It Will Take A Disney Genius To Score Over 60% On This Cinderella Quiz

We all like to think that we are total geniuses when it comes to our favorite Disney flicks- especially the classics.

There's something so deliciously nostalgic about kicking back and watching one of the old faves- like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin or CinderellaCinderella is one of those iconic stories that convinced us that our prince would definitely come and that we did not need to spend our time scrubbing floors forever! It is the ultimate story of the underdog who triumphed in the end over her jealous stepsisters and stepmother. We love the story of Cinderella, and it's even better when it's totally Disneyfied and set to an amazing soundtrack with some of the most memorable characters in animated films!

The big question is- who remembers this iconic Disney classic? We'd all like to think that we know what we are talking about when it comes to identifying all of the plot points from these classic movies- but who is really up for the challenge? Now is everyone's chance to show off some serious Disney knowledge with this quiz that brings it way old school with questions about this Disney classic animated movie. Who is up for it?

Question 1

How did the Prince find Cinderella after the ball?

We all remember that iconic scene where Cinderella and Prince Charming first meet. Their romance seemed to blossom right away- straight from that first dance. Unfortunately, Cinderella's curfew meant that she had to get out of there well before the Prince could find out even what her name was and since they were super unlikely to have any friends in common on social media, it seemed like our fair Prince was out of luck. Fortunately, he had a special plan to find Cinderella after the ball. Check out the four options listed here and tell us which one it was!

Question 2

How did Cinderella’s stepmother try to prohibit her from trying on the glass slipper?

With the glass slipper as the Prince's only clue to the identity of his true love, Cinderella's stepmother knew that she couldn't allow Cinderella to try on the shoe. In a heart-pounding scene, Cinderella's stepmother takes some drastic steps to keep her away from the Prince. Who remembers what these steps were? We've given everyone four options but only one of them is correct. It's time to prove who really knows their Cinderella and who is just playing around. Did the stepmother send her on an errand? Did she impersonate her? Did she forbid her from meeting the prince or lock her up?

Question 3

What magical relic was Cinderella left with after the ball?

After the magical night where Cinderella was transformed from a servant girl into the belle of the regal ball, she was left with very few things other than her memories of that special night. Her carriage turned back into its original form, the footmen disappeared and her ballgown was transformed back into the rags that she was wearing prior to meeting her Fairy Godmother. There was one special relic that lasted through the night and was a memory of the magical night. It's also what Cinderella used to prove who she was to the Prince! What was this magical relic?

Question 4

Who made the Prince have a ball?

Speaking of the ball- let's talk about why the Prince had to have one in the first place. If it wasn't for the ball he would have never met the love of his life and danced the night away (until her Fairy Godmother instituted curfew that is)! The ball is definitely one of the central plot points of Cinderella, but who remembers why the Prince had to have it in the first place? Think long and hard about the beginning of the movie and check out the four options that we have listed here. It's time to prove some smarts!

Question 5

Who was the footman for the carriage?

When Cinderella is transformed from a common servant girl into the belle of the ball, it's obvious that she will need a seriously stylish carriage to get there. Fortunately, the Fairy Godmother had it totally covered with a gorgeous pale blue carriage and a whole staff of helpers- including a footman. Cinderella had encountered these helpers before- they were people and animals from her past. Who remembers what character the footman was before he was magically transformed? Was he the Grand Duke? Lucifer the cat? Gus the mouse? Perhaps he was Bruno the faithful dog who was a companion to Cinderella?

Question 6

Why did the Prince have to have the ball in the first place?

Okay- spoiler alert for one of the previous questions here! The King was the one who wanted the Prince to have a ball in the first place- but the big question is why? If it wasn't for the King, Cinderella and Prince Charming would never have met in the first place- so he was really critical in making sure that the two of them crossed paths. Was that his intention? Why did the King want the Prince to have a ball in the first place? Who remembers? Check out the options provided here and let us know which one is correct.

Question 7

Why was Cinderella despised by her stepmother and stepsisters?

It is no secret that Cinderella did not have the happiest home life. She was made to be a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters- and she certainly did not live the most glamorous life throughout much of the story. There is a reason why Cinderella was despised by her stepmother and stepsisters. Who remembers what it was? Were they upset that she had a Fairy Godmother and they didn't? Did they think she stole from them or were upset that the animals liked her better? Were they actually super jealous of Cinderella's legendary beauty? Who knows the right answer?

Question 8

Why did Cinderella have to live with her stepmother and stepsisters?

