It'll Take A Real Einstein To Pass This Brain Test

Okay brainiacs! It's time to show off some smarts.

We all like to think that we're the smartest people in the room, but who is really? When it comes to tests of mental might, we might be the brightest of our friend group- but who can pass this test that would totally stump Einstein?

We've compiled a list of the forty most difficult questions and are ready to see who has the skill and brainpower to ace it. We're willing to bet that not too many people will be able to pass this one that combines geography, questions about the animal kingdom and a little bit of science. This is a quiz for anyone who loves a good challenge- and wants some seriously great bragging rights. It's time to sharpen up those number two pencils and put some knowledge to the test. That's right! Let's see who is a true Einstein and who is really just a wannabe!

Let's dig deep and discover those hidden troves of knowledge with a quiz that only the toughest mental warriors will be able to pass. Who is up for the challenge? Get ready for the ultimate intelligence quiz. Are you ready? Let's get started.

Question 1

What is the largest living land mammal?

We all know and love the animal kingdom, but who really knows what the biggest land mammal is? We're not talking about dinosaurs here, although these creatures absolutely could crush any competition that might come their way. These massive creatures are also known as gentle giants because of their friendly nature and ability to interact in truly unique and emotional ways. They also live right alongside humans in many parts of the world, including areas of Africa- like pictured in the photo above. Who knows the correct answer to this particular question? Choose one of the four options listed below.

Question 2

Which gas will make somebody's voice higher?

Here's a hint to help everyone solve this question- the answer lies in what is contained in these bright and beautiful pink balloons! This gas is found all over the place, but is not as common as oxygen or hydrogen. It's also the one that allows certain objects- like these pretty balloons- float up high into the air. Who knows the answer already? We'll give everyone just one or two more hints. This particular gas helps makes people's voices a little higher when they inhale it. Don't worry- it is perfectly safe and harmless to ingest. The results are just funny!

Question 3

What continent can we find Mount Kilimanjaro on?

Check out this gorgeous picture. Isn't that mountain just begging to be climbed? Many people are able to scale it and wander around in the cloudy heights right up at the top of the summit. It is one of the most famous mountains in the world and it attracts tons of visitors and thrill seekers every single year. For the ultimate bragging rights, you will want to hop on a plane and travel to this continent in order to scale the beautiful heights of Mount Kilimanjaro. Where will you be getting off the plane? Choose the right answer from the options below.

Question 4

Which of these metals is liquid at room temperature?

Let's get into the real meat of the quiz with a science-related question that will have everyone scratching their heads. That's right! It is time to kick it back to tenth-grade science class with a question relating to metals. We all know that everything has a few different states of being and that most metals will liquify if the conditions are right. By that, we mean, if the conditions are hot enough. There is one metal that is a liquid at room temperature- no heat required. Who knows what this amazing metal is? Choose correctly from the options below.

Question 5

What animal is pictured here?

This animal might look super adorable- but make sure that everyone watches out for those massive tusks! It is known for living in colder climates, although we can find it in many parts of the world. It might seem a little slow, but under all of that blubber is an animal that is able to move fairly quickly and even be a little bit on the athletic side! Check out the image that comes with this question and think hard- we know that everyone has seen this particular creature before, but who remembers what the proper name for it is?

Question 6

Where were the first Olympic Games held?

Today- we have both the summer and winter Olympic Games. The country that is chosen to host the games gets a lot of international acclaim and even benefits from increased tourism. It is really a huge honor to be chosen to host these worldwide games. Before the Olympic Games were a global contest, they started in one of the countries that we've listed below. Who wants to take a best guess as to what that country is? We have given you four options, so simply pick the one that sounds the most likely. It's time to show off some smarts!

Question 7

What is the pink flavor in Neapolitan Ice Cream?

We will tell everyone what the other two flavors are and maybe that will give a clue as to the third one in this food related question that only serious foodies and the brightest will be able to get. Most of us have enjoyed and loved Neapolitan ice cream as children. Some of us probably even eat it regularly as adults! It is like getting two bonus ice creams in one delicious package! Whether we eat one flavor first or eat all three of them together is totally up to personal preference. Who can name the last yummy ice cream flavor?

Question 8

What is the largest ocean in the world?

Let's talk about something that remains a greater mystery than even outer space- our oceans! According to National Geographic Kids, oceans make up 70 percent of our planet. There is so much more water on earth than there is land, but we have not even scratched the surface in learning about what is living in our oceans, or how they work. Since the oceans are so massive, it should not come as a surprise that there are some that are bigger than others, like the one we're talking about in this question. What is the largest ocean in the world?

Question 9

What do pandas eat?

