It Would Take The Joker Himself To Get A Perfect Score On This Batman Movie Quiz!

Batman is a hero that has been portrayed on film for well over two decades in one way or another. There is just something about him that makes him the perfect film hero in addition to being a famous comic book character. It might be the fact that he is able to fight crime without using any superpowers, or it might be the fact that he is just such an enduring character in popular fiction. Whatever it is, it is just hard to deny the fact that Batman is a character that people really seem to connect to and want to see in action.

Over the years, many different actors have taken on the role of Batman and played him in their own unique way. similarly, different directors have worked on the Batman films and really made them their own (for better and for worse). The general public still hasn't gotten enough of Batman and will be seeing yet another film featuring the Caped Crusader in the next few years. There is no telling yet whether this new film will live up to or exceed the standards set by previous films, but it will still be a part of the history of Batman on film.

With so many Batman films having been made, it would take a real expert on the Dark Knight to be able to score perfectly on this Batman movie quiz!

Question 1

Who was the first actor to play Batman on the big screen in 1989?

Before Tim Burton's Batman came out in 1989, there was plenty of outrage among the fan community over who they had cast in the lead role (yes, it used to happen all the way back then, too). Of course, history showed that the actor who landed the role became a fan favorite among batman film aficionados. This actor said of his role "I always knew the way in was Bruce Wayne. It wasn't Batman. It was never Batman. That was the key" (Brainyquote). What is the name of the first actor to play the Dark Knight on the big screen?

Question 2

Which villain was played by Jack Nicholson in Batman?

For his first foray onto the big screen, Batman needed a great villain to go up against. That came in the form of one of his most enduring enemies. Played by Jack Nicholson in one of his most famous roles, this villain has a sick sense of humor and is often seen wearing a bright purple suit. A dip in a vat of chemicals during an ill-fated robbery cause his skin to become chalky white and his hair to turn a bright shade of green. In one of the most famous scenes from the film, the villain has plastic surgery to give himself a giant grin.

Question 3

What did Joker do to put Gotham City into a state of panic?

The Joker is known for his creative crimes that play on his twisted sense of humor more than anything else. In Batman, he puts one of his major plans into effect and causes a massive panic in Gotham City. After this event, the citizens of Gotham City begin to turn against the Caped Crusader, wondering why he wasn't able to save them from the Joker's plan. This plan actually hews very close to the kind of thing the Joker would do in the comics, showing how dedicated the filmmakers were to telling a faithful Batman story for a wide audience.

Question 4

What is the name of the sequel to 1989's Batman?

After the massive critical and box office success of the first Batman film made by Tim Burton, there obviously had to be a sequel. It came three years later, with Michael Keaton returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman. The film found Batman facing off against two of his most iconic villains, including the Penguin. The film was far more of an expressionist take on the superhero, and due to its darker content, was criticized by parents' groups as being unsuitable for children. Burton said, "I think the studio just thought it was too weird - they wanted to go with something more child- or family-friendly" (Brainyquote).

Question 5

Which actor played the classic Batman villain, the Penguin?

The Penguin is another one of Batman's most famous villains, and he got a major reworking for Batman Returns. In the comic books, the Penguin is a diminutive crime boss who is nonetheless more of a proper gentleman than most of the other villains in Gotham City. However, Tim Burton's version of the charact was far more animalistic than any other portrayals of him. This penguin's hands were like flippers, and his skin was a pale white, like a fish belly. This version of the Penguin fit in much better with Burton's vision of Gotham City, which was far darker and more gothic than his first film.

Question 6

What does the Penguin do at the behest of businessman Max Shreck?

Christopher Walken appears in Batman Returns as businessman Max Shreck. Shreck wants to build a power plant that will provide Gotham with energy, but the mayor is blocking his plans. When Shreck is taken underground by the Penguin, he suddenly sees an opportunity to get what he wants. He makes a deal with the Penguin to help him return to the surface in exchange for helping him get what he wants. He raises the Penguin's profile until he is practically a celebrity. Then using his connections, Shreck convinces the Penguin to take on a new challenge, one that will be good for both men.

Question 7

Who is this villain played by Michelle Pfeiffer?

Michelle Pfeiffer appears in Batman Returns as yet another classic Batman villain. Selina Kyle is a mild-mannered secretary working for Max Shreck. However, she unwittingly discovers his plans to steal energy from Gotham City only to sell it back to them at a premium. For this, Shreck pushes her out of a window, but Kyle is seemingly resurrected by a group of animals. She begins to exhibit characteristics that are completely unlike her. She returns to her home and makes herself a costume in order to get revenge on the men who have done her wrong. She even manages to get close to Bruce Wayne.

Question 8

Who took over the role of Batman in Batman: Forever?

