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When people were first introduced to the CBS series, The Big Bang Theory, they couldn't help but notice that one of the lead characters was hugely familiar. The actor that plays Leonard Hofstadter was also featured in another hit sitcom series. Many of his fans remember him from when he played the role of David Healy on Roseanne. Fans were excited to see him in a new role and they quickly saw that he had struck gold again with The Big Bang Theory.

There was a great chemistry between him and his co-star, Jim Parsons, who played the role of Sheldon Cooper with stellar acting skills. Yet, the entire cast seemed to meld perfectly, especially the romantic relationship between him and Kaley Cuoco. Audiences continued to root for the love between Leonard and Penny and the various dimensions to their relationship only helps to draw in more viewers. The Big Bang Theory is one of the highest rated shows on television and features some of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. While Sheldon and Penny may seem to get a lot of the attention, Leonard's role shouldn't be counted out in the series. He is the ultra-kind character that is oftentimes overlooked but has a great heart and ability to befriend anyone that meets him. Since he eventually got the girl, in the end, he gives hope to all those like him that think you have to be a jock to end up with the beautiful woman. Whether you're a huge Leonard Hofstadter fan or just a Big Bang Theory enthusiast, test your knowledge on how well you know this lovable cast member.

Question 1

Sword collection

When Leonard and Sheldon were still sharing an apartment, they decided that they might want to start up a sword collection together. They went to the comic store to look at a potential first sword for their collection and they put a lot of thought into what their very first sword ought to be. When they finally did decide on the sword, it could be seen in the background whenever they filmed in their apartment. The sword also became a source of contention when they began splitting their belongings after Sheldon moved out. What was their first sword?

Question 2

What is Leonard Hofstadter's profession?

One of the elements of The Big Bang Theory that makes the storyline stand out is the fact that the majority of the characters are incredibly intelligent. Many of the characters have graduated from prestigious Ivy League schools and they are highly respected professionals in their field. From Raj being employed as an astrophysicist to Howard working as an engineer for Nasa and then voyaging to the International Space Station, these aren't exactly a group of guys working at McDonalds. What is Leonard Hofstadter's profession?

Question 3

What instrument does Leonard play?

One of the best elements about The Big Bang Theory is the musical element of the show. It seems like a number of the characters are quite musical but it's Howard and Raj that have their own band. While their band doesn't exactly lead to paying gigs, it shouldn't surprise fans that Howard would want to express himself through music. He often sang to Bernadette as a romantic gesture and some of the tunes were pretty catchy. Yet, it's not just Howard and Raj that have musical talents. What instrument does Leonard play?

Question 4

Where did Leonard receive his degree?

The majority of the characters in The Big Bang Theory have graduated from elite universities. They often mention Ivy League schools and have even been asked to visit various universities. Yet, one of the comical points of the series is the fact that many of the characters seem to look down on Leonard's alma mater. While the majority of the criticism seems to be directed at Howard's profession as an engineer, there are still some harsh comments for Leonard's old school. Where did Leonard receive his degree?

Question 5

What did Leonard bring Penny back from his expedition?

In Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny seemed to have some romantic feelings starting to brew. Yet, nothing was really done about it on Penny's behalf until Leonard revealed that he was going on an expedition for the next few months. Penny purchased him a gift before he left and Leonard wound up bringing Penny home a gift upon his return. The gift was incredibly romantic and she wound up saving it, even after they broke up. What did Leonard bring Penny back from his expedition?

Question 6

First date

It's hard to say what was the actual first date between Leonard and Penny since they had broken up so many times and because the two were friends prior to dating. Yet, the third episode of Season 1 showed a great moment in their relationship when Leonard invited her to dinner, without any of the other guys. Although he denied that it was a date when she asked, he referred to it as a date to his friends. During the "date," Leonard did something at the table that really impressed Penny. What did he do?

Question 7

List of suggestions

In Season 5 of the series, Leonard and Penny had been off-again for quite some time but it seemed like there was still something romantic between them. In the fourteenth episode, they seem to be starting things up again but are determined to make things work out better this time around. In an effort to put in as much effort possible to make things work out in their relationship, Leonard suggests that they write down things that would help the other in perfecting their relationship. What name does he call the list he hands her?

