Just Try And Match All These Cartoons To Their Show Or Movie

Cartoon lovers, unite! Does the idea of Saturday morning cartoons leave us running around the house screaming “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!”? If so, this is the quiz to beat. Not only have we combed through side characters and main characters, but we’ve chosen a selection of both well-known cartoons and creative, niche classics. From the Justice League to Rick and Morty, nearly every genre of cartoon is represented here. True cartoon lovers will appreciate the effort put into this quiz, as it really does come from the heart. Cartoons are things that many of us hold in very high regard, which means there’s no way we could go halfway on this quiz.

The amount of effort that goes into animation is second to none, and we couldn’t be more pleased to give that effort a second life in this quiz. Whether we were an after-school cartoon crew or part of the kids who were only allowed to watch on Saturday mornings, we’re all united by the same passion: cartoons and their characters. Go ahead; see if that depth of cartoon knowledge can place all of these characters within their proper cartoons. Only time will tell whether the result will be as delicious as a Krabby Patty, or will result in a loud “D’oh!”

Question 1

Timmy Turner

This is a popular show that’s appeared a few different times on our lists and quizzes, and for good reason. The bright colors and vibrant actions make for a perfectly balanced kids’ show, but one that’s built for adults to watch as well. We personally love the fact that there are so many plot twists and adventures loaded into this show, and it makes us come back to watch even now as adults. These two floating friends with Timmy Turner are what give the show its namesake. Who can guess what that is? We promise, it’s easier than one might think!

Question 2

Bart, Lisa, and Maggie

The original grown-up comedy cartoon that perfectly blended social commentary with hilarious plot lines, characters, and art styles, this show has eventually spun off with movies, video games, and even stage play adaptations of the same lovable characters (Wikia). They quickly became one of our favorite cartoons growing up, thanks in part to our parents’ insistence that we learn about this vital piece of relevant cultural art. We’re very grateful that we learned about this cartoon when we were so young; it’s given us tons of time to really appreciate how much it means to the world, though some don’t feel like it’s aged as well as it could have.

Question 3

Simba and Mufasa

That happy little lion face is ready to tackle the day, and his cub behind him is preparing for a whole new world; or is that another Disney movie? Honestly, sometimes it can be hard to keep them all straight. Based loosely on everyone’s favorite Shakespeare play (IMDb), this Hamlet-with-animals was one of the only Disney movies we actually watched as a kid. The animals were cute, and the art style was very compelling. With beautiful oranges and sunset tones, the whole movie seemed to have a brilliantly bright, but not over-dramatic, hue. Color palette aside, this is a cartoon that’s really worth keeping on our shelves. One day we’ll want to introduce those future nieces and nephews to Shakespeare, and what better way to start than with this movie?

Question 4

Kim and Ron

This classic team is a dynamic duo that any of us would be honored to meet. Popular for cosplays, as well as for ringtones, this show hit on the perfect time period for many of us millennials to still remember today. The nostalgia is high with Kim and Ron, the two kids pictured here, but we can’t remember the last time we watched it! We’re sure that we would bounce right back into the world-saving antics that these two teens (or, at least, that one of those teens) had to put up with every other day. The ultimate inspiration for friendship and teamwork, but who remembers what it was called?

Question 5

Squidward and sea friend

These sea creatures have been featured in their TV show for decades now (IMDb) and it doesn’t seem like they show any signs of slowing down. At least, not at the rate of all the video games, movies, clothing branding, and toys are going. Kids everywhere love this show, and we still watch it on a semi-regular basis. After all, it wouldn’t be a real Saturday morning without a visit to the Krusty Krab. Bright, vibrant colors pair perfectly with semi-regular David Hasselhoff cameos, and we’re always excited to watch and see what adventures everyone gets into. Are we ready to name this show, kids? “Aye-aye, Captain!”

Question 6

Charlotte Pickles

This super busy mom was one of our personal least favorites on this show. The show in question featured a variety of kids and adults, many of whom were related in some way or another, growing up and tackling life’s challenges together. The support that they received from their folks was zilch; that’s part of what made this show so compelling for kids, in our opinion. The parents wrote off the babies as just being babies. But those kids had adventures, intelligence, and a remarkable amount of ingenuity. It showed us to always be ourselves, even if people around us don’t necessarily believe in us. They’ll start believing in us eventually!

Question 7

This long-haired princess

Another Disney feature, this is that interesting contemporary style of “cartoon”. Not only do we find that all of the outlines have disappeared, but everything looks as if it’s been 3D modeled and then run through a computer program. Almost like digital stop-motion, we’re not sure how we feel about this cartoon style. The cartoon itself, however, is an excellent representation of so many other things. We love the way it plays with the Rapunzel fairytale, and turns it into something fiery and feisty. There are no more helpless damsels here! Now we get damsels with cast iron pans. Hey, something is better than nothing, right?

