who are not sure, though, can narrow it down by looking at the four answer choices that are listed out down below. So, it is time for the moment of truth: What show features this Queen B?

Question 3

On which show is Damon Salvatore?

Who knows where this attractive guy is from? His show is super exciting, with passion and excitement and twists and turns...but that is probably not the best hint; so many of the shows that are listed out here today are also like that, since that is part of what makes a great teen drama! Nevertheless, Damon Salvatore is a popular character from a popular show that many know. The question is...Which one? Look through the answer choices, then decide on one, please and thanks, then move right along, since there are still plenty of characters to match to television series.

Question 4

On which show is Summer Roberts?

When fans were introduced to Summer Roberts, they just saw a spoiled girl who liked shopping, boys and parties. As the series progressed, though, and as Summer matured, she became a whole new person. In fact, she even became an animal rights activist. Oh, and her on-screen love story has gone done in history...and she may or may not have dated her on-screen husband in real life! So add all of these hints up, think back to this character, picture it all, and then tell us: On what show is Summer Roberts? (Hint: It is listed out down below there:)

Question 5

On which show is Hannah Baker?

Hannah Baker is a name that has come up a lot in the last couple of years and TV fans should know that her name is the name of a character from a teen drama! While many shows within this genre just appeal to a younger crowd, Hannah Baker’s show spread, was in news headlines and was talked about and watched by many people of many ages. Hopefully, that did not give too much away, since we still want this quiz to push and to test people! But maybe it helped some people who are here decide which series should be selected down below.

Question 6

On which show is Ezra Fitz?

Does this guy look familiar? While he was not one of the main and central characters from this series, he was pretty close! His role in the entire story and his relationship with a main character both make him pretty popular. First, fans were intrigued by him. Then, they were not sure what to think. After that, many fell in love with him. But when one of the biggest twists in this entire show came about, fans felt like they had no idea what to think and what was happening! It was quite an exciting journey with this guy...but on which show?

Question 7

On which show is Nathan Scott?

Nathan Scott is another character with an interesting story. At first, many fans did not like him. He was not super nice! But then, things happened, plots went down, the story continued, and he is know a loving father and husband. Man, we are just thinking back to some of those episodes...Remember them? We hope so, because we need an answer here! So remember Nate, and tell us his TV show. Then, of course, continue on in this quiz, because we have some fascinating characters down below, waiting to be identified and matched by everyone who is here with us today.

Question 8

On which show is Betty Cooper?

Alright, up next, we have this pretty little character right here - a well-known girl who is named Betty Cooper. Betty Cooper is the definition of the girl next door. She studies hard in school. She is nice to everyone she meets. She is a bubbly blonde. But in her television series, anything can happen. This question should be easy for many people who are here today, since her show has become a fan favorite. For those who do not know the answer, though, remember: We always provide four answer options, so use the process of elimination, and decide which show is the correct answer here.

Question 9

On which show is Chuck Bass?

Wow, Chuck Bass is like the opposite of Betty Cooper! On his show, fans see typical stereotypes: There is the It Girl, the quiet writer, the athlete, the bossy brunette...and there is him. He is the bad boy of the group. He does not care what anyone thinks. He is also from an affluent family, so he wears designer suits and bow ties, throws crazy parties, rides around in a limo and becomes involved in some interesting business deals. He may have not been so great in the beginning, but he ended up being a fan favorite - mostly due to his beautiful love story with another character on this teen drama.

Question 10

On which show is Archie Andrews?

Archie Andrews is a name that has been around for some time, and recently, it has become super popular - more popular than ever. Why? Well, Archie is from a TV show that is really loved right now. In fact, this TV show has already been mentioned on this quiz! That is right - We already featured one or maybe two of the characters who star on this teen drama with Mr. Archie Andrews. And all of them give us new excitement with each episode of this television series...But what is the series we are talking about here and now?

Question 11

On which show is Joey Potter?

