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Released nearly six years ago, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has become one of the most popular games of all time, garnering great praise from players and critics alike. Though by no means a perfect gaming experience, Skyrim offered a unique, captivating world filled to the brim with magic, dragons, spectacular snow-kissed landscapes, diverse characters, and more quests than one could ever ask for. The result was a digital space in which players could become immersed for hours or even days on end, surrendering themselves to the call of adventure.

Despite the years elapsed since its release, Skyrim continues to branch out and extend its popularity. 2012 saw the release of Dawnguard, a DLC addition that turned the Dragonborn into a crossbow-toting vampire hunter and added a whole new vampiric storyline. With 2013 came Dragonborn, another DLC that included a whole new continent to explore and a series of quests that offered players a glimpse into the history of Miraak, the first Dragonborn. And just recently in 2016 Bethesda released Skyrim Special Edition, a new, complete version of the game with updated, shinier graphics and easier access to mods so the player may further extend their Skyrim experience if they so choose.

This quiz will challenge even the most seasoned Dragonborn to recall in great detail their adventures in Skyrim and will include content from the base game, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn. Forge onward, and Fus Ro Dah!

Question 1

What enables the Dragonborn's escape from Helgen?

Skyrim wastes no time when it comes to its opening sequence. The Dragonborn is captured and on their way to being executed, along with the famed Ulfric Stormcloak and some minor criminals. Death seems certain as the Dragonborn is called to the executioner's block, but then a momentous event occurs that affords an opportunity for escape and jump starts the events of the game in earnest. Following this key event, the Dragonborn is able to make their escape through Helgen's tunnels, defeating their first foes along the way.

Question 2

When does the protagonist discover they're Dragonborn?

Equal parts awesome title and clever way to refer to the protagonist in a gender-neutral manner, the Dragonborn moniker is used for almost the entirety of the game. However, the first time the term is used is monumental; it refers to legendary figures who wield great power, the likes of which haven't been seen in Skyrim for hundreds or even thousands of years. Though the Dragonborn title loses its sheen as it becomes commonplace to the player, the power it represents remains awe-inspiring for Skyrim's inhabitants.

Question 3

For what crime was Ulfric Stormcloak sentenced to death?

For many of Skyrim's inhabitants, Ulfric Stormcloak is seen as a hero. He stood up in defiance of Imperialist rule and ultimately seeks to liberate Skyrim from the Empire's tyranny. However, at the beginning of the game he's one of the Dragonborn's fellow prisoners at Helgen and faces the same fate of execution. Ulfric's crime is discussed among the prisoners, who seem to view him with a mix of fear and awe. Additionally, and unlike the other prisoners, Ulfric is gagged to prevent him from using the power of his mastered thu'um, which has been proven deadly.

Question 4

What is the literal meaning of Fus Ro Dah?

It's legendary. It's bold. It's awesome. It's a battle cry for all who have ever played Skyrim and basked in its spirit of adventure. Fus Ro Dah is the game's most iconic thu'um, or shout, a type of magic that uses the raw force of one's voice to unleash powerful effects. Fus Ro Dah is taught to the Dragonborn by the Greybeards in their first meeting, and it is the first complete shout learned in the game. For all of these reasons, Fus Ro Dah remains embedded in players' memories of Skyrim and endures as of the game's main catchphrases. It's also really, really good at launching nasty enemies off of high ledges, which tends to be pretty fun.

Question 5

In what city is the Thieves' Guild located?

Undoubtedly one of the most popular organizations among Skyrim players, the Thieves' Guild includes a bar, training areas, and sleeping quarters, all located in an obscure part of the sewer system beneath one of Skyrim's major cities. Here, the Dragonborn can meet with the Guild's assorted criminal contacts, barter stolen goods, and find devious means of employment including burglary, fudging business ledgers, and stealing specific riches of which the Guild has gotten wind. The Thieves' Guild also includes its own sizable storyline, during which the Dragonborn can rise to the position of guildmaster.

Question 6

What's the name of the Greybeards' ancient monastery?

Located atop the aptly named Throat of the World, the Greybeards reside in an ancient and sacred structure that sits high above the rest of Skyrim. Though the Dragonborn has no knowledge of the Greybeards upon hearing their summons, Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun is present at the time. He informs the Dragonborn about the Greybeards, emphasizing their isolation and longtime absence from the affairs of the world, and suggests the Dragonborn take the pilgrims' path to reach the Throat of the World.

Question 7

What school of magic does Tolfdir teach?

Should the Dragonborn choose to join the College of Winterhold, they'll go through the same training process as all the other initiates. Apparently, this training consists of practicing minor spells in the halls of the College, learning magical lore, and going on field trips to ruins housing incredibly dangerous and unstable magical artifacts. Tolfdir acts as a guide and mentor to the Dragonborn and their fellow students in their early days at the College and, despite his occasional absentmindedness, he plays a key part in the College questline and the discovery of the Eye of Magnus.

Question 8

What's the name of this breathtaking city?

