Marry Or Divorce These Starlets And We'll Guess If You Prefer Blondes Or Brunettes

There are so many Hollywood starlets to consider nowadays! When it comes to actresses, there are women like Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games, Keira Knightley from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Carey Mulligan from Never Let Me Go, Emma Watson from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Emma Stone from La La Land. Let's not forget about Mila Kunis from Black Swan, Shailene Woodley from Divergent, and Saoirse Ronan from The Lovely Bones. Those ladies are movie actresses! TV stars like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are also super special and so are famous singers like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga! Most of the super lovely women who are famous in Hollywood today are famous for being talented in some cool way in terms of acting, singing, or modeling!

People who prefer blondes might prefer marrying gals like Blake Lively, Dakota Fanning, Amber Heard, Kristen Bell, and Kate Hudson! People who prefer brunettes might prefer marrying gals like Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Megan Fox, and Mila Kunis! There are so many Hollywood celebrities to choose from which is what makes this game of "Marry or Divorce" so much more fun to play!

Question 1

Blake Lively?

Blake Lively is the actress behind the role of Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl! That show was so popular in its day and it still trends on Netflix now. Blake Lively once said, "I tend to like to make my statements more in fashion than in beauty, because what I normally respond to is when someone looks really effortless and deconstructed, beauty-wise, and their fashion is really grand. Someone like Kate Moss is a great example." (Brainy Quote). Is she the perfect future bride?

Question 2

Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence once said, "I just kind of opened up and said, 'I feel like a rag doll. I have hair and makeup people coming to my house every day and putting me in new, uncomfortable, weird dresses and expensive shoes, and I just shut down and raise my arms up for them to get the dress on, and pout my lips when they need to put the lipstick on.'" (Brainy Quote). She was the star of the Hunger Games!

Question 3

Scarlett Johansson?

Scarlett Johansson is a lovely actress who has been in her fair share of totally awesome films. She once said, "I've always had the same principle for choosing roles, which is to try and make movies that I would pay to see. As I get older, that's meant different things." (Brainy Quote). She took on the role of Black Widow in the Marvel movie franchise and fought back against bad guys with heroes like Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk!

Question 4

Natalie Portman?

Natalie Portman described her interests when she said, "Well, right now, I'm very fascinated with 1920s Berlin. I mean, probably the more interesting thing would be to go to the beginning of civilization or precivilization - like polytheistic times. It would be interesting to see what came before modern religion and culture - what circumstances created the environment or the need for it." (Brainy Quote). Natalie is the star of movies like Black Swan and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace!

Question 5

Charlize Theron?

Charlize Theron is an awesome blonde actress who once said, "I mean, I'm new but I've always been very interested in film making process and I've been lucky enough to work with filmmakers in my past that have been very encouraging to let me hang around. I get so emotionally vested - that the producer part of me was natural." (Brainy Quote). It is awesome that she takes such an interest in film because she has chosen to star in some big hits!

Question 6

Zoe Saldana?

Zoe Saldana described her talent when she said, "Dancing for the length of time that I did, it centered me in such a way to be really in tune with my body, and I just feel like I'm physically able to do things because of my ballet background. Without ballet, I don't think I'd look graceful at all on screen." (Brainy Quote). Her choice to partake in ballet before acting was a very smart call! Is Zoe a great future bride?

Question 7

Kaley Cuoco?

Kaley Cuoco is another awesome blonde actress that a lot of people adore. She once said, "Diet cola is my absolute favorite drink in the world; I used to drink four cans a day. But to help me cut down, I've turned it into a treat. Now, instead of having dessert, I'll have a can of diet soda. Putting a limit on how often I can drink it has helped me appreciate it more." (Brainy Quote). Her opinion on sweets is relatable!

Question 8

Zooey Deschanel?

Zooey Deschanel described her first acting experience by saying, "My nursery school did a production of 'The Three Little Pigs.' I played the third pig. When the wolf knocked on my door, I refused to get up and answer it because, to me, he was knocking the wrong way. I just lay there, snoring away on stage, fully immersed in my character. My dad turned to my mom and said: 'Dustin Hoffman.'" (Brainy Quote). She was born to be an actress!