After Batman Returns came Batman Forever, and with it came a change in both director and lead actor. Joel Schumacher took over the franchise after executives at Warner Bros. decided that Tim Burton's previous take was too dark. What fans were given instead was a more brightly colored Gotham City and more of a sense of campy fun. Michael Keaton gave up on playing the lead role because he did not like that Burton was fired, which left the role of Batman open for a new actor, and this performer stepped in to do a serviceable job. He had previously appeared in films like Top Gun and Heat.

Question 9

Which veteran actor played Two-Face in Batman Forever?

In Batman Forever, the Caped Crusader was facing off against two of his most beloved and well-known villains. One of them was Two-Face, who had formerly been known as District Attorney Harvey Dent. After having acid thrown in his face during a court hearing, Dent became the villain known as Two-Face. The role was actually originated by Billy Dee Williams in the Tim Burton films, but he was replaced by this veteran actor for Batman Forever. This actor appeared in films such as The Fugitive (for which he won an Oscar), No Country for Old Men, and Men In Black.

Question 10

Which questionable Batman villain was played by Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey got the role of a lifetime when he was cast in Batman Forever. After coming off of the success of The Mask, Carrey had shown that he was a viable choice to appear in a big blockbuster film. Carrey threw himself into his role, imbuing it with the sort of manic energy that he had brought to the screen so many times before. The villain he played is a classic Batman character, one who would constantly try to stump Batman with brain teasers and puzzles. Even the villain's real name was Edward Nigma, which could be shortened to E. Nigma.

Question 11

Which crime-fighting partner made his debut in Batman Forever?

Batman has famously worked with a partner in the past, but this famous sidekick was actually absent in the first two films. He was added to the story for Batman Forever and played by Chirs O'Donnell. This character, whose real name is Dick Grayson, has always been a companion to Batman, and an invaluable part of his crime-fighting family. Later on in his life as a hero, he went off on his own and become the hero known as Nightwing. there were other people who held his former title, but no one could ever quite live up to the example he set.

Question 12

Where did Robin, like Bruce Wayne, lose his parents?

Dick Grayson was not always known by Bruce Wayne. They came together after having similar experiences of parental loss. For Bruce, it happened when he was a child and witnessed both of his parents being taken from him in Crime Alley. This was what drove him to become Batman in the first place. For Robin, the situation was only slightly different. He and his family were very close, and in fact, worked together. However, after a run-in with the wrong people, Robin's parents were also taken from him. This is why Batman made a point of adopting him in the first place.

Question 13

What rebellious act does Robin pull after moving in with Bruce Wayne?

Even after he is taken in by Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson is still reeling from the loss of his parents. This causes him to act out and show little appreciation for what his benefactor has done for him. Even though he has practically everything he requires at his fingertips, he still does not feel happy. One day, while he is wandering through Wayne Manor, he stumbles upon Bruce's secret: that he is in fact, Batman. Rather than revealing his secret identity to the world or asking to help him fight crime, Robin does something that is far more indicative of his tendency to act out.

Question 14

What was the title of the next Batman film in 1998?

After Batman Forever came another Batman film by Joel Schumacher, and many people see it as the one that took the franchise down for years. This was the film that took Batman from being a fun, dark, yet sometimes campy superhero into full-blown silly territory. In this film, Batman and his trusty sidekick have been working together for a few years now and have become a pretty great team. They are faced with taking on an entire group of villains, ones who had always been fan favorites but were treated with little to no respect in the film. What is the name of this sequel?

Question 15

Which actor played Batman in the fourth film of the series?

Batman was once again recast for this film, and according to Schumacher, the actor was chosen for one reason: his chin (IMDB). This actor had not yet achieved the movie star status that he would possess later in his life, but this was the film that could have completely ended his chance at being a star. Luckily, he managed to come out of it pretty unscathed and went on to appear in movies that were far and away better than this one. He didn't exactly do a bad job in the role, it's just that the material itself was so bad.

Question 16

Which ice cold villain did the heroes face off against in Batman & Robin?

One of the villains that Batman and Robin must go up against is none other than this criminal who utilizes a freeze ray to turn people into human popsicles. Due to an accident where he was doused in cryogenic chemicals, this villain cannot survive in temperatures above freezing. In another life, he was a scientist, who was using the cryogenic process to try and cure his wife's terminal illness. This is why he turned to a life of crime: so that he is able to fund his research into saving her life. However, his plans are constantly foiled by the heroes of Gotham City.

Question 17

Which actress starred in the role of Poison Ivy?

