It's Borderline Impossible To Remember All Of These Simpsons Characters

Matt Groening, we'd just like to take a moment to say thank you for the gift you gave to the world back in 1989. Three decades later, it has become the gift that just keeps on giving.

With hundreds of loveable characters and plenty of relatable storylines, we've been infatuated with this yellow family since day one. With Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie (oh, and a shoutout to Hugo), the Simpson family has been captivating our attention for over 30 seasons.

While some fans might think they know their Jimbos from Nelsons, this quiz will test even the most dedicated of viewers. So, without further ado, grab a Duff and a juicy Krusty Burger and let's get stuck into this Tire Fire of a quiz.

Question 1

Which character is this?

This middle-aged, nerdy character is often very sarcastic in the way he speaks to his customers. He is the owner of The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop, and sports a brown ponytail and blue t-shirt, most of the time. He is, of course, geeky and obsessed with comic books.

Question 2

Which little Simpson is this?

As the youngest member of the Simpson family, this character has a large role in the show. While she doesn't really speak, her involvement is definitely important, and she often finds herself in a strange situation. One example is when she accidentally takes out Mr. Burns, split over two episodes.

Question 3

Which Springfield Elementary student is this?

This character attends Springfield Elementary, although he certainly too old to be there. He is part of the school's roughhousing crew, often roughing up the nerdier kids for their lunch money, or just for the sake of it. We don't hear his name too often, but the most dedicated fans should be able to remember him.

Question 4

Which character is this?

As one of the two characters in the show within a show, this mouse spends his time chasing and attacking his feline costar. It's like a sinister version of Tom and Jerry, essentially. The pair also has a theme park in Springfield named after them. So, which character is this?

Question 5

Which Simpson is this?

This pearl-wearing girl is the middle of the three Simpson children. She is, by far, the smartest in the family and one of the most clever students at all of Springfield Elementary. Despite her intellect, she lacks a little social awareness, and is nowhere as 'cool' as her older brother.

Question 6

Who owns the Kwik-E-Mart?

This friendly store clerk is known for his catchphrase "Thank you, come again!". He works at the local convenience store, known as the Kwik-E-Mart, which often sees a bit of drama unfold. One example is when Snake tries to rob the place. He is originally from India and is also married to Manjula.

Question 7

Which main character is this?

This member of the Simpson family is the eldest child and older brother to Lisa and Maggie. He has a knack for getting himself into trouble and causing mischief, often found with a slingshot in his back pocket. His catchphrases include "Don't have a cow, man" and "Eat my shorts".

Question 8

Which character is this?

This elderly character is one of the richest on the entire show, without a doubt. He is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, as well as Isotope Stadium, the Casino, the Monorail, and plenty more. He is often portrayed as money-hungry, greedy, and selfish. What is his name?

Question 9

Which minor character is this?

For fans of the show who haven't seen every single episode, it might be hard to believe, but there is actually a fourth Simpson child! This character was the twin brother to Bart, but because they thought he was "the evil twin", they locked him away in the attic. It turns out that he was the good twin all along...

Question 10

Which character is this?

Apart from one brief instance, this character is never seen without his black and yellow bee suit. He mostly speaks Spanish, but we've seen that his English is actually very good as well. Does this character's costume give away his name, or is this a little tricker than some may think?

Question 11

Which character is this?

Thanks to the symbol embedded on the chest of his red suit, it's clear that this superhero character has something to do with nuclear activity. While we've never explicitly been told what powers this character has, according to Simpsons.fandom, super strength and invulnerability have been indicated. So, who knows the answer?

Question 12

Which character is this?

Believe it or not, but this Simpsons character is actually a parody of the boxing legend, Mike Tyson. His athletic prowess is undeniable, having been crowned the World Heavyweight Champion, as well as being a former Olympic gold medallist. While he's not a major character in the show, dedicated fans should recognise him.

Question 13

Which character is this?

As the next-door neighbour to the Simpsons and one of the two sons of Ned and Maude, this character was brought up in a very religious household. Although, compared to his older brother, he is a little more adventurous and willing to question the values put upon him. So, who can remember this young character's name?

Question 14

Which thirsty character is this?

If any character decides to quickly stop in at Moe's Tavern for a cold drink, rest assured that this character will be seated at the bar, with a few empty Duffs in front of him, no matter the time of the day. He is partly known for his regular, obnoxious burping.

Question 15

Which Springfield Elementary student is this?

While this young Springfield Elementary student tends to come across as one of the mean kids, often roughhousing the geekier ones, he does have a soft spot. At one point throughout the series, we saw him develop a meaningful and kind relationship with Lisa. His catchphrase is a simple "HA HA!"

Question 16

Which blue-haired character is this?

This blue-haired character is Milhouse's mother and was married to Kirk (although their relationship is rather complicated, being divorced at one stage before getting back together). Oh, and did we mention that she is technically cousins with the man she married as well? Who knows this Springfield housewife's name then?

Question 17

What is this guy's name?

This character makes up one-quarter of the Springfield Elementary roughhousing quartet. He is always sporting a dark beanie and a shirt with a skull and crossbones on the front. As told by Simpsons.fandom, the girls of Springfield often consider him one of the most attractive boys in the whole town.

