Just Try And Pass This Pub Quiz Without Asking A Friend

We all like to think that we could dominate any pub quiz, right? Let's get real here, how hard could those questions really be? How many times have we watched Jeopardy and yelled out "I totally knew that one" to the television? Probably more than we can count. That's why pub quizzes are so popular. We get to stretch our brains and compete with our friends for the ultimate glory: the title of reigning pub quiz champion and tons of bragging rights. Whether it's geography, history or music, there are bound to be plenty of answers that we can rattle off the top of our heads... or at least, we would like to think so!

With that in mind, we present to everyone a pub quiz designed to challenge even the toughest pub quiz competitor. Be warned, this quiz doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the toughness of the questions. We really don't take it easy on anyone taking the quiz, but whoever can complete it and pass with flying colors is a real pub quiz master. So let's get started. There will be no phoning a friend or looking up the answers. The challenge is to complete this quiz all by yourself!

Question 1

What is the largest desert in the world?

We said we were not going to be easy, so let's start this quiz off with a bang. The first question relates to geography. Who remembers their eighth grade Social Studies class? We want to know which of the four deserts listed below is the largest one in the world. This massive desert spans over 3.5 million square miles, making it a huge, sandy wasteland in the middle of the Earth. Talk about a no-man's land! Who knows the answer?

Question 2

Which dessert is a staple on the streets of Mexico?

Moving on to another kind of dessert now. These deep-fried pastries are often dipped in chocolate for an even more delicious taste. They come from Spain, the land of all of the best foods ever, but have since made their way across the ocean and into other parts of the world. They are a common street food in many countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia. Who knows what this famous, portable dessert is called? Choose an answer from the four below.

Question 3

What famous shoes pictured here did Dorothy use to get home from Oz?

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is whisked away from her home in black and white Kansas into the wondrous world of Oz where she has to follow the yellow brick road and find the incredible Emerald City. This movie, based on a beloved children's book series, was the first Technicolor movie that was ever created and has enchanted audiences for decades. Dorothy was famously given a pair of red shoes that would take her safely home. What were they called?

Question 4

What is the name of this famous movie spy?

Yeah, baby! This spy, played by Mike Myers of Wayne's World fame, brought a little taste of the United Kingdom into our living rooms. The movies famously spoofed some more serious spy shows and became instant cult classics. Known for his circa-1960s flair and fun, this spy came across a whole host of interesting characters throughout the films. Who remembers the name of this famous silly spy? Check out the four choices below and give us a very best guess.

Question 5

What famous writer penned the Harry Potter books?

Harry Potter captured our hearts from the first moment that he opened his official letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Boy Who Lived is one of the best recent heroes of the magical world and his adventures have been turned into a series of fantastic movies to complement the books. It's hard to believe that the writer of this series was once penniless and unemployed. It just goes to show how a little magic can turn someone's life around!

Question 6

What is this one-wheeled bicycle called?

Check out the picture that accompanies this question. Does it look like someone forgot the second wheel of that bicycle? Not exactly so- this particular method of getting around has a specific name and a big fan base who think that riding it takes a special amount of skill and grace. Once, this ride was only used by daredevils and people in circuses but it is having a bit of a renaissance now! Who knows what it's called? Answer below.

Question 7

What film, starring Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta perfectly captured high school in the late 50s?

This is one of those iconic movies that people want to watch over and over again. It has an amazing soundtrack, some great costumes and a plot that we can all relate to. Even though it is set in high school in 1959, this movie transcends all decades and is perfectly relatable today! Also, who doesn't love young John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the stars? Who remembers the name of this movie? Choose an answer from the four below.

Question 8

What animal is famous for changing color?

The name of this animal can also be slang for someone who changes their personality or the way that they act to fit in with a crowd. In the animal kingdom, this creature's ability to blend in with its surroundings give it a lot of protection against predators. It can transform its coloration to fit in just about anywhere, so it can go completely undetected when danger is right around the corner! Who knows what this unique lizard is called?

Question 9

What Disney character, known as Donald’s friend, is pictured here?

What's a pub quiz without a little bit of Disney trivia? Check out the character pictured here. Do her signature lavender bow and pink dress ring a bell? She is one of Donald Duck's best friends and appears in tons of old Disney cartoons right by his side. She might not have achieved the fame of Mickey Mouse, but she has a following all of her own, and anyone can catch her at Disneyworld or Disneyland, walking around signing autographs.