Question 8

What word was on the front of the sweater?

Sheldon is famous for having issues when things are left unresolved but there was one particular episode where he tried to teach Leonard how he feels during these times. After he asked Leonard to search for some leftover tickets he had won at an arcade, they come upon a DVD that hadn't been returned. In an effort to show Leonard how uncomfortable unresolved issues are for him, he asked him to wear an itchy red sweater without anything underneath. What word was on the front of the sweater?

Question 9

The elevator

For the entirety of the series, the elevator has been out of order. Every episode has featured the stairwell in some way or another and the characters have had to walk up and down the flights of stairs because of the broken elevator. In a flashback episode, audiences finally learned what happened to the elevator and it turned out it was actually Leonard that was to blame. While conducting an experiment where he configured the measurements incorrectly, he created a combustible component. Who saved Leonard by putting it in the elevator?

Question 10

Second wedding

Leonard and Penny's first wedding was thrown together as a spur of the moment event. After receiving some criticism over their lengthy engagement and no mention of a date, Penny asked Leonard if he wanted to get married in Las Vegas. While her friends were able to watch the ceremony online, there were others that completely missed it. They wound up having a second ceremony after one particular person voiced how upset they were that they weren't invited to the wedding. Who was it that sparked them to have a second ceremony?

Question 11

Who is the guest that Leonard brings to Sheldon's birthday party?

Leonard is known for being incredibly thoughtful towards his friends and has given a fair share of lavish gifts throughout the seasons. Yet, not all of his most thoughtful moments have been through material gifts. While Sheldon's birthday had been a secret for many years, Penny ultimately found out the date and then the gang began celebrating it every year. In celebration of Sheldon's birthday, they decide to throw him a party and it's Leonard's idea to invite a special guest. Who is the guest that Leonard brings to Sheldon's birthday party?

Question 12

Where did they get married?

Leonard and Penny have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, with an on-again/off-again relationship that seemed like an odd pairing to everyone. Yet, it wasn't just their breakups that really had people worried about their relationship. Leonard had a habit of proposing often and in strange situations and their ultimate engagement was extremely long. When they finally managed to walk down the aisle, it was a spur of the moment decision that didn't allow their friends and family to attend. Where did they get married?

Question 13

My Precious

The guys wind up purchasing a box full of collectibles and all split the $60 expense. Inside the box, they find vintage toys that get them excited to see what else might be in there. When they come upon a ring from The Lord of the Rings franchise, it seems to look authentic. After doing some digging, it's discovered that the ring might be part of the original filming and an actual movie prop that went missing. After quite a bit of arguing, Leonard offers up a suggestion of what they should do with the ring. What does he suggest?

Question 14

What was Leonard's surgical operation?

While Sheldon and Leonard are often portrayed as having a difficult relationship, there are a number of episodes that prove how much they care for one another. During Season 8 of the series, Leonard's doctor recommends that he gets a surgical procedure. Although it is a routine procedure, Sheldon became extremely worried for his friend. While he acknowledged that getting the surgery would greatly improve Leonard's quality of life, he didn't feel that he should risk it because of the dangers that could befall him. What was Leonard's surgical operation?

Question 15

New girlfriend

After finding a connection with Howard's love interest, he started dating her and the two became pretty serious. Howard was angry at first but then he ultimately got over it and she was well on her way to being an accepted member of the group as Leonard's girlfriend. Stephanie Barnett seemed like the perfect addiction for Sheldon because he compared their group with a Star Trek landing party. Her profession was featured in the series and she was equally intelligent as the other characters. What was her profession?

Question 16

Cash envelope

The majority of the series has depicted Penny as a struggling actress that could barely pay her bills through her waitressing income. She spent countless episodes eating Leonard and Sheldon's food without paying and used their Wifi password in order to save money on her apartment bills. During a particularly difficult moment in her life, Leonard chose to help her out by buying a big gift for her. While Leonard has always been extremely generous, this gift was something that Penny wanted to pay him back for once she started making real money. What did Leonard buy her?