Question 9

AnnaSophia Robb?

In 2011, AnnaSophia Robb starred in a movie called Soul Surfer. "A natural talent in the sport of surfing, teenager Bethany Hamilton, played by Anna Sophia Robb, loses an arm in a shark attack. Bolstered by the love of her parents, played by Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid and refusing to give up, she plans to return to competition, although questions about her future continue to trouble her." (Brainy Quotes). This movie is only one of her awesome flicks!

Question 10

Olivia Wilde?

Olivia Wilde is the voice actress behind a big role from the animated Netflix original "BoJack Horseman". She once said, "The mark of a good marriage is a partnership and continuing to feel inspired by one's spouse. I had that with Tao. But the end is not necessarily the tragedy. Staying in a relationship that is no longer working is the tragedy. Living unhappily - that's the tragedy." (Brainy Quote). She would obviously be a very good wife to the right person!

Question 11

Dakota Fanning?

Dakota Fanning is the actress who won the BFCA Critics' Choice Award for Best Young Actress, Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer, and the MTV Movie Award for Best S-A-S Performance according to Google. She also won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress and the Satellite Special Achievement Award for Outstanding New Talent. She is a very young actress to have won so many awards! One of the first flicks she was in was with Brittany Murphy!

Question 12

Megan Fox?

Megan Fox described herself and her interests when she said, "I'm the biggest nerd - I love comic books and stuff like that! I don't have any friends who are actresses. I only had one girlfriend when I was growing up. Most of my friends were boys. I was such a tomboy. I enjoyed doing guy things." (Brainy Quote). She starred in the Transformers movies back when she was 21 and 22 years old. She has also starred in other action flicks.

Question 13

Amber Heard?

Amber Heard once said, "I get a stack of scripts, like, once a month, and most of the time, I find these placeholder girls that are there to provide a bounce for the male character. So we know he's funny because she's serious and she's mad at him. We know he's strong because she needs saving. So really, her job is to validate this personality trait of our hero or male." (Brainy Quote). Hopefully, she comes across a good script again soon!

Question 14

Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Stewart is such an amazing actress and she became more well known after starring in everyone's favorite vampire saga! She started off in Twilight in 2008, The Twilight Saga: New Moon in 2009, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in 2010, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 in 2011. In 2012, she starred in the final flick which is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. Everyone who watched these epic movies respected Kristen Stewart as the leading lady!

Question 15

Hayden Panettiere?

The lovely Hayden Panettiere once said, "I spend so much time with the brightest and most talented and well-rounded people. I've had the privilege of having long and very intellectual conversations with people, and sometimes I just sit there and listen. It's like a better version of a class. Even though I'm not sitting at a desk and in school, I'm still learning all the time." (Brainy Quote). Her attitude is a great one to have in the Hollywood industry!

Question 16

Mila Kunis?

Mila Kunis once said, "I wanted to quit the industry when I was eighteen and finish '70s', finish my contract on the show and go to college because I was pretty convinced that after the '70s' and after being on a show for eight years that I would be very much pigeonholed for something specific that I didn't want to be a part of anymore." (Brainy Quote). She was wrong about that because after her teen show ended, she went on to film other great movies!

Question 17

Brittany Snow?

Brittany Snow reflected on her time filming a huge movie when she said, "I think my least favorite hair color was the hair color that I had in 'Pitch Perfect 2.' They really wanted me to be dark red, and I wanted to be lighter like I was in the first movie, but they didn't want that. But I rocked some light red for a year after it faded." (Brainy Quote). Lucky for her, she looks super great in every hair color!

Question 18

Jessica Alba?

Jessica Alba described her busy life when she said, "I wish there were two of me and 48-hour days so I could get everything done. But for me, I have to not try and think that everything has to be 100% perfect all the time and leave room for error. As long as my kids feel loved and a priority, everything really is secondary." (Brainy Quote). She does not have to be perfect to be totally adored the way she is!

