Marry Or Divorce These Actors And We'll Reveal Your Soulmate's First Initial

There are a lot of actors out there, people who have dedicated their life to a craft, and others that have seen a chance to make some money and gain some fame. This is why there are a lot of names out there, names that we all know about. What we want to do is group together some of these actors and see whether or not people would marry or divorce them, whether it's because of their passion for what they do or because they're just very handsome!

Yes, that's right, it's time for us to take a look at these actors and for everyone to decide what they would do. Once they've done that, we will be able to use this information to tell everyone their soulmate's initial. It makes us feel good to know that we can help everyone out there work towards finding their soulmate.

So, is everyone ready to start this quiz? We want to see what people think about some of the most famous and beautiful actors out there. It's about time that we all got started and we want to help everyone find their soulmate, so let's get going on this one!

Question 1

Aaron Eckhart

It didn't seem like many people knew who this man was until he made his name as one of the main characters in Nolan's The Dark Knight. Now, he's seen as a great actor, and as somebody that everyone should be keeping an eye on in the future, as who knows what he will end up achieving!

Question 2

Tom Hardy

This guy may have not had many huge roles for a few years, but he has been acting for a long time now, and the past decade or so have been a big deal for him. He's a household name at this point, working on both the big screen and the small screen.

Question 3

Tom Holland

This man made it big recently when he got himself a role as the new Spider-Man, allowing him the chance to appear in numerous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We reckon this guy has got himself a job for a very long time at this point!

Question 4

Ryan Gosling

It may have been his good looks that pushed him into the world of showbiz, but Gosling has appeared in enough good movies at this point to prove to the world that he actually has a great acting talent underneath all of those good looks. Seen Drive anyone?

Question 5

Orlando Bloom

This guy made his name playing Legolas in The Lord of the Rings movies, but has since moved onto other franchises, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He appears to be taking a low profile at the moment, probably spending the millions he's already made.

Question 6

Craig Robertson

This guy has been working in TV and film for the past few years. People probably noticed him in The Office at first, but since then he has gone onto become a big name in comedic acting, especially when it comes to his big screen appearances!

Question 7

Elijah Wood

Most people won't think of much more than The Lord of the Rings franchise when they see this guy, but he has acted in a lot since he played Frodo, working on a lot of independent features in fact. This guy keeps putting in work!

Question 8

Idris Elba

This man has been working on television for years now. The Wire was his big chance to prove to everyone that he has real talent, able to take on roles and accents outside of his usual. Now, he's also known for his work on Luther, and people love that he could one day become James Bond.

Question 9

Russell Brand

This guy became known for his way with women, spending years as a man in showbiz, moving from stand-up into the world of movies. Throughout that time he has been a flirt, but he has now got a long term wife with whom he shares a child.

Question 10

Andy Samberg

Humor is an important part of life. For a lot of us, it's the way that we get on with it all, to not let the bad stuff drag us down. So to have a man like this around that can make someone laugh whenever he wants would definitely be a good idea in the long run!

Question 11

Ashton Kutcher

This man made a name for himself after he hosted Punk'd, but has since gone on to appear in numerous movies. Now that he's finished his work on Two and a Half Men, he has turned his attention to the world of philanthropy, wanting to help the world through his fame and fortune.

Question 12

Pierce Brosnan

This guy became known around the world after taking on the role of James Bond, a secret agent that is handsome and does whatever it takes to get the job done. It has changed a lot from the books at this point, becoming a film franchise in its own right.

Question 13

Norman Reedus

After appearing in TWD's first season, he became highly popular, to the point where the writers put him in permanently even though his character never actually appears in the comic book that the show is adapted from!

Question 14

Andrew Lincoln

Taking the starring role in TWD may have been what turned this guy into a major star, but he's also known for his work on the big screen, in movies such as Love Actually. He's now planning on moving on from TWD, so we'll have to see where he ends up.

Question 15

Andy Serkis

Serkis is known for taking on roles that force him to play or voice a character through motion capture. He has even worked on a video game, both as a writer and as an actor, providing a voice to the video game adaptation of a famous story.