Pandas are those adorable white and black bears that live mostly in parts of Asia. According to Pandas International, their main habitat is China and they can be expected to live for about 30 years. When we think about the lifespan of various species, that is a really long time. Pandas are very intelligent and they tend to eat a very specific menu that is comprised of this plant that is found all over their habitat. These picky eaters are also endangered, meaning that there is not as many of them as there once was. What do panda like to eat?

Question 10

Green is the combination of which two colors?

Check out this pretty green splash of color. Does it make you a little calmer? Green is one of those colors that we find all over nature- mostly in the plant world. Plants are predominantly green, as is grass and certain types of insects. This pretty color can be found all over our natural world and it can be manufactured by people as well- as long as we have the right two colors to mix. Green is a secondary color, meaning that it is a beautiful combination of two primary colors. Who can tell us which colors those two are?

Question 11

What kind of entity is our sun?

According to Space Facts, the sun is a really amazing entity. It is massive- and up to a million earths could fit inside of it. The reason that it looks so small is that it's really far away from our planet. It is extremely important though. The sun provides light and warmth to the earth. Without it, we wouldn't have any plant life and humanity as we know it would cease to exist. The sun is also a special kind of entity. Most people don't know what it is, but we're willing to bet that some taking this quiz do!

Question 12

What do we call a group of lions?

Lions are very special animals according to Animal Fact Guide. They are social creatures who like the company of other lions and can often be found in big groups of up to thirty. While we wouldn't want to encounter thirty lions (especially if they were hungry) we love the fact that they seem to get along really well with others. These majestic big cats are known as the leaders of the jungle and tend to rule over their domains very easily. It helps that they like to get together in big groups. What are these groups actually called? Pick below.

Question 13

What is the brass instrument shown here?

This instrument is made out of brass today, but it wasn't always that way! In ancient times it was actually made of wood or even conch shells. People used to make this instrument out of just about any material that they could- and for a very good reason. The music that it makes is so absolutely beautiful and incredible that it was fit for any exquisite gathering or event. Everyone wanted this music played wherever they went. Today, we often hear it as part of a larger brass band but it stands up just as well on its very own.

Question 14

What do we call this natural phenomenon also known as a tidal wave?

According to the National Ocean Service this wave, known as a tidal wave, is actually brought on by the planet's gravitational pull. It's one of the many mysteries that we do not understand about the ocean, and unfortunately, these waves can have very unpleasant effects for those unlucky enough to be in their paths. There have been several instances in the last few decades where tidal waves washed away whole portions of the shoreline. They can also do a lot of damage to the landscape and generally, the cleanup efforts take years. What is another name for "tidal wave"? Choose below.

Question 15

What location inspired Darwin to develop the theory of evolution?

This is a bit of a tough one, so we will give everyone some hints in order to get it right! According to EcoVentura, the place where Charles Darwin developed his game-changing theory of evolution is home to hundreds of species of animals including seals, giant tortoises and these creatures pictured. These birds are also known as Blue Footed Boobies and are very common in this particular location. People come from all over the world to see the wildlife and to check out the place where Charle Darwin came up with the brilliant idea that would change the face of science forever.

Question 16

What do we call animals that only eat plants?

We will give everyone a hint- the giraffe pictured here is one of these creatures. Animals that only eat plants are known for feasting on vegetation and they do not need any meat or meat products in their diets. These animals are fairly common and generally, have a gentle demeanor that makes them very human-friendly and easy to interact with. Animals like giraffes love their veggies and wouldn't have it any other way! Other veggie loving creatures include rabbits, certain types of birds, cows, and sheep. There are some monkeys that are vegetarians too- although most won't turn down a hamburger!

Question 17

What famous dip can be made of the fruit shown here?

It's a fair guess that most people who are taking this quiz have indulged in this dip at least once or twice during their lifetimes. It is a delicious green dip that is made up of this fruit, onion, spices and a generous squeeze of lime. Sometimes people like to add tomatoes to this creamy green spread, but it's not mandatory to do so! This dip can be used as a side for veggies, put on nachos or even spread onto toast for a savory breakfast treat that many people love. Who knows what this dip is called? Choose below.

Question 18

What do we call the deepest parts of our oceans?

We just can't stop talking about oceans! It's easy to see why- they're so big and mysterious, with plenty of hidden places that nobody has discovered yet. Well... we might know that they are there, but we certainly can't go into them. There are parts of our oceans that are so deep that the pressure wouldn't allow even a tough submarine full of people to get down there. Also, who can imagine the claustrophobia of the very deep and dark ocean? These deep places have a very special name. Who knows what it is? Choose the right answer from the four below.

Question 19

What do we call a scientist who studies weather?

According to the United Kingdom's Sunday Express paper, the first scientists who started making daily weather reports began their work in the mid-1800s. Now, we expect to learn what the weather is going to be like at the start of every day. Thanks to these weather studying scientists, we can! Not only do these people study the weather- but they also give us really good insights into extreme weather events, like hurricanes or monsoons, by providing up to date coverage on what's happening as it happens. They really are some of the most important natural scientists in the entire world.

