It's Time To Find Out Which Muppet You Are! Take the Quiz And Find Out!

You read that title right, folks. It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet The Muppets on the Muppet quiz tonight. More than mere puppets (and having nothing in common with mops, despite what Homer Simpson may have told you), the Muppets were a sub-species all their own, combining all the best parts of humanity with the childlike innocence of cartoon animals. Created by Jim Henson in the 1950s, the Muppets have since become a media sensation all their own, with an entire world surrounding these weird, goofy, adorable, and infinitely lovable creatures.

Pretty much since the beginning, Kermit the Frog has stood out as the leader of the pack, but he’s hardly the only Muppet to have become part of pop culture history. There’s also Kermit’s longtime love interest Miss Piggy, best friend stand up comedian Fozzie Bear, resident weirdo Gonzo the Great, and perhaps most importantly, earnest, young Scooter, always trying to keep the rest of the crew happy. Not to mention Statler and Waldorf, who might be the angriest of the bunch, but also the funniest. And then there’s a hundred other Muppets rounding out the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational group to ever appear on television. Take this quiz and find out which of these crazy creatures is most like you.

Question 1

What’s your spirit animal?

While it’s true the exact physiology of Muppets is hard to describe in traditional terms, anyone stuck up on that fact doesn’t get the point. The fact Kermit is a frog or Piggy is, well, a pig, play only a minor role in who they are as individuals. That said, these distinctions do play a small role in their sillier quirks. Has anyone ever compared you to one of the following animals?

Question 2

What’s your favorite Muppet song?

More than a group of wild characters starring in various movies and TV shows, the Muppets have truly transcended to every facet of pop culture. To prove this, on top of their many appearances in visual media, various Muppets have released full albums worth of music. Some of the songs they sang were so popular and endearing they’ve become all time classics. Which is of these hits was your favorite?

Question 3

Which Muppet movie is your favorite?

Ultimately, the various Muppet based TV shows have become far more iconic than the handful of movies they appeared in, but fans of the show nonetheless can find great enjoyment in each of their big screen adventures. Quite frankly, most traditional movie goers would almost certainly pick the original Muppet Movie as their favorite, but true fans will probably go for one of these genre experiment deep cuts.

Question 4

Which of the following is your favorite Sesame Street character?

The Muppet Show, Muppet Movie, and related projects are hardly the only places in pop culture where Muppets have a constant presence. Chances are most people taking this quiz are under the age of 50, meaning their first exposure to the sub-species was in fact the long running children’s program Sesame Street (or The Street, as the cool kids called it). Which of the Muppets on that show was your favorite?

Question 5

Would you like working in show business?

Way before Abed’s meta-humor was making Community a hit with Internet audiences everywhere, The Muppet Show basically invented the idea of meta-comedy by being a show about putting on a show. In this sense, every single Muppet is in the entertainment business in one way or another, meaning that in order to be one, you have to be a natural on camera. Could you do that?

Question 6

What’s your sense of humor?

Intentionally or not, another thing every Muppet has in common is that they’re uniformly a hilarious bunch. Each Muppet has managed a huge laugh or two throughout their long existence, with some particularly comical characters making fans bust a gut with their every last appearance. Of course, which Muppet you think is the funniest depends on your sense of humor, so what’s your comedic style?

Question 7

Who is the true star of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem?

Every traveling performance troupe needs a band to backdrop the entertainment, which is why The Muppets hired Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem to be their band in the 1970s and have never looked back on the decision. Granted, they had to reason to regret it, as the Mayhem are one of the most rocking bands around, but their behavior off stage nonetheless has made Kermit shake his head more than a few times. Focusing on their good sides, which member is your favorite?

Question 8

What role do you take in a group setting?

While they clearly aren’t people, the Muppets still need to act in a somewhat civilized manner to bring a TV show to life. Naturally, it’s a huge challenge for Kermit the Frog to get them to do this, because most Muppets find it extremely hard to sit still for a single second, let alone buckle down and get to work. Inevitably, though, people will fall into their usual group roles and a decent show will materialize despite the circumstance…well, hopefully, anyway.

Question 9

Who is your favorite minor Muppet?

Having existed for over half a century and essentially being immortal, it should go without saying there are way more Muppets in the world than this quiz can possibly cover. This means it may or may not even be possible for you to get your favorite Muppet as a result, and for this we apologize. However, that being the case, maybe it’s some small consolation you can pick from a few of the outliers for this question.

Question 10

What’s your favorite movie genre?

One of the best aspects of the Muppets as an entertainment franchise is that they have literally infinite options in terms of the sort of hijinks they can get up to. Going back to 1800s England for a traditional Christmas story? No problem. Flying to outer space because cereal told them to? You bet. Western-tinged romps in old timey saloons? They did a hundred of them, and each one rocked.

