Make A Pizza And We'll Reveal Which Sign To Marry

We've been exceptionally good this week in terms of our health. We've hauled ourselves off to the gym a few times (and actually worked out while we were there), we've been drinking loads of water, and we've been trying to avoid junk food as much as possible. And we've got to say, it feels pretty darn good. We've been focused at work, we've been practicing patience (even with our annoying co-workers) and we've been getting enough sleep. We've been really well behaved and disciplined for a change!

But now the weekend has arrived and we can't stop thinking about pizza. We've been daydreaming about our ideal slice to such an extent that we can almost taste its cheesy goodness. No one expects us to be perfect all the time and honestly, is a life without pizza even worth it? We have to indulge ourselves every now and again right? And a little reward makes all that hard work seem totally worth it!

So tonight, it's time for pizza and we've found a place that lets us build our own creations from the base up. Their toppings menu is extensive so no matter what we are craving they are sure to have it. Let's build a pizza!

Question 1

What size should the pizza be?

It's time to build a dream pizza from the base up and the the first thing we need to decide on is the size of this pizza. Are we just feeling a little bit peckish so perhaps just a small pizza would do? Or do we need something a little bit bigger to fill us up? Maybe we want to make sure that we have some leftovers for tomorrow? Before we start loading up on the topics, let's choose a pizza size:

Question 2

Should it have a thin or thick base?

Okay, now that we have chosen the right size it's time to decide on a base for this pizza creation. Some people prefer their pizza bases to be thin and crispy while others like theirs a little bit thicker. A thicker base does mean that we can add more toppings but a thinner base has a nice crunch. Which should we go with on this one? A thin and crispy base or a thicker one? Choose the best one for this pizza:

Question 3

Choose a base sauce:

Just before we get into the toppings let's decide what type of sauce we want for the base. This will depend on what kind of toppings we are going to choose so we might want to give that some thought. Meaty pizza's are usually best with a tomato sauce base while chicken goes better with a ranch sauce. But it's a matter of personal taste and everyone enjoys different things. What will it be for pizza? Go ahead and decide on a base sauce:

Question 4

Pick or pass on a stuffed crust:

This pizza joint has the option of a crammed crust and man, it looks so inviting. There are a few options, we can have it with cheese or with sausage and it does add that something special to a pizza. But of course, it's not a must, just an option. But for those who want to take their pizza to the next level of deliciousness it's definitely something to consider! Yes or no on a crammed crust for this pizza?

Question 5

Choose a cheese:

In our pizza daydreams we can almost taste the cheese melting in our mouths. What is a pizza without cheese? Well we suppose you could try it, but we doubt it would be the same. Cheese is a staple when it comes to pizza. But the question is: what type of cheese? There are so many different ones to choose from! But one thing is for sure; it's a pizza must-have! Go ahead and choose a cheese for this delicious creation:

Question 6

Choose another cheese:

We know, we know, choosing just one cheese for this pizza is not going to be enough (can anyone ever have enough cheese?)We need more of this delicious topping to really complete our creation so let's throw another one in the mix. We can worry about working it off in the gym at a later stage! We've got a few more to choose from so so ahead and add another one of these cheese topping to this pizza. Mmmm...cheese, glorious cheese...

Question 7

Add olives?

At this pizza joint (like most pizza places) olives are on the menu and they have a choice between green and black olives as a topping, but if we want to, we can just go ahead and add both! Olives work well for vegetarian pizzas as well as ones with meaty toppings. And they are quite good for our bodies too, so there's no guilt with this topping! Is this pizza going to have olives or should we ask them to hold on the olives?

Question 8

Add onions?

Onions are one of the most versatile veggies, and they are perfect for all kinds of fast food. We can add them to burgers or hot dogs or even enjoy them battered and deep fried as a side dish. They also make a great salad ingredient but who wants to think about salad when we can have pizza? And of course, they are one of the most popular toppings for pizza too. Are we going to add onions to this pizza?

Question 9

Add tomato slices?

