It's Time To See How Much You Actually Know About Adult Swim


We aren't used to hearing the term "adult" and "cartoon" (unless you find yourself in the seedier part of the internet. From a societal standpoint, cartoons are viewed as childish and meant to distract young ones with colorful characters and wacky sound effects. Under that ideal, it makes sense that Cartoon Network was considered a primarily kid-based network.

Yet, back in 2001, a creative group decided that adults needed more animated entertainment in their lives. Shows like The Simpsons had paved the way for these developments, showing the value in comedic animations. This led to the eventual unveiling of Adult Swim, which was aptly named for the time when children were restricted from the pool in favor of adults.

Over 16 years later and the late night programming block is still running strong. When young ones go to bed, older night owls are whisked away to a world filled with surreal adventures, unforgiving attitudes, hilarious shows, and black comedy. Adult Swim has slowly transformed into a phenomenon and offers some of the best original programming in the animation genre.

Today we're going to test your Williams Street knowledge. Just how well do you know the shows featured on Adult Swim? We're tackle questions pertaining to short-lived series, current comedies, and legendary favorites. Do you think you have what it takes to conquer this quiz?

Question 1

What's this surreal Adult Swim show about food items called?

When it comes to iconic Adult Swim cartoons, this is probably the most prominent. The creators behind this beloved series must have been in a constant state of drug-induced euphoria because each episode is filled with surreal humor and black comedy. We kid, of course. In reality, the Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro creation is one of the most beloved and imaginative animations to ever grace television. The quests of Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake, can never be forgotten. Sadly, the series ended in 2015, but we always have our fingers crossed that these fast food Titans will see a revival.

Question 2

What's this comedy show featuring action figures called?

If consider yourself an Adult Swim fan, then this question is a can't miss. This original show, crafted by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, has been in production since 2005 and continues to be one of the best shows to ever grace late night television. This "animated" romp has seen 8 seasons and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. It's a comedic firestorm and so popular that it secured an Emmy (Outstanding Short Form Animated Program) in 2010. What's this hilarious series called?

Question 3

Which Adult Swim show features this cast of characters?

Before Adult Swim officially launched, Williams Street had already begun producing a handful of series. One of those shows was an original program that used stock footage from a short-lived 1970's Hanna Barbera cartoon (similar to Space Ghost Coast to Coast) This wacky IP followed a crew of deep sea environmentalists with a less than stellar track record. The comedic elements are all over the place, with the show constantly flying off the rails into a surreal whirlwind of slapstick moments and adult jokes.

Question 4

Which of these popular animated shows has never appeared on Adult Swim?

Adult Swim is a gold mine for animated series and specials. There is a ton of original programming to sift through but executives are also keen on bringing in popular syndicated shows to fill air time. A good example of this is American Dad, which shows current episodes on Adult Swim approximately one week after their original air date. Due to late night run times, some shows even boast unedited material deemed too "spicy" for evening television. Out of these four shows, which one has never seen time on Adult Swim?

Question 5

Which famous heavyweight champ has his own Adult Swim animation?

This animated show is relatively new to the Adult Swim block. It released back in 2014 and centers around a famous heavyweight boxing champion that spends his retirement solving mysteries. The show is a deliberate spoof on Scooby Doo, featuring "sidekicks" and a talking animal (Pigeon). This hilarious original program is rather popular among critics and holds an impressive 82 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It's already been renewed for a fourth season and has quickly amassed 40 episodes.

Question 6

Can you name this Jackson Publick creation?

Jackson Publick, also known by his real name, Christopher McCulloch, is responsible for Adult Swim's longest running original program still in production. This hilarious and sometimes depressing "Dramedy" has been through six seasons, with Seasons 7 and 8 on the horizon. It's currently up to 71 episodes, putting it in a position to make a run at the prestigious 100 mark. The series follows scientist Rusty Venture as he struggles to balance single fatherhood, the pressure of inventing, and a butterfly-themed arch nemesis.

Question 7

Which cartoon character hosted this famous spoof talk show?

This hilarious animated talk show was created by Mike Lazzo and originally aired on Cartoon Network in 1994. It was later moved to the "newly formed" Adult Swim due to its primarily adult content. The show was hosted by a 1960's Hanna-Barbera icon, who started as a Saturday-morning cartoon superhero. When it first started, this clever reboot followed the talk show formula well, featuring jokes and famous guest stars. In later seasons, things took a surreal turn, with some of the comedy revolving around parodies.

Question 8

What's this 55 episode series based off a comic strip of the same name?