Question 11

Where would you most like to live?

In line with the fact no one can succinctly summarize what exactly a Muppet is, we also don’t know for sure where these magical creatures hail from. Sure, Kermit has his tales about a swamp, and Miss Piggy has mentioned family back on a farm, but for whatever reason, these semi-animals gravitated towards human society rather than stick with their own. Why? That’s probably a person issue, and there’s not enough space to talk about the reasons anyway, so just pick a major city you’d like to live in.

Question 12

What’s your favorite color?

According to Kermit the Frog in one of his most memorable moments, it’s not easy bein’ green. However, the more the amphibian thinks about his state and condition, he slowly comes to realize that there are plenty of perks making him proud and happy to be exactly who he is. We’re not asking if the song resonates with you on an emotion level, but the title does bring up an interesting question about our favorite colors.

Question 13

What’s your favorite kind of junk food?

Forgive us for going out on a bit of a limb here, but there’s something about the Muppets that makes us think they’d love chowing down on junk food instead of having actual meals. Perhaps it was the recent ABC sitcom, which recently featured a writers room filled with soda and snacks rather than an actual catering arrangement. Assuming you have the same sort of sweet tooth, what would you chow down on?

Question 14

What is your personal style?

When one stops to think about it, the fact so few Muppets wear clothes may come off as a little jarring. It would be one thing if they all went au naturale, but a few of them do indeed feel the need to cover up their bodies, making it curious that others don’t feel that same inclination. In any event, whether they wear clothes or not, the Muppets all manage to present a certain style in how they present themselves. What’s yours?

Question 15

What’s your favorite genre of music?

For a group of puppets that started out as minor characters on various talk shows, the Muppets have released a shockingly large amount of music in their day. The extent of their oeuvre has reached a point one Muppet or another has probably released at least one song for practically every genre of music that exists, which means fans of both mediums can find something to enjoy in their catalogue. What sort of tune would you look for?

Question 16

What word would your friends use to describe you?

With their wide capacity for compassion, the Muppets almost universally see one another as far more than mere coworkers. The group is also all one another’s closest friends to the extent they’re basically family, and thus generally have only good things to say about one another. Hopefully, you have a few friends or loved ones who grant you the same courtesy—what would they say about you?

Question 17

Which of the following sounds most like your dream job in entertainment?

It’s all well and good to say the Muppets are primarily in the business of show, but that doesn’t quite explain what it is they do on an individual level. Entertainment is one of the widest fields in existence, and there’s a Muppet for just about every last part of it. TV shows and movies are the bread and butter, of course, but most Muppets have a particular area of interest they love getting involve with the best. Are you the same way?

Question 18

What’s your biggest character flaw?

Let’s face it—nobody’s perfect, and that applies to Muppets as much as it does us humans. Gentle and caring though his soul may be, Kermit the Frog is as flawed as anyone else, and he’s hardly the only Muppet battling inner turmoil of some sort. In fact, it’s the Muppets problems that arguably make them most human of all. Which personal problem resonates most strongly with you?

Question 19

Do you get along well with children?

Although it could easily be said that the Muppets truly provide entertainment for the whole family, part of Jim Henson’s original goals in creating them was to educate and entertain children in particular. Over time, Sesame Street became the primary outlet for that goal while the other Muppets focused on madcap wackiness, but the life lessons and marketing to youngsters never fully went away. Does this bother you as a fan, or do you like children and feel happy they can enjoy the fun?

Question 20

What’s your favorite live action variety series?

Hitting the air only one year after the debut of Saturday Night Live, while The Muppet Show was similarly a variety show, the two had very little in common. Instead, The Muppet Show was based on celebrity hosted variety shows of yesteryear, like The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, or even Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater. We’re gonna guess most readers are too young to weigh in on those classics, though, so which of these more recent variety shows is your favorite?

Question 21

Who is your best friend?

With a few exceptions, the Muppets are an incredibly friendly bunch, happily fraternizing with all creatures others of their type as well as whatever humans happen to cross their paths. However, like anyone else, the Muppets all have their own best friends who stand above all other mere acquaintances as their closest confidant and ally against the world. In relatively vague terms, how could you describe your best friend?

Question 22

Where would you most like to live?

Forget about living in a big city—that wouldn’t be true to who the Muppets are on the inside. Sure, we may be civilized human beings taking this quiz, but if we were actually Muppets, we wouldn’t have to abide by society’s rules or expectations. What we’re saying is, if Kermit wants to live in a swamp, the frog should live in a darn swamp, no matter how long that makes his commute to Hollywood.

Question 23

Are you good at video games?

