Justice League Or Teen Titans? Match The Superhero To The Right Team


DC has worked long hours to create one of the most expansive universes in comic book history. It all started with a small team of superheroes but has quickly grown into an elaborate and complicated world full of new metahumans at every turn.

Because of this, DC has placed many of these characters into superhero teams. There are The Outlaws, the Justice League, the Suicide Squad, the Crime Syndicate, the Legion of Doom, and so much more. There are so many groups it's difficult to keep track of who belongs to what team.

Today we'll be focusing on two of the biggest teams in DC history: the Justice League and the Teen Titans. Because they function on the same principles and fight a lot of the same foes, it can be difficult to distinguish which superhero goes where. But we know you DC fans will have this quiz in the bag.

Which team do these superheroes belong to? The Justice League or the Teen Titans?

Question 1

Kid Flash

This version of Kid Flash was a speedster known as Bart Allen. He heralded from the future and was the grandson of Barry Allen. As one might expect, he was every bit as fast as his grandfather but had twice the arrogance to boot. After coming back to the present day, Bart was later tasked with helping out the Flash Family during several of their problems. Bart has been known to stay in the present for quite some time before traveling back.

Question 2

Damian Wayne

A strange child of Talia al Ghul and Batman, Damian Wayne was not only trained in the ways of savagery by his grandfather, but also in the ways of the hero by the Dark Knight. After being shipped off to Gotham City, Damian Wayne proved to be one of the greatest fighters to ever come into the DC universe. Because of his skills, Damian was a little hotheaded and caused a lot of strife between him and Batman. Yet, he managed to gain a much more leveled head as time went on.

Question 3

Green Arrow

His name is Oliver Queen. After 5 years in Hell (not literally), he returned to his home with only one goal: to save his city. In order to do that, he picked up archery and became the vigilante known as the Green Arrow. From then on, Green Arrow has proven to be just as useful as Batman, especially considering that he has no powers. With his numerous trick powers, fighting skill, and quick wit, Oliver Queen has managed to keep himself alive for decades.

Question 4


When Mari was given a special amulet that had been passed down through her family, she noticed that it granted unique animal powers. From then on, some evil people motivated her to go around the world to fight crime and keep others safe. Taking the name Vixen, she was able to touch the amulet and use the abilities of any animal she could think of; the strength of a gorilla, speed of a cheetah, and flight of a bird. A person like Vixen has almost no limits.

Question 5


Cyborg's place in the DC Universe has always been a little hazy, and thus, it would be difficult to classify him as a Justice League or Teen Titans member. Yet he has a traceable history, which doesn't make his entry here impossible to determine. Cyborg's arc has continuously been about him coming to terms with his new body even though he doesn't feel properly human anymore. He's always been an extension through technology, and he has had trouble adjusting to it from day one.

Question 6


They always say that two heads are better than one, but Firestorm may disprove that theory. Being the nuclear combination of two people, this hero is always at war with himself. While when these two minds work together they can be one of the strongest heroes in the DC universe, they are often held back by their own disagreements and bickering. Yet, Firestorm is still a reliable hero that has appeared many times through the history of these characters and is even in Legends of Tomorrow.

Question 7

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan was once an excellent pilot who came across a strange piece of wreckage one day. After realizing that the ship itself was alien, he was then given this strange lantern and became a superhero shortly after. Since then, Hal has become one of the greatest Green Lanterns to ever live. He travels along the cosmos, protecting the universe from all kinds of spatial threats. While he is often away on missions, he still returns to Earth when duty calls.

Question 8


Most text representations of Shazam end with an exclamation point. Apart from that, what more is there to say? A character like Shazam demands your attention, and when you're fighting him, your fear. Billy Batson, a young child, was given the powers of the gods to become Earth's Mightiest Mortal. Once he uses the word "Shazam", he turns into one of the most powerful heroes ever created. He can fly, run at high speeds, shoot bolts of lightning, punch people into the ground, and so much more.

Question 9


Nightwing was Batman's first sidekick. Originally taking the name of Robin, Dick Grayson eventually forged his own path in the world of a superhero. This has led him all across the world, where he's even taken time as a secret agent. However, it doesn't stop him from returning to Gotham when he's needed or helping out old friends of his. While he is largely a hero who does his own thing, he has been known to fight alongside other superheroes.

Question 10


While there was this large and grand story about how Hawkgirl was a resurrected princess, it turns out that she is instead a member of an alien race known as the Thanagarians. The wings, beak, and bird getup is just standard among warriors of their culture. Hawkgirl happens to be one of the most interesting superheroes, often going with her gut rather than her moral compass at times. She has betrayed many of her friends in the past, but for the greater good.

Question 11

Martian Manhunter

After his entire race was destroyed by his darker brother, Martian Manhunter came to Earth seeking a different life. Taking the name and identity of an average joe, the Martian Manhunter eventually found that the Earth had a great need for superheroes. Using his telepathy and wisdom to get by on this planet, he ended up attracting a lot of attention, which made him a prime member of various superhero teams. He has aided the planet on numerous occasions while still being a cosmic ambassador for the heroes of Earth.