Question 19

Amanda Seyfried?

Amanda Seyfried once said, "Singing was my first love and I never even considered it after I started acting, but now I'm bringing it back into my life. I trained from the ages of 11 to 17. When I moved to New York and got into serious acting, I just kind of abandoned the whole singing thing. But when I grew up in Pennsylvania I went to voice lessons once a week." (Brainy Quote). We are glad she chose acting and singing!

Question 20

Paula Patton?

The stunning Paula Patton once said, "A movie is painting, it's photography, it's literature - because we have to have the screenplay - it's music. Put a different soundtrack to a comedy and it's a tragedy. A movie combines all those forms and forces us to pay attention for two hours with a group of people." (Brainy Quote). Paula Patton is one of the prettiest brunette actresses on the scene today because of her winning smile, elegant walk, and her lovely eyes!

Question 21

Ashley Tisdale?

Ashley Tisdale once said, "When I was really little, I was on a Pop Warner squad. I did it for a year. My dad was a Pop Warner football coach. I did it because my best friend was also on this cheer squad, and of course, I looked up to my sister who was a cheerleader, so I wanted to cheer." (Brainy Quote). Ashley Tisdale went from cheering as a girl to acting and we are all very happy about that!

Question 22

Jessica Biel?

Jessica Biel once said, "In the car on my way to premieres and awards shows, I'll sit with tissue paper under my armpits so I don't soil the delicate dress fabric. The whole time, I'm telling myself, 'Please don't sweat, please don't sweat.' I throw the tissues out right before I step out of the car, and nobody ever knows! I just put on a smile and fake it." (Brainy Quote). She sounds like a relatable human being by saying that!

Question 23

Ashley Benson?

Ashley Benson once said, "My first celeb crush was Hanson. I loved all three of them. My sister and I would always fight, and whenever they would come on the TV, we would always give them a kiss on the TV. And I also had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Every time he would come on the screen, he was like my boyfriend. I was such a nerd like that." (Brainy Quote). Now she is a TV celeb herself!

Question 24

Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez spoke on her fitness and health when she said, "I love how Pilates makes me feel like it opens me up. I have the hardest time breathing, weirdly enough. Even when I have conversations, I need to work on my breathing, so it's something I enjoy because it's peaceful and it helps me relax." (Brainy Quote). It is great that she cares about those things so much! She is such a great actress and singer in the spotlight.

Question 25

Julianne Hough?

Julianne Hough is a lovely blonde star who once said, "I totally think there was a country hair phase. If we look at all the mullets, and Dolly Parton, and Reba's hair, Tim McGraw's hair, Blake Shelton's hair, they definitely had their moments. I definitely listened to country music. I don't think I listened to hair bands as much as I did Bruce Springsteen and U2 and Aerosmith." (Brainy Quote). Her music taste is very relatable for a lot of people!

Question 26

Keira Knightley?

According to Google, Keira Knightley has starred in a lot of cool flicks! Some of those movies include Pride & Prejudice, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Bend It Like Beckham, and The Nutcracker & the Four Realms. She also starred in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Edge of Love, Never Let Me Go, and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Question 27

Kate Upton?

Kate Upton once said, "I'm sure every designer has a certain person in mind who they would ideally like to wear their clothes, but the problem is that a lot of the time that person doesn't actually exist unless she is a 15-year-old model." (Brainy Quote). She is a model and actress herself with a figure that brings much more to the table than a lot of women who are also in her profession. Is she a great future bride?

Question 28

Jennifer Garner?

According to Google, Jennifer Garner won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series - Drama, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress - Drama/Action Adventure, and the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance - Female. She also won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Action Movie Actress, People's Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Performer, as well as many more!

Question 29

Hailey Baldwin Bieber?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is such a talented and gorgeous model in today's society! She once said, "I don't see myself as famous; I see myself as a normal person with a job that is not very normal. My work life is very out there and very public. But I do my best to maintain my privacy." (Brainy Quote). She is known for saying things that are super relatable and motivational. That is probably why so many girls connect with her!