There was a specific reason why Cinderella had to live with her stepmother and stepsisters. Who remembers what it was? It had to be something really compelling and serious if Cinderella put up with the conditions in that house! Only true fans of Cinderella will get this one right- because it is explained only once or twice right at the beginning of the movie. Who knows the right answer? Did she want to be near the Prince? Did she lose a bet or did her mom and dad pass on? Did she live with them in exchange for her pet dog?

Question 9

What was the name of Cinderella’s dog?

One of the cutest characters in the story was Cinderella's pet dog. You know that that good boy was totally loyal to her! Even when she had to endure all sorts of insults at the hands of her stepmother and stepsisters, this pup was always there to help her out. He even became an important member of the helpers who got her to the castle. We love dogs and bet that just about everyone agrees with us- but who remembers the name of this iconic pup from Cinderella? We have given everyone four options. Tell us which one is correct!

Question 10

Who was “Lady Tremaine” to Cinderella?

The character pictured here is Lady Tremaine. She might not be the nicest person in the world, but she certainly has a seriously amazing sense of fashion! Lady Tremaine is one of the central characters in the show- and she certainly helps to move the plot along. The big question is- who was Lady Tremaine to Cinderella? Was she her amazing Fairy Godmother? Was she one of her stepsisters or her stepmother? Was she Cinderella's biological mother? Who knows the right answer to this question? Show that you know your Disney movies inside and out by answering this one correctly.

Question 11

What did Cinderella accidentally leave behind at the ball?

We all know that the ball was where Cinderella and Prince Charming met- and fell head over heels in love with each other. Unfortunately, the clock ran out on their romance when Cinderella had to rush home. Fortunately, she left a little something behind that allowed the Prince to be able to find her! Who remembers what item Cinderella accidentally left behind at the ball? It's a pivotal part of the story, so true Disney and Cinderella fans should have no problem guessing this one correctly. Check out the four options that we have listed and let us know which one!

Question 12

Which of these statements is true about Cinderella?

Cinderella has a lot of good qualities- like her singing voice, exceptional beauty and her ability to remove just about any stain- but she also has one quality which is the reason why she is stuck with her stepmother and stepsisters. One of the statements listed here is the reason why Cinderella had to be a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters. Who knows which one it is? Check out the four statements listed and let us know which one is accurate. Was Cinderella a famous television star? Did she grow up wealthy or dislike animals/ Was she an orphan?

Question 13

What time did Cinderella have to be back from the ball?

One of the most important parts of the story is when Cinderella attends the regal ball. She is the belle of the ball and attracts the attention of Prince Charming, who spends the whole night dancing the hours away with her until she suddenly has to leave. That's because her Fairy Godmother gave Cinderella a magical curfew that could not be violated! Who remembers what time Cinderella had to get home from the ball? Check out the answers offered here and select the one that sounds most accurate. It's time to prove who is a true Cinderella genius and fan!

Question 14

What color was Cinderella’s new ball gown?

Cinderella originally had a gown for the ball, but it was unfortunately ruined. Things looked bleak- and it was clear that without a great looking gown Cinderella would not be able to attend the regal ball. Fortunately, she was given a brand new gown that was even more beautiful than her first one! Most of us wanted a gown just like that when we were little kids, but who remembers what color Cinderella's new ball gown was? Think hard and check out the four options listed here. Who knows the correct answer? Select the right color from those listed here.

Question 15

Where can we find the real life Cinderella’s Castle?

Let's jump out of the animated movie for a second and focus on the real world. Who knew that we could visit Cinderella's Castle in the real world? It's totally true! There is a real-life Cinderella's Castle at one of the theme parks listed as answer options to this question. Who knows where you can go and play royalty? Is it Darien Lake or Universal Studios? Maybe Cinderella's Castle is waiting right there at Walt Disney World- or at Six Flags! It seems like a road trip to Cinderella's Castle is totally in order. Answer correctly from the options now.

Question 16

What happened before Cinderella could try on the glass slipper?

Let's jump right on back into the movie with this next question about a logistical challenge that Cinderella ran into when she first tried to put on the glass slipper! Just when we thought that Cinderella and Prince Charming would be getting together they ran into a little snag. Something happened right before Cinderella could try on the glass slipper. Who knows what that was? Check out the options listed here and let us know which one sounds most accurate. It's time to prove some serious Disney smarts- so choose the right answer wisely. Pick one of the options now!

Question 17

Did the prince in Cinderella have a name?

Let's talk about the Prince. We all love Prince Charming and his ability to sweep Cinderella off her feet- but did we ever learn this handsome Prince's name? Most Disney characters have names that we learn over the courses of the story. Is this the case with Prince Charming? We have listed four fairly common Disney Prince names here and want everyone to select the one that is accurate. Is the handsome Prince called Phillip or Andrew? Is his name actually Michael? Is it possible that we never learn the name of the handsome Prince who woos Cinderella? Choose one.