Tomatoes (which are technically a fruit and not a vegetable) taste great on sandwiches and on salads, but let's be honest, they also taste amazing on burgers and, of course, pizza. When we think of pizza we always think of cheese, onions, and tomatoes as the base fillings but there are people who might like to have a tomato sauce base and just skip the tomato slices instead. Go ahead and decide whether or not this pizza is going to have tomato slices as one of the toppings:

Question 10

Add mushrooms?

Most mushrooms can be eaten either cooked or raw and they can be added to a number of different dishes. The most popular is the button mushroom which is what is on the menu today. Mushrooms are a great edition to almost pizza, whether it's vegetarian, meaty or chicken. They might not work so well with seafood but we'll leave it up to you guys to decide. The only issue with mushrooms is that they can sometimes be a little watery which can spoil the pizza-eating experience a little. Pick or pass on mushrooms:

Question 11

Add pepperoni?

Pepperoni is a type of salami that is made using a mixture of beef and pork and then seasoned with paprika (and sometimes other types of chili pepper). It's soft which makes it a great topping for pizza and also for sandwiches. Even just on its own pepperoni is delicious! And it's especially good when combined with other types of meat toppings, so if we are planning a meaty pizza this is an ideal choice. Pick or pass on pepperoni slices for this pizza.

Question 12

Add ham?

Sliced ham is ideal for sandwiches and for adding to salads but it also works really nicely on a pizza too. It has a soft texture and can be used in a wide variety of different types of pizza. Perhaps we'll combine it with some pineapple and make ourselves a yummy Hawaiian-style pizza! Our creation can have as many toppings as we want it to, so get ahead and decide whether or not to add some diced ham into the mix:

Question 13

Add bell peppers?

Bell peppers are a must-have in the kitchen. They can be roasted, fried, or baked to create loads of different dishes and they are also ideal for adding a little crunch (and color) to a salad. Peppers are also perfect for pizzas and this place has them in a range of different colors so let's decide whether or not we are going to add them to this one. Pick or pass on bell peppers as a topping for this loaded pizza:

Question 14

Add sausage?

Anyone who enjoys a really meaty pizza won't want to pass up on this one! Some people even like to put it in the crust of their pizza to really take it to the next level. There are all types of different sausage choices on this menu, ranging from pork to lamb and beef. We just know that adding some sausage slices to this pizza is going to make all the difference! Pick or pass on sliced sausage as a pizza topping:

Question 15

Add bacon?

Bacon is a staple ingredient when it comes to fast food. It makes the perfect addition to any burger or sandwich, it can be cubed and thrown over chips, and we can even just enjoy it on its own. Honestly, we could eat bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and still have space for more! Some folks might say that a pizza without bacon is just wrong, but we'll leave it up to our readers to decide. Pick or pass on bacon:

Question 16

Add pineapple?

For those wanting to make a Hawaiian-style pizza, this topping is a must have – along with some ham or bacon of course! It's one of the few fruits used as a pizza topping and it's sweet flavor really accentuates the flavor of meaty toppings. Of course, it can also work well on veggie pizzas if that is what we are in the mood for. It's time to decide whether to pick or pass on pineapple as a pizza topping tonight:

Question 17

Add banana?

Now we are heading into the controversial pizza toppings... There seem to be two groups of people: those who love who a few slices of banana on their pizza and those who think that banana should never come anywhere near a pizza. But at the end of the day, it's a matter of personal choice and everyone is free to build their pizza just the way they like it. Go ahead and decide whether or not this pizza will have slices of banana as a topping:

Question 18

Add chicken?

Fast food just wouldn't be the same without chicken. There's nothing more satisfying than sitting down with a bucket of chicken and enjoying a movie marathon or Netflix binge! But chicken can also be used to create yummy sandwiches and healthy dishes like salads. Shredded chicken also makes an excellent pizza topping, especially when combined with a creamy ranch dressing, and ingredients like olives and peppers. Pick or pass on some juicy chicken to go with this epic pizza creation:

Question 19

Add spare rib?