Joey Potter, who is played by the famous actress Katie Holmes, is another one of those smart and studious characters. In fact, she ends up being valedictorian of her graduating class (a fictional class at this fictional school within this television series). And, of course, Joey has a couple of fascinating relationships over the course of this series, which helps to draw in audiences even more. Sigh...On which show did we see Joey Potter study, graduate, fall in love and win over men? Choose a title from the four options that are listed out down below for everyone here!

Question 12

On which show is Mona Vanderwaal?

Mona Vanderwaal is interesting, to say the least, and her transformation on her show is one of the most, well, interesting ones of all. Back in the day, Mona was sort of a nerd. She did not really fit in, and she had braces and glasses, of course. But then, she decided she wanted to be popular. She lost the nerd vibe. She started dressing in a way that caught everyone’s attention. But the transformation wasn’t over yet! It turns out, she was involved in some pretty crazy stuff on her show, and she even ended up in a sanitarium and then in Paris, where she owned a unique shop. Tell us which show she was on!

Question 13

On which show is Clay Jensen?

Okay, up next here, we have Clay Jensen - a character whose face many people should recognize. Sure, this young star has been on other shows and films, but his current work is his most popular. And yes, it has already been discussed within this quiz! We had to include it, as it is one of the most notable teen dramas of all time. Is it loved by all? No - no show is. Has everyone seen it? No - but many have. Is it listed out down below? Yes - along with three other options. So choose the correct one now, please and thanks!

Question 14

On which show is Jughead Jones?

Is this a unique name? Of course it is. And is this a recognizable star? It sure is! Jughead Jones is a TV character who is played by Cole Sprouse. Cole Sprouse has been acting, along with his twin brother, Dylan, since an early age, and the two are best known for playing Zack and Cody on The Disney Channel. Nowadays, they are heartthrobs, and Cole plays this person on this show, which is even more popular than The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was! Which show are we referring to here? Tell us by clicking on it below there.

Question 15

On which show is Dorrit Bradshaw?

In the introductory paragraph of this quiz, we threw out the name Dorrit Bradshaw, and we are wondering how many fans who are here today know this name and this girl and this show. Dorrit is a little sister with an edge; as seen here, she has sort of an emo thing going on, and she is sarcastic and a bit moody. All of this and more makes her a fun supporting character on a fun little TV show - one that is, as usual, listed out down below as an answer option for this question. So choose a teen drama!

Question 16

On which show is Dan Humphrey?

Dan Humphrey, on the other hand, is more known, since he played a huge role on his teen drama. He is interesting on his own, as a boy from Brooklyn who writes and observes from the outside. His love story is still swooned over today, as he won over the girl of his dreams. And the twist that involved him, on this television series...Wow. It is one of the most-talked-about ones out there, and we are waiting for a show to entertain us like this one did, still to this day. So tell us: On which show is Dan Humphrey?

Question 17

On which show is Elena Gilbert?

We are moving right along in this quiz, and we are now to Elena Gilbert - another character we mentioned in the intro paragraph here. Surely, many who are here have heard this name. And hopefully, many people know that she is the star of an exciting TV show - one that has a bit of a dark side, that has some love in it and that entertains fans of all ages. But which show is it? Which show is Elena on? Which show is the correct answer to this question? Well, look down below there at the choices we have, then click on one of them to tell us the answer!

Question 18

On which show is Reggie Mantle?

Reginald "Reggie" Mantle is the captain of his football team, so we can assume that he is popular and athletic. However, here is something to know: His teen drama is not just about normal teens in a normal town and at a normal school. Oh, no! That being said, Reggie is not just a football player. He also has somewhat of a side gig, which could surprise some people, based on this photo. But fans of his show know all about it and will be able to correctly pick out his TV show down below. So tell us: On which show is Reggie Mantle?

Question 19

On which show is Annie Wilson?