Once again proving they indeed dominate all forms of pop culture and entertainment, in addition to all the movies, TV shows, and music, the Muppets have also been the subject of a handful of video games over the years. Perhaps most popular amongst them was the PlayStation cult classic Muppet RaceMania, a Mario Kart-esque game where Kermit and friends duked it out on a literally explosive track. Whether or not you’ve played that game specifically, are you good at them in general?

Question 24

Have you ever done drugs?

Having been primarily marketed to children for many decades, the Muppets rarely get into subjects like drugs or alcohol. Until recently, that is, as the 2015 ABC sitcom regularly featured the gang unwinding after a show at the local bar, amidst heavy references to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem constantly requiring special substances to find inspiration. Did you find this shocking, or simply a realistic sign of maturity?

Question 25

Which Muppet/Jim Henson related project is your favorite?

Sesame Street isn’t the only block where Muppets have shown up outside of their original habitat. As the man who created them all, Jim Henson was also responsible of the puppetry behind a handful of unrelated films and TV shows that are as beloved or more so than the Muppets themselves. He also made a handful of Muppet based spin-offs, which were even better for loyalists to the style.

Question 26

What’s your favorite time of day?

By and large, Muppets seem like the type of personalities who prefer to have their fun late at night. This isn’t just because they’re busy putting on bombastic show business spectacles during the day, either, as they simply seem like the sort of mischief makers who get emboldened by the shroud of darkness. Are you the same way, or are you more of a morning person (or somewhere in between)?

Question 27

What’s your favorite way to travel?

One of the few downsides of being international superstars is the travel, and considering the Muppets are generally locked in trunks down in the fuselage, that can be especially taxing on their bones. All jokes aside, the way humans prefer to get around usually says a lot about us, and when traveling in their TV shows and movies, the Muppets likewise have preferred methods of transportation that tell us a bit about their personalities.

Question 28

Could you ever work in politics?

In today’s wintery political climate, it genuinely feels like absolutely anybody could get involved in government and immediately wind up right at the top of Washington, D.C. For this reason, now more than ever should be the time for Kermit the Frog to revisit his childhood dreams of political glory. If not Kermit, any Muppet would do, and we’ll even accept a fan of the show if some there’s some rule against electing a puppet (though it certainly seems like there isn’t one).

Question 29

Are you nice to people around you?

Aside from their incredible ability to make us laugh, the thing fans love about the Muppets most is their hearts, and how the emotions of these silly little non-humans can impact real people on such a powerful level. Part of why we feel for the Muppets so heavily is that most of them are kind-hearted souls deep down in side, as evidenced by their devotion to making the world smile. Are you the same way?

Question 30

Which of the following Muppet celebrity guests was your favorite?

Like most other variety program throughout TV history, one of the most popular aspects of The Muppet Show was always the series incredible celebrity guest stars. For the most part, the Muppets invited musicians to stop by and sing their biggest hits with an added fantastical flair, but a few comedians, actors, and generally famous people also made appearances from time to time. Which of the following was your favorite?

Question 31

What’s your favorite thing to eat at the movies?

We’re not sure when exactly the trend started, but at this point, it feels almost impossible to go to an actual movie theater without stopping by the concession stand and buying our favorite snacks. One would be hard-pressed to find a Muppet with the ability to overcome this urge, as those wacky weirdos are even more impulsive than the average person. When you give into temptation before catching a flick, what do you buy?

Question 32

What’s your favorite musical instrument?

One last question about music as we’re wrapping things up. In line with the earlier train of thought about how the Muppets have recorded so many diverse tunes over the years that fans of absolutely every genre can find something to enjoy, the same is true about fans of particular musical instruments. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem alone have a wide range of talented artists each with their specialties; which one are you paying attention to?

Question 33

Are there any Muppets that get on your nerves?

With the sheer amount of Muppets in existence, it was almost inevitable that a few of them wouldn’t be quite as cool as the others. Granted, that’s usually the point, as even a fun-loving bunch of weirdos like Kermit and his friends need an antagonist or two to rally against them. Do any of the Muppets get on your nerves, or are you able to find brightness in all of them?

Question 34

Which version of The Muppets was your favorite?

Having been a pop culture institution for longer than most living people have been alive, the Muppets have gone through a huge number of transformations on a stylistic and comedic level. They started out as minor characters on variety shows, spun off into their own series, turned into movie stars twice over, and then reappeared on ABC not two years prior to this quiz being written. With all this action to choose from, when do you think the Muppets were at their best?

Question 35

What was your favorite part of this quiz?

Typically, when The Muppet Show is over, Kermit the Frog hits the stage to thank the audience for coming and implore them all to come back next time for another great evening of comedy. Unfortunately, we can’t do the same thing to end this quiz, because we’re not exactly sure when The Muppets will be back on TV or the silver screen. We’re sure they will one day, though, so long time fans have nothing to worry about. Instead, let’s reflect on the memories of both the Muppets and the quiz you just took.

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