Do Your Makeup And We'll Tell You If You're High Maintenance

The world can tell a lot about you from the way you choose to do your makeup... after all, that's a big part of the point! Makeup is an incredible form of self-expression, a way to change the face you show to the world and make it a little more colorful or personal (or maybe just look a little less exhausted sometimes). The way you do your makeup can tell someone about your personality, your style, how much time you like to spend on your look in the morning... and we bet that from a few questions, we'll be able to tell you how high maintenance you are, too!

Are you the kind of person who takes hours to get ready, who needs everything to be perfect (whether it's your makeup or your night out), who needs a lot of maintaining (let's be honest, here). Or are you much more laid back, and the kind of person who is able to just relax and go with the flow, who doesn't mind if your makeup gets messed up as long as you are having fun?

Starting from the basics, do your makeup with us (and answer a few extra makeup-related questions), and we'll guess just how high-maintenance you really are. Pick your colors, brands, products and brushes, and create a final look that reveals who you really are...

Question 1

Let's start: clothes or makeup first?

Before you even start on your makeup, do you do it before you put on your outfit, or after? No one wants to spill makeup on a perfect outfit of the day, but there's also the risk of smudging if you have to pull your clothes on over your head...

Question 2

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

On average, how long do you spend in front of the mirror putting your face on? Are you the kind of gal who manages it in five minutes, or do you need a couple hours to craft the perfect look?

Question 3

How many products do you use daily?

When it comes to your day to day look, how many products are we talking about? Are you happy with just a little mascara and concealer, or do you need a full face with eight different layers at all times?

Question 4

Would you ever leave the house bare faced?

For some people, leaving the house without makeup on is no big deal - but for others, the thought of anyone seeing them barefaced is the stuff of nightmares! Are you always made up, no matter what, or are you happy to go barefaced on a regular basis?

Question 5

How do you store your makeup?

What's your makeup storage like at home? Does your dresser look like you've stolen a Sephora display, with fancy drawers and special holders? Or are you more the kind of gal to just shove it in a bag and rummage around for what you want?

Question 6

How many different brushes are you using today?

How many different makeup brushes are you going to use to do your makeup today? Do you have at least two for every area of your face? One for every product? Do you mix them up, or even just use your fingers or *gasp* the applicator provided with the makeup, not a separate brush at all?

Question 7

Eyes or skin first?

When you do your makeup, do you start with foundation and work your way to the eyes and lips, or do you start with the eyes and then do the foundation and concealer when the eye is finished? Both side of this great debate have their pros and cons... which side are you on?

Question 8

Do you use primer?

Are you the kind of person who will just slap their makeup on bare skin and hope for the best, or do you always need to use a primer before you put on any other product? Or maybe you prime some areas, but not others?

Question 9

Pick a concealer

Concealer is definitely one of the most important tools in a makeup bag... unless you have naturally flawless skin, of course! Which of these are you going to choose to cover up the occasional blemish, red mark, or bags under your eyes?

Question 10

Do you use color corrector?

For something that packs a little more punch than just a concealer, do you turn to a color corrector first? With shades to do the heavy lifting when it comes to red spots, blue veins, even bruises and sallow complexions, would you use specific color correcting concealers?

Question 11

Pick a cheek palette

Palettes aren't just eyeshadow! You can get these perfect little packages for pretty much any part of the face - especially for cheeks, where a palette is a perfect way to get a collection of cheek colors all in one place. Which of these cheek collections appeals to you?

Question 12

Pick a cheek color

Time for cheeks! What color are you swooping across the apples of your cheeks today? Are you aiming for a warm, glowy peach, a sweet pink, or something a little more dramatic, like a bright orange? What about a simple, neutral brown?

Question 13

Pick a highlighter

Which of these highlighters are you going to choose to sweep over your cheekbones and give you that perfect glow? Are you in love with fantasy inspired highlighters like mermaid or unicorn compacts, or do you prefer something a little less colorful?

Question 14

How do you do your eyebrows?

Eyebrows are a really big deal, these days. No more over-plucking, it's all about filling them in to make them the perfect, naturally full shape that frames your eyes and accents your bone structure... so how do you do that?

Question 15

Pick a mascara

Everybody wants long, full, lashes - but we're not all blessed with naturally perfect ones! Which mascara do you reach for to enhance your eyes and make your lashes as voluminous and striking as possible?

Question 16

Pick a palette

Palettes are a great way to get a whole range of colors that work together - and that work out to be a lot cheaper than buying each of those colors separately! It's no wonder that makeup lovers can't get enough of these cute little makeup boxes...which would you pick?

