Rate These Love Songs And We'll Reveal Your Wedding Song

It seems like there are some topics that artists and creatives have done to death at this point because there are some things that we all think, feel and experience. They know that this will make their work appeal to more people. Either that or they've not been through much so they have to fall back on the stuff that they definitely have been through. Either way, it means that there is a hell of a lot of songs out there that deal with love, making it impossible for anyone to think that they're all great.

We wanted to create a quiz taking a look at the huge number of songs that deal with love, so we've put a little something together. We think that by you rating these various songs, we'll be able to figure out what song you'll have on at your wedding, possibly during your first dance as the rest of your loved ones look on. It's an important choice! Hopefully, we'll be able to show you a song that you would love to have at your wedding.

So, are you ready for us to guess what song you're going to have played at your wedding? Want to rate some of the best and the worst love songs out there? Well then, let's get started!

1Can’t Help Falling In Love by UB40

Weird to think that one of the most famous love songs out there was created by a band named after a form that you needed in the UK to claim benefits. That being said, it doesn't stop this tune from being a lovely look at the human desire to find somebody you love.

2400 LUX by Lorde

We're pretty young here so we're not sure how to feel when somebody fairly young breaks into the music business. Can they really be old enough to know what love is all about to be able to create art about it? What do you guys think?

3Baby Love by The Supremes

Quite possibly one of the best songs on this list, The Supremes managed to create a tune that sticks in everyone's head for so long. Not only that, but it taps into exactly how it feels to be in love with someone.

4Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

There's a crazy thing to how quickly people can fall out of public favor, managing to push themselves into the charts but not lasting too long before they're out. Seriously, how can that feel? It must be pretty horrible if we're being honest.

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