Eating ribs that have been marinated and slow-cooked to perfection is one of life's many little pleasures but some of us are a little self-conscious when it comes to enjoying them in a public place. That's because it's one of those dishes that is best eaten with our hands because it's tough to get all the meat off with a knife and fork. But when they have been deboned they make an excellent pizza topping! Pick or pass on spare rib:

Question 20

Add ground beef?

Ground beef can be used to make a variety of yummy dishes, like cottage pie, sloppy joes, and even hamburger patties. It is also a popular choice when it comes to pizzas because it can be spread out evenly over the base and doesn't add too much weight to the finished dish (because there is nothing worse than a pizza that falls apart, right?). There is still plenty of space on this pizza so choose whether or not we should add some ground beef:

Question 21

Add garlic?

Now for anyone who has a job interview or maybe even an exciting date coming up within the next few, we might suggest skipping on the garlic. It can linger on the breath for a while and that doesn't always make for the best first impression. But for everyone else, well, we don't see any reason why they shouldn't liven up their creation with some garlic. At least it will keep the vampires away! Pick or pass on garlic for this pizza:

Question 22

Add avocado slices?

Looking for a healthy topping to add to this pizza? Well look no further because avocado is in season and it's available now! Avocado is great for making sandwiches and salads and can also be enjoyed as a side to add color to any dish. It's packed with nutrients and antioxidants and is considered to be a superfood. So there's no reason not to consider it as a pizza topping! Pick or pass on avo slices for this delicious pizza:

Question 23

Add jalapeños?

Those who enjoy spicy foods will definitely be looking to add a little zing to their pizza and we've got just the thing! Jalapeños are sure to add a kick to any pizza and they can be added to meaty and veggie pizzas, and they even go well with chicken. But we should make sure that if we do order them as topping that we order an extra bottle of water too, because we will probably need it! Pick or pass on this spicy pizza topping:

Question 24

Add basil?

If we are thinking about making a gourmet-type pizza, something a little different from the standard fare then we want might consider adding basil to our pizza. Not only does it add color, but it also helps to bring out the flavors of toppings like tomatoes and peppers. And as a bonus, it's also packed with antioxidants, which we might need after adding all that cheese! So it's time to pick or pass on basil leaves as a pizza topping:

Question 25

How about adding some anchovies?

Now, these little fish are really salty and definitely what some people might like to call "an acquired taste". Fish on pizza is not something that everyone enjoys and anchovies are one of those foods that people either can't get enough of or can't get far enough away from. But at this pizza joint, there are on the menu for anyone who wants them and for the few brave souls who want to try them for the first time. Pick or pass?

Question 26

Add seafood mix?

Depending on the brand or mix this topping usually contains bite-sized portions of seafood fare such as prawns, shrimps, linefish, monkfish, scallops, mussels, octopus, and prawns. Seafood mix is often used to make pasta or rice dishes but some folks really enjoy a good seafood pizza. And from what we have heard, this place makes one of the best in the city! Who is going to give it a try? Pick or pass on seafood mix as a pizza topping:

Question 27

Add artichoke?

Vegetarians often don't have as many choices as meat eaters do when it comes to restaurant menu items but this pizza place is different. They have loads of options for veggie lovers, including a few you wouldn't find in many other places. They even offer artichokes as a pizza topping. We know, it's a little unusual but apparently (according to those who have tried it) it's really yummy. Should we give it a try? Pick or pass on artichokes as a pizza topping:

Question 28

Add pickles?

A jar of pickles does not last very long in our place. It's just so easy to grab one and crunch on it while we consider what we want to eat from the fridge. Pickles go with almost everything - they are great in sandwiches, salads, crackers, burgers, and of course, we can also enjoy them on their own. But can we add them to pizza? Of course yes! We can see the toppings for this pizza creation are going to be 100% unique. Pick or pass?

Question 29

Add steak slices?

For most folks who enjoy eating meat, there are few things better than sitting down to a delicious steak dinner. Especially if that steak has been cooked just the way they like it! But steak can be enjoyed in other ways too and one of them is as a pizza topping! The pizza place we are at tonight say they have the juiciest steak around and we are tempted to give it a try. Pick or pass on steak as a pizza topping:

Question 30

Add spring onion?

