It'd Take A Real WWE Fan To Name 100% Of These WWE Divas

The WWE Women's division has undergone many changes throughout the years. It all started with a couple of ladies who were built to battle each other and in some cases men, too. These women had to fight extra hard just to be a part of wrestling at all. Later, there were women who had all of the athleticism to wrestle, yet were still looked at as eye candy, rather than real competitors. These divas competed in matches with men, meanwhile, they were also still placed in bikini contests and ridiculous events such as bra and panties matches.

Today, the women in wrestling are no longer looked at as mere divas, yet that is a big part of the history of the women who came before WWE's Women's Evolution. Being a WWE Diva isn't something to look down on. It's something that women built off of in order to grow into something better. Real WWE fans know this. They know all about these divas. The divas featured in this quiz are some of the first ladies of wrestling, the Attitude Era Divas, and even some of the Women's Evolution Superstars. It'd take a real WWE fan to name 100% of these WWE Divas! Are you one of them?

Question 1

Can you name this former WWE Diva?

This female wrestler has spent time at several wrestling promotions, although, the most well-known promotions are TNA, WCW, and WWE. She was the first African-American women to hold the WWE Women's Championship Title, which she got twice during her time in WWE, then known as WWF. She also held the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, after defeating Chavo Guerrero for it in 2004. In WWE, this wrestler a part of the Pretty Mean Girls stable with Terri Runnels and a manager to the Harlem Heat in WCW. Do you know which diva this is?

Question 2

Do you know who this Diva is?

This woman came to WWE through NXT, as she was still under an undefeated streak that began with her NXT debut. It lasted until WrestleMania 34 when she'd carried her undefeated streak for 914 days, which became the longest undefeated streak in WWE history. During this WWE Superstars streak, she spent 510 days as NXT Women's Champion and was the winner of WWE's inaugural Women's Royal Rumble match. She's known as The Empress of Tomorrow. Do you know which WWE woman wrestler this is?

Question 3

Which WWE diva is this?

This WWE superstar is one part of The IIconics, which is a duo who debuted on the Smackdown brand of WWE. This woman was once headed for a career as a women's professional basketball player but ended up being even better at wrestling. Before joining her tag team partner, she was wrestling on her own in NXT and lost to Becky Lynch and Asuka, before winning a match against Santana Garrett. She later joined her tag team partner and they became The Iconic Duo, later changed to The IIconics for their WWE debut. Who is she?

Question 4

Can you name this WWE Superstar?

This lady is one of the most-entertaining, athletic, and beautiful women to ever hold a WWE Women's Championship, which she won 7 times! She debuted in WWE as a manager in 2000, but her talent couldn't be held back for long and she started competing in the ring just a year later. She retired in 2006, only to move on as a trainer in WWE's Tough Enough. Her final match was against Lita and she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame IN 2013. Do you know who she is?

Question 5

Can you name this WWE Superstar?

This WWE diva is a "Legit Boss" and former member of The Four Horsewomen. She made her way up to NXT where she dominated alongside Bailey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch. Upon her arrival on WWE's roster, she made ground as a huge part of the Women's Revolution jumping through many first-time hurdles for divas, including WWE's first Women's Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, and Iron Man matches. All the while, carrying on a feud with her former Four Horsewomen stable partner, Charlotte Flair, becoming a Women's Raw Championship holder on several occasions. Who is she?

Question 6

Who is this WWE diva?

This WWE diva came from cheerleading and bodybuilding, straight to NXT, then WWE. She took the roster by storm, quickly becoming the Smackdown Women's champion and later the Raw Women's champion after being sought after by the Raw brand. This superstar is tiny, yet has more attitude than anyone on either roster. She doesn't play well with the other divas and has no problem using them to her benefit, meanwhile, talking trash behind their backs. She recently lost her title to Nia Jax, who she's been promoting as a bully. Which WWE Superstar is this?

Question 7

Do you know which WWE diva this is?

This diva was the winner of WWE's 2007 Diva Search! Beforehand, she had trained in Jiu-jitsu and earned a degree in engineering, before becoming a dancer for the Las Angeles Clipper's Spirit Dance Team. Therefore, there was no questioning her talent, or how much knowledge she had to put herself ahead of the other divas. By 2010, she'd already taken the Diva's Championship from Maryse and was stealing the show at nearly every pay-per-view during her career. Do you know which diva this is?

