It's Almost Impossible To Score 100% On This Mommy Quiz. Wanna Try?

Calling all mamas! Today we have a quiz that is chock full of all kinds of mommy trivia tidbits. It is easy to assume that our moms are born knowing everything they seem to know, but this is not actually the case! Just like us, our moms had to learn these parenting fun facts by experiencing them for themselves. While some of it may seem like common knowledge, there is a lot of things that one has to learn before becoming a parent for the first time.

In today's quiz, we will be asking 50 different trivia questions. All of these questions will revolve around pregnancy, caring for newborns, or looking after toddlers. While some of them may seem easy enough, we are willing to bet that even moms with more than one kid will get stumped by a few of these! While it would be impossible to know absolutely everything there is to know about raising children, it certainly wouldn't hurt to brush up on a few of these facts before diving into parenthood. Who here is thinking they are ready for this ultimate mom quiz? We promise the adorable baby pics alone will make this quiz well worth the time and effort!

Question 1

What item must we have before leaving the hospital with a newborn?

There are plenty of things we need to make sure we have before the baby arrives. Having a nursery set up at home would certainly be ideal, but hey, there is a ton of other stuff to get done during those 9 months too! Even if we don't necessarily have the nursery ready to go on the day the baby arrives, there is still one item that is essential for us to have before leaving the hospital. Looking at the four possible answers, can anyone here figure out which is the correct one for this question? Try taking a guess!

Question 2

When should we brush our baby's teeth for the first time?

Healthy oral care habits are important for a child to learn as soon as possible. The last thing we would want is for our child's teeth to cause them pain, or to have to bring them in for pricey dentist appointments every other month. Even though these habits are super important for the child to learn, while they are still babies, what is the proper approach to brushing? Should we just let the dentist handle it, or should we be doing this at home? Do the baby teeth need to be brushed, or just the adult ones? Pick out the best answer!

Question 3

How much water does a newborn need daily?

Reminding ourselves to drink water is something a lot of us do every day. Things happen, we get busy, and often times we just simply forget that we need to keep ourselves well hydrated. As much as we may like coffee to count, it doesn't, and we need the water! What about our babies though? Is it as important for them to be getting in as much water as we are in a day? Their bellies are smaller, so maybe they don't need as much as we do? Does anyone here know which of these answers is correct for this question?

Question 4

When do babies typically start to roll over?

Especially after we first bring them home, it seems crazy how long we can stare at our babies without them really doing anything. The slightest face twitch is enough to send us into a complete frenzy. That being said, it does start to get pretty exciting when they actually begin moving around a bit. Before we can start expecting the crawling or the first steps, the babies first need to learn how to roll over on their own. Does anyone know at what point they typically begin doing this? We have listed four possible answers, but only one is right!

Question 5

Name this kids show

Once the kids are old enough for screen time, we as parents can pretty much forget about all of our favorite HBO hits. The television set now belongs to our young ones, and shows like this one will be playing on a nonstop loop. This series is all about a young aardvark and his pals. We watch him as he goes to school, spends time with his family and goes out on the occasional adventure. Every character in this series is a different type of animal, so it is a fun one for kids to practice animals names with! Any guesses?

Question 6

True or false: All babies smile within their first week

Is there anything in this world more precious than a baby's smile? A baby's first time smiling is something many parents eagerly wait for. Seeing that toothless grin staring up at us, is enough to melt our hearts into puddles. When can we really expect this to happen though? We know they all do it eventually, but is there a certain time when they become capable of smiling? Is it fair to say that we can expect every baby to smile for the first time within their first week of life? Try picking out the correct answer to this question!

Question 7

How many hours of sleep do newborns need each day?

It is no secret that many of us struggle to get the right amount of hours of sleep each night. This is something that becomes especially true once we are new parents. Even if our baby happens to be a good sleeper, by the time they go down for some rest, we usually have a long list of chores that now has to get done before we can think about doing the same. Even though we may not always be getting in our full 8 hours, we must make sure our babies are getting as much sleep as they need. How many hours do newborns typically need?