Question 12

Static Shock

Virgil Hawkins is a young man with strong abilities. Being able to manipulate electrical currents, he can shoot lightning, alter magnetic fields, and even levitate off the ground. Static Shock, as he ended up being called, quickly became more renowned among the heroes of DC. However, he wasn't originally a part of that universe, as he was incorporated into the Milestone world. Yet, some deals happened that made him switch over to the universe of Superman and Batman, similar to what they did with Blue Beetle.

Question 13


The daughter of the demon known as Trigon, there is a lot we don't know about the woman known as Raven. She is from a separate dimension and has all kinds of matter-bending powers. Yet, there's still so many mysteries surrounding her. Often times, she has found herself on the wrong end of her father's wrath and works with other superheroes to take him down. Other times she simply locks herself away and doesn't speak to anyone for days on end.

Question 14


While she tends to introduce herself as the Joker's Daughter, there's more to Harlequin than just that. Her name is actually Duela Dent and she is the daughter of Harvey Dent (you might know him as Two Face). In her original incarnation, she felt guilty by the crimes committed by her father and wanted to pay recompense for them by being a hero of sorts. While there was definitely a lot of hesitation, she was eventually brought into the fold.

Question 15


Being the King of Atlantis is no easy job, but it;s one that Arthur Curry handles well. Because of his Atlantean blood, Aquaman is stronger than any human on the planet. He has been trained in every martial art known to his people and is one of the best fighters in the DC universe. Armed with a trident that can slice through Superman's skin, Aquaman has proven to be a tough hero over the years. He even used to be made fun of for a long time, but nobody laughs at him anymore.

Question 16

Blue Beetle

After Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle died at the hands of a villain, a strange scarab shot out of Kord Industries and found its way to Jaime Reyes, a nearby young man. From then on, he realized that he gained all kinds of amazing technological powers. However, he also had to deal with the scarab on his back feeding him information at all times. He could fly, shoot lasers, and turn his hand into pretty much any tool he can think of.

Question 17


When Batman realized that he couldn't be everywhere in the world at once, he formed a company called Batman International. This organization allowed for many people from all across the world to join the Bat Family and help out when needed. One of the first members was David Zavimbe, who became the African Batman known as Batwing. He would gain notoriety across the world and would be highly trusted by the Dark Knight himself. He also had access to extremely high tech armor.

Question 18


We all know the story of Bruce Wayne at this point. Billionaire son sees his parents murdered, blah blah blah. The Dark Knight is arguably the biggest name in DC lore. After operating for decades, he has only gotten more brilliant as the years have ticked by. Each passing moment he deals with a new problem, a new foe to face. And each time he uses a combination of his detective skills and his fighting abilities to overcome and we love every scene.

Question 19


What happens when you're the daughter of one of the deadliest assassins the world? Well you become your own superhero of course! Rose Wilson, otherwise known as Ravager, is the daughter of the hired gun known as Deathstroke. As such, she has all of the fighting skills and sass that you'd expect from her bloodline. However, she transcended a lot of the associations with her father by forging her own path with her own friends. She wanted to help rather than harm people.

Question 20

Red Tornado

Red Tornado was originally an android constructed to destroy the world's superheroes, but he was eventually subdued and removed of his dangerous programming. At that point, he was given autonomy where he could think for himself and make his own choices. Despite the fact that he could do just about whatever he wanted, Tornado chose to become a superhero and defend the people of Earth. Considering the fact that he can create entire cyclones on his own, it was a choice that many were happy about.

Question 21


Despite what her costume may communicate, Batwoman had no association with the Bat Family at first. Kassandra Kane was more or less, an average person who hated crime and wanted to do something about it. She was inspired by the antics of the Batman and his team, so she decided to take on an outfit similar to it. Eventually, she became a beloved hero in the DC continuity and had many run-ins with big names like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Nightwing.

Question 22

Beast Boy

There are many different stories as to how Garfield Logan got his powers, but the original one was that he contracted a rare illness in Africa. The only animal immune was the green monkey, so his scientist parents tried to inject the DNA into him that would temporarily change his body so he would live. However, the DNA remained there and Garfield was shifted into a man who could change into any animal he pleased. While called Changeling at times, he stuck with the name Beast Boy.

Question 23


On the distant planet of Tamaran, there lived two sisters who were in line to the throne. Koriand'r was the more bright and jovial one, but her sister Komand'r despised her. This led to multiple plot to kill Koriand'r, which eventually led her to flee to the planet known as Earth. There she sought refuge among the heroes of it and eventually decided to stay there and help them out. Taking the name Starfire, she has since been a big DC hero.

Question 24


Karen Beecher was the girlfriend of a superhero. When he was worried if he would impress his fellow heroes or not, Karen developed a bumblebee suit and masqueraded as a villain that he could take down. After it was revealed what she had done, the other heroes recognized her for her brilliance and kept in touch with her. Taking the name Bumblebee, Karen has since become one of the more popular DC superheroes, having appearances in many DC animated shows today.

Question 25


Every great superhero needs an impressionable sidekick. The Green Arrow had Roy Harper, otherwise known as Speedy, Red Arrow, and Arsenal. While training this young archer, it was revealed that Roy was a bit hot-headed at times, but it was all to better himself. Despite the fact that he had some issues with drugs in the past, Arsenal ended up being an excellent fighter and friend. He eventually ditched the name Speedy because it was a bit ridiculous, even for a comic character.

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