Question 30

Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner once said, "I've realized through the years that I just find happiness in other things, whether it's my dogs or my friends or, like, looking at the sunset. So if I were to wish for something else, it would just to be happy all the time, to have a superpower of not letting things affect me, and to be true to who I am, always." (Brainy Quote). She is one of the most successful young women in society!

Question 31

Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton once said, "I always knew I had a voice and I've always known I could sing, but I was too shy to let it come out. I think it's the hardest thing to do, to sing in front of people. When I finally let go and did it, I realized it's what I'm most talented at and what I love to do the most." (Brainy Quote). It would be very cool to hear this heiress belt out a song!

Question 32

Anna Kendrick?

Anna Kendrick once said, "I just got on Twitter because there was some MTV film blog that quoted me on something really innocuous that I supposedly said on Twitter before I was even on Twitter. So then I had to get on Twitter to say: 'This is me. I'm on Twitter. If there's somebody else saying that they're me on Twitter, they're not.'" (Brainy Quote). Her explanation here is totally needed because society puts words in famous people's mouths sometimes!

Question 33

Ashley Olsen?

Ashley Olsen once said, "I love driving, but sometimes, I'm not too good at it because I spend too much time looking in the rearview mirror if I know I'm being followed. Don't respond like, 'Oh, there's paparazzi.' It's more like, 'There's a man, and he's going to attack me.' That's how a body responds." (Brainy Quote). She is the sister of Mary-Kate Olsen and the two of them deal with their fair share of paparazzi from their level of status.

Question 34

Eva Mendes?

Eva Mendes once said, "Actors used to carry films because people would have to actually go to the movies to see them. It was the only place. But now there's none of that mystique, and so there's less of a reason to buy a ticket." (Brainy Quote). It is interesting to see how actors and actresses describe their life in the spotlight. They deal with so much and it is very cool to see their perspective. Is Eva the perfect bride?

Question 35

Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift once said, "Fans are my favorite thing in the world. I've never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line's always been really blurred for me. I'll hang out with them after the show. I'll hang out with them before the show. If I see them in the mall, I'll stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes." (Brainy Quote). Is Taylor Swift a great bride choice?

Question 36

Nina Dobrev?

Nina Dobrev once said, "Looking back on high school, I just remember specific scenarios and thinking, wow, that was such a big deal at the time, but right now it feels like it never even happened. So I guess if I can give any advice, I would just say that everything will pass, and it'll feel like it was a big deal over nothing." (Brainy Quote). We have all been through that type of thing where we reflect on our history!

Question 37

Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga once said, "The only big things I've purchased are my dad's heart valve and a Rolls-Royce for my parents, for their anniversary. And that was only because my dad had a Lady Gaga license plate on our old car and it was making me crazy because he was getting followed everywhere, so I bought him a new car." (Brainy Quote). It is amazing and wonderful that she has reached such a level of success in her profession as a singer!

Question 38

Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian once said, "I'm just really supportive of everyone - even though I believe that things should be equal, people have different circumstances in their life that have taught them to be who they are. Even if I don't agree with them, I don't judge them. I'm a really non-judgmental person." (Brainy Quote). Her sense of thinking is what makes her so likable! Nobody really likes a super judgy person and she is truly the opposite of a judgy person!

Question 39

Kristen Bell?

Kristen Bell once said, "I pushed myself way too hard during the first year of Veronica Mars and I got moody and run-down. Now I'll go to bed early instead of going out with friends. It's not always the most fun option, but I know I need at least eight hours of sleep to feel balanced." (Brainy Quote). She did push herself super hard while filming that show and it made a difference! Is she a great bride to choose?

Question 40

Emma Watson?

Emma Watson once said, "I mean, I have done scenes with animals, with owls, with bats, with cats, with special effects, with thespians, in the freezing cold, in the pouring rain, boiling warm; I've done press with every syndication, every country; I've done interviews with people dressed up as cows - there's honestly nothing that's gonna intimidate me!" (Brainy Quote). Her ability to act in any and all conditions is quite impressive! She is a great bride to choose on this quiz!

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