Annie Wilson is a character who is portrayed by Shenae Grimes. The main thing to know about her - which will serve as a hint in deciding which series starred her - is that Annie loves theater. Besides that, she is an average teen drama character, with friends and excitement and school and such. Yes, Ms. Annie Wilson is from a pretty popular television series - one that is considered a classic within this genre of TV shows. And we are wondering how many people know that it is the answer...Well, we will find out soon soon enough, of course!

Question 20

On which show is Jen Lindley?

Jen Lindley arrived on the scene from New York. arrives from New York City. The main takeaway from her storyline is that she falls in love with a main character, which upsets another female character. She then becomes the resident bad girl, but by the end of the show, she is friends with said other female character! It definitely all made for some good TV, on a show that many fans really, really, really miss. So think back to Jen Lindley and her romance and her frenemy and this scene, and then guess which show she is from.

Question 21

On which show is Stefan Salvatore?

Okay, when it comes to Stefan Salvatore, here is what we are going to say: There is too much to say! He is a very complicated character, and any hints that we could give, in order to help decide which show featured him, would not be enough. Why? Well, he changed so much and has different personalities, we will say. That being said, we just need people to think on their own, to look at the teen dramas that are listed, to study his photo here and then to give us an answer! Yes, please, let us know which show featured Stefan Salvatore.

Question 22

On which show is Ryan Atwood?

Ryan Atwood may have been in juvenile detention. He may have been abandoned by his mother. He may have been adopted. He may have had an on-again-off-again relationship with the girl next door. Come on, guys and gals - We surely do not need to say anymore here. It is Ryan Atwood! He is known, he is popular, and he is from one of the most well-known teen dramas out there. But which one? That is the pick one out down below there, before moving on to the last few questions we have in this quiz here.

Question 23

On which show is Craig Manning?

As seen in this image, Craig Manning is a singer and a musician, but oh, he is much more than that. His show focuses on diving deep into issues, so fans saw Craig and his friends deal with all sort of teen issues, from dating to much more serious topics. In fact, Craig himself was involved in some not-so-great stuff, and so many emotions were felt for and towards him! But he is a fan favorite, since he is a caring, talented and attractive young man...from which show (tell us by answering down below, please and thanks)?

Question 24

On which show is Serena van der Woodsen?

When it comes to females from teen dramas, Serena van der Woodsen is one of the best. Her character knew how to entertain, that is for sure! When she was doing well in life, she was going to college, working, hanging out with friends and even getting married. During the low points of the series, though, she was seen running away from some really serious problems - but, again, this makes for good television! So look at Blake Lively’s pretty and blonde and smiling character here, and tell us on which show she was, out of the four that are below.

Question 25

On which show is Seth Cohen?

Seth Cohen may be the most beloved nerd out there, and he could be the most popular geek from a teen drama! Of course, he was more than that, though, wasn’t he? He was a friend, he was a lover, and he is a character that people still love and miss. A fun fact about Seth Cohen is that he is played by Adam Brody, and Adam Brody ended up marrying an actress - an actress that also starred on a teen drama and that can be found within this quiz. How fun! But back to the point: On which show is Seth Cohen?

Question 26

On which show is CeCe Drake?

We have discussed some really complicated characters within this quiz, characters that bring about a lot of excitement in these television series. Well, CeCe Drake may be the most interesting of all. Right away, many fans know her and know what we are talking about. Who would have ever seen any of her story coming, right?! And those who do not recognize this character, just let us say...Her TV show is a well-known one, and her involvement was huge in tying up loose ends and solving the puzzle and figuring things out (well, some things). So which show is the answer here?

Question 27

On which show is Stiles Stilinski?

Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski is a son, a best friend and a member of a club of sorts. He even had an internship with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, so that should serve as an indicator; he is not a normal teen. No, he is quite special - so special that he is in this club and ended up at the FBI! Do we know his show? Have we seen his show? Do we love his show? Or are we lost here, and are we going to have to throw out a random guess on this question? Either way, click on one of the answer options that we have listed out down below.