Question 17

Would you get semi-permanent makeup?

Have you ever thought about just tattooing your makeup on your face? Microblading your brows for the perfect shape, adding a little semi-permanent eyeliner, maybe some cosmetic 'freckles' or eyelash extensions? It would certainly save time, even if it is a little painful.

Question 18

Pick a makeup brand

There are so many incredible makeup brands out there - which of these four is your favorite? Are you about the classic Mac black boxes, or the retro cute pink Benefit? Maybe you love straightforward Smashbox, or the uber-glam Lancome?

Question 19

Have you ever had your makeup done professionally?

Have you always done your makeup yourself? Or perhaps you've had a pro do your face before - whether just for a special event, or even because you were buying enough product to get it done in store for free?

Question 20

Lips or Eyes?

Traditional makeup wisdom dictates that either lips or eyes should be bold, and not both at the same time... how do you feel about this old chestnut? Do you like a bold lip and a neutral eye, or the other way around? Or will you go both on both?

Question 21

Do you use every last drop of product?

Are you the kind of person who can be found cutting open the tubes, scooping out the last scraps of lipstick with a cotton bud, digging out every corner of your eyeshadows? Or are you happy to just toss your product when they are pretty much done?

Question 22

What kind of novelty makeup brushes would you choose?

Novelty makeup brushes are huge right now; brushes with handles shaped like everything from Harry Potter wands to unicorn horns and mermaid tails available for fantasy-loving makeup aficionados. There are even Disney-style rose brushes! What style of novelty brush set calls to you?

Question 23

Do you mix and match brands?

Do you love to mix and match your makeup brands, grabbing products from multiple different lines and brands? Or are you a purist, who finds one brand and sticks with it, no matter what - maybe even thinking that they work best together?

Question 24

Would you ever make/fix your own makeup?

Broken makeup is the worst!! When a compact smashes in your bag, are you the type to sigh and toss it out, or are you going to try and fix it? Are you up for makeup crafts, like mixing leftover lipstick into lipbalm using coconut oil, or does that just feel like too much work?

Question 25

Pick somewhere to buy your makeup.

Where do you go when you need to replenish your makeup bag? Are you headed straight for the nearest Sephora or maybe you just go to whichever store happens to sell what you need, whether it's a makeup-specific store or not.

Question 26

Pick a lip color

When it comes to lips, what kind of color shade are you usually drawn to? Do you really love deep, dark, dramatic tones that really stand out, or are you happier with a perfect nude that matches your skin tone?

Question 27

How do you feel about contouring?

There's no doubt about it, contouring is huge right now - who wouldn't love a way to totally change the features of your face into anything you want (within reason)? How do you feel about layering on the contour - love it or loathe it?

Question 28

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

How often will we find you at the sink giving those makeup brushes a good cleaning? Do you leave it until they are getting kinda gross and muddying your colors before washing them, or are you carefully spraying and wiping them clean after every use? Do you even (shudder) never clean them at all?

Question 29

Pick a lip product.

Time for lips! What style of lip product do you prefer to use? Are you in love with the simplicity of a stain, or are you more about a classic matte lipstick? How about a liquid lipstick, or just a simple tinted balm?

Question 30

Are you wearing false lashes?

Is mascara enough for you, or do you feel like the bigger the better (when it comes to eyelashes, that is!). Will you be gluing on a pair of falsies to complete your look, or does the thought of gluing something onto your eyelid kinda freak you out?

Question 31

Do you add glitter anywhere?

Your look is nearly complete... how do you feel about adding some glitter in order to really make it pop? Are you in love with sparkle, and happy to wear it all the time... or do you think that it's just too over the top?

Question 32

What do you use to set your makeup?

When your face is finished, what do you use to set your makeup? Are you happy to just leave it without anything in particular to keep it in place, or do you use a powder or specific finishing spray to make it stay put all day?

Question 33

What one product could you not live without?

Obviously, no one wants to give up any of the makeup that they wear on a daily basis... but if you had to get rid of everything but one single product for the rest of your life, what would you keep? What's the one thing that you absolutely could not leave the house without wearing?

Question 34

Do you watch loads of YouTube makeup tutorials?

YouTube is an incredible place for makeup lovers - there are so many incredibly talented artists willing to share their looks and latest hauls! Do you love watching tutorials, trying them out, and following MUAs on social media, or is YouTube not for you?

Question 35

Describe your final look!

putting on makeup

You're all done! We know your makeup habits, color choices, brands and dirty secrets (seriously, clean your brushes!). You are ready to go... but we've got one last question, first: how would you describe your perfect makeup look, in only one or two words?

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