If You Fail This Marvel Quiz, You're Not Ready For Phase 4

The MCU has officially taken over the world, and fans recently learned what the franchise has in store for the next several years. We are being treated to new movies, new characters and television shows that will be exclusive to Disney's streaming service, and the most dedicated fans out there are going to soak up every single minute of the action. During 2019, the MCU saw three films hit the big screen, and each one of them was able to make over $1 billion at the box office, with Avengers: Endgame topping the all-time list by making over $2.7 billion.

Fans that have been along for the ride over the last 11 years know where we have come from and where we are going, and they can recall some of the most minute details of the franchise's best films. The character that helped shape the franchise offered something unique in every film and the people that brought these films to life all had a hand in making cinema history. Needless to say, people are always wanting what's next, but are they actually ready for what's in store?

Today, we are offering this MCU quiz to see which fans out there are ready for the next phase of MCU films!

Question 1

What Is Black Widow's Real Name?

Question 2

Who Is May Related To?

Question 3

Which Infinity Stone Gave Captain Marvel Her Powers?

Question 4

Which Infinity Stone Was Malekith After?

Question 5

Is M.J. Iron Man's Daughter?

Question 6

Where Is Star-Lord From?

Question 7

Is Cap's Real Name Scott Lang?

Question 8

How Many Kids Does Hawkeye Have?

Question 9

Where Does Drax Meet Star-Lord?

Question 10

Is Valkyrie Currently Ruling New Asgard?

Question 11

What Is Hulk's Human Name?

Question 12

Who Created Vision?

Question 13

Where Does Doctor Strange Live?

Question 14

Which Force Is Okoye Part Of?

Question 15

Which Film Did Betty Ross Appear In?

Question 16

Who Does Ebony Maw Work For?

Question 17

Which Infinity Stone Did Ronan Have?

Question 18

Was Vulture Sent To Prison In Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Question 19

Did Mar-Vell Train Captain Marvel?

Question 20

Who Does Happy Hogan Work For?

Question 21

Which Planet Does The Grandmaster Live On?

Question 22

What Is The Name Of Star-Lord's Ship?

Question 23

Where Is Thanos From?

Question 24

What Is Wasp's Real Name?

Question 25

Was Killmonger Able To Take The Throne In Wakanda?

Question 26

Did Peggy Get Her Dance?

Question 27

What Is Winter Soldier's Arm Made Of?

Question 28

Has Nick Fury Worked With Drax?

Question 29

Which Infinity Stone Does Red Skull Guard?

Question 30

Is Ego A Living Planet?

Question 31

Who Is Tony Stark's Wife?

Question 32

What Is Loki The God Of?

Question 33

Who Trained Doctor Strange?

Question 34

Where Is Thor From?

Question 35

Does Kraglin Have Yondu's Arrow?

Question 36

What Is Mantis's Power?

Question 37

Is Mordo Still Working With Doctor Strange?

Question 38

What Is Doctor Strange's Title?

Question 39

Which Character Can Speak Groot?

Question 40

What Type Of Animal Is Rocket?

Question 41

How Did Star-Lord Help Defeat Ronan?

Question 42

Which Character Is Not Part Of The Guardians of the Galaxy?

Question 43

Which Side Does Spider-Man Fight On In Captain America: Civil War?

Question 44

Who Created Ultron?

Question 45

Does Hela Break Mjolnir?

Question 46

Which Of These Is Not An Infinity Stone?

Question 47

What Is Ant-Man's Daughter's Name?

Question 48

Which Avenger Does Not Survive Avengers: Endgame?

Question 49

Is Scarlet Witch Twins With Wolverine?

Question 50

Who Designed Spider-Man's Newest Suit In Spider-Man: Far From Home?

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