Make A Pizza With Us And We'll Guess Your Favorite Movie

We can all agree that pizza is delicious. In fact, many call it the great equalizer because no matter if you are rich or poor, everyone can come together to enjoy a quality slice of pizza. There are so many different kinds of pizza to enjoy too. The only difficult part about pizza is getting everyone on board with ordering the same one. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to pizza, so it can be difficult to have everyone agree on which one they want to eat. As time goes by, there are so many more inventive takes on pizza as well; examples are fruit pizzas, dessert pizzas, and buffalo chicken pizzas.

Which pizza would you say is your favorite? Do you know what toppings you would put on your pizza, or do you like to switch it up all of the time? Do you like traditional pizzas, or do you like to be a little crazy and experiment with your pizzas? What style of pizzas would you say you like? Do you gravitate towards New York style, Chicago style, Neapolitan style, or West Coast style? Are you a believer in pineapple as a topping or not? Take our pizza quiz and we will try to guess what your favorite movie is!

Question 1

Thin crust

Many people believe that thin crust pizza has a ton less calories than regular pizza. Sure, there might be a slight difference, but the only reason you should dive into this pizza is because you love it. So eat up!

Question 2

Regular crust

I'm talking just a standard pizza. The crust is not anything crazy or out of the norm, it just is the regular crust you would expect when ordering a standard pizza. Some people really swear by ordering this type of pizza, and that is fine because this is the staple.

Question 3

Deep dish

Is it a pizza or is it a casserole? That is a question that is totally up to you to answer. This pizza is also known as Chicago Style as it is widely popular in The Windy City. Sometimes the sauce is put on top of the cheese, which is odd to some, but still makes for a great pizza.

Question 4

Hand tossed

Some people swear by a hand tossed pizza because they believe it is fluffier than a pizza that is simply rolled out. In Italy, this is the standard way to prepare a pizza, and there are many places that have taken on the tradition here. However, some places don't.

Question 5

Gluten free

Some people love it and some people cannot stand it. However, if you have issues with gluten and you have a craving for pizza, this might be your only option. In this day and age, they have actually become pretty good with gluten free pizza though.

Question 6

Cheese pizza

It is classic, it is a simple cheese pizza. All you have to worry about on this pizza is the crust, sauce, and mozzarella cheese. If you want to add some hot peppers or oregano that is on you, but this pizza is perfect as it is.

Question 7

Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce comes standard on many pizzas, but it does not come on all pizzas like a barbecue chicken pizza or a white pizza. In Italy, they serve pizza for breakfast that only has tomato sauce on it, and it is simple but delicious. Many people won't eat pizza without it.

Question 8


Like a cheese pizza, pepperoni also is a pretty standard pizza. Many people swear by it because it is just oh so good. The only bad thing about it is that it makes the pizza kind of oily. But when we're eating pizza, oil is the least of our problems!

Question 9


Mushrooms are a pretty standard topping on pizza, especially when it is paired with pepperoni. They bring another layer of texture and some flavor to the party. However, some people are turned off by mushrooms because they are a fungus.

Question 10

Green bell peppers

Green bell pepper is another pretty standard topping on a pizza, and it is also another topping that goes well with pepperoni as well. Green bell pepper give your pizza a little extra crunch if it is not cooked to mush. It also has a pretty predominant flavor too.

Question 11


Pineapple is a widely debated topping for pizza. Many people on the East Coast believe it belongs nowhere near a pizza, but those on the West Coast are major lovers of the stuff on their pies. It just kind of depends on what you are into. But it is polarizing.

Question 12

Now York style

It seems so simple, but there is actually a lot that goes into this type of pizza. It is always thin and the slices are huge for one. Many people have to fold them in half in order to eat them. Also, there is a distinct taste to them. Many believe it is the New York water that makes it that way.

Question 13

Veggie pizza

Believe it or not, a veggie pizza is pretty common to order. Even meat eaters can appreciate this kind of pizza because it is just so darn fresh and good. However, if you throw some sausage on it that is when it becomes a supreme pizza.

Question 14

Vegan pizza

Vegan pizza is a bit of a harder sell than a veggie pizza because there is either no cheese on it. Although it is still really good due to all of the fresh vegetables, it can be a tough one to those that are tried and true pizza fans.

Question 15

Supreme pizza

A supreme pizza is basically a veggie pizza with some pepperoni or sausage thrown on it as well. There is green bell pepper, onion, and black olive all on top of some mozzarella cheese and sauce. It is tasty and a pizza that veggie lovers and meat lovers can all come together on.