This restaurant seems to have everything on the menu when it comes to pizza toppings. They even have a choice of onions! Now most like to have regular onions on their pizzas but this place also offers the options of red onions (which are slightly sweeter) as well as spring onion, which has a milder flavor than regular white onions. Those who really love onions might even decide to have all three! Pick or pass on onions as a pizza topping:

Question 31

Add eggplant?

The awesome thing about pizza is that you can add almost anything to it. There are even people in this world who put strawberries on pizza so anything can work! Veggies are always a good option and the restaurant we are at tonight has loads of options for those looking for healthy toppings. They even offer grilled eggplant and although it might sound a little strange it's actually pretty good. Again it's not one that everyone will enjoy but it is an option.

Question 32

Should we eat in or get a takeaway?

Now that we have chosen all the toppings we want for our pizza we need to decide whether or not we want to take this pizza home or whether we should just grab a table and tuck into it right here. The restaurant has some convenient seating available and it would mean we could start eating right away but then again perhaps the couch at home would be more comfortable. Should ask them to pack up our order as a takeaway or should we just eat it here?

Question 33

Choose a side:

As well as having an incredible number of different pizza toppings this place also offers a wide variety of sides to go along with the pizza of our dreams. We could have some fries (and why not, it's a cheat night after all!) or perhaps some coleslaw or potato salad. They even have onion rings and chicken wings. Now that we have designed our pizza let's go ahead and choose a side to go along with it. What is it going to be?

Question 34

Choose a drink:

We are definitely going to need something to wash all this delicious food down with and luckily there are plenty of options for us to choose from. Plus they also have the option of drinks in both small cans and big bottles so we can get exactly what we think we'll need. Although looking at all the toppings on this pizza we think it would be good to get the largest bottle possible! It's time to decide on a beverage to go with our pizza:

Question 35

Choose a dessert:

Who thinks that we are still going to have room for dessert after eating this pizza? Does it even matter? A sweet treat is a perfect way to round off this yummy meal and again there is quite a selection for us to choose from. In fact, there are so many delicious options that it might be tricky to choose just one of them! But we will try. Go ahead and choose one of these desserts to round off this meal.

Question 36

Choose another side:

Okay choosing just one side was way too much hard work, there are just so many things we want to try! And besides, it's not like it's going to go to waste, whatever we don't eat today we can always have for lunch tomorrow. Or we can share it with our friends. It's a good idea so let's go all out and just order that other side that we had our eye on. Choose another side to go along with this pizza:

Question 37

Choose a milkshake:

While we were standing at the counter and ordering our dessert we noticed that there are milkshakes on the menu and they are just too tempting for us to pass on. They seem to have something on the menu for everyone, from standard flavors like chocolate, vanilla, lime and strawberry to more exciting options like salted caramel and peanut butter swirl. Before the pizza comes out of the oven choose one of these creamy milkshakes to add to the order:

Question 38

Choose an extra free pizza!

Well, this is a nice surprise! Apparently, we are going to get an extra pizza because we placed such a big order. For this free offering, we need to choose one of the pizza's from the set menu but we do get to add a few extra toppings as well. We can have this pizza tomorrow for lunch, give it to the kids, or maybe even invite a friend over to enjoy it with us. Choose an extra free pizza:

Question 39

Choose an extra topping for the free pizza:

So to go along with this extra free pizza that we are getting with our order we are allowed to choose two extra toppings. These are also on a list and although it's not as extensive as the “build-a-pizza” toppings choices, it's still pretty impressive. Our pizza is just about ready to come out of the oven so choose the first extra topping quick so that we can get on with enjoying dinner. Which of these toppings is it going to be?

Question 40

Choose an another extra topping for the free pizza:

Oh wow, our pizza creation is smelling absolutely amazing. In fact, our mouths are already starting to water in anticipation. We've just got one more choice to make. We need to choose the final additional topping for our bonus pizza. Once we are done with that all we need to do is wait a few more minutes for our order and then we can get down to some serious pizza eating! Which of these looks good enough for our pizza?

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