Another one of the villains that Batman and Robin must face in their titular film is Poison Ivy, a female supervillain who is obsessed with plants and has an uncanny control over them. In the film, she begins her life as botanist Pamela Isley, a woman who loves plants more than people. After being pushed into some strange organic substances, she reemerges as a brand new woman, one who has the confidence to take on Gotham's greatest heroes. She even teams up with Mr. Freeze in an attempt to bring the entire city down and rebuild it as a sanctuary for plant life, free of people.

Question 18

Which famous Batman villain was relegate to the role of Ivy's sidekick?

Poison Ivy is not working on her own, however. She has an accomplice to help her with her plans. this villain was first introduced in Batman comics as an intelligent, powerful villain who sought to fight Batman. As a child, he was raised in a jail, serving time for a crime his father committed. He volunteered to be a test subject for a substance called Venom, which greatly enhanced his strength when it was pumped directly into his veins. In the film, however, this classic villain is relegated to just be ing a grunting, hulking henchman, which was really unfortunate.

Question 19

Which heroine played by Alicia Silverstone joined the fight against the bad guys?

Also joining the fight in Batman and Robin was Alicia Silverstone, who portrayed Alfred's niece, Barbara, played by Alicia Silverstone. She came to visit her uncle, and ended up being led by him to the batcave in order to help Batman and Robin, who at this point, has begun quarreling with each other over Poison Ivy. Barbara ended up being an indispensable member of the bat-team, and her computer skills helped the heroes to shut down Mr. Freeze's giant freeze ray, which had been rigged up using the telescope in an observatory. The film closes with the three heroes running back into action.

Question 20

Which film by Christopher Nolan rebooted the character for the big screen?

After Batman and Robin effectively buried the franchise for years, there was a lot of speculation for how Batman could be brought back to the big screen. Enter Christopher Nolan, then the director of films Memento and Insomnia. He might not have been the most obvious choice for bringing Batman back to the screen, but his more realistic take on the character, which also added an air of seriousness to the entire idea of comic book filmmaking, ended up being hugely successful. His first film with the character effectively reinvigorated the character. It also was the first time anyone had even thought of the idea of rebooting a character, rather than making endless sequels.

Question 21

Which actor took over the role of Batman in the rebooted films?

With a new director and a whole new way of telling Batman's story, the reboot needed to find itself a new actor to play the Caped Crusader. The actor who eventually won the role has gone on to prove that he is willing to push himself to extremes to get the part exactly right. He had just appeared in the Machinist, for which he lost a massive amount of weight. To appear in Batman Begins, the actor underwent a massive change, working out constantly and putting on so much muscle that people could not believe it. What is the name of this actor?

Question 22

Which masked villain utilized a gas to bring people's phobias to life in Batman Begins?

Of course, Batman needed a new villain to face in the films, and rather than return to the well of characters who had already appeared in Batman films, Nolan chose to go with one that could fit into the story of Bruce Wayne facing his own phobias and using them to his advantage. This character, also known as Dr. Jonathan Crane, is a psychologist who developed a specialized gas that interacts with the brains of his patients in order to bring their deepest phobias to life in vivid hallucinations. When he does this, he also wears a mask which gives him an inhuman appearance.

Question 23

Which Batman ally got a much bigger role in the new films?

Along with Batman, plenty of other characters in Nolan's films got the chance to be revamped and actually be much better than they had ever been before. That included this classic Batman character, who has always worked with the Caped Crusader in order to bring down some of Gotham's most dangerous criminals. Played by Gary Oldman, this character was shown to be less of a bumbling fool who depended on Batman to solve every problem than a reliable partner. There was already plenty of bad cops on the GCPD, and he was one of the few who chose to always do the right thing.

Question 24

Who was the real villain behind everything in Batman Begins?

Before he decided to become Batman, Bruce had to travel the world in order to find some meaning in his life and figure out how he wanted to deal with the problems facing Gotham City. He wound up finding a temple high in the mountains, where he was trained by the League of Shadows, a society that had existed for centuries to exact their own brand of justice on society. The League of shadows had their own leader, who was later revealed to actually be someone else all along. This person traveled to Gotham City in order to carry out a plan to bring the city down entirely.

Question 25

What is the title of the highly-acclaimed sequel to Batman Begins?

After Batman Begins effectively and successfully rebooted the franchise, Christopher Nolan got to work on the second film. He had proven that he was up to the task, which meant that he had more freedom to do what he wanted with the characters and the story. For his second Batman film, Nolan went bigger with the story, and also got philosophical in talking about how Batman and his villains are not really all that different. Batman not only faces off against most of the crime families in Gotham but also against one of his most classic villains, reimagined in great fashion for the film.

Question 26

Which actor took over the role of Joker after Jack Nicholson?

