Lord Of The Rings: Can You Match The Quote To The Scene?


The Lord of the Rings may not be one of those movies that you quote on a daily or weekly basis (like Anchorman or Mean Girls) but you might be surprised at how many quotes you can actually remember from the trilogy. With over nine hours of dialogue to choose from, this fantasy epic has turned out some very iconic catchphrases — many of which have taken a life of the own on the internet in the subsequent 14 years since Return of the King was released.

The Lord of the Rings certainly has had its fair share of sticking power, leading to the release of three Hobbit films (which turned out to be far inferior) along with a massive amount of Middle Earth-based video games. While most of the credit should go to J. R. R. Tolkien -- the master creator of Middle Earth and all its characters -- modern audiences wouldn’t be quoting this fantasy masterpiece without the work of Peter Jackson.

For this quiz, you will have to correctly match the dialogue that goes with the scene that is pictured. To be clear, the line of dialogue will always belong to the character that is pictured — not another character who they may have been talking to of screen.

So let's find out if you can correctly match these Lord of the Rings quotes to their scene!

Question 1

Gandalf faces off against the Balrog

Easily the most quoted line of the entire trilogy, Gandalf shouts this phrase while facing off against a Balrog in the Mines of Moria. This particular Balrog goes by the name of Durin’s Bane, and, interestingly enough, both Gandalf and the Balrog are descended from the Maiar — a race of primordial spirits who first shaped the land. With the other members of the fellowship already passed the Bridge of Khazad-dum, Gandalf takes his stand against the Balrog, preparing to sacrifice himself in order to protect Frodo and the One Ring.

Question 2

When Aragorn tries to throw Gimli to saftey

While Gandalf has some of the most memorable lines in the trilogy, Gimli has some of the funniest. While at first, the dwarf comes off as a stubborn curmudgeon, it doesn’t take us long to realize that Gimli is one of the more compassionate members of the fellowship, who only puts up a front of ferocity to compensate for his short stature. This particular moment comes while the fellowship is being chased through the Mines of Moria. Though it was Gimli's idea to travel through the mines in the movie, it is Gandalf who makes the fateful decision in the books.

Question 3

When Boromir schools everyone with his knowledge of Mordor

Once the ring is brought to Rivendell, a secret council is called upon by Elrond, where he assembles the various races of Middle Earth to disclose that the One Ring has been found. Boromir is one of the few members present at the council who knows the dangers that are lurking on the other side of Middle Earth, though he is still too stubborn to see that the ring cannot be used for their benefit. This line, coupled with Sean Bean’s spot on hand gesture, have since become the stuff that memes are made of.

Question 4

When Gandalf questions Frodo about the ring's whereabouts

This line is delivered by Gandalf after he returns from Minas Tirith to pay an important visit to Frodo at Bag End. In the movie, it feels as though the events between Bilbo’s birthday and Gandalf’s return to the Shire take all but a couple weeks. But in the books, over a decade has passed before Gandalf makes it back to Frodo with terrible news about the ring. To confirm his suspicions, Gandalf tosses the One Ring into the flames, which reveals its true markings before it whispers to them in Black Speech.

Question 5

Legolas tracks the Uruk-hai's movements

Much like the “One does not simply” meme, this line from the second installment of the series has also become somewhat of an internet sensation. This declaration by Legolas, about what he’s able to spot on the horizon with his eagle eyes, has been incorporated into a techno song that has accumulated well over 24 million views on Youtube. The moments comes when Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn are feverishly tracking the band of Uruk-hai who have taken Merry and Pippin hostage.

Question 6

Merry's response to Pippin wanting to return home

After Merry and Pippin flee into Fangorn Forest to escape the Uruk-hai, the meet up with Treebeard — a walking-talking tree that's also known as an Ent. The two hobbits try to convince Treebeard and his fellow trees that they must join in the war against Saruman. But when they fail to convince the army of Ents to march on Isengard, Pippin agrees with Treebeard, saying that the world is too big for them and that they should just return to the Shire.

Question 7

After Legolas tells Aragon that they will all die in the battle of Helm’s Deep

After Theoden is rid of Grima’s curse, the king leads his countrymen to Helm’s Deep, where they will make a stand against Saruman’s Uruk-hai army. Aragorn, now reunited with Legolas and Gimli, helps prepare for the battle by looking over the munitions and fellow soldiers. They note that many of the Rohirrim are far from combat-ready soldiers, and that many of the men are either too old or too young. While Legolas suspects it may be a lost cause, Aragorn knows they have no chance but to stand and fight.