Question 8

Which WWE Superstar is this?

This superstar had a knack for doing everything that WWE had to offer her. She could wrestle, manage, interview, and promote. What's funny, is that she'd never imagined herself as a female wrestler as a kid. Instead, she was headed to college with a full academic scholarship, yet was introduced to wrestling through her boyfriend, Chris Candido, and his trainer, Jim Cornette. She ended up being one of the best, most-confident heels in WWE history. One of her biggest moments was when she accompanied Animal and Hawk, as Legion of Doom, to the ring for WrestleMania 14. Who is she?

Question 9

Can you name this current WWE Superstar?

This woman has been at the top of the WWE Women's Division, ever since becoming the first diva to get the WWE Raw Women's Championship title, after the Diva's Championship that she'd previously been holding was put to rest. Although, the new title wasn't just given to her. In fact, she's had to fight for it all four times that she's held the title. She's also had an undefeated streak that's lasted for 16 matches on pay-per-views and was the one to finally end Asuka's undefeated streak. Who is she?

Question 10

Who is this?

This hugger is full of spirit and love! That is until she comes to blows with her ex-best-friend and former NXT stable partner, Sasha Banks. These two women have battled on the same side and against each other throughout their NXT and WWE careers. Including during a 30-minute Iron Man Match in NXT. However, they've butted heads most recently when it comes to a shot at the WWE Raw Women's Championship. This superstar is naturally known as a babyface, yet who knows what this rivalry can bring. Who is she?

Question 11

Which Superstar is this?

This superstar came to WWE from NXT with a serious splash. She made her WWE debut only to come right out and end the 295-day reign of WWE Diva's Champion, AJ Lee. It was apparent from that point that this Anti-Diva was gearing up for a historical career. Plus, to make things even more interesting, she was still holding the NXT Women's Championship, which made her the only woman in WWE to hold both titles. She was also the innagural NXT Women's champion. Who is she?

Question 12

Can you name this WWE Superstar?

This WWE Superstar is a hero for anyone who has ever been bullied because of their looks, weight, or size. She came to WWE by way of NXT where she put her 6ft body on the line. She became a close "friend" of previous Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss. However, she didn't know that she was being used as Bliss' personal bodyguard until she overheard what Bliss really thought of her when a private conversation was aired. Afterward, she went on to take the Raw Women's Championship from Alexa Bliss and has dominated as champ since. Who is she?

Question 13

Do you know who this is?

This superstar has been around for a while. She's had wrestling instilled in her blood since the day she was born. Her father was a famous wrestler, along with her uncle with whom she shares the infamous Sharpshooter move. She became a Diva's Champion in 2010 and a Smackdown Women's Champion in 2017! As if carrying on the Heart family legacy isn't enough, she's also a star on the reality show for WWE Diva's, Total Divas. Do you know who she is?

Question 14

Which WWE Superstar is this?

This juggernaut of a diva was turned away from WWE's Tough Enough because of her size. However, it was her size and the destruction that came with it which brought her back in 2011. Meanwhile, she had gone to other wrestling promotions where she demolished her opponents, all over the world before bringing her abilities back to WWE. This superstar would come into the ring, only to make the other divas run in fear. The divas that didn't run, were thrown about like the dolls that she often destroyed in her promos. Who was this?

Question 15

Can you name this WWE manager/diva?

This woman was more than just a diva to the WWE Universe. In a lot of ways, she was the annoyance that WWE fans just couldn't shake. She even came up with the perfect catchphrase for all of those boos, which was "Excuse Me" paired with the shrillest, most annoying voice ever. She barely wrestled, although, was more of a valet and manager than anything. She switched between managing wrestlers, or the Raw and Smackdown brands. She's also the widow of one of the greats. Who is she?

Question 16

Who is this?

"You Can Look, But You Can't Touch", that's opening to this WWE diva's theme song. She's a twin who used to come out with her sister before they split and went down different paths. This superstar's path led her to break the championship reign of AJ Lee, by holding the WWE Diva's Championship for 301 days. That was her second-time winning the Diva's Championship, which has now been replaced by the Women's Championship for each brand. This diva is also a star on two E! reality shows. Who is she?

Question 17

Can you name this diva?