Question 20

What is the name of this Disney heroine also known as “Beauty”?

We dare anyone to look at this picture and not start humming some of the songs from the epic Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast". The original cartoon was so beloved that Disney actually made a live-action version of it that contained all of the original music, as well as some pretty amazing acting. We all know the story too, right? Beauty falls in love with the beast who has been transformed into an ugly creature who will only be turned back into a human once he falls in love- and has her fall in love too. What is "Beauty's" real name?

Question 21

What is the special name for the bones of our spine?

According to the Spine Health Institute, our spines are extraordinary! For example, we are often taller in the morning than we are at night, and our spines are made up of as many pieces as giraffes. If those cool facts didn't do it for you, how about another one? People who have their spines operated on might be doing so with the help of robots. That's right! For this kind of precision work, robots are the best spine doctors around. When it comes to the bones that make up the spine, they have a special name. Who knows what it is?

Question 22

What device do we use to measure temperature?

We will give everyone a hint. Most of us have used this device at one point or another during our lives. It helps us see what temperature our food is at- an important thing to do if we want to avoid getting sick or eating ill-prepared food- and it helps us understand how hot certain liquids are. Temperature is also really important if we are not feeling well. We need to maintain a certain heat in our bodies, and if we go a little above or below that heat, we might run into some problems. What is the measuring device for temperature?

Question 23

What is the highest singing voice?

According to MediaTech Institute, there are plenty of things that dictate whether or not a singing voice is good. The singer needs to have proper breathing skills, a sense of tone and pitch and the ability to listen to and read music properly. Great singing voices can come in a whole different range of levels, from really low to very high. There is a special name for the highest singing voice. Who is ready to go back to choir class and tell us what that special name is? Choose the correct answer from the four options that we've listed below.

Question 24

What city- famous for Big Ben- is pictured here?

Let's get into some geography, shall we? This iconic image is one of the best views of this famous city. According to Project Britain, it is the largest city in all of Europe, and probably also one of the most cosmopolitan. Like any big city, this one has a ton of great things to do- from shopping to excellent nightlife and a whole host of options where visitors can stay the night and experience all that the city has to offer. It is also home to Big Ben, the iconic clock that everyone has seen in pictures from time to time.

Question 25

Which sense is most pronounced in dogs?

In an article in Caesar's Way, Caesar Milan points out that dogs are totally extraordinary. They are as smart as two-year-old humans and have an acute sense of time. They know when their owners are gone and they sure do miss them! Doesn't that make everyone want to take their doggie out for a walk? Let's finish up the quiz first though... Another amazing thing about dogs is that they have a very incredible sense that allows them to navigate the world even better than their humans can. Who knows what this very pronounced sense is? Choose the right answer below.

Question 26

Who is this gold medal winning swimmer?

According to Duckster Sports, this champion is also known as the Baltimore Bullet and has taken home an impressive eighteen gold medals. He is proficient in the water, beating all of his competitors time and time again. This champion made headlines a few years ago with his numerous successes and is still going strong today. What makes him so great? A training schedule that makes sure that he's always utilizing his time properly and getting the very most out of each and every workout. Who knows the name of this amazing gold medal Olympian? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 27

What celestial body impacts the ocean’s tides?

We have had quite a few questions about the ocean in this quiz, but as we said earlier- they make up 70 percent of the surface of the earth, so they are a very important part of our amazing planet! One of the things that many people wonder about is what makes the oceans tick. Why do the waves move the way that they do? What drives the currents of these massive bodies of water? The answer actually lies in space, with a celestial body that affects the way that our oceans function. This is a tough one, so give us a good guess!

Question 28

What do we call the force that makes things fall to Earth?

Let's stick with the science and talk about something that keeps us all tethered to the earth. According to How It Works, this substance can bend light and also keeps our bodies functioning the way that they are supposed to be. Without it, we wouldn't be able to process certain necessary minerals- like calcium. It has so many amazing functions, but one of the biggest and most important is that it keeps us from flying out into space. Without it, we would be drifting around without a planet to call home. Thankfully, it is not going anywhere! What is it?

Question 29

What sea are the Bahamas located in?

The Bahamas! When we think about getting away from it all and going to a wonderful tropical location, this is one of the first spots that we envision. With gorgeous white sand beaches, beautiful blue waves and eternal summer- the Bahamas are a destination trip for just about everyone. There is one sea that we can thank for those gorgeous beaches. The Bahamas sits right in the middle of one of the world's warmest and nicest oceans. Who knows which one it is? It's time to show off some geography smarts and answer this beachy, tropical question correctly. Pick one.

Question 30

What famous French museum hosts the Mona Lisa?