Question 10

How many Great Lakes are there?

This is a bit of a tough one and we'll really need everyone to dig deep into their geographical knowledge to answer it. The Great Lakes are one of the most interesting features in the whole world. They are massive inland lakes that sit on the border of the United States and Canada. Who knows how many lakes they are in total? Remember, no phoning a friend or doing a Google search on this one. Show some smarts and choose below.

Question 11

What is Harry Potter’s faithful pet’s name?

Harry Potter didn't go off to his first year at Hogwarts without a little bit of a support system. He went along with his new pet, a snowy white owl who became one of the most important parts of his life at Hogwarts and his summers back home with the Dursleys. This iconic owl played a huge role in his life at Hogwarts and was a great friend to Harry Potter throughout his school years. What was her name? Choose below.

Question 12

What is the tallest land mammal in the world?

Sorry- we can't give anyone a picture of the mammal to go along with this one because everyone would guess right away. This creature is known for being super graceful, is fairly human-friendly and can be seen at zoos all across the world. To catch them in their native habitat one would have to travel to certain parts of Africa. These animals have long necks, the better for eating lots of tasty leaves off the trees. What are they?

Question 13

What French specialty is pictured here?

Most of us have tried this flaky, buttery, delicious pastry at least once or twice in our lives. It goes well with butter, Nutella or jam for a sweet treat. Pair it with melting cheese and tuna salad for a tasty take on a traditional tuna melt. No matter how we slice it, this pastry is a total winner. From French breakfast tables to a worldwide sensation, it has become a household name. Who remembers what it is called? Choose below.

Question 14

What intelligence officer of movie fame also goes by 007. Who is he?

This intelligence officer, or spy, is known for liking his martinis "shaken, not stirred" and being able to get out of just about any problem or snag. He's been played by several different actors throughout the years but the character stays the same. He is calm under pressure, usually gets the girl in the end, and always beats the bad guy while looking great in a suit. He goes by the code name 007 but is also known as this.

Question 15

What is the inside of the Earth called?

Let's switch from bingeable spy movies to Earth Science. Exciting, right? Well, this question is one that everyone should know if they paid attention in the seventh grade. Let's talk about what our amazing planet is made out of. There are several layers that make up the planet and each of them serves a purpose. At the very center of the Earth is a special layer that nobody has ever seen but we surmise that it's made of molten metal.

Question 16

What colorful type of tea, pictured here, originated in China and is now popular worldwide?

We can thank China for bringing everyone this delicious green beverage that has tons of antioxidants, plenty of health benefits and can soothe anyone after a rough day. It's available throughout the entire world now and most health experts agree- a cup or two per day will definitely keep the doctor away. Who knows what this special type of tea is called? Chances are, some of us might have some in our cupboards at this very moment! Choose an answer below.

Question 17

Pickles are preserved versions of which vegetable?

Remember that weird day when we found out that raisins are actually dried up grapes. It changed the whole world! Similarly, most people don't know that the delicious dill or butter pickles that we love to eat on burgers or all by themselves are actually a preserved version of a vegetable that we often eat on salads. Who knows what humble vegetable actually gets transformed into the highly addictive and delicious pickle? Choose one option from the four listed below.

Question 18

What musical genre started in Seattle during the 1990s

For this musical question, we have to go back almost thirty years into the last millennium, when a specific music scene came out of Seattle in the 1990s. Nirvana (pictured here) was one of the pioneers of the sound, as was Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Their music was famous for inspiring hordes of flannel-clad devotees to do the same. Who remembers what the name of this musical genre was called? Check out the four options below and give us a guess!

Question 19

What superstar, pictured here, dominated charts in the 1980s?

Let's stick with the music questions but move back a decade. Before Pearl Jam and Nirvana came onto the scene, there were plenty of poppy 80s girl groups and singers, but none so famous as the one pictured here. Known for her catchy hits like "Material Girl", "Like A Prayer" and "Vogue", this pop superstar also appeared in several movies of the decade, including musicals. She's still performing and making music today! Who knows who this mega-star is? Choose below.

Question 20

What shark, pictured here, is found in tropical waters?

