Make A Pizza And We'll Totally Guess Your Favorite Actress

Everyone has their perfect pizza, and the choices that go into that perfect pizza can really share a lot about what people like, and what they don't. Knowing the toppings that make the perfect pizza can easily be translated into what kind of actress a person would favor. The meats, cheeses, veggies, and fruits (seriously, some people add fruits to their pizza and we're not talking about tomatoes), a person puts on a pizza really gives a clear view on their favorite actress. The perfect pizza toppings may give an idea of what the best actress would be. One thing's for sure, it will definitely make everyone who plays hungry.

Does the pizza need pepperoni, or ham? Will it have mushrooms or black olives? Is it a meat lover's, or a veggie delight? Does pineapple belong in a pizza parlor? Is just cheese the best kind of pizza, or are more toppings always better? By answering these simple questions about everyone's favorite meal option, we will guess a favorite actress. So let's make the best pizza in the world and find out who the favorite actress is! Unfortunately we won't be able to deliver either to the house...but it's still fun to pretend!

Question 1

What style of pizza would it be?

When it comes to pizza, the style of pizza is very important. Deep dish, thin crust, stuffed crust, and regular pizza are all extremely popular, in fact, there may be some people out there who even like calzones better. What kind of pizza would this start out as?

Question 2

How much cheese will there be?

Some people love a lot cheese on their pizza, and some people love a little cheese, there are even some pizza lovers who skip the cheese altogether. There may be no such thing as awful pizza, but everyone has a cheese amount preference. What will this pizza have?

Question 3

What kind of cheese will be on it?

Cheese is one of the main ingredients in pizza. Let's face it, pizza with just the crust, sauce and cheese is still pretty good. Some people like light cheese, others like it as heavy as it can get. What cheese is going on this pizza?

Question 4

Will this pizza have a flavored crust?

Flavored crust can add a huge dimension to a pizza. Adding an extra spice or flavoring to the base and edges of the pie can really make flavors pop. Not every parlor offers this addition, but when it is found, it can help raise the level of every pizza a person tries. Would this pizza have a flavored crust?

Question 5

What kind of sauce is going to be on this pizza?

Pizza sauce is extremely important to the pizza experience. Most people go with the classic tomato pizza sauce. Some people like to change it up a little though and add all sorts of sauce to the pizza. Occasionally people don't even like sauce on the pizza. What flavor sauce is on this pizza?

Question 6

Will there be mushrooms?

Why is the Mushroom always invited to the party? Because he's a fungi... no please don't leave yet. When it comes to pizza there are a ton of options, but outside of pepperoni, mushrooms are the next most common topping. Is this going on the Pizza?

Question 7

Will it have pepperoni?

It's the most popular topping to add to a pizza. This spicy meat adds protein to the pizza and it is packed with flavor. This classic topping is sometimes shunned, especially by vegetarians. Is a pizza ever complete without Pepperoni?

Question 8

Will this pizza have onions?

There are only a handful of pizza toppings that are hard to take off if they are unwanted. Once a pizza has onions on it, the whole thing is going to taste like them, even if they are removed. For some onions are amazing and help make a pizza perfect, but for others, they are horrible. Will this pizza have onions?

Question 9

Will there be sausage on this pizza?

Meat lovers pizzas aren't the only ones that come with sausage. Some people love the topping so much it is the only thing they add to the pizza. It can work mixed with everything, and it can also work by itself, though there are some people who don't like it at all. Would sausage be on this pizza?

Question 10

Will this pizza have black olives?

Though a pizza can have a few different kinds of olives the most common choice for a pizza are black olives. They are cut in rings and tossed on top of the pizza. This can add a depth of flavor and a nice texture to the pizza. Will olives be on this one?

Question 11

Will the pizza have tomatoes on it?

It seems odd that some people would add extra tomatoes to a pizza. The sauce is made out of them, and so it should be redundant, but for some reason, sun-dried tomatoes have become very popular since the mid-1990's. Will tomatoes be on this pizza.

Question 12

Will there be ham on this pizza?

Sometimes, even when people don't like pepperoni or sausage, they still want meat on the pizza. For those people, there is always ham. It's the perfect addition to a meat lover's pizza, and it's great on its own. Will ham be on this pizza?

Question 13

Will there be pineapple on this pizza?

Some people will cry foul at this option. This is one of the most controversial toppings on a pizza. People who love it love it, and people who hate it can't stand it. Almost no one is indifferent on this topping. Will pineapple be on the pizza?

Question 14

Will there be banana peppers on the pizza?

Peppers on pizza can really add an extra bit of zing to the meal. It gives that extra dimension to the flavor pallet that can be so much fun. Fans of peppers love this pickled piece of joy, and people that don't like spice avoid these. Will they be on the pizza?

Question 15

Would the pizza have bacon?

Some people believe that bacon makes everything better. There is bacon flavor ice cream, donuts, and even toothpaste. To some, it is truly the most amazing food. For others, they could take it or leave it. Would this pizza have bacon or not?

Question 16

Will the pizza have green pepper?

Even people who are afraid of spice can enjoy these green peppers. They are the only type of pepper that does not create capsaicin. These sweet peppers can really bring out the flavor profile of the pizza. Will there be green peppers on this pizza?

Question 17

Will it have jalapenos?

