It's Practically Impossible To Pass This Nightmare Before Christmas Test

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop-motion musical fantasy film that was released in 1993. The movie is set in a world in which each different holiday has its own world and it follows a character named Jack Skellington who lives in Halloween Town, a town dedicated to that spooky holiday. Each year, the citizens of Halloween Town plan a spooky celebration. Things change for the citizens of Halloween Town after their leader, Jack, discovers the world of another holiday and decides that he wants to take over Christmas and celebrate it with the other monsters that live in Halloween Town with him.

This movie is definitely a holiday classic that many people watch during the Halloween or Christmas season. According to Wikipedia, the movie was the first animated movie ever to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and we totally see why! The stop-motion animation style makes this movie super unique and totally fun to watch. The movie took a lot of work to complete, too. According to IMDb, the whole movie took three years for a crew of 100 people to complete!

Who thinks they remember The Nightmare Before Christmas well enough to pass this quiz?

Question 1

What is the first song in the movie called?

The Nightmare Before Christmas has a lot of really fun songs in the movie. Naturally, since this movie is so known for the music in it that the citizens of Halloween Town and perform throughout their holiday adventures, it only makes sense that the movie starts out with a song! As soon as the movie starts, the citizens of Halloween Town appear on the screen and perform a song in which they all introduce themselves to the viewers. What song is it?

Question 2

What type of king is Jack?

Jack Skellington is the most popular and most important part of Halloween Town. After he goes missing in Christmas Town, the town goes into a panic because there's only a year until next Halloween and they need him to make sure they can plan it and have everything all ready! After all, he is the king of this spooky, holiday-based town. He's such an important figure that, during two of the songs, he's referred to by a very special title.

Question 3

What does Dr. Finkelstein do after Sally keeps leaving?

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sally is a ragdoll that was sewn together and brought to life by Dr. Finkelstein. Even though she was created to be a companion to Dr. Finkelstein, she has a total mind of her own and doesn't want to be locked up within his laboratory. Instead, she wants to live her own life and go out among the other creatures living in Halloween Town! What does Dr. Finkelstein do after Sally keeps leaving his house?

Question 4

What had just happened in the beginning of the movie?

Every movie has to start somewhere. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a really special movie because of the fact that it has such unique songs that are so much fun to sing along to when you watch it over and over every Christmas or Halloween. The movie starts off right in the middle of something really exciting for the citizens of Halloween Town and starts off with a super fun song that is definitely one of the most memorable ones from the movie.

Question 5

What does Jack sing about in the song Jack's Lament?

Immediately after the song This Is Halloween ends, Jack goes for a walk on the outskirts of Halloween Town through the graveyard and through the woods. This is when the second song in the movie, one that Jack performs completely alone called Jack's Lament, is performed. This song doesn't have quite the same fun and upbeat feeling as This Is Halloween does and Jack is clearly bothered by something during the song. Who can remember what it is that he sings about?

Question 6

What is the villain's name?

Every good movie needs a villain, right? The Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely no exception! This villain lives beneath Halloween Town and is the definitely the least fun of all the monsters that live within this holiday city. When Jack needs to keep Santa away from the rest of the world on Christmas so he can take over, he hires this villain's trick-or-treating minions to go get him. From there, things don't go so well for Santa. What is this villain's name?

Question 7

What did Jack throw for his dog?

After the excitement of the song This Is Halloween is over, Jack leaves Halloween Town to go for a walk through the graveyard and through the woods. Anyone who has seen this movie will know that Jack was struggling with growing bored of Halloween and really needed a little time to himself in order to really start to feel better! Luckily, his adorable ghost dog was with him and Jack took a minute to play fetch with him. What did Jack throw for the dog?

Question 8

Finish this lyric: "I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like _____ and _____ in my hair."