You'd probably recognize this former WWE diva best as one of The Funkadactyls. They were dancers-turned wrestlers, who used to come out and dance alongside Brotus Clay! Unfortunately, Brodus Clay's gig didn't last and The Funkadactyls broke off into being a tag-team. A year later, she made her in-ring debut in a Santa's Little Helper Battle Royal match that put her partner on the map as the winner and leaving her trailing in her dust. This diva had a couple good runs herself, although, none amounted to much. Who was she?

Question 18

Do you recognize this WWE diva?

This diva had quite the career in WWE, before moving up and becoming management. She started off her career by modeling T-shirts for the WWE catalog, meanwhile, she was just in middle school. She went on to marry her current husband, who was a wrestler in a power struggle against her father during the infamous Attitude Era. As if that weren't enough, she could wrestle too. She's held the WWE Women's Championship, managed brands, and faced Rowdy Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34. It'd be easy to just call her daddy's little girl, but do you know her name?

Question 19

Which WWE Superstar is this?

This WWE superstar is the other part of The IIconics tag team. They recently came up to the WWE Smackdown roster, bringing all kinds of drama along with them. The duo often comes out saying nasty things about their opponents in the Women's Division and put up quite the show while doing it. They appear to be so intuned to each other, that they can finish each other's sentences. Oh, and they were also the pair who interfered causing Charlotte to lose her Smackdown Women's Championship. Which diva is this?

Question 20

Who is this WWE diva?

WWE used this superstar's real love-life as a plot to a vicious storyline. Shortly after her debut, she became a member of Team Xtreme along with The Hardy Boyz, although, she was also deeply involved with Matt Hardy in real life. That was back in the Attitude Era of WWE, where anything was possible, including making a storyline that revolved around the real-life cheating scandal between this female wrestler, Matt Hardy, and Edge. She was a terrific wrestler, yet this took most of the attention away from her true athleticism. Who is she?

Question 21

Can you name this superstar?

This diva came up to WWE with a goofy-funky dance that made you feel really bad for her. She also had a goofy-awkward personality which matched that of Santino Marella perfectly. (He was the guy with the sock puppet.) They flirted and teamed up until the storyline faded into oblivion. This foxy clutz moved back down to NXT and came back to WWE with a whole new gimmick later. Now, she's more fierce than cute. Do you know who she is?

Question 22

Do you know who this is?

This is one female wrestler who took her career in WWE seriously. She began wrestling in 1939 and didn't stop making appearances until just before her death. She was still taking powerbombs through tables in her 70's. Then, there was that romance that she carried on with Mark Henry. Plus, there was the flirting with several of the younger wrestlers such as The Rock. She was entered into the Hall of Fame back in 2008 but continued to appear in WWE until 2014. She is memorialized through a tournament match. Who is she?

Question 23

Who is this diva?

This diva has done it all! She went from being a dancer for the NFL, then dancing for the NBA, and somehow ended up as a hairdresser, but lost that job. It was her buddies, Enzo and Cash who gave her a hand in becoming the Princess of Staten Island on WWE. She started of joining them to the ring and doing her own thing in singles women matches, although, she came up to the WWE roster to get her hands on the Smackdown Women's Championship, which she now has. Who is she?

Question 24

Which WWE diva is this?

This girl put the funk in The Funkadactyls for Brodus Clay until she became a tag team partner with her dance buddy. The duo starred on Total Divas together and ran into many problems, including drama over her being the better wrestler between the two. She was the one who excelled and eventually went on to become one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE. It wasn't until she got the Smackdown that she was appreciated and became the Smackdown Women's Championship twice. Who is she?

Question 25

Do you recognize this WWE diva?

This WWE started off wrestling as the first female on her high school's varsity wrestling team. She went on to dominate in the WWE's Women's Division against both men and women. She had the strength to throw not just one, but two WWE diva's over her shoulders at once. She had one close-call that really stalled her career when her jaw was misplaced, although, she was able to return a year later. She loved to be known as the Glamazon. Who is she?

Question 26

Who is this?

This diva appeared as though she was coming to WWE marching from a different tune than any other diva you'd ever seen. She was beautiful, witty, and could act totally crazy at any given moment. She dressed in a halter top with daisy dukes and sneakers! The storyline that really brought her out into the open was when she was dating Daniel Bryan and he was being an egotistical butt. Fortunately, she moved on and later became the longest reigning Diva's Champion at 295 days. Her record lasted until Nikki Bella broke it. Do you remember who this is?