In The Dark Knight, Batman finally faces off against the Joker, whose casting for the film was controversial among fans until they got to see what the actor could do with the part. This version of the Joker was slightly different from his comic book counterpart in that he wore makeup rather than having his skin and hair permanently changed color. He was depicted as a man who had no real reason for doing any of the things that h did. As Alfred famously said to Bruce Wayne, "some men just want to watch the world burn," and that was the character in a nutshell.

Question 27

What does Joker keep changing his story about when he confronts people?

This version of the Joker was far more threatening than any other on-screen version, and still, to many fans, remains the definitive screen version of the character. One of the defining features of this Joker was that he did not really have a concrete background. There was no origin story or answers as to where he came from. Whenever he confronted people, he would ask them if they knew how he got something and then would tell them a story about it. He does this twice in the film, and both times he makes up a completely different story, building the mystery of his past even further.

Question 28

Which character decides he wants to work with Batman and Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight?

Batman and Jim Gordon want to bring down Gotham's various crime families, but in order to do it in a legitimate way, they need someone on the inside of the system who can help them out. Luckily, there is a young district attorney (played by Aaron Eckhart) who wants to work with Jim Gordon and Batman in order to fulfill their goals. He even meets with the two characters on the rooftop in a scene that is pulled straight from The Long Halloween, which is one of the most famous Batman comic stories ever made. However, this character would not stay good forever.

Question 29

Where does Batman travel in order to bring a criminal accountant back to Gotham City?

At one point in the Dark Knight, an accountant who has been working for Gotham City's various criminals states that he cannot stay in the country as he would have been arrested shortly. However, he has managed to move all of the criminals' money to a safe place. The Joker knows, though, that this accountant is not safe from Batman, because he is not bound by the same laws as the police. Joker also thinks that this accountant will talk if he is caught. He ends up being entirely right, as Batman travels across the world in order to bring this accountant back to Gotham City.

Question 30

Who must Batman stop after he takes care of the Joker in The Dark Knight?

Batman is eventually able to find and apprehend the Joker by the end of the Dark Knight, but after he deals with Joker, his work is not yet done. There is still yet another villain to worry about, one whose tragic story is played up even more in the film. This character, as the man he used to be, foreshadows his fate earlier in the film when he espouses that a person either sees their end as a hero, or they live long enough to see themselves become the villain. Unfortunately for him, the latter ends up being exactly what happens.

Question 31

What is the title of Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman film?

Christopher Nolan had always wanted to do his Batman story in a trilogy, so the third film was the final story in that entire arc. In this entry, it has been years since the Joker was loose in Gotham, and Batman has seemingly disappeared, allowing the legitimate law enforcement agencies to do their work in the city without his interference. However, everything changes when a new villain comes to Gotham, seemingly to continue the work that was started by the villain in the first film. This bad guy is one of Batman's most formidable opponents, one that almost puts him entirely out of commission.

Question 32

Which actor portrayed the villain Bane in Christopher Nolan's films?

The villain that Batman faced off against in the third and final of Christopher Nolan's films was none other than Bane, this time portrayed in a way that is much closer to his comic book counterpart. this version of Bane was a calculating, intelligent man who used his smarts as much as his strength to intimidate the people that he was working against. In a scene where he fights Batman, Bane essentially does to him exactly what he did in the comics, which was to break his back over his knee. An actor who has worked with Christopher Nolan on other films played the part of this classic villain.

Question 33

Who was the next actress to take over the role of Catwoman?

Along with Bane, another famous villain from the Batman comics appeared in The Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman. this version of the character was also much closer to her comic book counterpart than Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal back in 1992. In this film, Selina Kyle is portrayed as a cunning jewel thief who doesn't even go by the name Catwoman (rather than having cat ears, she instead has night vision goggles that give the appearance of being ears when they are resting on top of her head). This version of the character was played by an actress who has appeared in films such as The Devil Wears Prada and The Princess Diaries.

Question 34

Which mysterious villain turned out to be behind everything in The Dark Knight Rises?

Once again, though, aside from Bane and Catwoman, there was a secret villain lurking behind the scenes the entire time. Much like the villain from the first movie, she was actually working on a much larger plan than anyone had considered at the beginning of the film. Bane was actually working for her the entire time, and she is only revealed as the real villain in the final act of the film when it is almost too late to stop her. This character has been a recurring villain in Batman comics, and she has also been a love interest for Bruce Wayne.

Question 35

Where does Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character end up in the final scene of The Dark Knight Rises?

At the end of the Dark Knight Rises, Batman has effectively left Gotham City forever. In the minds of the city's population, he is gone for good, but he left them feeling inspired and ready to make the city a better place. One of those citizens happens to be John Blake, a police officer who has been helping Jim Gordon and Batman throughout the film (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Blake receives something in Bruce Wayne's will which leads him to a location where he has never been. This final scene of the film seems to confirm that Bateman will live on in one way or another.

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