The monsters in Halloween Town are pretty spooky, right? In the song This Is Halloween, all the monsters come together to introduce the viewers to the town and explain what their role is there. From the creepy voices you hear at night when you're outside when the wind is blowing to the monster under your bed, everyone is there! This line is from that song when the monster under the stairs is introducing themselves. Who knows how to finish this lyric?

Question 9

Which of the following is NOT the name of one of these characters?

Aren't these kids cute? Their little masks are just precious and they definitely make us want to go get some Halloween candy or maybe even some Christmas candy canes for them... Just kidding. Anyone who has seen The Nightmare Before Christmas will know that although these trick-or-treaters look cute, looks are definitely deceiving because they are anything but sweet and adorable. The three of them work for Oogie Boogie and are definitely up to no good! Which of these is NOT one of their names?

Question 10

What is this place called?

Even though Jack Skellington and all his friends live in Halloween Town, Jack finds out early on in the movie that his home is definitely not the only town that exists that is based around an entire holiday season! This town is one that's covered in snow and bright lights and is the home of Santa Claus himself. This town is where Santa and all his elves live and prepare for Christmas so they can bring presents and cheer all around the world.

Question 11

Why did Jack hold a town meeting?

After Jack came back from Christmas Town, Jack had some important news for the citizens of Halloween Town and his priorities had changed a little bit. Anyone who has seen the movie will know that he had already been going through some issues with being a little bored of living through Halloween year after year without anything new or interesting in his life, so this big town meeting was a super important event for Jack! Who can remember what he was holding the meeting for?

Question 12

Finish this quote: "Nice work, ________."

Unfortunately for Jack, he was the only one who wasn't exactly ecstatic with how Halloween had gone at the beginning of the movie. Despite being the Pumpkin King, Jack wanted more from his life and after This Is Halloween was performed, he went to clear his head. Still, all the citizens of Halloween Town were congratulating him on what a cool Halloween celebration he had managed to pull together for that year. Finish this quote from one of the citizens congratulating him.

Question 13

Did Jack go to Christmas Town on purpose?

Being the Pumpkin King and the leader of Halloween Town means that, of course, it was a pretty big deal for Jack to leave and go all the way to Christmas Town. Christmas and Halloween don't exactly have a lot in common as far as holidays go, so it was even new for Jack once he arrived and saw how different everything was from what he was used to! Only a true fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas will remember if he went to Christmas Town on purpose.

Question 14

How many faces does the mayor have?

Even for normal people, hiding your feelings and not letting them show on your face can be a pretty big struggle. When people are happy, they tend to smile and if they're feeling a little upset, they tend to look pretty down. For the mayor of Halloween Town, this is taken to the extreme because when his mood changes, his head spins around and reveals a new face that displays the mood he's currently feeling! It's pretty funny to see. How many faces does he have?

Question 15

Where is the door to each holiday located?

In order to get through to eat different holiday's world, people have to travel through a special door that is printed to look like that specific holiday. For Easter, an adorable pastel egg-shaped door is there. For Thanksgiving, it's a super fall-colored turkey. And of course, for Christmas, there a Christmas tree. We all know that Jack just couldn't help himself and had to open that door and accidentally fell in to Christmas Town. Where are each of these doors located?

Question 16

Why was Jack disappointed at the town meeting?

Once Jack returned from his trip to Christmas Town, he had a lot to show the citizens back in Halloween Town! He had just discovered a whole magical holiday that really solved the nagging feeling he had about being tired of living Halloween year after year by giving him a new feeling and a new holiday to be excited about! He held a town meeting in order to introduce this holiday to them. Unfortunately, the meeting didn't go as he had planned.

Question 17

Why did Jack go visit Dr. Finkelstein?

After Jack got the citizens to agree to celebrate Christmas with him, Jack had a lot of work to do. Taking over Christmas isn't as easy as just giving out presents to everyone! Especially considering the fact that they didn't already have any presents to give the children. So, Jack went to Halloween Town's scientist, Dr. Finkelstein, in order to get some help. Luckily, Dr. Finkelstein was more than happy to help Jack out with what he needed. Why did Jack go to him?