Question 16

Red onion

Red onion is a must on top of a veggie pizza and a supreme pizza as well. It gives the pizza that extra flavor that you just have to have when you are munching with some other veggies. It is not a flavor that you eat on its own though. That would be kind of odd.

Question 17

Salad pizza

Let me first mention that this is a cold pizza. Some people really love it because it is essentially eating a healthy pizza—sort of. You are getting a salad with dressing on a pizza crust. The possibilities are endless here. You can really get any salad you want.

Question 18


Okay, this is a recent development. People have been putting eggs that are over easy on their pizza and calling it a breakfast pizza...that they eat for dinner. They typically also have bacon on it as well. It literally is a pizza that is perfect for breakfast.

Question 19

Barbecue chicken

Barbecue chicken pizza is kind of an odd pizza when you think about it. It is chicken on a pizza. That is not a typical pizza, and is more of a recent development. Not to mention that the sauce is barbecue sauce and not the typical tomato sauce.

Question 20

Buffalo chicken

Buffalo chicken pizzas are also kind of odd, but still very delicious. The sauce is also buffalo sauce and not tomato sauce. You can also dunk this pizza in a blue cheese dip as well and it is pretty darn good. It has a little kick to it.

Question 21

Dessert pizza

Now this is a really odd one—dessert pizza. This one obviously is not eaten at meal time, but rather after meal time. It can range from anything from having a cookie crust to having a regular pizza crust with dessert toppings on it. It is good, but really out there.

Question 22

Crushed red peppers

Crushed red peppers are not a topping that the pizza maker will put on the pizza, but rather what the pizza eater will put on their pizza. Some people want to have an extra kick to their pizza, so they take it upon themselves to add this little topping to their pie.

Question 23


Parmesan is an interesting choice for pizza because either the pizza maker could add it to the pizza or the pizza eater could add it to the pizza. It is a great addition for really any pizza, but not everyone wants that much cheese.

Question 24

Fruit pizza

Fruit pizza is quite a diversion from regular pizza. Not everyone is into that, but it does not mean it is not a good pizza to enjoy. Some people use watermelon as the crust and some people actually do use pizza crust to put together the pizza.

Question 25

Black olives

Black olives are a tough one because not everyone is into them. On their own they have a really polarizing flavor, but mixed in with some other veggies, it could really heighten the other flavors. They are not a favorite among many people, but they are a staple.

Question 26


Some people prefer sausage over pepperoni when it comes to pizza toppings. Other people would rather have both of them on their pizza, or even make a meat lover's pizza with many different types of meat. Sausage is a pretty typical topping as far as pizza goes.

Question 27

Meat lover's

A meat lover's pizza could have upwards of five different types of meats like pepperoni, sausage, ham, Canadian bacon, and beef. You really have to love meat to get yourself one of these bad boys because there usually is not a vegetable on the thing.

Question 28

Grilled pizza

Some people find it really awesome to throw their pizza on the grill. It really gives the whole pizza, especially the crust, a whole new flavor. If you char the pizza it is basically magic on your pizza. The cool thing is you can use different veggies like zucchini too.

Question 29


Along with tomato sauce, some people like to have tomatoes on their pizza. A fresh slice of tomato really gives the pizza a whole new dimension of flavor, and it is a really good one. Especially when the tomato has a little char on it, now that is good.

Question 30

White pizza

Some people do not want any sauce on their pizza, and they would rather have cheese loaded on their pizza instead. That is where a white pizza comes into play because it is loaded with a ton of cheese and usually garlic too. It is good, but really heavy.

Question 31


Anchovies are a very traditional pizza topping, but they are not for everyone. They bring out the salty flavors of the pizza, but it is a fish on your pizza. Some people go absolutely gaga over it, but some people are really grossed out about it.

Question 32


Instead of the traditional tomato sauce, some people like to put pesto sauce on their pizza. It just brings a whole new flavor to their pie. You can also put some ricotta cheese, some sun dried tomatoes, and basil on your pizza too and you are pretty set here.

Question 33

Margarita pizza

Margarita pizza was named for queen Margaret many, many years ago since she loved the dish so much. This is also one of Italy's national dishes as well since it has all of the Italian flags colors with the red marinara sauce, the white mozzarella cheese, and the green basil.

Question 34

Seafood pizza

Seafood pizza is a really different style of pizza because it is a bunch of seafood on your pizza. you can have anything from calamari to clams and mussels on your pizza, and some people really love it. it actually is a pretty fresh tasting pizza with some lemon.

Question 35

Neapolitan pizza

Neapolitan pizza is a style of pizza that is really popular in Italy. It requires a certain type of pizza over that reaches a certain temperature then chars the pizza ever so slightly. The pizza crust is also very thin, and there is much focus on very fresh ingredients.

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