If You Can't Pass This LeBron James Quiz, Stop Watching Basketball

LeBron James is one of the most important athletes in the history of sports. NBA fans have never seen an athlete like James with the ability to do it all. The athletic gifts and strong work ethic of LeBron makes him among the strongest, fastest and most versatile superstars ever to play the game. James had the most hype entering the league at a young age and lived up to every expectation set out for him.

The average NBA fan knows more about LeBron than any other current player based on the amount of coverage he gets. Everything James does is magnified by the social media world, but it does help us keep track of all his accomplishments. The entire career of LeBron will be referenced here with questions ranging from his early basketball career to his current legendary status. If you can’t get a passing grade on this LeBron James quiz, basketball may not be the sport for you!

* All stats and records are as of September 2019

Question 1

Which team drafted LeBron?

Question 2

How many NBA Championships does LeBron have?

Question 3

Which team did LeBron win his first NBA Championship with?

Question 4

Which college did LeBron play for?

Question 5

What is the current nickname of LeBron?

Question 6

Which team did LeBron beat when leading a 3-1 comeback in the NBA Finals?

Question 7

Which spot was LeBron drafted in his draft class?

Question 8

How many regular season MVP Awards does LeBron have?

Question 9

How tall is LeBron?

Question 10

Which superstar did LeBron team with when leaving Cleveland the first time?

Question 11

How many NBA Finals MVP Awards does LeBron have?

Question 12

Which shoe line does LeBron endorse?

Question 13

What number did LeBron wear to start his NBA career?

Question 14

Which of these accolades did LeBron NOT win?

Question 15

Which of these players won an NBA Championship on the same team as LeBron?

Question 16

Which team did LeBron beat to win his first NBA Championship?

Question 17

Which NBA owner wrote a very public letter insulting LeBron?

Question 18

Which year did LeBron get drafted into the NBA?

Question 19

How many NBA Finals appearances does LeBron have as of 2019?

Question 20

True Or False: LeBron has made the All-NBA Defensive Team in his career.

Question 21

Which team defeated LeBron in his first NBA Finals appearance?

Question 22

What was the high school nickname of LeBron?

Question 23

Which of these legends once played on the same team with LeBron?

Question 24

Which player did LeBron block for an iconic play in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals?

Question 25

Which superstar big man once played with LeBron?

Question 26

What is the name of LeBron's HBO show featuring other NBA stars?

Question 27

Which of these players did LeBron once finish second to in MVP Award voting?

Question 28

Who was the 2nd overall pick after LeBron in his draft class?

Question 29

Which team did LeBron beat with a legendary buzzer beater in the 2018 NBA Playoffs?

Question 30

How many Olympic gold medals does LeBron have?

Question 31

Who was LeBron's coach on the Miami Heat?

Question 32

Which team did LeBron score 45 against in a must-win playoff game to change his career?

Question 33

Which player was LeBron once traded for?

Question 34

What pre-game routine does LeBron do before every game?

Question 35

How many times did LeBron and Kobe Bryant face off in the NBA Finals?

Question 36

Which legendary player did LeBron and Dwyane Wade mock with a fake cough when that player had the flu?

Question 37

Which role player was on the roster for all of LeBron's NBA Championships as of 2019?

Question 38

Who did LeBron select with the first pick in the 2019 NBA All-Star Draft?

Question 39

Which of these star players NEVER played on the same team as LeBron?

Question 40

What was the name of the ESPN special where LeBron announced his 2011 free agency choice?

Question 41

What is LeBron's career high in points scored in a single game?

Question 42

What is the name of LeBron's best friend that became a top NBA agent?

Question 43

How many times did LeBron and Tim Duncan face off in the NBA Finals?

Question 44

Which NBA All-Star has never won a game against LeBron?

Question 45

How many All-Star Game MVP Awards does LeBron have?

Question 46

What is the name of LeBron's former high school team?

Question 47

Which of these NBA players is NOT a part of LeBron's Brotherhood friendship?

Question 48

Who was the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers when LeBron led them to the 2016 NBA Championship?

Question 49

How many scoring titles does LeBron have?

Question 50

Which team did LeBron defeat for his first-ever playoff series win?

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