Take Our Basic Life Quiz And We'll Reveal What Trashy Reality Show You Belong On

Life is filled with little bits of information that we soak up as we grow older. While we may not think we store these pieces of information, the truth is that we often take things from our working memory and store them for later retrieval, and these random facts can come in handy when we least expect it. Everything from geography to wildlife and more is constantly coming our way, and we wind up saving more information than we could possibly realize.

One thing that many people have come to believe is that the people that take part in reality television shows appeal to the lowest common denominator and that the fans of the shows aren't the brightest people around. The truth is that more people are guilty of watching these shows than they are willing to admit, and these shows have been able to thrive for years because of how mindlessly entertaining they can be. Nothing is off limits when the cameras are rolling on the shows, and we are here to soak up every single bit of information that is thrown our way.

So, let's see who here is regular Einstein and have them take this basic life quiz. Everything is in play here, and in the end, we will reveal which reality show you belong on!

Question 1

People That Ride Motorcycles Are Called...

Question 2

The Planet Furthest From The Sun Is...

Question 3

The Chemical Formula For Water Is...

Question 4

There Are ______ Quarters In Football

Question 5

There Are ____ Strings On A Guitar

Question 6

Name This Brand

Question 7

Name This Show

Question 8

A Tomato Is A...

Question 9

A College Instructor Is Called A...

Question 10

This Sport Is Called...

Question 11

Spaghetti Is _____ Food

Question 12

Disneyland Was Created By...

Question 13

This Bridge Is Called

Question 14

People That Head Out To Sea Are Called...

Question 15

A Typical High School Class Is...

Question 16

A Person Running A School Is Called The...

Question 17

Oceans Are Comprised Of...

Question 18

Which Of These Is Not A Book Series?

Question 19

Which Of These Is Not A Beach City?

Question 20

A Person In Jail Is Called An...

Question 21

A Spy Takes Part In...

Question 22

Who's This Famous Mind?

Question 23

Which Of These Is Not A Hot Dog Condiment?

Question 24

How Many Bones Are In The Human Body?

Question 25

This Instrument Is Called A...

Question 26

Oranges Are Filled With Vitamin...

Question 27

Name This Television Character

Question 28

This Animal Is An...

Question 29

People Working The Register Are Called...

Question 30

A Pregnancy Lasts For _____ Months

Question 31

Name This Band

Question 32

Who Is The God Of Thunder?

Question 33

Name This Movie Character

Question 34

Pilots Are Responsible For...

Question 35

Name This Brand

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