Is It A Quarter-Life Crisis? Take The Quiz!


Plain and simple, your 20s have not gone according to plan. While you might have thought that your break into adulthood would play out like one of your favorite sitcoms -- with everyone laughing and living in a flawless apartment while taking the world by storm -- you're slowly learning that life on your own is expensive and anxiety-ridden.

Like so many people that are graduating college today, you may feel constantly weighed down by the massive amount of student debt you've acquired. This has probably made you desperate to start your career to beginning paying it off, only to discover that you hate the job you've found yourself in. This is the sad reality of life, which makes you spend your entire childhood wishing you could be an adult, only to finally reach adulthood and wish you were a child again.

But are you simply having a rough couple of months, or are you experiencing a full-blown quarter-life crisis?

Freaking out isn't necessarily a bad thing, so long as you can turn all the negativity into being proactive for your future. But if all the stresses of adulthood make you want to curl into a cardboard box and mail yourself back to your parents' house, you're gonna need to acquire some better coping skills, and fast.

But first, let's find out if you are indeed going through a quarter-life crisis!

Question 1

How many hours of the day do you spend looking at memes to drown your sorrows?

Meme humor is largely a generational thing, with those of us in our 30s and younger getting the jokes, while our parents are left scratching their heads. So how often do you use the dark and often deranged comedy of Internet to soothe your sorrows? Is this form of bleak humor the only thing that can make you laugh anymore?

Question 2

What do you usually end up watching on Youtube?

Even if you're pulling a 40 hour a week job or more, everyone needs to unwind and watch some mindless entertainment now and again. Thanks to Youtube, you can forget about life's daily struggles by endlessly watching two-minute clips until your laptop dies. So what are you usually searching Youtube for?

Question 3

How many ex-boyfriends/ girlfriends have you reached out to in the last year?

Your 20 usually mark the beginning of a long life of looking back and wondering what you could have done differently. If you're one of these people that harps on the past, you're bound to wonder what your exes have been up to -- whether or not they're happy or miserable without you, and if they have any interest in giving it a second shot.

Question 4

You no longer look forward to your birthday.

As a kid, you pretty spend the entire month before your birthday waiting in anticipation. But the older get, the more you forget that it's even coming up. There's nothing that makes you feel older than someone else having to remind you that it's your birthday, which is likely a result of you wanting to forget that you're aging altogether.

Question 5

What is your current living situation?

There's nothing that quite says quarter-life crisis like having to move home with your parents. While pretty much everyone may spend some time back in the house immediately after college, having to move back home in your late 20s after living in your own apartment is a sure sign that you haven't mastered this whole adulting thing yet.

Question 6

Which do you find yourself thinking about the most?

While they say it's best to live in the moment, there's absolutely nothing wrong with planning for the future. And while it's ok to stop and reflect on the past from time to time, over-analyzing every little mistake you once or made or wishing that you could travel back in time and better appreciate adolescences isn't going to do you much good in the long run.

Question 7

You often think about walking out of your job without giving two weeks notice?

Your 20s is definitely the time when most of us come to the realization that having a 9 to 5 isn't all its cracked up to be. Sure, your pay may be better and you may get some benefits, including two weeks vacation, but is it really worth suffering mindlessly for eight hours a day for the next 30 to 40 years? Probably not.

Question 8

You fantasize about leaving your old life behind and possibly joining the Peace Corps?

You're not entirely sure what it means to be a member of the Peace Corps, or if you're even qualified to join, but you know you want to go. They'll take you to a different corner of the world and you'll end up helping people, which means you can leave your current problems and meaningless job behind and actually make a difference.

Question 9

How many times do you eat out or order food a week?

Learning to grocery shop and cook for yourself daily can easily become one of the most boring and redundant parts of your 20s. If you're not making a ton of money, you'll find yourself at the grocery store multiple times a week, which is already a giant waste of time without even cooking the food. It may be easier to eat out, but it's also way more expensive.

Question 10

You use Tinder and other dating apps less to met people and more so too validate your own attractiveness?

If you're in your late 20s/ early 30s, then you still remember the days when the only way to ask someone out was over the phone or face-to-face. But now, there's plenty of apps and online outlets for meeting people. Which is fine if you actually end up meeting the person. But not so much if you just trying to get matches to boost your self-esteem.

Question 11

Your typical morning involves…

Unless your a morning person, then we can definitively say without a doubt that mornings are the worst part of your day. By far. Just when you feel like you were finally getting some solid sleep the alarm goes off, and by the time you finally do get up you have no choice but to hustle if you want to make it to work on time. If you even end up going at all.

