It’ll Take A Trivia Genius To Make It Through These Final Jeopardy Questions

Final Jeopardy- it's the pinnacle of the game that separates the smarty-pants from the not so smarty-pants. Winning Final Jeopardy gives us bragging rights that last forever... or at least until the next game is played. Anyone can rack up a bunch of answers in the first round of Jeopardy, or even in Double Jeopardy, but it takes a real trivia genius to win in the final round. That's exactly what we're testing here today!

So get ready to show off some serious skills as we use some of the top questions from Final Jeopardy to test everything from pop culture knowledge to geography to world history. There are plenty of questions in this quiz that would stump even the smartest and most well-rounded person, so don't feel bad for stumbling over a question or two- but if one possesses some next level trivia IQ they'll be rewarded by passing the quiz at the end. Ultimate bragging rights! So, who is up for the challenge? Only a well-rounded Jack or Jill of all trades will be able to best this quiz. Anyone who is nodding along at this point- it's about time to show off some serious smarts. Let's get started!

Question 1

What temperature does water boil at?

The category is..... SCIENCE! Ah, water. It is what keeps us alive, keeps us running smoothly and makes up a huge percentage of our bodies. It is also found in tons of different foods, but how much do we know about this incredible and life-giving liquid? We know that we can drink it warm or cold, boil ramen noodles in it when we get hungry, but do we know what temperature it boils at? Show off some science smarts below.

Question 2

What is the capital of Kenya?

The category is.... GEOGRAPHY. Kenya is known for its beautiful sweeping landscapes and tons of different wildlife. If anyone is thinking about traveling to this majestic African country they are likely to land in the airport located in this capital city. Not to be missed, this bustling capital is a great place to soak in some cosmopolitan activities before heading out to check out a safari. It is also known for its yummy food culture and great nightlife. What is is?

Question 3

Where was Napoleon defeated?

The category is... HISTORY. Napolean Bonaparte, not to be confused with Napolean Dynamite, is one of the most influential figures in the modern era. Not only did he bring France to the forefront as a military power to contend with- but he also conquered tons of lands. Although common legend says that he was very short, Napolean was actually a normal size for his time. There was one battle that Napolean could not win. Who remembers the place where this French legend was defeated?

Question 4

What is the smallest tree in the world?

The category is... BOTANY. Let's talk trees- specifically, little tiny trees that we can keep in our houses. These adorable trees are actually an ancient Japanese art form and it took centuries of trial and error to make the perfect specimens that we can own today. Don't worry. There is no need to travel to Japan to see one of these tiny wonders. They are available all over the world. Who knows what the name of this little tree is?

Question 5

What artist's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

The category is... POP CULTURE. Anyone who heard this famous diva's name would immediately start humming one or more of her popular songs. They are all over the radio and this queen of glam has been rocking it for well over a decade now. In addition to her catalog of music, she's also appeared in hit television shows like AHS Hotel. She is a household name, a megastar, and one of the most popular musicians of all time. Who is she?

Question 6

Where is the smallest bone in the body?

The category is... MEDICINE. There are plenty of bones in the body- two hundred and six to be exact- and they all are different sizes. There is one bone that holds the crown for being the teeny-tiniest part of the human skeleton. We'll give you a little hint- it is not the massive leg bone. It's a bone that nobody probably gives too much thought to, but really helps one of the major parts of the human body. What is it?

Question 7

What is the hardest rock in the world?

The category is... SCIENCE. This rock, pictured here, would beat all anything in a game of "rock, paper, scissors". It is the hardest rock in the world and is used for a number of different purposes ranging from drill bits to jewelry. Although it is fairly common, it is also extremely expensive and seen by some as the ultimate status symbol, as well as a token of romance and fidelity. Aside from its glamorous application, this rock is useful for drilling. What is it?

Question 8

What ocean surrounds the North Pole?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. The North Pole sits right up at the top of the planet and is one of the coldest places on Earth. Even during the summer, this land is covered in ice, snow and polar bears- like the cute one pictured here. It is also surrounded by water. Most oceans travel to chilly climates but only one surrounds this piece of land at the very top of the world. Who knows what it is? Choose one answer below.

Question 9

What sea is Haiti located in?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. The warm country of Haiti is a tropical paradise. It is home to fascinating geographical features, balmy blue waters and a whole host of amazing animals. This island nation is situated in one of the world's seas. Who can place Haiti on a map? If so, they might have a shot at getting this question right because we're looking for the sea that Haiti is located in. Choose the correct ocean from the four choices below.

Question 10

What do we call the green pigment in plants?

The category is... SCIENCE. It's time to talk plants. Plants are some of our best friends in the world. They provide us with ample oxygen, soothe us when we are feeling stressed and overall add to the ambiance of any room. In order for plants to thrive, they have to produce this green pigment that colors their leaves and gives them food. This material is the result of plants absorbing light and transforming it into food. Pretty cool, huh? What is it?

Question 11

Which planet is closest to the sun?