Moving on to the animal kingdom. There are plenty of sharks out there. Some are really fearsome and keep us out of the water- think Jaws or other massive, human-hungry creatures. Others are pretty intimidating but generally avoid people. This shark with the unique head doesn't bother humans too much, but it does love to cruise around in waters where people on holiday play. If someone is frolicking a little far from shore in the tropics, they might encounter one!

Question 21

What coffee shop did the Friends gather in the hit series?

There were several different iconic sets in Friends. The apartment that Rachel and Monica shared stands out as the most famous, but there was also this famous coffee shop- pictured here- that was the backdrop for a lot of the drama and humor that happened in the show! The gang gathered here to talk about their days and unwind. Since Friends was set in the 1990s, they absolutely got the coffee culture of the time right. Who remembers the name of the cafe?

Question 22

What natural phenomenon is caused by tremors in the Earth?

Back to Earth Science! This big crack in the road was caused by a natural phenomenon that occurs when tremors deep inside the Earth erupt and cause shaking on the surface. Road crack- and sometimes even buildings tumble down when one of these events strikes. There are certain places in the world, like the Pacific Ring of Fire, where they happen much more frequently than in other places. Who knows what this natural phenomenon is called? Choose an answer below.

Question 23

What were people afraid of when 1999 became 2000?

The end of the 1990s brought on a lot of big changes, and the biggest one was that we were heading into a whole new millennium. The 2000s were so exciting but there was one really big problem. We weren't sure what was going to happen with our computers at midnight on 1999. We were afraid of whole systems being deleted, as computers didn't know what to do with data any longer. As it turns out, nothing happened and computers are a lot smarter than we give them credit for....

Question 24

What is the center of the Earth that separates the North and South hemispheres?

This imaginary line splits the northern and southern hemispheres and sits exactly on the middle of the Earth, like a bit belt that dictates when the seasons are going to run in the opposite direction. When it's summer in the northern hemisphere, it's winter in the southern hemisphere and vice versa. Weather right around this line tends to be tropical and hot because of its proximity to the sun. What is this line called? Choose an answer from the four below.

Question 25

What famous Muppet is used in this meme about spilling the Tea?

Anyone who has been on the internet in the last three years has seen a meme floating around. The sayings are different, but the picture is always the same. A green Muppet drinks a cup of Lipton tea and proclaims that it's "none of his business". This meme goes hand-in-hand with "spilling the T" or "telling the truth". It's a clever twist on both a picture and a saying. The question is, who knows the name of this famous Muppet?

Question 26

What animal pictured here is known for transporting its young in a pouch?

This animal is one of the cutest on Earth, but don't let its adorable ears or downy fur fool anyone. It is known for being a great boxer and its enormous feet are very powerful. That said, it also has a very cute way of transporting its young- in a little pouch at the front of its stomach. That way, the little babies don't have to hop along with mama, they can just hitch a ride! Who knows the name of this animal?

Question 27

Who was the first astronaut on the moon?

In 1969 an astronaut stepped on the moon for the very first time and coined the famous phrase "one small step for man, one giant step for mankind." Truly, it was a huge accomplishment. This famous astronaut is one of NASA's biggest heroes and a household name to anyone who loves space or space exploration. Pictured here, around the time of his first voyage into the stars, he is known as one of the bravest and most famous explorers of all time.

Question 28

What common spicy green condiment is served with sushi?

This green condiment is often served with sushi and sashimi and gives the food a little bit of a kick! It is famously used in Japanese cuisine but has become available all throughout the world. Anyone who dines on sushi or sashimi regularly has definitely come across it. It is absolutely delicious, but it is incredibly hot and not for the faint of heart. Who knows what this spicy green condiment is called? Check out the options below and guess.

Question 29

What love story at sea featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet?

In one of the most famous, iconic, and beloved movies of the 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play two star-crossed lovers who fall in love on a cruise ship, but their love story is cut tragically short by a real maritime sinking. Known for its excellent special effects, great love story and a star-studded cast, this movie sailed into our hearts and did not let go. Who remembers the name of this classic love story? Tell us the answer below.