Question 17

Leonard’s gift

When it comes to being named the most sexually adventurous person in the couple, Leonard doesn't exactly stand out when compared to Penny. Leonard is often just thought of as being lucky enough to be in a relationship with Penny, rather than being seen as the one with the most innovative ideas about sex. Yet, there was one instance when Leonard stepped out of his comfort zone and purchased a sex gift for Penny as a surprise. Where did he buy it?

Question 18

What is he being punished for?

In Season 9, Leonard and Penny are having Thanksgiving at their apartment when Penny reveals that she doesn't actually know Leonard's birthday. After typing in the wrong month and year for the password on Leonard's tablet, Leonard starts to revel in the fact that he knows her so much better than she knows him. He lists a number of things that he knows about her, including the fact that she doesn't like the orange lingerie he bought her for Valentine's Day. Later, he suggests posting a shame photo on Facebook as a punishment. What is he being punished for?

Question 19

Free movie taping

When Howard and Leonard were stuck at Caltech making parts for their guidance system, Penny and Bernadette came to visit them and stuck around to help. When the boys have to run out to pick up more supplies, Penny and Bernadette stay behind to finish wrapping the pipes. While out, Leonard and Howard get asked if they want to view a free taping of a movie, without knowing the film's name. While they feel bad about deceiving the girls, they wound up staying to watch the movie. What is the name of the movie?

Question 20

Leonard’s bachelor party

After Leonard and Penny snuck off to Las Vegas to get married, the guys felt a little bad for not being able to throw Leonard a bachelor party. In an effort to really commemorate the special moment of him tying the knot with Penny, they organized a group outing. Howard was able to rent a van that was previously owned by the famed Nobel prize winning scientist, Richard Feynman, and the whole gang embarked on a trip for Leonard's bachelor party. Where were they supposed to go?

Question 21

Who was the girl that got Penny so jealous of?

While Penny and Leonard were carrying on a relationship that wasn't romantic, both of them were in other various relationships. It wasn't just Penny that went out and dated different people and Leonard had a number of girls that were featured in the series. Yet, there was one that really seemed to get under Penny's skin and she seemed obviously bothered by how happy he was after finding this new love interest. While he was dating this woman, Penny mentioned to Raj that breaking up with him was a huge mistake. Who was the girl that got Penny so jealous?

Question 22

Penny’s engagement ring

Although Leonard proposed to Penny a number of times, it was the time when he proposed with an engagement ring that truly meant something. Penny began talking about it during a meeting with Leonard's mother and that's when Sheldon commented that the diamond is actually made from a repurposed diamond drill bit. That seemed to completely diminish how special the ring was and Penny began looking at it in a whole new light. Yet, Leonard insisted it wasn't and claimed it was from somewhere else. Where did Leonard say he bought it?

Question 23

What was the name of the lead scientist constructing the expedition?

While it may seem like Leonard and Penny spend every single moment together, they've actually spent quite a lot of time apart. Even after they were married, they didn't always get to truly live together because of Sheldon's dislike of change. Leonard has also taken a number of different trips because of his contributions to science. One of these workventures sent him to the North Sea for an expedition that needed an experimental physicist. The opportunity was hard to pass up because of the leader of the team. What was the name of the lead scientist constructing the expedition?

Question 24

Leonard’s big secret

When Leonard and Penny invite Sheldon and Amy on a trip to a beautiful cabin in the woods, a lot of their outdoor plans are ruined due to rain. The couples end up having to think of ways to entertain themselves indoors and inevitably start playing a drinking game. During the drinking game, Sheldon let out a secret that Leonard was keeping from Penny. This secret was actually incredibly hurtful to Penny and caused a huge fight. What was the secret Leonard was keeping from Penny?

Question 25

What was the nickname he gave himself?

In Season 10 of the series, Penny had solidified her role as a pharmaceutical sales rep and was making more money than Leonard. Yet, she couldn't seem to put her acting career behind her since her killer gorilla film was garnering a small cult following. When she was asked to sign autographs as the Van Nuys Comic-Con, she saw some fans but the real attraction was Leonard telling people the story on how he was able to land her as his wife. What was the nickname he gave himself?

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