Question 8

Which of these is NOT a good starter food for babies?

Picking a baby's first food can be an exciting yet stressful thing. While the baby books and webpages are full of great suggestions, we really want to make sure our baby enjoys their first experience with food. While we may love the idea of giving them something really delicious for their first taste, it is best for us to stick to the few tried and true first baby foods. One of the items we have listed here, is not a recommended first food for a baby. Looking at these options, can anyone here figure out which one we are talking about?

Question 9

Why do babies spit-up so much?

We can go on and on about all the amazing things that come along with having a baby, but we could also create quite a list of all the "not so pleasant" things that also come along with having one. Without a doubt, one of the top things on this unpleasant list, would have to be the constant spitting up. This is something that every single baby does, and for whatever reason, they all seem to do it during the most inconvenient times possible. Is this something they can control? Does anyone here know the actual reason why they do this so much?

Question 10

Name this kids snack

Any parent who has a kid old enough to be getting packed lunches, should be pretty familiar with this snack. Once we need to start thinking past the bottles and starter foods, the kid-friendly snacks become a big part of meal planning and food shopping. Any snack that we can find for our kid, that we may also enjoy ourselves, is definitely a great option. This snack is often one of those. As much as kids enjoy these crunchy crackers, most parents can't resist grabbing a handful for themselves as well! Does anyone know the correct name of these snacks?

Question 11

True or false: Babies can recognize us by our voices

It can sometimes be frustrating trying to figure out what is going on inside of those tiny little minds. Our babies love to make all kinds of silly faces and show a variety of different emotions while they do this, but how much of this actually means something? When we are talking to our babies, do they actually know it is us, or are they just off daydreaming in their own world? Would it be safe to say that they can recognize us by the sound of our voices? Let's see who knows the right answer to this mommy question!

Question 12

Can pregnant women exercise?

There are quite a few changes a woman must make in her daily life after getting pregnant. Obviously, the choice of foods is a big thing, especially if we have a special liking for things like sushi and caffeine. What about exercise though? While this is something every woman should speak to their doctor about first, there is a general rule about pregnant women and their exercising. If we already have a regular workout routine, are we allowed to continue on with it for as long as we are capable? Only one of these four answers is right, who knows which it is?

Question 13

What is the best way to avoid diaper rash?

The whole diaper changing thing is obviously one of the messier parts about having a baby. Even though diaper duty is never a fun thing, there are a few things we can do to make sure the process is as comfortable as possible for both our baby and ourselves. Avoiding diaper rash is a sure fire way to ensure the diaper changing process is as pleasant as possible. While these rashes can still surprise us, there may be a way to minimize the likelihood of them appearing. Does anyone here know what we are talking about in this question? Take a guess!

Question 14

Which of these are babies born without?

Babies go through all kinds of crazy changes during their first few years of life. As parents, we get to sit back and happily watch as they grow and develop right before our eyes. However, some of these changes we may not actually be able to see from the outside. As vastly different as they may appear on the outside day to day, what is going on inside, is even extreme. Even though they may seem to spend most of their time sleeping and eating, our babies bodies are constantly doing all kinds of hard work. Which of these things do babies only grow after birth?

Question 15

Which mother's organ grows in size during pregnancy?

It is no secret that a few things tend to expand after we get pregnant. First and foremost, our bellies pop out and we gain a few extra pounds around the waist. Then we also have the swelling feet and ankles to deal with as well. While these things are more than enough for us to cope with already, there is actually something inside of us that is growing and expanding during this time too. We may not feel it or see it, but it is happening! Does anyone here know which of these answers is right for this question?

Question 16

What can a mother lose after giving birth?