Question 8

The Griffin Family

We’ve never actually watched this show, but we do know that it’s one of the hugely popular ones on TV today. Seemingly released shortly after the Simpsons became a cultural phenomenon, this TV show was another cartoon that featured a hapless father, a well-intentioned mother, a dry and intelligent daughter that people tend to look down on, and a goofy brother. This show also featured Stewie and the dog, characters that worked in tandem to replace the genius of the Simpsons, Maggie (Show Title Fandom Wikia). We’re very excited that this show is still running, as they’re witty and relevant in an excellent way.

Question 9

Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack

This is one superhero story that doesn’t have much crossover with the other groups in the general superhero universe. Is this because they’re the only superheroes in their universe? Maybe. We’re waiting for them to do a Spiderverse thing, where all of a sudden there’s a bunch more superheroes popping up out of the woodwork that are just like them. This family isn’t just full of superheroes, though. It’s also just a close-knit family unit, taking life one day (and one problem) at a time. We love the balance of real world issues and super issues, as it makes for a well-balanced story.

Question 10

Milhouse Van Houten

Everything’s coming up Milhouse! Or at least, we’ll know if it is or not when we get the results of this cartoon quiz. Not only are there so many other cartoons out there that we haven’t looked at, but there are also so many side characters from the cartoons we have seen so far. The bigger and longer running the cartoon is, the greater the pool of side characters to draw from. Not only do we find that there’s a variety of subplots that start to happen, but all of a sudden we find ourselves picking our favorites from the non-main characters. That’s something that’s certainly happened for us and Milhouse here.

Question 11

Roger, Steve, and Hailey

This show is another one that seems to try and draw on the edgy-talk-but-fun-cartoon-style, as it provides us with not only a hapless contemporary family, but also a weird undercover alien. This makes for some more unique plots than more realistic counterparts it might have. It makes us think of Futurama and Family Guy all rolled into one, which is kind of an awesome concept. Not only does this scratch the sci-fi itch (in a very, very basic way), but it also gives us a whole lot of fun regarding the wacky and wonderful situations that the family gets themselves into.

Question 12

Bobby Hill

Here’s another cartoon that was around for most of us; at least, those of us who were watching TV in the early 2000s (IMDb). This family was a mix of mom, dad, kids, and cousins, and also featured a series of drinking-by-the-fence sequences with the neighbors. Dry and witty, this piece is very, very funny. We’re very excited by the fact that this still gets replayed; or maybe that’s just us rewinding our box sets over and over again. Either way, this show has definitely not been forgotten. It’s just a matter of time before a new generation discovers the dry sarcasm of Bobby and Hank.

Question 13

Greg Universe

This is an easy one for those of us who are out there still flipping through cartoons. We personally love this cartoon dearly, and think that anyone who hasn’t tried it should go and legally download/stream it ASAP. Not only is it beautifully crafted, but it’s also got some phenomenal writing. Clever, funny, and very, very touching, this is a show that’s certainly going to go down in history. After all, there wouldn’t even be any history without the Crystal Gems saving the day all the time! Is that enough of a hint for everyone to guess this show title now?

Question 14

The Belchers

An incredibly popular cartoon, this is one that’s easily streamable. Centering around one family and their semi-popular restaurant, we personally think that their antics are incredibly lovable. From cooking to cavorting to sarcastic dancing, this family is a perfect blend of dry, witty characters and outgoing, loud ones. The balance is excellent, as it allows us to find ourselves in each and every character. We love the way that they interact, and how they create their own joy. It’s a well done show, and we recommend those that have access to streaming platforms check it out. That is, if we can guess what it’s called!

Question 15

This Disney icon

Who doesn’t love a good Disney character? Luckily for us, they’re crafting more of a variety of characters now. We’re not just dealing with the Cinderellas and the Sleeping Beauties of days past. While those fairytales will always live on in our hearts (and on our screens), it’s time for a shift. This character was one of the first to spark that shift, and we’re grateful to Disney for including her in the canon. This is one character who shirked her typical responsibilities and decided to battle alongside her community’s men, ultimately saving everyone (IMDb). She’s quite an inspiration, right?

Question 16

Amy Kroker

Real talk, this is one of our absolute favorite cartoons of all time. The genius of Steven Universe and the hilarity of Rick and Morty aside, this show hits our personal sweet spot of science fiction and cartoon fun. Not only do we have some hilarious characters, but we have a whole world of options spread out when it comes to plot lines and wild adventures. Time travel, aliens, spaceships, and romance is all par for the course in this cartoon. We’ve watched many, many seasons, and we’ll continue to re-watch them. Poignant and hilarious, this is a cartoon that’s worth trying.