Aaron McGruder is best known for his popular satire comic strip about social cultures and racial tensions. The clever comic strip, which shares the same name as the Adult Swim show, ran in the Monthly Hip Hop magazine The Source during the late 90's and early 2000's. After finding success, McGruder attempted to create and pitch an animated series but found it difficult to pass a lot of his content through network television censors. This is where Adult Swim stepped in, giving the talented creator a late night spot to air his show without worry.

Question 9

Which of these creative duos created Rick and Morty?

Although some people classify Adult Swim as the "late night place to see Family Guy and King of the Hill," it actually sustains itself by featuring a ton of original programming. The television block has seen many projects throughout the years from a lot of talented animators and creative minds. One of Adult Swim's most successful series is Rick and Morty. The bold, wacky, and brash Sci-Fi Comedy has captured the hearts of millions, already spurring massive success and seeing a variety of games, merchandise, and comics. Which of these creative teams birthed Rick and Morty?

Question 10

What's the name of this squiggly animated show?

This particular animated series originally started on UPN but was canceled after only five episodes. Adult Swim saw the potential in this show and picked it up. They made the right choice, as the series hung on for an impressive four season 52 episode run. The brain child of Loren Bouchard and Brendon Small, this peculiar look at amateur childhood filmmakers featured a hilarious cast of characters and some rather eccentric animation. In 2009, IGN placed this show at 28, on their list of "100 Best Animated TV Shows."

Question 11

Which animated show follows the death metal band "Dethklok?"

It's probably hard to believe but all of the disgusting gore and over the top violence featured in this release was partially created by Brendon Small. Yes, the same Brendon Small that created the loveable cast of children from Home Movies. Tommy Blacha makes up the other side of this twisted duo. This series is a Metal-lovers thrill ride. Many classify it as a parody of the Metal culture and each episode is chock full of pitch black comedy and brutally dark physical humor.

Question 12

What's the name of this Adult Swim title that parodies superhero cliches?

When Adam Reed and Matt Thompson set out to make a new series, they had a rather vivid vision for what they wanted the show to be. The original premise was going to follow a six member superhero team as they battled against an antagonist known as Killface. As production began, the creators realized how much they actually enjoyed Killface as a character and instead shifted focus, classifying him as the main character. The original idea was eventually scrapped and replaced with a superhero/super villain nemesis plot that pokes fun as many action movie cliches.

Question 13

Which show features a lawyerly bird-like human?

This smash hit was part of Adult Swim's original television lineup, running alongside hits like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. In its infancy, this series used "stock footage" (like Adult Swims other IPs) from an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. The series ended up running for four seasons and centered around an ex-superhero who found work as a lawyer. Many of his clients were taken from other Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the same era. The humor was sharp witted, focusing on fictional court cases and sitcom-like banter.

Question 14

What is this religious fundamentalism satire series called?

In late 2005, Dino Stamatopoulos crafted a black-style comedy with heavy religious satire. The show revolves around a town called Moralton (located in fictional Statesota) and a rather impressionable young boy named Orel Puppington. The series pokes fun at some Christian values while simultaneously crafting a world that showcases the ups and downs of everyday life. Orel, in his ultimate quest to become a good Christian, often follows the religious moral code to calamitous extremes.This show lasted 3 seasons and featured one special.

Question 15

Which of the following is not a member of the Cuyler family on Squidbillies?

Back in 2005, Adult Swim introduced us to a backwoods style animation with heavy hillbilly overtones. The series follows a mystical group of endangered creatures known as Appalachian Mud Squid. These rambunctious cephalopods are federally protected and live on a parcel of land deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia. You can usually find the family patriarch, Early, "hootin' and a hollerin'" all over Dougal County. There are four squids that live at the Cuyler residence (including Early). Which of these characters doesn't call the dilapidated shack "home?"

Question 16

What fictional Jazz-themed cola appears in Sealab 2021?

There are a ton of things that don't make sense in Sealab 2021. It's right up there with Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Brak Show for its wacky humor and careless foray into madness. For the most part, Sealab 2021 seems like a fever dream. Yet, there is one recurring part of the show that is so well beloved that developers took the time to create 20 different pun-named beverage choices. We're talking about Sealab's Jazz-inspired soft drink, which happens to be the go-to cola for Captain Murphy.

Question 17

What Adult Swim series started it all for Tim and Eric?

If you've watched Adult Swim in the past few years, then you definitely know who Tim and Eric are. These twisted creators have cranked out numerous oddities for the network and are even touring thanks to their success on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Before rising up the ranks, Tim and Eric developed a strange animated short that aired for two seasons starting in 2004. The surreal show followed a creative businessman as he attempted to influence the local Mayor of Jefferton.