Question 8

Sam lends Frodo a helping hand while climbing Mount Doom

Believe it or not, but J.R.R. Tolkien actually thought of Samwise Gamgee as the real hero of The Lord of the Rings (along with Aragorn). Sorry Frodo Baggins, but while you were destined to carry the ring after it was gifted to you by your uncle, Sam had no reason to venture all the way to Mount Doom outside of his faithfulness and courage. This is on full display when Frodo collapses on the mountain, having lost the ability to walk any further, despite the end now being within reach.

Question 9

Eomer: I would cut off your head, Dwarf…

While tracking Merry and Pippin across the great plains of Rohan, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are intercepted by Eomer, a third Marshal of the Mark and a man of Rohan. Eomer informs the trio that they slaughtered a platoon of Orcs and Uruk-Hai the night before but found the hobbits nowhere in sight. But first, the two parties exchange harsh words, especially the stubborn Gimli and the hostile Eomer, who almost come to blows before Aragon ensures them that they also fight against Saruman's forces.

Question 10

Gandalf the Grey's famous last words

Just when Gandalf thinks he has defeated the Balrog known as Durin’s Bane, he turns his back a moment too soon, only to be caught by the demon’s whip and left hanging from the ruins of the Bridge of Khazad-dum. The wise wizard delivers one final line to his friends before falling to his “death.” The moments is easily the most heartbreaking of the entire first film, but upon rewatching the movie, you can’t help but wonder that if Gandalf had only kept his grip for another 30 seconds, the fellowship could have pulled him safely to his feet.

Question 11

How Bilbo feels after all these years

After a welcomed visit from his old friend, Gandalf, Bilbo and the wizard confide in each other over a cup of tea at Bag End. Gandalf comments that Bilbo hasn’t aged a day. And while you may think that the line is simply friends exchanging niceties, it is actually because Bilbo has indeed not aged a bit on the outside due to his possession of the One Ring. However, Bilbo confesses how he has actually come to feel on the inside after six decades with the ring.

Question 12

Gandalf: A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early...

Much like his uncle, Frodo is fascinated with adventurous and the prospect of one day being able to leave the Shire. Therefore, when Gandalf the Grey is expected to arrive in Hobbiton, Frodo waits for the wizard on the outskirts of town. After the two exchange a bit of pithy dialogue, they burst into laughter — signifying that Frodo and Gandalf are already old friends. Frodo jumps into Gandalf's arms and the two share a loving embrace before they continue off toward Bag End.

Question 13

When Frodo discovers he can’t cast the ring into Mount Doom

Though Frodo wants to return to the Shire after making it to Rivendell, the hobbit eventually agrees to see the ring all the way to Mordor, as know one else seems to know what to do with the One Ring. In that amount of time, the ring slowly begins to take its toll on Frodo, until there is little resemblance between Frodo from The Shire and the one inside Mount Doom. Frodo makes it all that way, but he can’t seem to destroy the ring when the time comes.

Question 14

After Treebeard admits he’s never heard of a hobbit before

After Grishnakh chases Merry and Pippin into Fangorn Forest, their lives are saved unknowingly by Treebeard, who crushes the orc underneath one of his massive feet. Though the two hobbits and the Ent eventually become close allies -- who all take part in the downfall of Isengard -- they actually get off on the wrong foot. Treebeard suspects the two halflings of being orcs, who have been chopping down Treebeards friends to use as firewood. But when they inform the Ent that they’re actually hobbits, he replies that it…

Question 15

What does this Uruk-hai smell on the wind

Following the Skirmish at Amon Hen, the Uruk-hai soldiers travel on foot toward Isengard with Merry and Pippin in tow. They believe that the two hobbits contain the One Ring, and they have been instructed by Saruman to keep the halflings alive. On the road, they join up with an army of Orcs who have been raiding the plains of Rohan. During their brief rest, one of the Uruk-hais smells something troubling in the air and quickly continue on their way.

Question 16

Gandalf: The battle for Helm’s Deep is over…

Before Gandalf arrived with Eomer and his company of soldiers, the battle of Helm’s Deep was moments away from becoming a Saruman victory. But the white wizard and the horse lords lead a charge against the Uruk-hai’s rear, and, with the sun at their backs, they level the Uruks of Isengard. The victors of Helm’s Deep gather with one another at the end of the Two Towers, where Gandalf informs that their fate now rests in the hands of two little hobbits currently on route to Mordor.