Question 30

What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Even getting to Base Camp at this mountain is a huge feat. Standing at a whopping 29,030 feet above sea level, it is one of the most remote places on Earth- which makes it so exciting for adventure seekers. Be careful of altitude sickness on this huge peak! Inexperienced climbers often run into trouble at heights like this mountain boasts, but for those who are fit and up for the challenge, it's an amazing experience. What mountain are we talking about?

Question 31

What Hawaiian delicacy involving raw fish is getting popular all over the world?

This Hawaiian dish takes fresh fish pulled straight from the ocean that surrounds the island chain and pairs it with delicious vegetables and a light dressing for a Hawaiian classic that is as healthy as it is delicious. Anyone who likes sushi or sashimi should sit down for a bowl of this Hawaiian delicacy. It used to just be available on the islands, but now anyone can get it all over the world. What dish are we referring to? Choose below.

Question 32

Which popular cartoon involves a magical realm called the Land of Ooo?

The cartoon pictured here takes place in the fabled Land of Ooo and involves a whole host of interesting characters from a twelve-year-old boy named Finn, to a magical dog named Jack, or Princess Bubblegum. There always seems to be drama in the Land of Ooo, usually caused by the Ice King who wants to have Princess Bubblegum for his wife. Fortunately, he is often thwarted and peace is restored across the land. Yay! What popular cartoon are we talking about?

Question 33

What is the name of this blue-haired mom?

Let's stick on the topic of cartoons because they're really fun. This time, check out the characters pictured here. Ignore the man who is desperately trying to get his hands on some cookies and focus on the woman instead. Does she look familiar? She is one of the leading ladies of cartoon fame and is the mother of Bart and Lisa in a long-running cartoon series that has spanned for decades. Who knows what her name is? Answer below.

Question 34

Where is the leaning tower of Pisa located?

The builder of this famous tower did not intend for it to have its trademark slant. It just happened, but it is a good thing that it did. People come from all over the world to check out the leaning tower of Pisa and take funny photographs where they force perspective to look like they're holding it up. Who remembers what country this very famous leaning tower of Pisa is located in? Choose a country from the four listed below.

Question 35

What Pixar series featured this cute dinosaur named Rex?

Rex might not be the leading character in this Pixar movie, but he is totally one of our absolute faves! This adorable little green dinosaur is hilarious in this movie and all of its sequels. He lends a little bit of comic relief to the plot and is always worried that he's not intimidating enough as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. His insecurities just make him that much more adorable and amazing though. Who remembers what Pixar series featured Rex? Choose below.

Question 36

What is the capital of Thailand?

From Pixar all the way to geography, let's talk about one of the biggest, brightest and most popular cities in all of Southeast Asia. Pictured here, this bustling metropolis has become a must-see destination for many holiday tourists, vacationers, and travelers alike. It is located right in the heart of Thailand and has plenty of awe-inspiring temples, great food, and amazing nightlife, all with a climate that absolutely can't be beat! Who knows the name of the capital of Thailand?

Question 37

Where does Batman call home?

We'll stick with geography but go a little bit into the fantasy realm, with this question related to where the Dark Knight calls home. Batman is a favorite comic book character of the D.C. universe and is known for keeping his city free of crime and the seedier elements of the world. Our question is, what city does Batman call home? Check out the four different options listed below. Which one rings a bell? Give us a very best guess.

Question 38

What is our sun, in technical terms?

We all know and love the sun. Without it, there would be no life on our planet! It helps our crops grow, keeps us warm and gives us light for which to perform daily tasks. The sun is the most single important element in our lives, but who knows what kind of celestial being it actually is? Is it a planet, like our own? Maybe it's a comet or meteor? Or perhaps, it's a giant star? Tell us the right answer below.

Question 39

What popular tropical fruit is pictured here?

This fruit is one of the most delicious on the planet, and thanks to modern technology, we do not even need to be in the tropics to enjoy it. It comes in several different shapes and sizes and there are even tiny versions of this fruit that are sugary sweet and absolutely delicious. Some cuisines pair it with coconut milk and sticky rice for a decadent dessert that is all tropics! Other cuisines put it in stir-fries, or curries.

Question 40

What currency is used by many countries in Europe?

Anyone who has bills like the ones pictured here can travel throughout much of the Eurozone without having to exchange money. That's because many countries in Europe use this particular currency, making it easy to travel around and not have to do "conversion math" everytime one crosses a border. This currency is generally fairly strong and can be used just about anywhere in Europe and for online purchases. Who knows what currency we are talking about? Choose one option from the four below.