Question 18

Who made Cinderella’s original ball gown?

Cinderella is pictured in her original ball gown here. We love the look of a big purple bow and those cute little sleeves- but we have to say that the Fairy Godmother's version is just a little bit better, but really who would out-do a Fairy Godmother? Who knows who designed Cinderella's original ball gown? Check out the options that we have listed and select the one that sounds the most accurate. Was her original gown designed by her stepsisters as a gift? Was it created by Lady Tremaine- or the first draft from her Fairy Godmother? Was it made by mice?

Question 19

Where did Gus hide from the stepmothers cat?

Gus is one of the fan-favorite characters in Cinderella. He is the portly little mouse that is a loyal friend and companion to our favorite leading lady. Along with his best pal Jaq, Gus helps Cinderella get through her chores and provides a little bit of comic relief. He also finds himself stuck in some pretty sticky situations. At one point he gets on the wrong side of Lucifer the cat and has to hide out for a while. Who remembers where Gus hid from Lucifer? We have listed four potential places but only one of them is right.

Question 20

What was Cinderella’s carriage made of?

The creation of Cinderella's carriage- pictured here- is one of the most epic moments of the film. We get to see a humble item elevated to be a sophisticated and beautiful blue carriage fit for a star. Cinderella's carriage remained in its elegant state until it was time to turn back into this common item at midnight. Who remembers what Cinderella's carriage was made out of? Was it a button or a humble pumpkin? Perhaps it was a teacup or even an old shoe? Choose the right answer from the four options listed here and prove some serious Disney smarts!

Question 21

Why was Cinderella able to attend the ball?

Let's rewind a little bit and get back to the beginning of the story- before we learned anything about a Fairy Godmother and a pumpkin that could be transformed into a gorgeous carriage. Cinderella was living life as a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters and things seemed a little bit bleak. When news of the ball arrived, her stepmother and stepsisters did not want her to attend- but they had to because of this stipulation. Who remembers the reason why Cinderella was able to attend the ball in the first place? Check out the options and choose the right one.

Question 22

What animals woke Cinderella up in the morning?

Cinderella was known for her animal friends all throughout the story. She always seemed to have a special relationship with various creatures and it is one of the reasons why we love her so much! While most of us have to rely on our alarm clocks, Cinderella had these special animals to help wake her up in the morning. Who remembers what these animals were? We have listed four potential options- but only true Cinderella fans will be able to select the right one. Who knows which one is correct? Show some smarts and choose an option now. Select one.

Question 23

What was the stepmothers cat’s name in Cinderella?

The cat pictured here was one of the nemesis in Cinderella and did not make things easy for her mouse friends. This cat belonged to Lady Tremaine and was constantly causing problems for Cinderella. Who remembers what the name of this cat was? There are four plausible options listed- but only one of them is correct? Was the cat named Gus? Maybe he was named Bruno or Lucifer? Perhaps Disney named him Jaq? It's time to prove who is in a league of their own when it comes to Cinderella. Give us the right option from the choices listed here.

Question 24

What happened to Cinderella’s original gown?

Cinderella fans know that this Disney Princess had two gowns in the animated movie. The first one was created by her friends from the animal kingdom. The second was designed by her Fairy Godmother. The first gown looked absolutely perfect on Cinderella- but something happened to it that prompted her Fairy Godmother to intervene and create a second one. What happened to the first gown? Did Cinderella decide that she didn't look good in pink? Was it just a little too casual? Was it accidentally burned to a crisp by her mouse friends or was it destroyed by her stepsisters?

Question 25

What were the names of Cinderella’s mice friends?

These mice were two of Cinderella's best friends- and the central characters in the story. They helped her out with her chores, kept her entertained when she had to act as a servant for her stepsisters and stepmother, and also were instrumental in helping make her first ballgown! These mouse besties also provided some of the comic relief in Cinderella. Who remembers the name of this dynamic duo? Check out the options that we have listed and let us know which pair is correct. There is only one right answer- so it's time to prove who is a Disney super fan!

Question 26

What was Cinderella’s job around the house?

Before she met the Prince, Cinderella lived a life of drudgery. She had a lot of really great animal friends and a good singing voice, but she was tasked with doing some unpleasant things around the house for her stepmother and stepsisters. Who remembers what Cinderella's job was prior to meeting the Prince?We have listed four possible options here but only one of them is correct. Was Cinderella the house event coordinator or servant? Was she the official mouse trainer? Perhaps she was the only reason that her stepmother and stepsisters' hair always looked so amazing- as the house hairdresser.