Question 17


This redheaded phenomenon is something of a mystery. Why does she do the things she does? Nobody really knows. Or, at least, we weren’t quite able to tell when we watched the movie time and time again. There is something about ocean life that seems to be really compelling to cartoonists. After all, Spongebob Squarepants takes place entirely underwater; so does Finding Nemo. There have been so many speculative stories about the creatures that live underwater, so it’s no surprise that we’re looking at another one here. Though, we will say that Ariel is much sweeter (and more musically gifted) than Squidward.

Question 18

Danny (and this ghost)

A childhood cartoon that we were just ever so slightly past the age for, this cartoon is a piece that’s definitely going to bring joy to younger generations as they start to get into the weirder cartoons. Not only do they have a bevy of ghosts and ghouls traipsing around this show, but we remember there being some pretty solid themes on growing up as well. It’s kind of an analogy for puberty, if we remember correctly. What better way to learn how to cope with all those changes than by using ghosts as a metaphor? This show really talked about some important stuff, and we’re grateful we got to experience it.

Question 19

Marlin (and kid)

These cute little fishes are floating freely through the ocean, without a care in the world. What could go wrong? Well, anyone who’s seen this movie knows that these two are in for a huge and heart-wrenching adventure. This is one cartoon movie that we’re excited to watch, as well as its sequel. The art style is a welcome change from the more traditionally-drawn styles, and we’re very pleased with the way that the underwater scenes are developed artistically. It’s just a beautiful movie, and we can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like it. Just give it one watch and we’re sure that everyone else out there will feel the same.

Question 20

These super friends

A classic show, this is one in a long line of material that relates to these superheroes. Not only do we find that we’re constantly trying to figure out how to unpick the vast knot of superhero (and super villain) TV shows, movies, and cartoons, but we’re still trying to figure out the details of the universes in general. For example, is it canon that all these superheroes work together? We’re not super sure (see what we did there?) but we do know that it makes for a compelling cartoon. Almost like a moving comic book, there’s something about superheroes and cartoons that just go together.

Question 21

This kid

That sweet little bowling ball head is somewhere deep in all of our memories. As young babies it was always a struggle for our parents to find wholesome shows to watch. The Teletubbies were a little worrying, and Barney just wasn’t our jam. The Wiggles were great, but they were only on at a few different, very select times. This cartoon, however, seemed to be constantly playing. While it might not be the most intelligent cartoon for our poor parents to watch, it certainly did make for some quiet hours. Sitting and watching our new friend tackle things like broccoli and shoelace tying was always the crux of toddler-aged day.

Question 22


Another Disney design, this is one character that can certainly save herself. We’ll admit that we haven’t actually seen this movie, but we’ve heard very good things. Plus, it’s always exciting to find a redheaded character rocking the big screen. Outside of some thick accents that made certain characters hard to understand, this movie is full of positivity and power. We might even go so far as to say that it is empowering on a general level! After all, how many other Disney damsels get their own set of bow and arrows? Rapunzel was stuck with a cast iron frying pan!

Question 23

Jerry and Beth

These parents are trying their best, even if they’re not always succeeding. It’s a nice twist on a classic dynamic of the head honcho trope, and we think it fits in really well with today’s shifting sensibilities. This show is one of our personal favorites right now, even if it is a little on the rough and tumble side. Hey, time traveling and alien lifeforms aren’t always delicate and easy to deal with. It’s no surprise that they end up getting a little more wild with this show, and we personally love it. The creativity in this piece is huge, and the wild adventures are always trying to one-up the last ones they’ve shown. This makes for a very compelling cartoon, but what the heck is it called?

Question 24

Football head (and family)

The endearing nickname that one of the other kids in the show gives him, this title character’s head is in fact shaped like a football. Perfect for the most recent Superbowl weekend, we much prefer this football to the one that gets thrown around on a field. Sweet and caring, but still not afraid to stick up for himself and his friends, this is one show that we’re very excited to go back to and to introduce to our future kids. Or, maybe our future nieces and nephews. Regardless of our family planning, we’re looking forward to introducing this strong-willed kid to other kids. It’s nice that he’s the title character too, hint, hint!

Question 25

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup

One of our favorite cartoons, this is a piece that was always one of our must-watch cartoons every week. The three little girls were powerful, and always did what was right. They showed us that we can be powerful too, and shouldn’t give up just because someone is bigger and stronger. We were taught that, no matter what, perseverance and a positive attitude can conquer all. With Professor Utonium by their side, these girls made of sugar, spice, everything nice, and a few drops of Chemical X, always saved the day. The city of Townsville will never be as safe as when it was being watched over by these girls.