The category is... SCIENCE. Who remembers star gazing and checking out some of the outer planets in the solar system? It was one of the more fun childhood activities. It is time to tap into that knowledge and talk space, specifically the position of planets in space. There is one planet, named after a Roman god, that is the closest to the sun. Who remembers what this planet is? Check out the answers below and give a very best guess.

Question 12

How old is Planet Earth?

The category is... SCIENCE. Planet Earth is our home and has been since our great great great great great grandfathers could remember. It is that spinning little bit of rock that we hold near and dear. The Earth is quite old and has been rotating around the sun since way before the caveman and dinosaur days. The question is, how old is the Earth exactly? Who remembers how long our home planet has been around for? Give us the answer below.

Question 13

What city is famous for Notre Dame?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. Notre Dame is probably the most famous church in the entire world. It has been featured countless times in movies and television shows and is the backdrop to Disney's classic tale "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". Anyone can go and see this architectural masterpiece in real life as long as they make a visit to this cosmopolitan city that is also known for having one of the world's premier museums. What is the name of the city?

Question 14

What nation produces 2/3 of the world’s vanilla?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. Vanilla is one of the best flavors in the world. Anyone who has ever had a true vanilla ice cream (not that fake, processed stuff) knows the power of good vanilla. The interesting thing is that most vanilla comes from this island nation that also lays claim to tons of amazing animals. Tourists flock there all of the time to take in the beautiful tropical atmosphere and sample vanilla straight from the source. What country is it?

Question 15

Which sitcom won Best Comedy Emmy for five years straight (1994-98)

The category is... POP CULTURE. No, we are not going to offer up an easy pop culture question because this is Final Jeopardy and we need to weed out the geniuses from the rest of the normal folk. This sitcom was popular when most of us were just kids, but our parents probably loved it. Heck, it won tons of Emmys. It details the life of a radio talk show host therapist and is set in Seattle. What show is it?

Question 16

What major league baseball team won 27 World Series?

The category is... SPORTS. This is the baseball team that we either love or really don't like. It is a totally polarizing team, kind of like the Patriots of baseball. This team also has an impressive winning streak and has won an incredible 27 World Series. In fact, they're so good at taking home World Series wins that anyone who goes up against them is always cheered as the scrappy underdog! What major league baseball team are we talking about?

Question 17

What planet does Ganymede orbit around?

The category is... SCIENCE. Ganymede is a giant moon that is almost a planet in its own right. It orbits around one of the most well-known planets in our solar system. This giant moon is one of several that orbit around this particular planet and is a darling of scientists and space enthusiasts alike. Who wants to show off some serious science smarts and tell us what the planet is? It's time to prove who the trivia geniuses are. Choose below.

Question 18

What brilliant person wrote “A Brief History Of Time”?

The category is... FAMOUS FIGURES. The brilliant mind pictured here is one of the most famous scientists that ever lived. Not only did he pen books like "A Brief History Of Time" and "The Universe In A Nutshell", but he also gained some pop culture status in a cameo appearance on The Big Bang Theory and other television shows. Widely regarded as one of the leading scientific minds, this person opened up new frontiers for research and exploration. Who was he?

Question 19

The Pyrenees mountains are a natural barrier between France and which other country?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. There are plenty of mountain ranges in the world, but The Pyrenees are in a league of their own. The range is 430 kilometers long and reaches a staggering high of 3,400 meters high. No wonder these beauties are often covered in snow! The Pyrenees offer tons of great skiing and are a favorite spot for trekkers and mountain enthusiasts. They also act as a natural border between two countries- France and this other European nation.

Question 20

What is the longest running Broadway Show?

The category is... POP CULTURE. Anyone who has ever heard music from this incredible Broadway show will not be able to stop humming it for at least two weeks. We're not kidding. It's that good. This musical is about a misunderstood genius who falls in love with a leading lady and has been on Broadway far longer than any other show. Not only has it graced the stage at Broadway- it is also beloved the world over. What is the show?

Question 21

What device is used to see if someone is lying?

The category is... MISCELLANEOUS KNOWLEDGE. We all lie from time to time, but sometimes it is important to know if someone is actually telling the truth. That's where this device comes in. It is used by law enforcement personnel the world over but recently has come over some scrutiny for not being totally accurate. Still, these tests stand up in court and are considered to be a good barometer of whether someone is telling the truth or if they are not.

Question 22

What year did the Berlin Wall fall?

The category is... HISTORY. The Berlin Wall divided East and West Berlin throughout the Cold War. It was a symbol of the clash between east and west and entire families were sometimes separated from one another. For a long time, the wall stood in Berlin and nobody could pass through without express permission. Then one day, the Cold War ended and the wall fell. It was a glorious moment for the people of Berlin- and around the world. What year did it fall?

Question 23

What common sweetener can also be used as an antiseptic for cuts and burns?

The category is... MEDICINE. Ancient Egyptians used this sweet substance to heal burns and cuts and if someone is traveling out in the woods on the Appalachian Trail they might want to bring along a little with them also- just watch out for bears! This natural and common sweetener is delicious on pancakes, in oatmeal and as a tried and true remedy for skin problems. Who remembers the name of this sweet and useful substance? Give us the answer below.

