There's No Way You're Scoring Over 50% On This Kobe Bryant Quiz

As one of the best basketball players in NBA history, Kobe Bryant was able to see and do more than 99% of the players that came before him. he burst onto the scene at a time when basketball was looking for a new player to dominate the next era, and his rise to the top was met with a ton of praise and a slew of awards. By the time he called it a day, Kobe Bryant had forged a legacy that will last until the end of time, and players entering the league all hope to have a run that is half as beloved as his was.

Today, we want to see which NBA fans know their stuff by seeing who out there can ace this Kobe Bryant quiz!

Question 1

Which Team Drafted Kobe Bryant?

Question 2

How Many Titles Has Kobe Bryant Won?

Question 3

How Many Scoring Titles Did Kobe Bryant Win?

Question 4

Did Kobe Play College Basketball?

Question 5

Which Year Did Kobe Bryant Win NBA MVP?

Question 6

How Many NBA Finals MVPs Did Kobe Bryant Win?

Question 7

How Many All-Star Game Selections Did Kobe Bryant Earn?

Question 8

What Was Kobe Bryant's Original Number?

Question 9

Which Player Did Kobe Bryant NOT Play WIth On The Lakers?

Question 10

Was Kobe Bryant Ever Named NBA Defensive Player of the Year?

Question 11

When Was Kobe Bryant Drafted?

Question 12

Which Position Did Kobe Bryant Play?

Question 13

How Many Titles Did Kobe Bryant Win With Dwight Howard?

Question 14

When Was Kobe's Last Season?

Question 15

Which Of These Coaches Did Kobe Bryant NOT Play For?

Question 16

How Many Teams Did Kobe Play For In The NBA?

Question 17

Where Did Kobe Bryant Play High School Basketball?

Question 18

How Many Olympic Gold Medals Does Kobe Bryant Have?

Question 19

Which Year Did Kobe Bryant Win The Slam Dunk Contest?

Question 20

Which National Team Did Kobe Bryant Play For?

Question 21

How Many Three-Peats Did Kobe Have With Shaq?

Question 22

How Many Different Numbers Did Kobe Bryant Play With In The NBA?

Question 23

What Is Kobe Bryant's Nickname?

Question 24

How Many Titles Did Kobe Bryant Win Without Shaq?

Question 25

Which Of These Teams Did Kobe Defeat In The Finals?

Question 26

Which Game Featured Kobe Bryant On The Cover?

Question 27

Was Kobe Bryant Named NBA Rookie of the Year?

Question 28

Which Of These Players Did Kobe Bryant Play With?

Question 29

Which Of These Teams Defeated Kobe In The NBA Finals?

Question 30

In Which Year Did Kobe Win His First NBA Title?

Question 31

How Many Times Was Kobe Named All-NBA First Team?

Question 32

Which Number Did Kobe Bryant Wear In High School?

Question 33

How Many Numbers Does Kobe Bryant Have Retired?

Question 34

How Old Was Kobe Bryant When He Was Drafted?

Question 35

Which Coach Led Kobe To The Most Titles?

Question 36

How Many Seasons Did Kobe Bryant Play?

Question 37

Which Team Did Kobe Sweep In The Finals?

Question 38

How Many All-Star Game MVPs Did Kobe Win?

Question 39

How Old Was Kobe When He Became Slam Dunk Champion?

Question 40

Which Of Kobe's Family Members Played In The NBA?

Question 41

Which Team Did Kobe Drop 81 Points Against?

Question 42

Is Kobe Bryant The Leading Scorer In Lakers History?

Question 43

How Many Finals MVPs Did Kobe Win With Shaq On The Team?

Question 44

How Many Olympic Silver Medals Did Kobe Take Home?

Question 45

In Which Year Was Kobe Bryant Named Naismith Prep Player of the Year?

Question 46

Which Of These Players Beat Out Kobe For NBA MVP?

Question 47

Why Did Kobe Change His Number To 24?

Question 48

How Many Times Did Kobe Compete In The Olympics?

Question 49

How Many Times Was Kobe Bryant Named NBA All-Defensive First Team?

Question 50

In Which Year Did Kobe Bryant NOT Make The All-Star Team?

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