According to Britannica, the Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings in the world- if not the most famous. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, this painting is a little controversial because nobody really knows who the person in the painting is. Some people think it's Leonardo da Vinci himself. Then there's the smile. Is she really smiling? What is she smiling about? There are so many questions about this iconic piece of art- but one there is one thing for certain- anyone can go see the painting themselves if they can get to France and visit this incredible art museum.

Question 31

What is the fragrant herb from France shown here?

Speaking of France, let's keep on the subject of that great European country with this next question about an incredible spelling herb. This pretty purple plant has been used for decades to help people relax. It is sold either fresh or dry and is often infused into certain types of soaps, lotions, and essential oils. It smells fantastic and has properties that make people more tranquil and able to focus. It's also a great tool to help people get their necessary eight hours of sleep every night. Who knows the name of this herb? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 32

Where does the Earth get most of its energy?

Our planet is a truly incredible place. It supports human life, gives us the food that we need to eat, keeps us safe and secure in our little bubble of gravity and is powered by this massive force. Without it, we would not be able to live on our planet. This force is the reason that we have food, water and are able to go outside without harming ourselves. It is hard to underestimate exactly how important this particular force is. We see it every single day and it is very much a part of our day to day lives.

Question 33

What sport is played in the sand with a ball and net?

According to Laurendi Sports Tournament, this sport was invented right around the top of the 19th century and has been popular ever since. It is even featured in the Summer Olympic Games. You don't need to be an elite athlete to play though. All anyone needs is a nice piece of sand, a ball, and a net. Wander any beach in the world and you're pretty much guaranteed to see people engaging in this sport. It is super popular all over the place. Why not join a game if you see one? It's a lot of fun and a great workout!

Question 34

What do we call a phobia of spiders?

Anyone who looks at this picture and wants to slam their laptops shut might be afflicted with this specific phobia- also known as a dislike of spiders on an epic scale. Many of us do not like creepy crawly creatures, but most of us can deal with them pretty well. That is not the case for those who have this specific phobia. The thought of being around spiders absolutely makes them break out in cold sweats. On the flip side, spiders are really useful insects! They keep the bad bugs at bay and generally do not try to hurt human beings.

Question 35

What is another word for our outer layer of skin?

According to Forefront Dermatology, our skin can stretch out to an epic two meters. That is a whole lot of skin! Not only is it the biggest organ in our entire bodies, but it is also what helps protect our other organs from a lot of different environmental factors and harmful things that could negatively affect them. This outer layer of skin is really precious, so it's helpful to keep it happy and moisturized and always use sunblock to prevent damage or problems. What we know as "skin" also has another name, that is a little more technical. What is it?

Question 36

Which is not a state of water?

Water is one of the most important things on our planet. We can go without food for a short period of time, but we really can't go too long without water. Why? Our bodies are made up of mostly water. That's right! Human beings are almost entirely watery creatures. Water can come in a few different states. There is the most common- the state of the water that we like to drink, and other states, like ice which is common during the winter months. Check out the four options below and tell us which is not a state of water.

Question 37

What do we call the center of an atom?

According to Soft Schools, atoms make up everything that is around us. Even people are made up of billions and billions of atoms. They are in everything- and are the building blocks of the planet, ourselves and our entire infrastructure. Atoms are made up of several different components themselves. They have a middle part that is really important to the overall function of the atom. It's time to head on back to chemistry class and think about these tiny building blocks. Who remembers what the inside of an atom is actually called? Give us a very best guess from the options below.

Question 38

What is the name of the biggest coral reef in the world?

According to Conserve Energy Future, what we know as coral reefs are actually amazing little communities that exist in the ocean. That's right- coral reefs are totally alive and made up of tiny organisms. That's why they are protected and nobody can mess with a coral reef. If you are caught destroying one there are large fines that you have to pay! These reefs exist all over the world, mostly in warmer waters, but there is one that is the biggest and most famous coral reef on the entire planet. Who knows what it is called? Pick an option below.

Question 39

What natural event do skiers have to watch out for?

Skiing is one of those sports that many people love to do during the winter. Not only does it get everyone out into the fresh air, but it is also a great endurance sport for those who love to exercise. Not to mention- there is a tremendous community that skiers love to tap into. Lots of people love skiing and it is a great way to make friends. While the wonderful landscape offers a lot of perks, like great scenery and beautiful views, it also comes with one very significant problem. There are natural events that occur on ski slopes. What are they?

Question 40

Where does chocolate come from?

Finally let's end on a sweet note (okay, cheesy we know). Most people in the world love to eat chocolate. It is one of the joys of life. Whether we love snacking on milk chocolate, dark chocolate or any other variation- these delicious treats have one thing in common. They come from the same spot. Next time we're digging into a delicious cherry cordial or a caramel treat, it's interesting to think about the amazing story of chocolate. Who knows where tasty chocolate comes from? This is our last question, so make it count and choose the right answer below!

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