Question 24

What is Australia’s famous coral reef known as?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. Australia is known for a number of different things- amazing animals, great trekking, some of the most interesting cities around, the Outback and of course- this natural wonder that people come from all over the world to see. It is a snorkeler's paradise, a grand oceanic masterpiece with over 600 types of hard and soft coral. Many marine animals call this reef their home. Who remembers the name of this amazing ocean reef? Choose one below.

Question 25

What was the name of the nuclear plant that melted down in Ukraine?

The category is... HISTORY. Nuclear power is a very controversial technology. On one had, it can fuel entire cities easily and cost-effectively. On the other hand, there are sometimes pretty impactful issues like the one that happened in Ukraine in 1986. This incident is known as one of the biggest nuclear disasters that the planet has ever seen and even left a ghost city, known as Prípiat, behind. Who remembers the name of the plant that caused this major meltdown?

Question 26

What famous river passes through Madrid?

The category is.... GEOGRAPHY. Madrid is one of the top cities in Spain that everyone should check out if they're traveling through the country. It is also home to one of the most famous rivers in the world, which is a tributary of the Tagus river and runs right through Madrid. This is a bit of a toughie but nobody said that we'd go easy with this quiz. It's Final Jeopardy y'all! Give us a very best guess from the choices below.

Question 27

Which country is also known as “The Hermit Kingdom”

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. This country is one of the most isolated in the world. Very little is known about it and most people never get a chance to visit it. Media is strictly controlled and propaganda reigns in the country who is also known by the name "The Hermit Kingdom". The flag pictured here belongs to this reclusive country whose leader sometimes makes the news for making threats or doing outlandish things. What is the name of that country?

Question 28

What US State has the longest coastline?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. There are plenty of beautiful states with lovely beaches in the US, but only one takes the cake as having the longest coastline in the country. This state has a whopping 6,640 miles of coastline which is longer than all other states combined. In fact, when we look at the coastline of all of its islands the number jumps even higher to 33,904 miles of shoreline! Who knows what US state we are referring to? Choose below.

Question 29

Where can one see the remains of Lenin?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. This one is a bit of a mix between Geography and History because we are talking about the remains of the fathers of modern Communism. Vladimir Lenin was infamous in spreading the ideas of Communism to Russia, which was previously a monarchy. He is remembered by some people as the father of modern Russia and his remains are displayed in a prominent location where people can go and pay their respects. Who remembers where Lenin's remains are?

Question 30

When did the first Olympic games take place?

The category is... SPORTS. We all know that the ancient Greeks invented the Olympics, but the games were brought back to life in more recent history with the first ever Summer Olympics on April 6th of this year. Fourteen countries participated and the Olympics became a worldwide competition that fostered goodwill, hope, and unity across the globe. Who remembers what year the first modern Olympic Summer Games were played in? Choose the correct year from the four choices listed below.

Question 31

What is Siddartha Gautama more commonly known as?

The category is... FAMOUS FIGURES. Siddartha Gautama was a prince from India who grew up with all of the finer things in life. His father specifically forbid him to leave the castle walls, but of course, he did. What he saw outside changed his life forever and he turned to meditation. He wound up creating a whole new religion that mirrored his previous religion, Hinduism, in some ways. It is now one of the most popular religions in the entire world.

Question 32

What is the old name (before 1989) of Myanmar?

The category is... HISTORY. This question could really go either in the history or geography categories, but we feel it's a bit more historical. Before 1989 modern day Myanmar was known by this other name. Myanmar, home to some of Southeast Asia's most breathtaking markets, temples and of course- the famous hot air balloons- is now a tourist mecca. It was not always that way, specifically when it was known by this other name. What was it? Choose an option below.

Question 33

Which country produces the most coconuts in the world?

The category is... GEOGRAPHY. If we want to put the lime in the coconut we might want to hop on a plane to this tropical country which boasts a beautiful coastline, tons of amazing animals, friendly people, incredible food and a healthy crop of coconuts. In fact, they produce the most coconuts in the world, so if we are craving some fresh coconut juice or creamy coconut ice cream we know where to go. Who else does? Choose the right answer below.

Question 34

What is the most common transplant?

The category is... MEDICINE. We said that we were not going to go easy on anyone and this question should prove it because we've thrown in a trick answer below. There are plenty of common transplants but there is one that accounts for more than the others and involves an organ whose job it is to make sure that the blood is nice and filtered before it goes into the circulatory system. Pretty important job! What is the most common transparent?

Question 35

What is the art of wooden carving?

The category is... MISCELLANEOUS KNOWLEDGE. This category is a grab-bag of all sorts of trivia, but don't be fooled... it isn't easy. This question is especially hard as it pertains to an ancient skill that produced work like the one pictured here. Intricate wood carving also goes by this other name that isn't much used in the modern day. Smarty-pantses, it's time to step up! Anyone who gets this one right is a true Final Jeopardy superstar. Choose an answer below.

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