Question 27

What happy ending happened in Cinderella?

Like most Disney movies, Cinderella has a totally happy ending. Although she starts off having to run errands and do everything for her stepmother and stepsisters- she winds up finding herself in a great situation by the end of the story. We remember all sorts of parts of this classic tale, but who remembers what the specific happy ending was? Did the Prince move into Cinderella's house, or Lady Tremaine get an attitude adjustment? Were Gus and Jaq assigned the title of "royal mice"? DId they just live happily ever after? Let us know from the options that we have listed.

Question 28

What is the name of the character pictured here with Cinderella?

Check out the picture that accompanies this question. The character in the white and pink tattered dress is Cinderella, but who knows the name of the character next to her? This white-haired woman in blue robes was the reason why Cinderella got to go to the ball in the first place! Cinderella and Disney fans will get this one right away- so simply choose the correct option from the four that we have listed. Is the name of this character Lady Tremaine? Is she called Drizella or Anastasia? Or is she simply known as the Fairy Godmother? Choose now.

Question 29

What decade did the original cartoon movie come out in?

According to IMDB, Cinderella was nominated for tons of awards when it first came out. Disney's iconic animated movie was incredibly popular at the box office and had an amazing soundtrack to go along with it. Cinderella also helped get Disney out of some financial trouble and really put it on the path to success! The question here is- what decade did this famous Disney animated classic come out during? We have listed four possible options in the choices accompanying this question and we need everyone to select the right decade. Who knows when this classic animated movie was released?

Question 30

Where did Cinderella meet the prince?

Disney and Cinderella fans will get this one right away. In one of the most important scenes in the movie, Cinderella meets her Prince Charming and her life changes forever. Who remembers where these two major characters first met? Anyone who is a true Cinderella fan should be able to check out the four answers listed here and let us know which one is accurate. Did they meet in her dreams? How about at the Royal Ball or the grocery store? Did Cinderella and Prince Charming run into each other in the backyard of her childhood home? Choose one now.

Question 31

What conditions did the stepmother gave Cinderella for attending the ball?

Even though the royal mandate indicated that Cinderella could attend the ball, she still needed to get the "okay" from her stepmother, Lady Tremaine. Of course, Cinderella's stepmother did not want her to attend the ball so she designed a task that she thought was impossible for Cinderella to perform as a condition of attending the festivities. Who remembers what that task was? We have listed four possible options but only one of them is actually correct. Who knows which one it is? Did she need to teach Lucifer to do some tricks? Finish her chores and find something to wear?

Question 32

What was the Fairy Godmother’s song?

One of the most popular songs from Cinderella was sung by this main character- the Fairy Godmother. Right when Cinderella is distraught about not being able to attend the ball, the Fairy Godmother appears and decides to work some magic so that Cinderella can attend. We are curious as to why she didn't intervene earlier- when Cinderella was acting as a servant for her stepsisters and stepmother- but we suppose that it's better late than never. While the Fairy Godmother is performing her magic, she sings this iconic song. Who remembers what it is called? Choose the correct answer now.

Question 33

What was Cinderella’s given name?

Although we know this iconic Disney Princess by the name "Cinderella", she actually had another name that is only expressed once or twice at the beginning of the movie. Only true Disney and Cinderella fans have a hope of getting this question correct- so check out the options and let us know which one sounds right to you! Was her name Drizella? Was she known as Cindy? Perhaps Cinderella was originally known as Anastasia or even Ella? It's time to prove who is a superfan and answer this important question correctly. Choose one of the four options listed here now.

Question 34

What were the names of Cinderella’s step sisters?

Speaking of names, let's move on to some characters who are a little less pleasant than Cinderella. Cinderella's stepsisters were completely mean to her and made her do their bidding all throughout the entire story of Cinderella. They were jealous of her beauty and took out their insecurities on her! Pictured here, the stepsisters were both the antagonists of the story and some of the comic relief. Who remembers what their names were? Were they Tremaine and Cruella? How about Gus and Jaq? Perhaps they were called Anastasia and Drizella or were they, Polly and Maureen? Choose the right one now!

Question 35

Who were the horses that pulled Cinderella's carriage?

Finally, let's talk about some of Cinderella's helpers! After the Fairy Godmother intervened on her behalf, Cinderella found herself in a brand new dress with a gorgeous carriage pulled by stately horses. The funny thing is- these horses were not always horses! They were actually a different type of creature that the Fairy Godmother enchanted into carriage pulling horses. Who remembers what the horses in Cinderella were before they were transformed into their magical form? Check out the options listed here and let us know. Were they dogs or mice? Perhaps they were bewitched chickens or Cinderella's own stepsisters and stepmother?

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