Pizza and spice go together like peanut butter and jelly for many people. Jalapenos can add a nice little kick to a pizza, but some would rather skip the spice completely. Would this spicy pepper make it onto the pizza?

Question 18

Will it have chicken?

Chicken can add a lot of extra meat and texture to any pizza option. It may not be the most classic pizza choice, but it has become more popular, especially when added with barbecue or buffalo sauce. People love their chicken, it is the food most likely used to describe all other meats. Would it be on this pizza?

Question 19

Will it have artichoke hearts?

Nothing defined the height of the push to make pizza more gourmet then seeing artichoke hearts added to it. This salty and fleshy treat can be a lot of fun to see on a pizza, especially occasionally, but it doesn't seem to have achieved the popularity needed to be a full time topping. Is it on this pizza?

Question 20

Will it have anchovies?

Anchovies are one of those toppings that many people say no to out of reaction. It is surprising to think of fish on most pizza. However, when people learn all the foods that have anchovies in them they may be surprised. Most Caesar dressings have some anchovies in them, and they are used as a flavoring, even if they aren't the full-sized fish. Is this on the pizza?

Question 21

Will it have spinach?

Spinach seems like an odd choice for a pizza, it's leafy, and it doesn't have the crunch or salt factor that many of these other pizza veggies have, but people still love it on their pizza. Usually paired with tomatoes and other veggies, spinach can help bring out all the flavors of a pizza. Is it on this one?

Question 22

Will the pizza have arugula?

Many people just toss arugula into the same category as any leafy green veggie, but this particular leaf has a very distinctive taste. It has a pepper flavor that is not overpowering, but can add a depth to the experience of almost anything it is added to. Would arugula be on this pizza?

Question 23

Will this pizza have broccoli?

Another staple of the artisan pizza movement. broccoli has become one of the many new veggies that has made its way from salad, to snack, to pizza. Pizza with a crunch can sometimes be a lot of fun, and broccoli can really add to that. Will this pizza have crunch, and add broccoli?

Question 24

Will it have cucumbers?

Cucumbers either raw or in the form of pickles have been finding their way on to pizza for some time now. This is a great way to add an extra crunch to a pizza. It can give pizza an extra layer of taste and texture that can set it apart from all the rest. Would cucumbers be added to this pizza?

Question 25

Will this pizza have shrimp?

Seafood on a pizza has always been an option, just not for everyone. Fans of anchovies are usually really big fans, but even they may not add shrimp to their pies. This would definitely make the pizza unique, but that may not always be a good thing. Would this be on the pizza?

Question 26

Will this pizza have egg on it?

Eggs on a pizza have been growing in popularity for a while now. Adding egg to the pie could be fun and it helps make it more suitable for breakfast, or brunch. It can even add richness to a pizza that already tastes pretty good. It may not be seen all the time, but it can make any pizza better. Will eggs be on this pizza?

Question 27

Will there be eggplant on this?

Slices of this purple veggie can add flavor and texture to a pizza that can sometimes put it over the top. Usually paired with other veggies, eggplant can often be used to add a meat like consistency to a veggie pizza, helping people replace ham or pepperoni. Would it go on the pizza?

Question 28

Will this pizza have barbecue sauce?

Barbecue sauce can add sweetness and spice to anything it's added to. It can replace the sauce, or it can be used with the pizza sauce to add even more flavor. When paired with meats, this sauce can really enhance the pizza eating experience. Does it go on this pizza?

Question 29

Will it have green olives?

Green olives are a lot less common than black olives on pizza, but they add a whole different flavor profile. Black olives are harsher, with more of a tart vinegar taste, but green olives are a lot softer but still add a new depth to the pizza that could be delicious for some pizza eaters. Would this pizza have green olives?

Question 30

Will there be feta cheese on it?

Feta may be a cheese, but it wouldn't necessarily replace the other cheeses that were on the pizza. This salty, soft cheese can be added to any pizza to give it a smooth finish and a fun extra flavor. Would this cheese be used on this pizza?

Question 31

Will this pizza have beets?

Beets can add sweetness, earthiness, and texture to any pizza they are put on. This meaty vegetable can be used to give a veggie lovers pizza a little meat texture that they can lack. It can also add a nice bit of color to the pizza. Is this on the pizza?

Question 32

Are there figs on pizza?

Another sweet topping for a pizza. For fans of sweet and savory mixes, this can add a new flavor to a pizza that may fill the same experience as pineapple. This topping is great on its own, but it can be added to meat or other veggies to add another level of taste to the pizza. Is the fig added to this pizza?

Question 33

Is the pizza all meat?

Some people love meat on a pizza. There are people who never pass up a chance to add a new meat to the pie. Every pizza place has a meat lovers option that just loads on all of the best and spiciest meats imaginable. Would this pizza be called a meat lovers?

Question 34

Is this pizza all veggie?

Pizza needs every flavor on the planet, except for meat. That is the opinion of some pizza fans. Adding veggies can sometimes be a difficult experience because the toppings can make the crust soggy, but there are people who keep loading the veggies on every pizza. Would this pizza only have vegetables on it?

Question 35

Did this pizza have all of these toppings?

Is there no such thing as a bad pizza topping? There are some people who have never heard of a pizza they wouldn't like to try. Take everything in the pantry and toss it on the pizza, that is the only way to make a great pizza. Would this pizza be a supreme, with every topping we mentioned?

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