Question 26

Shelly and Stan Marsh

Who doesn’t love a little irreverence? It takes a certain kind of person to love this show, but those of us who love it really and truly love it. There’s so much that we can glean from this cartoon, and a lot of society’s problems seem to pop up throughout the course of the series. The episodes seem to be on the leading edge of any and all commentary, and give us insight that the news just can’t seem to get across. They’re opinionated, unique, and unapologetic. While some of the stuff in this cartoon makes us raise an eyebrow once in a while, the rest of it is pure and solid gold.

Question 27

Huey, Riley, and Grandad

This socially conscious show was a very important one, especially considering the time it came out. The 2000s/2010s were full of changes, both socially and personally, for many of us. This show was a great example of one of those changes, where it wasn’t a traditional, nuclear family on the screen. We finally got to see an atypical family unit, with two kids and a grandad, as well as a few other family members and friends, trying to cope with a change in their life. With an art style that now reminds us of Archer, we wish that this show would come back on the air. It’s got some important material in it, despite a few questionable turns as well. (IMDb)

Question 28

These two little aliens

Aliens are a popular theme in many cartoons. At least, they are in the cartoons that we watch. These little cartoon characters are always trying to take over the world, with varying levels of success. Dealing with themes like feeling like an outsider and coping with loneliness, we’re big, big fans of this show. We wish that it played on the air more regularly! Right now we’re stuck looking at the cartoons that aren’t this show. Those are fine in small doses, but we’re definitely missing our little green friends. Maybe one day they’ll bring it back, right? We can always hope!

Question 29

Dipper and Mabel

This show is an interesting mix of comedy, magic, and mystery. We never quite know what’s going on in this show, and that might be for the best. The plot lines are interesting and complex, making it possible to see a variety of possibilities for every episode. This makes it so that, for us, there’s never a dull moment. Not to mention how the kids are super endearing, and very patient with all the grownups and tourists that happen to exist around them. Overall it’s just a fun show, and we think those that are fans of other contemporary cartoons will appreciate this series.

Question 30

Helga Pataki

Another character from the infamous football head show, she’s definitely one of the “school bullies” (IMDb). Coming from a rough home life, she seems to always get the bad luck in this show. Helga comes from sturdy stock, and isn’t one to back down when faced with a challenge. In that way she’s really an admirable person to look up to. We appreciate the fact that she’s always trying to support herself, and to give herself more chances. If only she didn’t take it out on those around her! Oh well. The show itself needs an antagonist, and we’re glad it’s her.

Question 31

These three teenagers

Is it possible to find a more accurate representation of teenagers? We’re going to go ahead and say “nope”. While it’s been a few years since we’ve counted ourselves as a teen, we still remember what it’s like to be one. We know, we know; everyone over the age of 25 says that, and so few of them ever actually do remember. Maybe it’s just because we’re still watching this show. The title character is basically our twin, and her younger sister and friends have a whole lot of parallels to others in our personal life. We like to think that that speaks to its greater sense of relatability. Everyone can connect to this show.

Question 32

This young scientist

The weirdest art style of all the early 2000s cartoons, this boy genius was one of our favorites. His Dairy Queen hair always made us want ice cream, while his secret lab always made us want to be more interested in mechanics and inventions. If he has a secret lab, why can’t we? We suspect it has something to do with the fact that he’s was a total super genius and could figure out a way to fly around town while on his way to space. Not exactly in the realm of our reality, but definitely a show that captured our interest, we love the way that this cartoon has aged. Smart kids are always cool!

Question 33

This blended family

They’re not always trapped on a desert island, which is good news for us viewers. These two siblings get into a variety of situations, and are two of the best choices for those of us who are looking for new cartoon friends. While one of them might not talk all that much, the other one is a very sweet soul. Getting into a little bit of trouble, and a whole lot of adventures, these two lovable kids are some of our favorite cartoon characters out there today. Not to mention the fact that the family dynamic is a little shaken up. It’s a welcome change from the regular family dynamics we tend to see!

Question 34

This little pink puppy

Poor little pup! He always seems to be getting the short end of the stick, if anyone ever throws it at all. This dog is stuck in a family that varies between doting on him and kicking him out. While that certainly results in some good adventures, it’s not the greatest for dealing with his worries. Coping with his worry is one of the biggest things we get to watch this dog do. It’s very helpful for those of us who have similar anxieties, or just anxiety in general. Cartoons are almost like friends, in a way. We love having this little dog as a friend.

Question 35

These two adventurers

Technically there’s a third adventurer listed in the title, but she’s not pictured front and center here. This show is one interesting take on life and afterlife, and always gives us some new ideas to chew on. We personally really like the fact that we get to watch these two kids tackle life with the help of their reaper friend, as it’s a clever juxtaposition that can result in a bunch of hilarious situations. A neat art style as well, we love the over-dramatic features on many of the human characters in this show. Fantastic all around, in our opinion!

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