Question 18

Which character is this?

This character is the mother of the Springfield Elementary principal. No matter who her son decides to date, she often can't stand them. She is extremely reliant on her son and often takes advantage of him. From the four options above, does any particular name stand out as the right one?

Question 19

Is this Patty or Selma?

Just like her sister, this character has an undying love for the TV show, MacGyver. She is also a chain smoker and works at the Springfield DMV. Both Patty and Selma are Marge Simpson's sisters, but which one of the two is pictured above? You've got a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly!

Question 20

Name this main character!

As the main character on the show, you shouldn't even need to be reading this to recognise who this man is. He works at the Nuclear Power Plant (although 'works' is a strong word) and is usually portrayed as lazy, dim-witted, and donut-obsessed, although he has a good heart. "D'oh!" is one of his catchphrases.

Question 21

Which Springfielder is this?

As the father of Milhouse and husband (well, ex-husband at times) to Luann, this character features from time to time throughout the series. Like his son, he sports thick-rimmed glasses and bright blue hair. After his divorce, he became somewhat of a lowlife, struggling to stay on his feet and even sleeping in a racecar-themed bed.

Question 22

Which short-lived character is this?

If we were to describe this character in one word, it would be 'monorail'! Long story short, this character came to Springfield with a bold plan to build a new monorail. It turns out that this plan was just a scam, and he fled once the town realised that the monorail was faulty.

Question 23

Which character is this?

Many fans will remember this character from the episode where Homer eats the fugu blowfish (which, when incorrectly prepared, can be seriously dangerous). He opened the restaurant called The Happy Sumo, is experienced in martial arts, and doesn't mind doing some acting from time to time. What is this guy's name then?

Question 24

Which character is this?

Through an arranged marriage, this friendly character got hitched with the Kwik-E-Mart owner, Apu. Together, they had octuplets (eight babies at once!). She is friendly with Marge, Luann, and Helen, some of the other Springfield women who are around the same age as her. So, who can remember her name?

Question 25

Which inspirational character is this?

We've seen this character as both a jazz musician and, in a related sense, a mentor to Lisa. After he passes away, he appears in front of Lisa in the clouds. As told by Simpsons.fandom, this guy is "a reference to Sonny Rollins, the great saxophonist, who famously retired from public and was not seen for three years".

Question 26

Which character is this?

This character's real name is actually Lothar Folkman, however, he decided to adopt a new persona in order to fit in with his pizza and pasta-slinging Springfield restaurant and get more people at the restaurant's tables. Like plenty of other characters in the show, this guy is voiced by Hank Azaria.

Question 27

Which character is this?

This young character attends Springfield Elementary and is considered to be one of the 'cool kids', often taking advantage of the nerds alongside Nelson, Jimbo, and Kearney. Although, compared to the others, he is certainly not the toughest. He also plays the guitar and has tried his hand at horseriding.

Question 28

Which character is this?

This character's name isn't as memorable as you may think. He is one of the lawyers in Springfield and viewers often see him representing cases against the Simpson family, during which he usually presents strong arguments and wins over the judge in question. Does anyone recall who this character is?

Question 29

Which cool character is this?

When the fictional producers of Itchy and Scratchy (the show within a show) decided that it was getting old and stale, they came up with this cool, hip, backward cap-wearing dog to try to lift the ratings. Out of everyone who auditioned, Homer was the man who ended up voicing this cool pup.

Question 30

What is this judge's name?

This character is one of the judges of Springfield and is known for his leniency and understanding. When Bart gets himself into trouble, this judge often justifies his verdicts with the saying "boys will be boys". As told by Simpsons.fandom, this man "was the judge who banned sugar in Springfield."

Question 31

Which character is this?

Although a relatively minor character throughout the course of the series, this man has certainly had his time in the spotlight, particularly related to the 'Springfield Dam Plot'. He is the younger brother to Sideshow Bob, the nemesis of Bart Simpson. Does anyone remember what this character's name is then?

Question 32

What is the name of this angry character?

This man was an employee at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and, as a hard-worker, is known to loathe the lazy and slacking Homer Simpson. He often finds himself in the face of bad luck, often as the result of Homer's negligence. Although his time in the series was short-lived, he is a rather memorable character.

Question 33

Who is this funky guy?

While there is rarely a large focus on this character, he makes pretty regular appearances. Whenever there is a party in Springfield, rest assured that he'll be there, showing off his dance moves on the dance floor. He also refers to himself in the third person. So, who knows his name?

Question 34

Who was Marge's senior-year prom date?

This character is head over heels for Marge Simpson. He was her high school prom date, and as a former billionaire, can not understand why she chose to start a life with Homer. He has intellect, wealth, and respect, but he never got the girl he was after! What's his name?

Question 35

Who is Bart's best friend?

This character is often seen as a bit of a dweeb, but he's loyal to Bart and his heart is always in the right place. He can't see without his thick-rimmed glasses, and he also takes a fancy toward Lisa. He's one of the most quoted characters in the entire show.

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