Question 27

Which WWE Superstar is this?

This WWE Superstar, along with her twin, helped lead the way to reality TV for WWE divas. They became the break-out stars of Total Divas, even getting their own spinoff from the deal. She won the Diva's Championship in 2011 and helped her twin sister to make her way to the top later. They always operated as a team until the older sister took that heel turn against her younger sister, leaving this superstar with a storyline involving none other than Stephanie McMahon. She retired after marrying another great WWE Superstar and having a child. Who is she?

Question 28

Can you name this former WWE star?

This woman defined everything that a female WWE Superstar of the 90's was meant to be. She had a strength about her that got her dubbed "The Ninth Wonder of the World". Aside from that, she broke ground for many divas who were used as placemats to look pretty and compete in underwear matches. Instead, this diva was using her inhumane strength as a bodyguard for Triple H and Shawn Michaels as a member of Degeneration X. She was also the first woman to qualify for King of the Ring Tournament and Royal Rumble match. Who was she?

Question 29

Do you know who this is?

This diva's gimmick was "All Red Everything", although, she was a brunette when we first saw her on Total Divas. She was everything that a diva was supposed to be before the Women's Revolution swept through the WWE. However, she came right as things were evolving. Fans no longer wanted a pretty fixture that couldn't wrestle to save her life. She was great on Total Divas, but she was booed incessantly as a wrestler. She even went to back to NXT to develop her skills, yet she's now moved on as a celebrity. Who is she?

Question 30

Which WWE Superstar is this?

In her early days, Sable was a babyfaced fan-favorite before she turned heel after gaining super-fandom. She began coming to the ring using this "This is for all the women who want to be me and all the men who come to see me" for her catchphrase. One of her most memorable athletic moments was when she beat Jacquline for the WWE Women's Championship. However, she was also well-known for coming out with body-painted stars for a swimsuit competition.

Question 31

Who is this?

This WWE Superstar was yet another one of the members of the Four Horsewomen stable during her time in NXT. She also formed another alliance with some of the same members to make up B.A.E. (Best at Everything). She's from Dublin, Ireland and was trained by Fin Balor. In WWE, she went on to be a huge part of the Women's Evolution and became the first Smackdown Women's Champion when the brands split. This fiery red-head is also loads of fun. Do you know who she is?

Question 32

Do you remember this WWE diva?

A former two-time WWE Divas Champion and a two-time WWE Women's Champion has since retired, but her time as a Diva is quite memorable. Hailing from Austin, Texas, this 38 year old retiree was married Jeremy Louis Alexander, her high school sweetheart in 2006. Words of his infidelity came out and they have since divorced. She moved on and is now happily married to The Undertaker who we imagine treats her like a queen. Do you remember the name of this WWE diva?

Question 33

Can you name this diva?

This lady came to WWE from bodybuilding competitions and fitness modeling. She started in NXT and was fast in showing the WWE Universe what she was all about. First, she became the wife of Goldust, during her stint in NXT, before moving on to men who were higher up the ladder in WWE. Her conquests included Antonio Cesaro and also Teddy Long, while he was managing WWE. She wasn't much of a wrestler, yet she was great at making the men answer to her. Who was she?

Question 34

Do you have any idea who this is?

This girl could shock the socks of off any WWE fan guy. She came from a Catholic school-girl background and was a high school cheerleader! In WWE, she was selected by fans to defeat Brie Bella and rob her of the WWE Diva's Championship for the "Power to the People" night for Raw. She went on to face two of the badest women in WWE, Beth Pheonix and Natalya. This diva retired in 2012. Do you remember who she was?

Question 35

Which WWE diva is this?

This diva started out her career wrestling the women of the Attitude Era! She was often known as a sweetheart, yet had no trouble bringing the pain when necessary in the ring. She's a six-time WWE Women's Champion and one of the few women to have had the pleasure of holding both the WOmen's and Diva's Championships at the same time. She left WWE back in 2010, only to come back to help Alexa Bliss terrorize Becky Lynch while in disguise. Now, she's teamed up with her like they're best buds. Who is she?

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