Take This Lord Of The Rings Quiz And We'll Reveal What Race You'd Be

Lord of the Rings began in the pages and completely changed the game for lovers of literature, and over time, its influence could be felt everywhere. The story of an incredible journey to take out a mythical item was able to be a perfect fit for every person out there looking for a good read, and once it was announced that it would become a film series, people knew that something amazing was around the corner. The film trilogy that fans received in the 2000s has been regarded as a masterpiece of cinema, serving as a source of inspiration for many films that have followed.

Today, we want to test the fandom and see which people out there know their stuff about Lord of the Rings. In the end, we will reveal which race each participant is!

Question 1

Use Legolas' Bow or Aragorn's Sword?

Question 2

Where Is Samwise From?

Question 3

Which Mines Do The Fellowship Explore In The Fellowship of the Ring?

Question 4

Name This Location

Question 5

Follow Gandalf or Follow Frodo?

Question 6

Toss The Ring In Mount Doom or Keep It?

Question 7

What Is Aragorn's Nickname?

Question 8

How Many Members Are In The Fellowship of the Ring?

Question 9

Which Hobbit's Last Name Is Brandybuck?

Question 10

Trust Sam or Trust Gollum?

Question 11

What Is The Nazgul Riding?

Question 12

Where Is The Eye Of Sauron Located?

Question 13

Who Gives Frodo The One Ring?

Question 14

What Are The Nazgul Known As?

Question 15

Have Aragorn's Leadership or Gimli's Toughness?

Question 16

Which Member Of The Fellowship Does Not Survive?

Question 17

Which Sword Does Aragorn Have The Shard Of?

Question 18

Which Hobbit Is Frodo's Cousin?

Question 19

Which Alias Does Frodo Use?

Question 20

Take Out Saruman or Let Him Go?

Question 21

Where Is Eowyn From?

Question 22

Who Does Arwen Marry?

Question 23

Ride An Elephant or Stay On The Ground?

Question 24

What Happens When Frodo Puts On The Ring?

Question 25

Fight The Orcs or Run Away?

Question 26

Which Language Is On The Ring?

Question 27

Who Holds The Council That Assembles The Fellowship?

Question 28

Gandalf The Grey Becomes Gandalf The ______

Question 29

Where Do The Hobbits Meet Aragorn?

Question 30

Help Rohan or Head Back To The Shire?

Question 31

Dwarves Have An Ongoing Feud With _______

Question 32

Where Does Frodo Retire?

Question 33

Which Character Is On The Left?

Question 34

Which Creature Does Gandalf Take On At The Bridge of Khazad-dûm?

Question 35

Hike Up Mount Doom or Use An Eagle?

Question 36

In Which Film Does Aragorn Take The Throne?

Question 37

What Title Does Gandalf Hold?

Question 38

What Realm Is Legolas From?

Question 39

What Does Gimli Use In Battle?

Question 40

Give The Ring To Boromir or Keep It?

Question 41

At Which Inn Do The Hobbits Encounter Nazgul?

Question 42

How Many Siblings Does Eowyn Have?

Question 43

What Does Gandalf Send To Rescue Frodo From Mount Doom?

Question 44

How Did Frodo Lose The Ring?

Question 45

Travel Lightly or Bring Plenty Of Stuff?

Question 46

What Does Gollum Call The Ring?

Question 47

In Which Film Does The Battle of Helm's Deep Take Place?

Question 48

Aragorn Was ______ of the North

Question 49

Does Eowyn End Up With Aragorn?

Question 50

Join The Fellowship or Let Them Do It?

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