Perched atop a massive cliff-like, rocky outcrop, this lonely city is one of Skyrim's most striking locations. I have no doubt that many players, myself included, simply stopped whatever they were doing to gawk at this city the first time they saw it. A fortified stronghold located in the West of Skyrim, this city was previously the seat of Imperial power headed by High King Torygg, who also served as the local Jarl. Following his death prior to the events of the game, his wife Elisif has taken over as Jarl of Haafingar hold in his stead.

Question 9

What secret faction exists within the Thieves' Guild?

Working as a professional lock picker, thief, burglar, and forger takes a set of particular, highly developed skills. But discreetly maintaining a secret faction within a semi-secret organization comprised entirely of people who lie, cheat and steal to make a living? Now that's some skill. After assisting the Thieves' Guild on a multitude of missions, the Dragonborn is invited to join this elite faction, a secret small council of sorts that operates with the highest level of authority in the Guild, worships the god Nocturnal, and offers you some of the coolest armor in the game as a signing bonus.

Question 10

Which of the following is NOT a school of magic in Skyrim?

Including everything from a good old fashioned fireball to the ability to transmute iron into gold (in two casts), the applications for magic in Skyrim are wide-reaching, useful, and greatly entertaining. All schools of magic are represented in the form of skills which can be trained individually as the Dragonborn casts certain spells, and magic of all types is represented and taught at the College of Winterhold, a safe haven for both established mages and greenhorn students of magic to grow and learn together.

Question 11

What's so special about Paarthurnax?

The Greybeards are an ancient and reclusive group, but they have even deeper secrets. Though we all assumed that Arngeir, the main Greybeard the Dragonborn speaks with who's voiced by the immaculate Christopher Plummer, would be the leader of the Greybeards if such a position should exist at all, that is in fact not the case. The Dragonborn discovers towards the end of the main story that the Greybeards have a leader who is powerful and incredibly wise, so much so that he's been completely shielded from the world. That, and the fact that there's something significantly unique about him.

Question 12

What dark figure is worshiped by the Dark Brotherhood?

The Dark Brotherhood is a weird and decidedly grim group of people, but that's probably to be expected when you deal in death. After posing as a member of the Brotherhood and assisting young Aventus Aretino with the murder of a nasty old woman, the Dragonborn is kidnapped by the real Brotherhood who are, unsurprisingly, none too pleased. However, the Dragonborn prove themselves skilled in taking life, and the Brotherhood eventually invites them into the fold. After progressing the Brotherhood questline, their main figure of worship is brought for a visit to the hideout, and all hell soon breaks loose.

Question 13

How many Dragon Priests can be found in Skyrim?

Encountering a Dragon Priest is always an event that's equal parts momentous and terrifying. On the one hand, you think to yourself, "Hey! A Dragon Priest! Awesome!" But on the other, you fear that life will be blasted from your Dragonborn's body like candy being ripped out of the hands of a small child. And when playing on high difficulty, Dragon Priests take on yet another extra layer of "nope." At the end of the day, though, defeating one is deeply satisfying, and you're rewarded with a staff and a mighty Dragon Priest mask, so I guess it's worth it? (Note: this question doesn't include the Dragon Priests found on Solstheim.)

Question 14

What's the name of the Nordic afterlife?

After Alduin escapes to an unknown location, Paarthurnax suggests that the Dragonborn capture a dragon and interrogate it for clues as to Alduin's whereabouts. The Dragonborn does so, and learns that Alduin has gone to regain his strength in the realm of the Nordic afterlife by devouring the souls found there. The Dragonborn unearths a lost portal leading to the mythic realm and enters to find a strange, somewhat ethereal world dominated by a beautiful night sky. After exploring and meeting some of the fabled Nord heroes of old, the Dragonborn confronts Alduin for the final time.

Question 15

What Daedric Prince does Miraak serve?

If there's one thing the Dragonborn DLC teaches you to stay away from, it's forbidden knowledge. And an unhealthy number of tentacles, but that kind of goes without saying. This Daedric Prince is heavily connected to both, but is officially associated with knowledge and memory. During the events of the game, he attempts to corrupt the Dragonborn with offers of immense power in the form of long-lost knowledge, but only should one choose to become his champion. Though the Dragonborn somewhat evades this fate, it's later discovered that Miraak succumbed to this temptation, which contributed to his great powers.

Question 16

The Dragonborn must surrender their soul to enter what area?

There are a lot of grim places in Skyrim. From deep caverns populated by hostile beasts to snow-blasted wastelands, the Dragonborn isn't exactly strapped for choice when looking for a barren place to explore. But a dimension where lost, trapped souls wander aimlessly for eternity? That might just take the cake. Enter this plane of existence, the place where all those little lost souls that hang out in your soul gems reside. In order to enter this area, the Dragonborn must surrender their mortal soul by either becoming a vampire or having part of their soul torn apart and placed in a soul gem Horcrux style. It's a grave choice, and both options come with dire consequences.

Question 17

What is Lord Harkon's goal?

