Just Try And Name All Of These Top 40 Musicians!

Here's the thing. Music charts have been around for so long that there is really no point discussing just when they came into existence or why. They have just become a fact of life. The idea of the Top 40, however, got its start back in the 50s and the actual term 'Top 40' didn't make it public until 1960. That being said, it has now taken off as a hugely important trend. This is how many people decide just what music to listen to.

Of course, just saying "Top 40" doesn't actually get anyone anywhere since there is a Top 40 list for virtually every genre of music. There is a sort of Top 40 of most popular songs devoid of genre but that list is almost always predominantly rap and pop. And this quiz reflects that, of course. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few others thrown in there to fill the gaps of crooning, synth, country and a bit of rock. It's all here.

Now it's up to each quiz-taker here to match the name of every one of these 40 artists to their photo and description. Anyone here who stays up to date on their music trends should have no problem acing this quiz. Those who just happen to turn on Spotify or the actual radio every once in a while may have more trouble but this isn't a super challenging quiz. Now let's face the music!

1Who's this Top 40 artist?

This girl is not just a singer but also an actor. And before that, she was a model. She worked for the Disney Channel for some time and then found herself on Dancing With The Stars, then found her way into playing an alternate Mary Jane named Michelle Jones in the latest Spider-Man film. She may also have been spotted in a music video for one of the greatest Bruno Mars songs out there right now, 'Versace on the Floor'.

2Who's this Top 40 artist?

This cannon-voiced man was born Rory Charles Graham, but goes by a far more interesting stage name when he is out performing. I actually had no idea until just now that this musician is actually British and not American. Having only ever really heard his big 2016 debut track 'Human', and some other recent song of his that I didn't like near as much, I've not had the time to notice an accent. Last year at the Brit Awards, this guy landed both the British Breakthrough Act and Critics' Choice awards.

3Who's this Top 40 artist?

This girl's real name is Robyn Fenty, but she just simply goes by her middle name instead for stage purposes. Hailing from Barbados, this prolific singer has made it huge in the industry. Starting out with that dreaded song 'Umbrella', she has truly come into her own and really made a name for herself, even in spite of the likes of Chris Brown. For those who don't know who this is yet, I will recall a two-song series done with Eminem that dominated the charts years ago.

4Who's this Top 40 artist?

Sure, this might seem like a little bit of a throwback (and I suppose it is) but that doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve to be on here. If nothing else, this is pretty well a bonus question. Regardless, this guy is now predominantly an actor but he first really came to fame with his music in the High School Musical series which was a huge hit. He was also in the musical film, Hairspray. Beyond that, his biggest claim to fame now is having been in the new Baywatch film with The Rock, but he was still a Top 40 artist.

5Who's this Top 40 artist?

Aside from hearing a few of his songs and knowing him for that outrageous hairdo, I did not know much about this guy before this quiz. His birth name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye and he, like actually a number of the artists featured here is Canadian. Eight years ago, this guy released some songs of his on YouTube under his now infamous stage name and two years later, he was signed to a major record company. 'Starboy' and 'I Feel It Coming' might be two of his best known songs.

6Who's this Top 40 artist?

This should give everyone an idea of how old this kid is. HE got his start by sharing music over Vine. For those who don't know, Vine was a sort of social media app that is now defunct. He released his first EP when he was just 16-years-old, and the following year he released his first studio album which featured the song that is perhaps his best known, 'Stitches'. His third album, which was released just this year is self-titled and has already been charting well. This guy is one of only five musicians to debut at number one before even turning 18.

7Who's this Top 40 artist?

This is one of two girls featured in this quiz who actually started their career acting and singing alongside the giant purple dino Barney. And also one of two girls here who went straight from Barney & Friends to being featured on the Disney Channel. It's amazing how some people get their start. Many people would recognize the title of her song 'Same Old Love'. Since her music debut, she has sold over 22 million singles and seven million albums!

8Who's this Top 40 artist?

Well before this guy was working as a writing for country artists like Reba, Kenny Chesney, and Keith Urban, he was actually hoping to make it big as a football player in Nashville. A good place to be to eventually fall back on a music career. This guy was the first country artist, since Billy Ray Cyrus, to land himself at the top of three country charts at the same time. However, this guy has managed to mix elements of other genres in with his country music to open him up to the Top 40s as well.

9Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy's real first and middle names are Austin Richard. Not something expected by the type of music that this guy drops, but I suppose that is the reason for the stage name. Like pretty well every other rapper in the world, this guy is also a record producer. His first single 'White Iverson' has managed to go quadruple platinum since his debut and his very first full album was released only two years ago. The album itself only managed a double platinum...hard life.

10Who's this Top 40 artist?

This rapper might be American but her Trinidadian heritage cannot be ignored, for sure. She was born in Spain and raised in New York, which surely makes for an interesting sort of character. Starting up, musically, in 2007, this singer dropped one mixtape each year until getting signed in 2009. Her debut album 'Pink Friday' was such a hit that it went triple platinum! In addition to her singing career, she has also taken on roles in a number of films.

11Who's this Top 40 artist?

Grammys and Junos. That is what this man has raked up in his time on the stage. He started out by producing his own album and trying to push it on to whomever would listen. Singing at events, he was eventually picked up by David Foster who actually didn't want to sign him at first. Not because of lacking talent, but because of the style of music. Regardless, this Canadian crooner managed to get Foster behind him and now he has sold over 75 million records.

12Who's this Top 40 artist?

Here is a young artist who got his start by posting songs on SoundCloud. This is how talent is found these days. By scouring the internet and hoping something pops up worth the time of a record label. His music came to the attention of the world after the famed Skrillex shared some of his music online and spoke of him in interviews. For a time, people actually had no ide of this guy's real name. We know it now to be Chris Comstock who is a DJ who also goes by the name of Dotcom. Or at least he did until all of this came out. I doubt there are many who still refer to him by that name.

13Who's this Top 40 artist?

Rest assured that this guy's real name has nothing to do with his stage name by any stretch of the imagination. Born Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, this performer is a rapper from Seattle. Instantly, it makes sense why he did not use his real name in promotional material for his music. Now, this guys has been working in the big time since 2000. That was eighteen years ago now and he has only released four albums in that time. There are also a few EPs and a classic mixtape but as far as his fame goes, it is clear that he is not very prolific as a writer.

14Who's this Top 40 artist?

I actually had no idea that this artist was only 20! Not until I just did the research for this question. That is crazy! And not because of what he's accomplished but because he does not look 20. Either way, given his age, this musician made his foray into the music world via SoundCloud and Twitter. As his internet fame grew, then other organizations like BuzzFeed, Yahoo, and ultimately Rolling Stone were attracted to his work. Interestingly enough, this guy was featured in a song with Alina Baraz and I think what is most interesting about that is the fact that this guy is on this Top 40 list...but Alina is not.

15Who's this Top 40 artist?

Well, this guy has been a big deal for quite some time, there is no denying that. He started out back in the 90s with the band N'Sync, but he is really the only one of the boys from that band to really make superstardom. He has an amazing special on Netflix that shows off just the sort of quality and expense he pays out for when he puts on a show. He recently released an album that didn't do as successfully as he might have hoped, but the single featuring Chris Stapleton has done very well.

16Who's this Top 40 artist?

I won't say the guy's first name because he did at least keep that for his stage name but I will say that his last name is Duckworth (which is certainly not part of his stage name). This guy is actually straight outta Compton and has since made it big as a writer, rapper and producer. When he started, it was still in an era where a rapper had to record a mixtape to pass around on the street. And he didn't start to see any big success until 2010. But since then, he has worked the likes of Snoop and Busta Rhymes and when he first pushed out, he made it big online.

17Who's this Top 40 artist?

Well, everyone knows this guy because he is married to Kim Kardashian, which makes it virtually impossible not to know him unless one stays away from the tv all of the time. Either way, this guy is a prolific businessman. He is a fashion designer, rapper, producer, and I'm sure I'm missing a few things. He has helped produce big names like Alicia Keys, Luda, and Jay-Z, but he has been striking up controversy since he headed out solo back in 2004.

18Who's this Top 40 artist?

This band is essentially the shining example of what it is to be a pop/rock group. This band hails from Las Vegas and puts on a show that is very reminiscent of its hometown. Always big and always flash, the band is comprised of artists Ben McKee, Daniel Platzman, Dan Reynolds, and Wayne Sermon. This best would be best known for their two huge hits 'Radioactive' and 'Demons'. They were named the "Biggest Band of 2017" by Billboard...and considering most now consist of just one or two musicians, aside from their success, that is pretty well true.

19Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy is not only a singer but he's a dancer too! He has been singing and dancing on the big stage since 2009 and from then till now, he has managed to sell over a staggering 30 million singles alone. He has gone platinum 11 times, simply on singles alone. Before he was well-known as a singer or dancer, he was known as a writer for some pretty big names including Lil Wayne, Diddy, and Birdman. That's not a bad start to a career. I'm sure the money was pretty good considering at least two of those previously mentioned artists are also producers themselves.

20Who's this Top 40 artist?

This musician's real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, but that is certainly not the name is known best for. His stage name is a bit different. This guy is not only a rap artist but also a producer, which is so often the case with rappers in the industry. He made his major debut four years ago in 2014 and charted pretty high with the album titled 'These Things Happen'.Since then, he has released two other albums, the third and last of which was released last year.

21Who's this Top 40 artist?

This band managed to get into a bit of trouble thanks to their dislike of police officers anywhere near backstage. At the Jones County Fair, the Sheriff was told he was not allowed backstage, along with any other uniformed cops. After the show, the band was hoping for a police escort out of the area but the cops denied them, given the previous treatment. Of course, the band has since come out saying that they love and respect cops. People will know this band otherwise for the lead singer's very heavily-accented pop/country voice and their song 'H.O.L.Y.'

22Who's this Top 40 artist?

This musician has had a tortured life in many ways (and so to have probably many of these artists). But the way in which this man decided to overcome those horrible things was to rap. Given his complexion, he was not taken seriously at the start but everyone is listening to him now. He has proven his worth to the rap community and has even, in the past year or two managed to spit out more words in less time at a single go than any other mainstream rapper.

23Who's this Top 40 artist?

Well, this little ginger is known by everyone, for sure. Even if the person being asked doesn't actually like this musician, they still know who it is. He got his start busking in the U.K. and would actually spend some nights sleeping on the subway because he didn't have a warm place to sleep otherwise. He has been hitting the charts since he made his big debut and has teamed up with some interesting characters. He has a song out with Eminem!

24Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy is a Canadian musician who has managed to make his way to the big time somehow with songs like 'Hotline Bling'. Awkwardly dancing in granny-knit sweaters and talking more than singing or really wrapping, this guys has managed to draw an enormous crowd to him. So large is this crowd that, should he decide to have company for a night, the lucky lady must sign all manner of legal paperwork before any fun can be had. At least he cautious as a star.

25Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy's real name is Donald Glover. He got his start on a series of ridiculous viral videos. Apparently, he "love[s] lamp". He's been a comedian for a very long time but not until fairly recently did a lot of people know that he is also a prolific rap artist. His biggest claim to fame is likely his stint on the hit comedy series Community...or at least it was until his most recent music video came out and shocked audiences the world over.

26Who's this Top 40 artist?

It might be hard to believe just by looking at her, but this artist actually got her start with Barney back when she was a kid. And yes, I do mean the giant purple dinosaur. She was an actor of sorts before making it as a musician. She then jumped to being a feature on the Disney Channel, via the Camp Rock film series. She signed with her label pretty well right after those films hit the screen and she has since put out six albums in the past ten years. That didn't stop her from acting though, nor from working as a judge on The X Factor.

27Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy has long been a favorite among those who love to listen to country. As it happens, his is also deeply respected by the non-country community. He's not just a regular charting country artist. He has written for all manner of musicians out there in both country and pop and he also recently put out a song with Justin Timberlake that opened him up to a whole new demographic of fans. His gritty and powerful voice doesn't hurt his fandom either.

28Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy has had some interesting troubles in the past, at least when it came to a certain relationship with a certain star who has now greatly surpassed this guy in popularity and success, but that doesn't mean that he's not got a good career. His career as both musician and producer has allowed him to own some beautiful Lamborghinis and other cars. Unfortunately, the excess of money also has driven this guy to do outrageous things to those beautiful cars.

29Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy probably just wants 'Attention'. Or at least that was the name of his first big hit. He's come out with several other hits since he's made his debut and his album 'Voice Notes' has been doing very well. Considering all of his compositions are just put together at home in his little studio, it's amazing the people he's been able to work with. On his album, he has a track with Boyz II Men as well as with James Taylor.

30Who's this Top 40 artist?