Even after we have given birth, our bodies are still going through changes for some time afterwards. While everybody's body reacts differently in this kind of situation, there is a common side effect of giving birth that many mothers experience. Once we have finished labouring and we are back home with our baby, we can start losing one of these four things. It does not happen to every mom, but we feel it is best to be prepared for every possible scenario! Which of these things can new moms start to lose after giving birth? Does anyone know the right answer to this one?

Question 17

True or false: The baby belly disappears after birth

Towards the end of the third trimester, many moms start to get really uncomfortable. The baby is at its maximum size, and it is most likely sitting right on top of our bladder at this point. To make things worse, our feet are huge and we can't even get our slippers on anymore. By this point in time, most moms are naturally pretty excited about getting their bodies back. Once we have given birth, can we expect our bellies to go back to normal? The baby is no longer in there, so it should just shrink back down, right? Take a guess!

Question 18

Name this kids show

Here we have a popular kids program that has been on the air since 2007(Wikipedia). Like other kids shows, this one is about a couple of kids who dream of turning their summer vacation into a permanent thing. Where this one differs, is in the fact that our two main characters are actually stepbrothers. This is a great way for kids to learn that not all families are necessarily built the same way. That being said, it is still a super silly and fun show for them to sit back and enjoy! Does anyone recognize the cartoons in this imagine?

Question 19

What kind of doctor works exclusively with children?

Especially during our child's first year of life, it is important for us to be bringing them in for regular checkups with the doctor. Not only are there vaccines that they need, but it will also just give us peace of mind knowing that they are growing and developing properly and on time. That being said, it would probably be a good idea to figure out what kind of doctor we should be bringing them in to see first. What could be more embarrassing than showing up to a foot doctor's office for a newborn checkup, right? Pick an answer!

Question 20

When can babies start transitioning to solid foods?

When it comes time to start transitioning our baby to solid food, the change can be a very welcome thing. For mothers who have been breastfeeding, this could be a light at the end of a long pumping tunnel, so to speak. However, it is important to start making the switch at the right time. We cannot just go right from the bottle to a bag of chips, we need to take this process slow and it can only be started once the child is ready to properly digesting the solid foods. Does anyone here know when we can start the transitioning?

Question 21

What is the most common eye color in newborns?

This is a fun fact that not everyone may be aware of. While the eye color of most babies will change over time, many of them are actually born with the same color. This is not something that is for sure, but there is a significant amount of newborns that are born with this eye color. We must remember to not get too attached to the eye color of our baby, because, after 6-9 months, they can be a completely different color than they started off as. Does anyone here know the most popular eye color in newborn babies? Take a guess!

Question 22

At what point in the pregnancy can we learn the baby's gender?

This is actually not something that every parent needs to know. Even with all of the hype surrounding gender reveal parties these days, there are still a large number of parents who choose to wait until the child is born to know the gender. That being said, finding out ahead of time can benefit us in more ways than just picking our a cake with a blue or pink interior. Knowing the gender ahead of time, can help us along with our baby shopping. Does anyone know when we can find this out? Only one of these answers is right!

Question 23

Name this kids movie

Here we have a classic kids movie. This one would be an excellent choice for anyone who has trouble getting their kids to sleep at night, due to their irrational feelings toward monsters lurking in the closet or under the bed. In this film, there are monsters who hang out in the closets of children, but they are totally fun and adorable! While there is a mean monster of two, this movie really does do a great job at making the monsters seem less intimidating and more entertaining! Some kids may even get excited about the possibility of monsters after seeing this film!

Question 24

True or false: Breastmilk can be stored in the freezer

Ah, the freezer, a mother's best friend. While it is nice to think that we will have the time to whip up something fresh every evening, once we have more than one kid to juggle, dinner time can get a little chaotic. Having a few options stored away in the freezer can be an excellent way of ensuring there is always something ready to go! While we are totally able to feed our toddlers the lasagna we just took out of the freezer, can we also do the same for our baby's breast milk? Can we keep a few bottles frozen?