Question 12

You fill your weekends with…

Ahhhh, the sweet feeling of getting out of work on Friday afternoon, knowing that you have a full 48 hours before you have to see your co-workers and boss again. So now what? Do you shut the world off and stay inside your apartment until Monday morning? Do you unwind with a few friends? Or do you buckle down and do some more adulting?

Question 13

Which one of these things do you find yourself fantasizing about the most?

While desperately trying to kill time at your meaningless 9 to 5 job, you may find yourself daydreaming and fantasizing about another possible life for yourself. For pretty much all of us, the one thing that holds us back from doing whatever we want is money. So there's a good chance that no matter what you're fantasizing about, it starts with you being filthy rich.

Question 14

When you think about having your bosses job, you…

For most of us, we'll slowly come to hate our bosses over time. This doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people, just that we've come to identify them with a job we're no longer interested in working. Or maybe you simply long for their position and no that you could do it better -- heck, it would most definitely mean a hefty increase in pay, which certainly wouldn't hurt.

Question 15

How do you deal with your credit card debt?

While your parents have likely warned you time and time again about the dangers of owning a credit card, if you ever want to buy a car or own a house, you're gonna have to get one sooner or later. But just because you can now buy beyond your means doesn't mean you should. Unless you have a solid gameplan about how you're going to pay it off.

Question 16

You think of your student loans as…

Student loans may single-handedly be the one thing that is ruining people's 20s. College debt has soared passed inflation, leaving the latest generations of college grads feeling totally trapped before they even reach their mid-20s. Before this massive debt, youngsters could take their time searching around for different career paths. But now there's little room for self-discovery.

Question 17

Your best friend it about to get married. How do you react?

It's pretty weird when the people you've known from grade school start pairing off and popping out kids. You may either be proud of them fro growing up so fast, or find that you pity them for embracing this adulthood thing way better than you are. Or maybe you just feel like everyone you know is abandoning and that you'll live out the rest of your life forever alone.

Question 18

You think about moving to a new city…

Though you may think about uprooting your life and totally starting all over in a new city, that doesn't mean that many of your problems won't follow you where ever you go. Though it's become a huge cliche that you make your own happiness, the fact remains that a new location won't solve all of your problems. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't just stay in the same place your entire life either.

Question 19

What the most extreme thing you’ve considered doing for more money?

There's plenty of ways to make more money if your desperate enough or don't mind breaking the law. But that doesn't mean you should do them, even if they are way easier than putting in more hours at work or picking up a second job. But be honest for a minute: which one of these options have you actually considered?

Question 20

Every time you start a new diet, you…

As if your 20s weren't already hard enough, this is the first decade where pretty much all of our metabolisms will take a turn for the worse. While you could pretty much eat anything you wanted throughout high school and college, you now need to start watching what you eat daily while possibly even consider going on a serious diet. But can you stick with it?

Question 21

Who do you hang out with more than anyone else?

One of the few upsides of your 20s is that you're finally out of the house and out of the shadow of your parents' rules. So while you're not working you can pretty much what you will of your free time, whether that means hanging out with friends or snuggling your pets.

Question 22

Which one of these food products do you buy the most of?

After a few months of running to the grocery store every other day, you should hopefully come to the conclusion that it's time to stock up your pantry and refrigerator. This will save you from the monotony of having to stand in line for hours upon hours every week. But what kinds of foods do you find yourself reaching for the most?

Question 23

How do you feel about people in general?

Without your parents to buffer you, you'll definitely end up dealing with more and more people throughout your 20s, whether it be in the workplace, at the DMV, or when trying to enjoy a movie at the theater. How do you feel about these people? Are you always looking to make a new friend? Or do you wish the world would just leave you the hell alone?

Question 24

How many jobs have you had since being out of school?

You've waded through all of high school to get to college. Then all of college to get a job. And now you have a job... and you absolutely hate it. Well, hopefully, you don't, but the reality is that when you get your first "adult" job out of school you're going to be the lowest person on the totem pole, meaning that it could be years before you finally feel like you're doing something that's actually rewarding.

Question 25

How do you feel about marriage?

It's no secret that less and less people are getting married these days, and they're also waiting until they're much older to tie the knot. This goes hand in hand with the entire generation as a whole, who have had a more difficult time adjusting to adult life than previous generations. Why, you ask? It's complicated, but we're fairly certain that the Internet and the rocky economy both have a lot to do with it.

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