Who's Your Hollywood Hubby? Take This Makeup Quiz To Find Out!

A lot of people love to wear makeup each day. Whether they put on a full face to head out to run errands or they just put on a swipe of lip gloss or mascara, putting on makeup is something that can be fun for a lot of people. It can be a lot of fun to try out new products and really new, unique makeup looks for special occasions. Going into a makeup store like Ulta or Sephora can be a fun time because it means we can buy new makeup and see all the brand new products on the shelves!

Because there are so many makeup products on the shelves of makeup stores, many makeup lovers have tried a lot of products and really know a lot about all of them and the way that they're used.

Who thinks they're a serious makeup lover? Take this beauty quiz to get matched to the perfect Hollywood hubby!

Question 1

Try or toss: All Nighter concealer from Urban Decay.

Question 2

What brand made the Life's a Festival collection?

Question 3

Which of these is NOT a real makeup brand?

Question 4

What designer brand makes these lipsticks?

Question 5

Which Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is this?

Question 6

What is FARSÁLI’s Unicorn Essence used as?

Question 7

Try or toss: Born This Way foundation from Too Faced.

Question 8

Is Kylie Cosmetics sold at Sephora?

Question 9

What is this lipstick called?

Question 10

What brand made this Game of Thrones themed collection?

Question 11

Try or toss: Translucent Setting Powder from Laura Mercier.

Question 12

Does Ariana Grande own her own makeup line?

Question 13

Is Jeffree Star Cosmetics sold at Sephora?

Question 14

Try or toss: Shape Tape Concealer from Tarte.

Question 15

What is this Fenty Beauty product called?

Question 16

What is this Urban Decay palette called?

Question 17

What brand is behind this palette?

Question 18

Is Glossier sold at Sephora?

Question 19

What brand's logo is this?

Question 20

What does primer do?

Question 21

What is this Fenty Beauty lipstick called?

Question 22

Try or toss: Lock It Tattoo Foundation from Kat Von D.

Question 23

How often should makeup brushes be washed?

Question 24

What is this Too Faced bronzer called?

Question 25

What brand made this Norvina palette?

Question 26

Try or toss: Then and Now palette from Too Faced.

Question 27

What brand made this palette?

Question 28

What is this brush used for?

Question 29

Is Morphe sold at Sephora?

Question 30

Pick an eyeshadow palette.

Question 31

What brand made this Shade + Light palette?

Question 32

What drugstore brand did Gigi Hadid collaborate with?

Question 33

Try or toss: They're Real! Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics.

Question 34

Is ColourPop sold at Ulta or Sephora?

Question 35

Pick a bronzer.

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