Question 28

On which show is Peyton Sawyer?

Oh, Peyton...She went from a rebellious cheerleader and a girl who went through some real hardships to a woman who succeeded in the music industry, a woman who had a memorable wedding, a woman who gave birth to a daughter and a woman who is known for her friendship with the other leading lady in this series. This is a good one, folks, so think back, browse through the answer choices, and then say it: On which show is Peyton Sawyer? After answering, remember that there are only a few questions left in this quiz!

Question 29

On which show is Miranda Collins?

Okay, this question may stump some people who are here today, which is good and bad; on one hand, we love challenging fans, and on the other hand, we don’t want this to be too hard for anyone! That being said, this is Miranda Collins, she is the star of her teen drama, which is actually linked to another really popular TV series. And she is super unique. We can’t say why - That would give it away. But her character must learn some lessons and move on in life, which plays out in this television show. What is the name of the show?

Question 30

On which show is Angel?

Angel is another one of those guys who we could go on and on and on about...There are so many details about this character, and we do not even have time to discuss them all! Instead, we just need to remember the task at hand: to decide, once and for all, which show featured this Angel character. As usual, we have four different shows listed out down below, and he is from one of them. So, fans, look at this man. Look at the different answer choices. And then tell us the answer to this question before moving on here.

Question 31

On which show is Brenda Walsh?

Brenda Walsh is smart. She is strong, as she makes bold decisions without backing down. However, in this show, she is also just a teenager who is dealing with school and relationships and new experiences. Fans enjoyed watching her come onto the scene, as she figured out her new setting and surroundings and life. But enough about the details - give us the answer! On which show is Brenda Walsh? Choose an answer, as we have listed out four fun teen dramas down below (four that we really just want to go rewatch right now!).

Question 32

On which show is Lucas Gottesman?

Alright, who knows Lucas Gottesman? We bet seasoned fans do! He may not be as popular as, say, Veronica Lodge or Blair Waldorf, but he is important when discussing teen dramas on TV. His character was introduced in one way, then, as things started changing, he changed, circumstances changed, and his relationship with main characters (one in particular) changed. That may sound vague, but we can’t give too much away! Besides, this television series is huge, so many will know the answer...Yes, this show was certainly entertaining and exciting, and Lucas’ character was involved in some of the most dramatic moments within it all! On which show is Lucas Gottesman?

Question 33

On which show is Marissa Cooper?

Here is an easy one for everyone: This is Marissa Cooper, who is one of the most well-known TV characters out there, in the world of teen dramas. Since she is so popular, it makes since that her show is, too. It is still talked about today, it was watched by everyone when it was on, and the big scenes that involved her character...Wow. We still can’t believe any of it, may not ever get over it and still remember watching it all! On which show is Marissa Cooper? Answer, then continue on in this TV quiz.

Question 34

On which show is Jordan Catalano?

This is Jordan Catalano, a character who was played by Jared Leto. Yes, before Jared Leto was in a band or starring in Hollywood blockbusters, he was on this TV show. His character was the hottie in school, but there was more to him. He had a secret. He had a crush. He had interesting episodes that made up a beloved television series - one that was gone much too soon. And the job here, of course and as usual, is to tell us the name of said series! That being said, click on an answer down below.

Question 35

On which show is Claudia Salinger?

Does this young star look familiar to anyone who is here with us today? She should - It is Lacey Chabert. But before Lacey Chabert starred on Mean Girls and in Hallmark Channel movies, she starred as this character. This character is named Claudia Salinger, and Claudia is smart, caring and passionate. She is also funny, providing comic relief in a show that could get deep and serious. Oh, and she plays the violin like nobody’s business! Does any of this ring a bell? We hope so, because we need an answer for this question: On which show is Claudia Salinger?

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