Question 16

Ben Affleck

This guy has most recently struggled to take on the role of Batman, but we can't blame him as he had some very big shoes to fill on that one! He is also known for his work behind the camera as well as in front of it, gaining numerous accolades for his screenwriting ability.

Question 17

Nick Offerman

This guy gained a lot of fame after working on Parks And Recreation, but since then he has become a hero to many people that see him as a beacon of positive masculinity in a world that doesn't seem to have much of that these days!

Question 18

Channing Tatum

After his work on Magic Mike, we all understood what dancing ability he has, but to be honest, we like him best when he's in comedy movies. He has done dramatic roles before, but he's at his best when he's working in a comedic role.

Question 19

Nick Frost

Frost is well known for his frequent collaborations with Simon Pegg, both in an acting capacity and as a writer. He continues to work with Simon Pegg in various capacities, just no longer being directed by Edgar Wright. Never say never though!

Question 20

Benicio Del Toro

This guy has put in work in both the background and as a star, and yet he never really gets the recognition he deserves. Seriously, go look at the list of movies this guy is in, and we'll guarantee that people will enjoy at least one or two of them.

Question 21

Charlie Day

This guy is well known to people who love his TV show, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but to many others he's just that guy who keeps popping up in random movies. It's great really, that he's found a way into showbiz doing exactly what he loves!

Question 22

Brendan Fraser

This man hasn't been doing a lot over the past decade or so, but before that he did some work on the big screen, namely in various franchises such as The Mummy and George of the Jungle. Where has this guy gone? We miss him for sure.

Question 23

Brendan Gleeson

This guy has been putting in work for years at this point in the world of showbiz, which is why we've included him here. The past decade has been a big one for him, with him taking on numerous role that have introduced him to a whole new generation of cinema fans.

Question 24

Charlie Hunnam

His work on Sons of Anarchy put him on a lot of people's radar, but he has actually been putting in work for a very long time. His time in showbiz has seen him work in both television and film. We assume that he wants to prove to everyone that he a lot of talent to show off.

Question 25

Miles Teller

This man made his name by appearing in Whiplash, a movie in which he had to pull together two of his talents. Not only is his acting in it brilliant, but he also had his drumming technique put to the test, going to great lengths to prove that he's got what it takes to make it in showbiz.

Question 26

Alan Alda

His work on television, specifically the show MASH, put him on the map in a big way, to the point that he's now considered a national treasure. More recently, he's worked on a sitcom called Horace & Pete, in which he played a character very much unlike himself.

Question 27

Tom Cruise

He may have become a bit of a joke in recent years, but he has also put in some good work, especially when it comes to action movies. Despite his height and personal issues, this guy can play a really good action film character and he continues to do it well.

Question 28

Mike Myers

This guy has got himself in a lot of famous movies in the past, but he hasn't put in work for a long time. We're not sure if this is just because he got bored of being in the limelight, so he made the conscious effort to move away from the big screen. Can't blame him!

Question 29

Mickey Rourke

He made his name working on movies that put him in action roles. However, he has spent the past decade or so trying to change this. Movies such as The Wrestler highlight that he has dramatic ability under the surface that he only pulls out at certain times.

Question 30

Michael Sheen

This man has spent the last few years attempting to better the world, in the hope that moving away from acting will give him the chance to make a difference. He's now returned, and we're glad, as he has put the time in for years at this point and the talent shows it.

Question 31

James McAvoy

He may have started out as small time, but he has put in a lot of work that has put him on the radar for international audiences. Now, if he is involved with a movie, people can be sure that members of the public will make their way to see what he has to offer.

Question 32

Clive Owen

This man became an internationally recognized symbol around the world, but the past two decades have seen him moving away from fame. We don't think that he'll be leaving showbiz forever, but he's definitely doing a lot less now than he was doing twenty years ago.