Question 18

Who was Brak's Killbot neighbor in "The Brak Show?"

The Brak Show was relatively short lived and hasn't returned since its one webisode revival in 2007 (much to the chagrin of dedicated fans). Much like Sealab 2021 and Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show used stock footage from a 1960's Hanna-Barbera cartoon. This series, like many of the other shows on Adult Swim, was filled to the brim with slapstick humor and surreal comedy. One of Brak's neighbors was a militant Killbot, bent on annihilating his enemies (while also maintaining his garden). What was the name of this towering killing machine?

Question 19

What is the name of Meatwad's DNA crafted dog?

One rather alarming episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force sees Meatwad creating a dog from an all-in-one kit. The group uses Carl's pool for the endeavor and end up with a rather strange looking pet when Master Shake dips his hand in the water during the "add DNA" process. The finished result is a happy-go-lucky pooch that resembles Shake's hand. Unfortunately, the mischievous mutt takes a liking to Carl and begins to mind link with him (as well as some other rather disturbing things). What was the name of this creepy pet?

Question 20

Which sneaky prisoner often escapes from Superjail?

Superjail! is filled to the brim with crazy killers and evildoers, but one lucky schmuck stands out among the crowd. This cooky criminal with a wild hairdo seems to always be in the right place at the right time when things go awry in Superjail! He uses his luck-based powers to escape confinement, although he usually finds himself locked back up thanks to the efforts of a determine Jail Bot. In fact, each episode of Superjail! features an opening scene where Jail Bot apprehends this sneaky fellow.

Question 21

Which fictional law firm does Harvey Birdman work for?

If you don't remember Birdman it's because he was featured on a short-lived (and obscure) 1960's Hanna-Barbera cartoon called Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. The writers at Williams Street recognized this superhero flop and incorporated it into their parody show, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. Although he was once a mighty superhero, he's fallen on hard times and now works as a lawyer for a bustling law firm. His work environment is pretty tragic, featuring an array of annoyances and unreliable co-workers. Which fictional law firm does Harvey Birdman work for?

Question 22

Which of these characters is not part of the death metal band Dethklok?

Metalocalypse is a fantastically creative delve into the Death Metal culture. Each of Dethklok's band members features their own unique personalities, which poke fun at "band stereotypes." You've got your drug-addicted drummer who got clean, a timid guitarist who's often overshadowed, a soft spoken leader, a boisterous lead guitarist, and a nihilistic bassist with an "I don't give a damn" attitude. All of these personalities combine (and clash) to create an animated experience that pokes fun at Death Metal while simultaneously creating some pretty rocking tracks.

Question 23

What current Adult Swim show centers around a demonic border collie

This wouldn't be a good Adult Swim quiz unless we added some newer shows to the mix. If you thought Metalocalypse and Superjail were brutal, wait until you see Will Carsola and Dave Stewart's 2014 black comedy about the Goodman family and their demonic border collie. This series is hilariously unapologetic about its gore, sexual themes, and satanic overtones. The characters are crude and the canine lead is a sexual deviant with a lust for a particular food item. This is one truly twisted pooch.

Question 24

What's the name of this crudely drawn show?

In 2005, Adult Swim alumni Matt Maiellaro birthed a surreal humor like no other. This insane adventure revolved around a green-colored rodent named Mouse Fitzgerald, who ends up unraveling a dark conspiracy against himself. The show was originally intended to stray from continuity, but Maiellaro crafted an interesting story starting at episode 2. The release features some of the crudest drawings to ever grace the Adult Swim stage, with many critics panning its child-like drawings. However, the underlying story is quite good and one of the best thriller plots to ever appear on the network.

Question 25

What elementary school does Orel Puppington attend?

Orel is obsessed with Moralton's church, due in part to his overzealous parents and his desire to please God. Many of Moral Orel's themes and episodes revolve around the church and Orel's misunderstandings of the Christan moral code. Still, there are moments in which we see the youngster performing everyday tasks, like going to school. The mascot for this Elementary School is the "Vanishing American," which looks like a stereotypical American Indian with a teardrop painted on his face. It isn't mentioned much but can you name this Statesota school?

Question 26

What was this short-lived Voltron-like comedy called?

In late 2009, Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich combined forces with Tom Root to unveil a Voltron-esque comedy animation about a group of dysfunctional heroes. The story follows a group of individuals who were once part of the prestigious Titan Force Five. This team defended Saturn's Moon by using a massive Mecha. One of their former teammates has resurfaced as a villain and must be stopped. The series featured Stop-motion animation and was incredibly short lived. It only managed 9 episodes before Adult Swim gave it the ax.