Question 17

Merry, after taking a nasty spill

After advisement from Gandalf, Frodo and Sam set off from Bag End to the Prancing Pony, where they are expected to rendezvous with the wizard once again. However, even this short journey has its fair share of obstacles, including a chance meeting with Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took. The mischievous hobbits have been stealing from Farmer Maggot’s crop once again, and while making their escape they crash into Frodo and Sam, leading them over a cliff’s edge where they have their first encounter with a Nazgul.

Question 18

Pippin asks Aragorn a serious question

Though Merry and Pippin are willing to take some pretty big risks in the name of fun and free food, they proved to be the characters that are least cut out for a real adventurous at the start of the trilogy. Even after encountering a Nazgul on the road, the two hobbits fail to comprehend the dangers that are truly hunting them. Therefore, when they set off from the Prancing Pony with Aragorn, they aren’t prepared for a day-long trek across the countryside, and instead, they want to stop for this…

Question 19

Arwen taunts the Nazgul

After spending the night on Weathertop, Aragorn and the hobbits are attacked by a band of Nazgul, which results in Frodo being stabbed by a Morgul blade. The wound is beyond Aragorn’s expertise, and the need to get to Rivendell has increased dramatically. The group runs into Arwen on their way and she takes Frodo onto her saddle to make better time. Unfortunately, she is chased down by the Nazgul, where she is forced to make a stand at the Ford of Bruinen.

Question 20

When Frodo refers to himself in the third person

At the end of the Two Tower, Faramir decides to let Frodo and Sam go, believing that their ability to destroy the One Ring is probably as good as anyone else’s. While following Gollum toward Mordor, Sam wonders if anyone will ever tell tales about Frodo's courage just as they did with Bilbo. At first, Frodo has a hard time believing that he would be worthy of such tales, but he eventually tells Sam that he’s leaving out a key player in the adventure: Samwise the Brave.

Question 21

After Ugulk decapitates a hungry orc

Ugulk is a leader of a troop of Uruk-hai, and he is responsible for escorting Merry and Pippin to his leader, Saruman, while keeping the two hobbits alive. When Orcs Grishnakh and Snaga grow hungry, they insist that they can feast on parts of the halflings while still keeping them alive, much to Ugulk’s disapproval. The argument grows violent but ends suddenly when the Uruk-hai leader chops off Snaga’s ugly head, saving Merry and Pippin’s lives, only to have Grishnakh chase them into Fangorn Forest later that night.

Question 22

When Gandalf is beginning to show his age

Though it may not be as popular as the “One does not simply” meme, this line that Gandalf utters during The Fellowship of The Ring still gets its fair share of Internet play. The moment comes after the fellowship enters the Mines of Moria, only to discover that the dwarfs that lived there have been slaughtered by orcs. Gandalf seems to have lost his way while weaving through the dark mines, and after he utters this line the group takes a bit of a respite, where Frodo gets his first hint that Gollum has been following them for some time.

Question 23

The line Aragorn whispers before charging into battle

This line comes moments before the Battle of the Morannon, also known as the Battle of the Black Gate — which served as the last battle in the War of the Ring. After beheading the Mouth of Sauron outside the Black Gate, Aragorn delivers a final speech to his men while they are being totally surrounded by the armies of Mordor. Defeat seems imminent, and just after Sauron speaks directly to Aragorn, he whispers one final line to his men before charging at the enemy.

Question 24

The orcs ask their leader, Saruman, a question

The first time Gandalf suspects that Saruman may have defected to the dark side is when the white wizard insists on using a Palantiri. Gandalf is extremely hesitant to touch the seeing-stone and is eventually imprisoned by Saruman for refusing to turn his back on the hobbits and hand over the One Ring. Later, Saruman is seen using the Palantiri to communicate to Sauron himself, where he hears the dark lord whisper: “Build me an army worthy of Mordor.” Moments later, we watch a pair of orcs enter Saruman's chambers, where they ask him this…

Question 25

King Aragorn addresses the hobbits

After the War of the Ring, the Fourth Age of Middle-earth begins, and Aragorn is crowned the King of Gondor, as well as Arnor. The Fourth Age is also known as the Age of Men, and it was a peaceful period that began with the restoration of Gondor and the Shire. During a ceremony to honor Aragorn, the remaining members of the fellowship are present. When the king approaches the four hobbits, they bow to their new king, but Aragorn stops them so he can pay his respects first.

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