Do Your Makeup And We'll Tell You If You're High Maintenance

The world can tell a lot about you from the way you choose to do your makeup... after all, that's a big part of the point! Makeup is an incredible form of self-expression, a way to change the face you show to the world and make it a little more colorful or personal (or maybe just look a little less exhausted sometimes). The way you do your makeup can tell someone about your personality, your style, how much time you like to spend on your look in the morning... and we bet that from a few questions, we'll be able to tell you how high maintenance you are, too!

Are you the kind of person who takes hours to get ready, who needs everything to be perfect (whether it's your makeup or your night out), who needs a lot of maintaining (let's be honest, here). Or are you much more laid back, and the kind of person who is able to just relax and go with the flow, who doesn't mind if your makeup gets messed up as long as you are having fun?

Starting from the basics, do your makeup with us (and answer a few extra makeup-related questions), and we'll guess just how high-maintenance you really are. Pick your colors, brands, products and brushes, and create a final look that reveals who you really are...

1Let's start: clothes or makeup first?

Before you even start on your makeup, do you do it before you put on your outfit, or after? No one wants to spill makeup on a perfect outfit of the day, but there's also the risk of smudging if you have to pull your clothes on over your head...

2How long does it take you to do your makeup?

On average, how long do you spend in front of the mirror putting your face on? Are you the kind of gal who manages it in five minutes, or do you need a couple hours to craft the perfect look?

3How many products do you use daily?

When it comes to your day to day look, how many products are we talking about? Are you happy with just a little mascara and concealer, or do you need a full face with eight different layers at all times?

4Would you ever leave the house bare faced?

For some people, leaving the house without makeup on is no big deal - but for others, the thought of anyone seeing them barefaced is the stuff of nightmares! Are you always made up, no matter what, or are you happy to go barefaced on a regular basis?

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