Question 27

Can you name this cheeky detective?

Adult Swim is perhaps the only television "network" that is bold enough to promote a show featuring a pair of buttocks that solves crimes. This 2006 animation sparked enough interest to last two seasons, thanks to its hilarious protagonist and fart noises At its core, this series was created as a parody of tough guy cop characters, who were popular in the 1970's and 1980's. The crazy cop drama was developed by Larry Murphy and H. John Benjamin (of Archer fame).

Question 28

Which early 2000's animated series saw a recent revivalon Adult Swim?

Adult Swim has come an incredibly long way from its humble beginnings. The late night television block has seen a steady growth in population over the years, allowing them to try new and exciting things (as well as secure some syndication from popular shows). A few years back the network began airing old episodes of a beloved Cartoon Network series. This prompted the show's creator to return and develop a new season for exclusive appearance on Adult Swim. The late night time slot allowed developers to craft a season that was much darker than its predecessors.

Question 29

Melissa Bardin Galsky starred in which animated film about the Devil's spawn?

Back before Loren Bouchard created Bob's Burgers, he worked on a short series for Adult Swim.You may recall that Bouchard teamed up with Brendon Small to build Home Movies, but this endeavor was entirely his own creation. The series followed Satan's daughter as she attempted to live a normal life. During the series, she meets the second coming of Jesus, who's working as a DJ. The series only lasted one season and featured computer animation as the bulk of its visuals.

Question 30

What's the name of this Maakies comic-based Adult Swim animation?

In 2007, Tony Millionaire and Eric Kaplan combined forces to bring this black comedy series to life. If Tony's name sounds familiar, it's because he's the creative mind behind the popular Maakies comics, which featured in the New York Press from 1994-2016. These comics followed two rapscallions, as they drank and slept their way through a nautical 19th-century setting. An Irish Monkey and his Crow companion get into all sorts of trouble. They Might Be Giants performed this shows opening theme.

Question 31

Can you name this criminal that constantly escapes from Super Jail?

This Adult Swim series is a bloody disgusting romp through a magical prison filled with all manner of creatures and criminals. The surreal comedy features a Willy Wonka-like warden who's bent on crafting the "best possible prison experience" for his inmates. This show is a mad house of gore, black comedy, splatter, and off-color humor. It's unapologetic in its design and rarely makes sense. Perhaps that's why we loved it so much. Unfortunately, it came to an end after only four seasons.

Question 32

Can you finish this show's title: "Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio ______?"

Brad Neely rose to fame on Adult Swim's comedy website, Super Deluxe. There he crafted a web series that followed "The Professor Brothers" and a rather eccentric fellow named Baby Cakes. Neely eventually crafted a series called China, IL, which released originally on Super Deluxe and then made its way to Adult Swim. The college-based comedy ended after 3 seasons and Neely moved on to work on a new project with a rather exhausting name. Can you remember the missing word from this one-season 2016 series?

Question 33

Which of these shows wasn't an Adult Swim original?

Since its beginnings, Adult Swim has seen over fifty different original programs. The network is always pining for new content. They do well with reruns of syndicated programming but the real heart and soul of Adult Swim lies in original content. For the most part, it's easy to recognize an Adult Swim production, as most of them are completely surreal. That said, the company has managed to crank out a few smash hits here and there (most recently, Rick and Morty). Which of the following series did not start on Adult Swim?

Question 34

Do you remember this obscure Aqua Teen Hunger Force spinoff?

Unless you watched Adult Swim every single night during 2011, it's possible you missed this hastily canceled Aqua Teen Hunger Force spin-off. The show was crafted by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro and was meant to follow the cast of characters that featured on on ATHF's titular episode, "Bible Fruit." Bert the Banana, Mortimer the Mango, and Tammy the Banana were repurposed as anthropomorphic sports equipment for the spinoff. The show aired briefly before being swiftly canceled by Adult Swim. Only 6 episodes exist, with three of them never seeing air time.

Question 35

What was this short-lived Anime spoof called?

2004 saw the release of a Space Ghost Coast to Coast "spinoff" that centered around a young boy on a quest to obtain perfect hair. The series was crafted by Mike Lazzo, Matt Harrigan, and Matt Maiellaro. The show was a hilarious romp through the world of Anime, spoofing a variety of popular shows and teasing Anime for its sometimes wacky storylines. The series only ran for 7 episodes and featured a cast of colorful characters, like Gerald Bald Z, Uncle Grandfather, Rod: the Anime God, and Action Hot Dog. Space Ghost himself would also make appearances at random times throughout the series.

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