Question 18

Is this character from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Tim Burton definitely has a particular style when it comes to his movies. He's produced quite a few different movies, including the holiday favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas, and has become super well-known for his dark and spooky style. The characters in his movies often have large heads with huge eyes and are really tall with super long limbs. This character definitely fits the style of a character in a Tim Burton movie, but who can remember if he was in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Question 19

Who did the trick-or-treaters bring back to Jack the first time?

In order to make Christmas run smoothly, Jack definitely needed to have Oogie Boogie's trick-or-treaters get Santa. What would he do if Santa was out there delivering all the gifts to the kids around the world at the same time as he was trying to? That would definitely be a nightmare! Unfortunately, Jack was the only one who had been to Christmas Town, so when he sent the trick-or-treaters out to get Santa, they got kind of lost. Who did they bring back instead?

Question 20

What do the citizens of Halloween Town call Santa?

Although we all know that Santa's name is Santa Claus, the citizens of Halloween Town were definitely not so familiar with him before Jack discovered Christmas Town and brought the holiday back to them. While we all know his name, the citizens of Halloween town got a little confused as far as what they should be calling him. Instead of calling him Santa Claus, they came up with a pretty unique nickname for him instead. Who remembers what they called Santa?

Question 21

Why do the citizens agree to celebrate Christmas?

Unfortunately for Jack, the other citizens in Halloween town were just not as excited about the idea of Christmas. They totally didn't understand the feeling that Jack had when he was in Christmas Town, no matter how much Jack tried his best to explain it to them. They kept trying to turn everything that Jack told them about Christmas into something it wasn't and it disappointed him a lot. How did Jack finally convince them to celebrate Christmas by the end of the meeting?

Question 22

What is Jack's dog's name?

Every great character definitely needs a loyal sidekick. Think about it, what would Mulan be if she didn't have Mushu? What would Woody do if he didn't have Bullseye? Just like they have their pets and sidekicks, Jack has one of his own. He has a loyal ghost dog who follows him all over Halloween Town and was with him when he accidentally traveled to Christmas Town too. Who can remember the name of the dog Jack had in this movie?

Question 23

Which of the following experiments does Jack NOT perform on Christmas items?

In order to try to understand the feeling that he had in Christmas Town, Jack goes to some pretty extreme measures. He goes up into his house and refuses to come out for any reason because he's so busy experimenting on all the Christmas-themed goodies he brought back to Halloween Town with himself. He's certain that there must be a scientific reason that the holiday made him feel so warm and cozy but he just can't figure it out. Which experiment did he NOT perform?

Question 24

Which character knew Jack's Christmas wouldn't go well?

The citizens of Halloween Town were pretty excited to celebrate Halloween. Who wouldn't be? We have to admit that Jack did a pretty awesome job explaining the holiday to them in a way that would definitely make them want to be a part of it. Unfortunately, there was one member of Halloween Town that wasn't so excited for the big day. While everyone else was eagerly anticipating the night of December 24th, one citizen knew that things weren't going to go right.

Question 25

What almost stopped Jack from being able to go out on Christmas?

After all the preparations that the people of Halloween Town did to make Christmas happen with their special Halloween twist, it would sure be a bother if something happened that stopped Jack from being able to go out and live his dream of being Santa! Unfortunately, this really did almost happen when something unexpected happened and put a huge wrench right in the middle of Jack's plans. Uh oh! Only a real fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas will remember what almost stopped him.

Question 26

Where does Sally keep the needle she uses to patch herself up?

Since Sally is a ragdoll that was created by a spooky Halloween scientist, she has the ability to sew herself back together if she falls apart and she can even take off body parts if she needs to. This is pretty handy for her and she uses it to her advantage to do things like trick Oogie Boogie into getting distracted long enough for Jack to save Santa. When it's time to patch herself up, she has a needle that she just sews herself back together with.