Question 25

What is the best sleeping position for newborns?

For parents who have had trouble getting their newborns to sleep, the best answer to this question may be "any way they want as long as they're sleeping!". However, this would not exactly be the correct answer. When it comes to laying our newborns down for some rest, there is one recommended position. Once they are old enough to move around by themselves, they can choose their own, but as newborns, it is up to us to make sure they are sleeping in the safest position possible! Which of these sleeping positions is best for a newborn baby? Take a guess!

Question 26

What is the most common first word for babies?

This one may sound a little funny, but there is actually one word that babies tend to be able to say first. While we do not think this is something they plan in secret while in the playpen, it is more likely that the word is just simple enough for them to form with their tiny little mouths. Even if we really try to get our baby to say the word we want first, it is not exactly something that can be guaranteed. Does anyone here know which first word is actually the most common for babies? Any guesses then?

Question 27

When can we start the potty training process?

Here is a question we are sure many parents want to know the answer to. While the potty training process can be a hassle in itself, knowing that we are almost free of diaper duty entirely, can be a very exciting notion. Not only does potty training put an end the constant cycle of dirty diapers, but it can actually be a great opportunity for parents to bond with their little ones as well. That being said, we do need to wait for the right time to start this process. Does anyone know when we can start thinking about getting started on potty training?

Question 28

Name this kids snack

There are a few solid ways to ensure a child will eat a certain snack or food item. Many companies have been playing around with techniques like adding a fun color to the food, or shaping it like an animal. This has proven to be super successful, as most kids just can't turn down an adorably shaped animal cracker. That being said, here we have a popular animal shaped snack for everyone to name! Is anyone familiar with this cookie-like snack? We have listed four possible answers, though only one of them is going to be right for this question!

Question 29

How often should newborns eat?

To make sure our babies are growing and developing properly, it is important to ensure they are getting the right amount of food each day. Just like us, babies need the correct amount of sustenance for their bodies to be able to do everything they need to do in a day. We know that we should be getting in 3 square meals a day, but is this the same for a newborn? Will they be good to go with 3 meals, or do they perhaps need a little more fuel than us? Who knows the correct answer to this one?

Question 30

True or false: It is bad to wake a sleeping baby

It seems like almost as soon as we announce our pregnancy, everyone around us is determined to give us every baby fact that they've got. While most of the time this advice is welcome, it can get a little worrisome if everyone just keeps going on about all the things we have to be wary of with a newborn. At times it can even be tough separating the true facts, from the old school superstitions. Is it actually a bad thing to wake a sleeping baby? Is this just one more thing we have to be sure to not do?

Question 31

When do babies typically start crawling?

While we may want to have this information handy to ensure we have our cameras rolling at the right time, there are a few other reasons why this bit of info is super important. Once a baby starts to crawl, it will become almost impossible to keep them still. They will constantly be on the move, and they will be trying to get into absolutely everything they can reach. This means we must have our homes properly baby proofed by the time this milestone rolls around. Does anyone here know when we can start expecting the crawling to begin? Any guesses?

Question 32

What time of day does morning sickness usually end?

Morning sickness is not something that every pregnant woman experiences, but those who have gone through it, know that it is no laughing matter. If severe enough, morning sickness can really affect our daily lives. Imagine trying to get ready for work, while also getting sick every 5 minutes? Yikes! That being said, knowing at what point in the day the symptoms will subside, can really help us plan things out a little better. Does anyone know at what point in the day we can stop worrying about the whole morning sickness thing? Try picking out the only right answer to this one!

Question 33

Name this kids show

This kids show is an old school favorite. The first ever episode was released back in 1991, and it actually stayed on the air until 2004 (Wikipedia). Even if our kids weren't the right age at this point in time, the series wound up getting a ton of spin-off films, so the characters pictured here should be recognizable enough for anyone with a kid! This show is all about a group of babies who love exploring. While they normally do not make it past their backyard, these kids are great at using their imaginations to create wild and crazy adventures!