Question 33

Dax Shepard

A lot of people won't know this man, but to the people who do know him, he's now an accomplished comedy actor at this point. He's attempting to make his way in the world of showbiz, and it's going pretty well! We would be surprised if he wasn't a household name in the next couple of years.

Question 34

Dwayne Johnson

This man started out in wrestling, like his father. Once he retired from that, he moved onto acting. He has now done a lot of work on the big screen, proving that he's not just a man with muscles, but someone with real acting talent.

Question 35

Daniel Radcliffe

He may have started out as a child, becoming famous for appearing in the Harry Potter franchise, but he has moved on since then, taking on various dramatic and comedic roles to prove that he has a skill well beyond what he had as a child.

Question 36

Danny DeVito

This guy has been putting in work for decades, gaining accolades for both his acting skill and directing talents. In recent years, he has appeared on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a truly weird experience that puts his ability to good use.

Question 37

David Spade

This guy has been in showbiz for decades, and in recent years he's become very famous for appearing alongside Adam Sandler in a lot of his movies. It's always nice to see an actor gain extra coverage as they get older!

Question 38

Vince Vaughn

This guy made his name in the world by working on comedy movies, of which he has appeared in many throughout his time as an actor, but he has also taken on some dramatic roles in his time as an actor. In fact, one of his most recent dramatic roles was in True Detective.

Question 39

Val Kilmer

He's not doing his best work at the moment, but this guy has thrown himself at some amazing roles throughout his past. Sure, he played Batman, but he also played people like Jim Morrison. This guy did some really good work that deserves to be remembered!

Question 40

Gerard Butler

Over a decade ago, this man put his name on the map by throwing himself at 300, a role for which he was eventually turned into a meme by the internet. However, he continues to work and has done a variety of performances, both dramatic and comedic.

Question 41

Greg Kinnear

Known for his good looks and timeless charm, Kinnear has taken on many roles in the past. However, in movies like Little Miss Sunshine, he has shown that he what it takes to take on a character that is loathed by every single person in the audience.

Question 42

J.K. Simmons

His recent work on Whiplash highlighted how this man can command a room. Simmons is able to take on a character that is brutal in every single way. Sure, he has played softer characters, but that gravelly voice really allows him to scare everyone, not only the characters, but the audience as well.

Question 43

Jack Black

Humor is important, as it allows us all a chance to take a rest from the world, move away from life, and feel happy with the people that care about us. This is why men like Jack Black are fantastic to be around, whether in a relationship or as a friend.

Question 44

Timothy Olyphant

This image highlights perfectly why people want to have Olyphant in their movie. It's that smirk, a smirk that looks good but also has something sinister about it. Seriously, we don't know what this man has planned, but we know that it's either going to be a lot of fun or a complete nightmare.

Question 45

Jamie Dornan

He had done a lot of work in the past, but nobody really knew about Dornan until he was cast to appear in the movie adaptations of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. This has put him on the map and we imagine it will get him a lot of work in the future as well.

Question 46

Jet Li

A lot of women out there love a fit man, which is why they would choose to go for this guy. Not only that, but he's willing to put himself in some serious danger to make sure that a movie looks as good as it possibly can. That is the sort of dedication that not many people have within them!

Question 47

Ray Liotta

This guy made his name when he was the starring role in Goodfellas all those years ago, but since then he has been unable to make a film of that quality again. We're not sure how this happens, but it probably has something to do with turning down the wrong movies.

Question 48

Simon Pegg

He was first known for his work with Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, but since then he has moved onto other projects, namely movie franchises that he has been dreaming about appearing in since he was younger. He continues to work with Nick Frost at times as well.

Question 49

Steve Martin

This man started out in showbiz appearing on stage, telling jokes to a captivated audience, before moving onto the big screen, appearing almost entirely in comedy movies. He now focuses on his music, having created various bluegrass albums, playing his banjo with his band.

Question 50

Tim Robbins

This guy is incredibly accomplished, and yet he's often overlooked by many different audiences, despite the fact that he has a lot of work under his belt. This is some talent that people can't grab onto without decades worth of work. He has an amazing portfolio.

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