Question 27

Where did the vampires look for Jack?

After Jack went for a walk following Halloween Town's annual Halloween celebration, viewers will know that he went to Christmas Town by accident and found himself falling in love with the feeling of a completely different holiday. Unfortunately, none of the citizens of Halloween Town knew where he was and they launched a search for him to try to find their Pumpkin King. Each of the citizens checked a different part of town. Where did the four vampires look for Jack?

Question 28

How did Oogie Boogie react when he met Santa?

Oogie Boogie is the villain from The Nightmare Before Christmas and is the person who the trick-or-treaters took Santa to after they took him out of Christmas Town and brought him to Halloween Town so Jack could make Christmas his own thing without having Santa getting in his way. Jack had hired Oogie Boogie's trick-or-treating minions to go get Santa, but hadn't really told the three of them what to do with him after that, so they just sent him down to their boss.

Question 29

What did Sally see in her vision of Christmas?

Of course, Jack thought that his Christmas was going to be amazing. The citizens of Halloween Town put so much work into planning Christmas, how could it not work out? Their Halloween celebrations were always so much fun, so of course Jack believed that they would definitely be able to make the best Christmas celebration ever. Unfortunately, Sally had a vision of things going horribly wrong for Jack and things not working out the way he planned. What did she see in her vision?

Question 30

Who lead Jack's sleigh?

Since Sally didn't think that Jack's Christmas was going to work out the way that he had planned for it to, she decided to try to stop him by making it so foggy that he couldn't see. We all know that when Santa had that issue, he reached out to Rudolph and asked him to use his super unique, glowing red nose to light the way and help Santa see his way through the dark! Who helped light the way for Jack?

Question 31

Who made Jack's costume?

Although Santa looks totally iconic in his red and white suit, Jack's body is quite a bit different from his and would definitely not fit in Santa's. Jack is really tall and is basically a skeleton with twigs for arms and legs and Santa's suit would be too big and too short on him. But that doesn't mean Jack didn't get to wear a suit out to deliver gifts on Christmas! Someone just had to custom make him a suit.

Question 32

What surprised Jack about the houses in Christmas Town?

The creators of The Nightmare Before Christmas did a really good job making Christmas Town and Halloween Town look super distinct and really embody the holidays that they represented. Halloween Town was super dark, spooky, and definitely looked like it Halloween in the form of a small village. Christmas Town is bright, snowy, and super cute with the Christmas lights everywhere. Naturally, this change was super surprising for Jack. Which of these things did he mention being surprised by when he visited the houses?

Question 33

What do the citizens sing during the song Jack's Obsession?

Jack's Obsession is one of the songs in the movie that takes place after the citizens of Halloween Town agree to recreate Christmas and claim the holiday as their own. In the song, Jack locks himself up inside his house and sets out to start studying what exactly it is about the holiday that gives off such a warm, special feeling because he wants to recreate the feeling he had when he visited Christmas Town. What do the citizens say about him in this song?

Question 34

What kind of creature did one of the citizens make into a hat during Making Christmas?

Whether you're a regular person or a citizen of Halloween Town, there are a lot of preparations that go in to making sure everything is ready for Christmas! There are gifts to wrap, cards to mail, cookies to bake, meals to make... Phew, it can be pretty tiring! The citizens of Halloween Town had a lot of work to do because they all had to make presents for Jack to deliver to the kids. What did one of them make into a hat?

Question 35

"The smells of cakes and pies are absolutely everywhere." What song does this line appear in?

For many people, a big part of Christmas is the food. Many families spend time together during the holiday season and they make a huge dinner for the special day, bake special holiday cookies, and even make candy or other sweet treats together. All that food can really fill the house with delicious smells and is one of the best parts of the whole holiday for people who are super into food. During which song did Jack comment on the delicious smell in the air?

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