These guys are a DJ duo and their whole show revolves around them spinning and punching tracks for people to dance to. That's about it. They're not singers by any real stretch of the imagination. That being said, they have had Coldplay come on with them to sing perhaps their best known song 'Something Just Like This'. This dynamic duo consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Somehow, just from being a pair of DJs, these guy shave managed to make a huge success with their work.

31Who's this Top 40 artist?

This rapper's true name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, which is quite a mouthful that might not sell as many albums as she has done thus far in her career. This particular rapper is a New Yorker, born and raised. Before she ever made it big as a musician, she was very forward about her career as an adult entertainer. This landed her a regular feature on a VH1 series. She landed two number one singles since last year. 'Bodak Yellow' and 'I Like It' are those two hit singles. She is only the second female rapper to top the charts with a solo endeavor...which is kind of sad to be honest.

32Who's this Top 40 artist?

Karla Estrabao is the true first and last name of this musicians. She's Cuban-American and got her start on The X Factor about six years ago. She was part of a group that was called Fifth Harmony. The group signed with two labels when they finished on the show but this girl had bigger plans, ultimately. She put out a song that shared the same title of a popular 90s horror film 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', which she recorded with the Canadian Shawn Mendes. She stuck around with Fifth Harmony until two years ago when she stuck out fully on her own, debuting 'Crying In The Club'.

33Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy has been around for some number of years now and probably has out more albums than most people are actually aware of. If quiz-takers here have never seen him with James Corden in Carpool Karaoke, it is definitely worth the watch. Either way, this guy's most recent album, 24K Magic, is probably one of the greatest albums from a Top 40 artist to have come out in some time. It's got some amazing tunes on it. My personal favorite being 'Versace On The Floor'.

34Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy's real name is Antwan André Patton but that is certainly not his stage name. This guy is a rapper, actor, producer, and songwriter. He was once a member of the rap duo Outkast. This guy's first solo album has a very strange name. Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. He branched out solo in 2010. Eight years now in the solo game, this guy has put out three albums as of last year. Not the most prolific, but still in the Top 40.

35Who's this Top 40 artist?

Not only is this musician a singer and songwriter featured on the Top 40. She also happens to be a record producer as well. She's performed and recorded songs with Florida Georgia Line, G-Eazy and Martin Garrix. In addition to that, she has written songs for some pretty big names like Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez, Eminem, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, and David Guetta as well. She didn't drop her own solo album until 2015, some years after working for and with these other musicians.

36Who's this Top 40 artist?

Well, this band has been around since the 90s. They will certainly continue on in history as one of the greatest boy bands of all time, as far as my opnion goes at least. They knew just how to be unique enough while harnessing the sounds of the day. That being said, there was quite an extensive time from about 2005 till the past year or so where people just simply thought they were no more. Well, they have a great song hitting the charts right now.

37Who's this Top 40 artist?

This tiny but mighty musician started out in Broadway before landing a role on the Nickelodeon series Victorious. She playe dher way through some cartoon characters as well and is a known impressionist. She does a great impression of both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. This singer's very first studio album was released in 2013. She's compared often to Mariah Carey thanks to her range. Aside from that, she has an attitude and humor about her that really makes her stand out from the typical Top 40.

38Who's this Top 40 artist?

She's been a big name and an even bigger voice for a good number of years now. Her first major hit 'Rolling In The Deep' made such massive waves that when she lost her voice years later, everyone thought there was no way that she could ever make a comeback. But she has exceeded all expectation and made a splash back in the bussines. She's pretty hilarious when driving along with James Corden in his Carpool Karaoke series. She's not a typical start but she's great all the same.

39Who's this Top 40 artist?

This guy part of a band that is in the Top 40. To be fair, he is not a solo artist on the charts. That being said, anyone who is aware of this guy is both aware of his band name and his own name. Given that he is more popular (thanks to The Voice) than his band, we'll just look for his name here. He's got a wicked high vocal range as well as an interesting range in music style as well.

40Who's this Top 40 artist?

This band formed back in 2011 and calls Australia its home. The band didn't make it from slogging it trying to score a record label. They were discovered on YouTube and became stars that way. They pretty well were nothing more than a cover band when they started out. This band really made it big when touring with the pop fav, One Direction. The band's debut single was called 'She Looks So Perfect'. All across the U.K. and the Commonwealth, this bad really made a following.

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