Question 34

What sense heightens when we are pregnant?

As if the larger than normal belly was not already enough to deal with, but during pregnancy, we can also bank on a few other "not so pleasant" changes as well. Women with allergies can sometimes experience harsher than normal symptoms, and many women find it difficult to sleep at night while pregnant. Along with these changes, some women may experience a heightened sense. This could be viewed as an awesome new superpower, but for the most part, women do not use it to fight off bad guys or anything. Does anyone here know which sense usually heightens during a pregnancy?

Question 35

What can a woman eat during labour?

The whole labouring process will vary quite a bit from woman to woman. While some women experience a rather quick labour, some of them may be stuck working their way through it for many hours. If this is the case, it would be great to know what kind of snack we can bring along with us. Pregnant women get hungry, that is not secret, so is there something we can bring to munch on during our time labouring in the hospital? We have listed four possible answers, but only one of them is going to be correct for this question!

Question 36

What is the average size of a full-term newborn?

We are not actually sure whether most moms would want to know this, or if they would just be happier living without this bit of knowledge. Once we have entered into the third trimester, labour is not all that far away. Knowing the size of the baby may make some women feel more prepared, but it could also naturally cause a bit of worry in some women. After all, the baby is going to have to come out one way or another! Does anyone here know what the average size of a full-term newborn actually is? Try taking a guess!

Question 37

At what age do our chances of conceiving multiples increase?

If we plan on conceiving a baby naturally, there is just no way we can be sure of how many we will wind up with. It is true that we will be more prone to multiples if we have a history of them in the family, but in some cases, multiples come as a complete surprise. Regardless of our family history, there is an age where our chances at having multiples increase. That is not to say any woman who gets pregnant past this age will wind up with triplets, but the chances of it happening will be greater! Any guesses?

Question 38

How long does an average labour last?

If we have decided to forget about the baby books, and have instead opted to base our labour knowledge off of what we have seen in television shows, than the answer to this one would be "about 4 minutes". While sitcoms do love portraying labour as a quick process, there is actually a bit more that goes into it than what is generally shown in these programs. While everyone's labouring process will be different, there is an average amount of hours that it usually takes. Looking at the four possible answers, does anyone here know which one is actually correct?

Question 39

Name this kids movie

While this movie is full of all kinds of different animals, there is a lot more that can be learned from it than just animal recognition. In this film, we meet a young rabbit who dreams of leaving her carrot farm behind and becoming a police officer. While she has to work very hard to make this dream a reality, she does manage to do it! This one will teach kids that regardless of their size or background, no dream is out of reach if they are willing to work towards it! Can anyone here name this popular animated film?

Question 40

What does "epidural" mean?

When cracking open the baby books for the first time, some of the vocabulary can be a bit overwhelming. While some new moms may already be knowledgeable on a lot of the baby stuff, not everyone is. There are a large number of words found in there that really only get used when talking about specific parts of the whole pregnancy journey. To help everyone out, we will be giving the correct definition to one of these tricky terms! We have listed the correct definition of the term "epidural" below. Can anyone pick it out from the four possible answers?

Question 41

What sleeping position is NOT recommended for pregnant women?

Many pregnant women find sleeping to be a bit tricky. This especially becomes true once we enter into the third trimester. This is largely due to the fact that our belly has grown so big, that we don't even know what to do with it anymore to be able to get comfortable. Well, there are a few positions that doctors will tell their pregnant patients to sleep in, but there is also one that they will tell them to avoid at all costs. Does anyone here know which of these sleeping positions is NOT recommended for pregnant women? Take a guess!

Question 42

Which of these is a popular pregnancy craving?