The Dawnguard DLC features two opposing factions: vampires and the Dawnguard. Whereas the Dawnguard seek only to destroy the vampiric infestation, the vampires, led by the devilishly suave Lord Harkon, have greater plans. Harkon seeks to make the world a more favorable place for vampires to live in, which in turn will allow them to run rampant with their powers, eliminate or subjugate weaker creatures, and gain dominion over the world. To accomplish his final goal, though, he'll need Auriel's Bow, and thus it falls to the Dragonborn to find the weapon first.

Question 18

What property does Jarl Balgruuf offer the Dragonborn?

It's a tiny little house, but it's a decent tiny little house. Once the Dragonborn kills their first dragon, Jarl Balgruuf takes it upon himself to convey the title of Thane of Whiterun to the Dragonborn, essentially making them a defender of the city. Additionally, the Jarl assigns a personal housecarl to the Dragonborn and offers them the option of purchasing property in the city, which comes in the form of this quaint structure. Though it's not much to look at, the building is usually a player's first house in the game, and as such it tends to stand out in one's memory of Skyrim.

Question 19

Which of the following is a real weapon enchantment in Skyrim?

Enchanting. It's a pain to start, but once you do, man is it fun. Customize your weapons and armor to meet your unique and overly specific needs, whether you're an archer, a mage, or just thoroughly enjoy smashing things with a really big hammer. Give yourself boosts to your most-used and often legally questionable skills, such as speech, lockpicking and pickpocketing. The point is, enchanting is as useful as it is fun, and there's some crazy stuff you can do with the right enchantment, a soul gem, and your favorite piece of equipment. The list below contains three fake weapon enchantments. Pick the one that really exists in-game.

Question 20

What ultimately becomes of the Eye of Magnus?

People never seem to learn that incredibly powerful and unstable magical artifacts are never wise to keep around. Tolfdir and the Dragonborn are no exception. After stumbling upon the long-lost Eye of Magnus in the ruins of Saarthal, Tolfdir arranges for the Eye to be brought back to the College, where Ancano, a visiting Elven mage, promptly seals himself away with the Eye and gains enough power to kill the Archmage without giving it a second thought. Once the Dragonborn acquires the Staff of Magnus, brings the Eye under control, and defeats Ancano, the mysterious Psijic Order steps in to take final, decisive action with respect to the Eye.

Question 21

What are these foreboding artifacts called?

It turns out that books really can kill you. Or, you know, transport you into an apocalyptic, book-filled realm populated by mind flayers, disembodied tentacles and giant aquatic monsters that can rise from even the tiniest kiddie pool. These dastardly tomes are used by the aforementioned Daedric Prince of knowledge and memory to store his most powerful and deadly secrets, specifically newfound abilities and blessings (curses?) that can be used in and out of combat and for a wide variety of situations. The price of insanity might be a little high for anyone other than the Dragonborn, though.

Question 22

What's the name of this subterranean ruin?

Among the most striking locations in Skyrim are the complex, mechanical Dwarven ruins. These ancient strongholds, which tend to be filled with highly advanced technological marvels, contrast sharply with the general starkness of Skyrim's landscape. But when hunting down an Elder Scroll during the main questline, the Dragonborn finds their way to a particular Dwarven ruin far beneath the surface, discovering that this massive, bioluminescent cavern is in fact a central hub that connects many other ruins. With Dwarven machines and architecture integrated directly with the glowing underground flora, the effect is truly spectacular to behold.

Question 23

Who's the target of the Dark Brotherhood's greatest contract?

Working for the Dark Brotherhood involves killing almost anyone from any walk of life, but it's when the contract to end all contracts materializes that the Brotherhood truly regains its past prestige. A high profile client emerges, offers the Brotherhood an enormous sum, and demands that they kill one of the most important figures in all of Skyrim. Though the contract ends up being an elaborate ploy to dismantle the Brotherhood, it is eventually foiled by the Dragonborn. However, Astrid is determined to see the contract fulfilled. The elaborate plan is carried out at last, thus completing the most significant assassination in the game.

Question 24

The Throat of the World pilgrimage path consists of how many steps?

Jarl Balgruuf was kind enough to point the Dragonborn to the pilgrims' path to High Hrothgar, which begins at the town of Ivarstead. What the Jarl failed to mention was that this path consists of thousands of rough, snow-covered steps carved into the side of a mountain and often in close proximity to precarious slopes. Oh, and pilgrims are also frequently attacked by frost trolls who happen to live in the area and have nothing better to do. The Steps challenge both one's patience and fortitude, and as such are a suitable challenge for one who wishes to speak to the legendary Greybeards. Or at least that's the excuse for it being so horrible. The views aren't too shabby, though.

Question 25

What special metal can only be found on Solstheim?

It's a royal pain to find and harvest, but if you really want to wear some awesome bling or distract your enemies with a sword so dazzling it blinds them, this is the crafting material for you. The thing is, first you'll have to find an ancient nordic pickaxe. That wouldn't be so hard except for the fact that, well, it's ancient, meaning that nobody makes 'em quite like that anymore. Oh, you'll also have to find a mineral deposit, and the best places to look are usually in long-forgotten tombs and crypts, pretty much anywhere with a lot of corpses and hordes of hostile draugr. Sound like fun? Yeah, I don't think so either.

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