Question 41

What is Scotland’s famous lake monster called?

Scotland's famous monster, recreated in the accompanying picture, is one of the famous creatures of lore that is supposed to be found in one of the lakes in the north of the country. Although very few people have actually seen the monster, there have been enough witnesses to put it on the map. Travel to the Scottish Highlands and one might have a chance to check out this massive aquatic creature for themselves... or maybe not, it is rumored to be shy!

Question 42

What was arguably the first reality show ever, that aired on MTV?

In 1992 MTV tried a whole new type of show that was an instant success and set the stage for the kind of reality-type programming we've come to expect. Before there was The Jersey Shore, there was this show that revolved around the same concept and quickly became a cult favorite. It is in its astounding thirty-third season, with the next location to be announced. Previous locations have included Seattle, New York City, London, and Cancun. What hit show are we talking about?

Question 43

What is Moana’s quest in Pixar's Moana?

Moana is one of the most inspirational and best movies to come out of Pixar in the last couple of years. We can't help but cheer on the main character, Moana, who braves the ocean in order to fulfill her quest and live her dreams. Moana has a specific quest that she needs to satisfactorily complete in order to save her village and restore harmony. Who remembers what her special quest is? Check out the options below and choose one.

Question 44

What famous 1960s band wrote the song "All You Need Is Love"?

This band, known as "The Fab Four", was part of a musical "invasion" that came to the United States from the United Kingdom in the 1960s. Their other hits included "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "I Am The Walrus" and they were responsible for many mega hits during their musical reign. This song, "All You Need Is Love", was one of their sweeter and catchier tunes. Who remembers the name of this band made up of John, Paul, George, and Ringo?

Question 45

What is the largest coral reef, located in Australia, known as?

This reef has almost 3,000 smaller reefs making it up and is considered one of the wonders of the world. Divers flock to Australia to swim and dive by the reef because it has amazing wildlife and is home to tons of different fish species. Bring an underwater camera and nobody will swim away disappointed. Unfortunately, it is being harmed by coral bleaching so initiatives are in place to try to fix and preserve the amazing reef from future harm.

Question 46

What do red, blue and yellow have in common?

Calling all artists! Let's see who can get this one correct. Red, blue, and yellow are all colors that we use and see in everyday life. They make up most of our world; from the blue sky to the red clay earth and bright yellow sunflowers. They also have one very interesting thing in common. For this question, we are asking everyone to think outside the paintbox - pun intended - and back to sixth grade Art Class. What do these hues have in common?

Question 47

What sitcom featured a dad living with his three daughters, his best friend and his brother-in-law?

In the 1990s, there was no shortage of family-friendly sitcoms but this one really took the cake, so much so that Netflix actually made a modern-day spin-off of it where the three daughters are grown up and have families of their own. A widower, played by Bob Saget, has to raise three girls all by himself. Fortunately, his best friend and brother-in-law come to live with him and help share the load. What sitcom are we talking about? Choose below.

Question 48

What is the other name of Marshall Bruce Mathers III?

Staying in line with pop culture, let's talk about one of the most popular artists of the 2000s. This rapper has a ton of chart-topping hits like "Stan," "Rap God," "Like Toy Soldiers," and "Venom" and is considered to be one of the most talented musicians of his time. Pictured here, Marshall Bruce Mathers III is also known by this name. Who knows their music? It is time to prove some skills by answering correctly below. Choose an option now.

Question 49

What are these Star Wars henchmen know as?

Star Wars is one of the most epic space fantasy series that has ever existed. It first came out in the 1970s but since we have seen modern day movies that look at the past and future of the characters that we grew to love as children. We know the heroes of Star Wars: Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, and we know the villains: Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Jabba the Hutt, but do we know what these henchmen are called? Choose below.

Question 50

Where are ancient Egyptian rulers buried?

Finally, let's go back to ancient Egypt with a question that relates to History. Egyptian rulers, also known as pharaohs, had dominion over the empire during the reign and were buried in lavish tombs that spoke to how well-respected and powerful they were on Earth. These tombs are still being explored and we're learning new things about life in ancient Egypt with each new dig and discovery. Fortunately, many artifacts were preserved in these tombs- also known by this other name.

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