One of the perks that come along with being pregnant, is the free pass to indulge in some of the cravings we may otherwise try to ignore. While no doctor would recommend living off a McDonald's-only food routine during pregnancy, it is usually okay to treat ourselves when experiencing a pregnancy craving. The funny thing is though, we can never be sure what the cravings will be for. Many times it is for things that are not necessarily bad for us, but things we would not normally want to eat either way. Which of these items is a surprisingly popular pregnancy craving?

Question 43

True or false: Pregnant women can relax in a hot tub

We all know of the dangers that stress can pose to our health. However, these dangers increase tenfold once we are pregnant. To make matters worse, the hormones constantly coursing through us while we are pregnant, can make stressing even easier than it normally is. This is why many doctors will recommend coming up with a plan to help reduce stress levels when we feel them start to rise. For example, taking a leisurely stroll on a nice day would be an excellent way to put our minds at ease. What about a nice long soak in a hot tub? Is this recommended?

Question 44

When can we typically begin to see a baby bump?

The baby bump is not exactly the first sign we see once we get pregnant. While this will vary from woman to woman, there are usually signs that come around before we see any changes in our belly at all. That being said, looking out for the baby bump can be an exciting thing once we have learned that we are in fact with a child. Tracking its growth can be a fun thing to do with the family, and we can even get some pretty cute pics out of it! At what point does the baby bump typically start coming in?

Question 45

When can we start feeling the baby kick?

It is best to know when we can expect the kicks to start happening for a few reasons. First of all, the sensation of a baby kicking inside of our tummy, can be a worrisome thing if we have never felt it happen before. Second of all, it is good to know when the kicks are due, so we can be sure that the pregnancy is moving along properly. The baby kicking is just one way to make sure they are happy and excited about being in our belly! Does anyone know at what point we can start to expect this?

Question 46

True or false: There is one parenting technique that works for all children

There are so many books out there that want us to believe that the technique being talked about, is truly the best one for raising a child. It seems like every year there is some new and improved technique that is going to help us raise the most perfect child there ever was. Instead of reading through each of these books, is there one general technique that works for all children? While we know that every baby is different, they should all be susceptible to the same sort of techniques, right? Try taking a shot at answering this question correctly!

Question 47

Name this kids movie

In this movie, all things are possible! For kids, things like unicorns, fairies, and sasquatches may be very real. This film lets them keep that dream alive. While they have never been seen before, there is a village of big feet living out in a snowy mountain somewhere. Just as we do not believe in them, it seems like they do not believe in us either. However, when one big foot and one human come face to face for the first time ever, everything they thought they knew about the world changes. Does anyone here recognize this kids movie? Try naming it!

Question 48

What is it called when a baby is delivered surgically?

Getting a birthing plan together is something every pregnant woman has to do with their doctor. Since each of us are all very different, each pregnancy is going to be different as well. What works for one mom, may not work for the next. In terms of the birthing procedure, a few things can come up that make it necessary to alter our original birthing plan. Sometimes, a natural birth is just not possible. When this is the case, the baby must be delivered surgically. Does anyone know what it is called to deliver a baby this way? Try picking the right answer!

Question 49

True or false: Babies have more bones than adults

A baby's body is so very different from a grown up's. Obviously they are quite a bit smaller in size, but internally they also have a whole lot going on that grown-ups don't. Since they are in fact so much smaller than us, it would make sense for them to have fewer bones than we do, right? Or perhaps their bones are just so tiny, that their bodies can actually hold more than ours can? Does anyone know if babies are actually born with more bones in their bodies than full grown adults have? Try taking a guess at this one!

Question 50

How often should a baby be bathed?

If we are lucky enough to have a baby that really enjoys bath time, it could become a really fun activity for both mommy and baby. Not only does this one on one time add to the bonding process, but who doesn't love the smell of a freshly washed baby's head, right? That being said, there is a general amount of times we should be bathing our babies in a week. To make sure we are not going overboard on the washing, does anyone know how often a baby should be bathed? We have listed four answers, but only one of them is right!

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